Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naman apologizing to Devyaani, Naitik and Akshara. He asks for Mishti. Devyaani shouts she is not your daughter, her father is dead. Naman cries and says mom please…. Mishti comes and shouts Papa. She happily hugs Naman. Naman cries. Mishti asks won’t you go anywhere, we all missed you a lot. Everyone get worried. Mishti asks why are you crying, where were you going, why did police come in our house. Everyone cry. Mishti asks did your work not get over, tell me Papa. Naman cries. Akshara says Naman is going by office work, a theft happened in factory, he will help police to catch thief. Mishti asks are you saying truth. Akshara says yes, let Naman go fast, else thief will run away. Mishti hugs Naman and asks him to go and come fast, this time when you come

back, I will tie you by chain, even Devyaani won’t free you. Naman cries. Mishti asks him to say bye to everyone. Akshara says yes, bye. Everyone say bye to Naman. Naman cries and leaves with police.

Mishti cries and runs to her room. Karishma says I will take Mishti and go to my parents house. Akshara says never, this is Mishti’s house, why to punish her. Naitik says she is this house’s daughter. Akshara promises that Karishma will stay as their daughter. Bau ji says we are already said. Karishma hugs Bhabhimaa. Bhabhimaa says its not your mistake, its Naman’s mistake.

Devyaani apologizes to Naitik. Naitik says no please…. Devyaani says I kept Naman with me, but I could not give him good values, its my mistake. Naitik says no, just Naman is responsible, not you, don’t we know you, don’t blame yourself. She hugs him and cries. She says our relation will change. Naitik says no, I lost a brother and don’t want to lose anyone else. Devyaani says I did good deeds to get such a son like you and family like this. Naitik says I did good deeds to get two mothers in one birth.

Devyaani says I have a request, I m sorry for what Naman did, I know everyone is upset here, I want to celebrate for Naitik;s return, we should not spoil this. Karishma says mom is saying right, everyone have waited for Naitik since months, and no one has right to snatch this, its won’t be fair to sacrifice happiness for Naman. Naira looks at Kartik.

Dadi says I won’t eat medicines, everyone went to meet Naitik, I want to meet him. Kaki says he will come to meet you. Rajshri and Varsha come. Kaki says Kuhu was saying about rock concert, Nannu also used to say all this, then what happened later. Kuhu comes and says I had fun in rehearsals. Varsha says you won’t participate in it. Kuhu asks why. Varsha says this is final.

Naitik comes to his room and sees the old decorations. Akshara hugs and welcomes him to their world. Naitik says yes, this is my real world, I could not decorate my Kenya room like this. She says I understand, it was not like this before, maybe as you were not here, maybe this room was also waiting for you, like we both were waiting. They hug. He says this time, we met after much difficulty. She says yes, but we have to manage the family, Karishma and Mishti are our responsibility. He says we have lost much time because of Naman, we will not waste moments. She hugs him and asks him to freshen up. He holds her hand and stops her. He does not let her go. She smiles and goes. He gets upset. She comes back and hugs him. Jadoo ye kya chal gaya…………..plays……. Mishti comes there. She sees them hugging and says sorry. Akshara says wait, and goes after Mishti.

Naitik bends to take charger and falls down. He gets much pain. He eats a tablet and drinks water. He holds his chest and sits with unease. Kartik goes to Naira and says I would have gone if I got my answer. She asks what answer, go now, everyone is there at home. He walks to her. She gets away and turns. He smiles and holds her. She says leave me, anyone will come. He writes I L U on the muffin and smiles. He says I love you, you say something, how long will you make me wait. Naksh comes to kitchen and sees them. Naksh asks what happened, why are you seeing behind. Naira sees Kartik. Kartik smiles and signs her to say. Naksh asks who is behind, tell me, are you fine. She sees Kartik disappeared and says I saw a fat lizard. Naksh laughs and says it would have gone till now, are these muffins for Papa. She nods. He leaves.

Kartik is outside and says I can’t get peace till Naira answers me, but what will she think when her family has problems, Lord just get positive answer even if its late, our love story should also be like her parents. Akshara and Naitik do aarti and thank Lord for saving Naitik and everyone’s happiness. Naitik says I think we should review things after some time. Karishma says I will discuss with you and then decide. They talk about Naman indirectly seeing Mishti. They take Naitik to see surprise. Naitik says so many things for me. They all ask him to have food. Bau ji says I did not make anything, as nothing was left. Naitik says I can’t eat so much. Akshara laughs. Naitik jokes. They all make him have the things they made for him. Naitik asks Akshara to save him. She signs she can’t help. Naira gets Kartik’s message. He writes Do you? She gets tensed.

Karishma says I don’t want Mishti to know anything. Mishti cries and Akshara consoles her. Kartik calls Naira and she does not talk. They both angrily throw the phone.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Today’s episode was good good family didn’t forgive Naman he deserves it .devyani her acting and her dialogues were good .
    KAIRA scene also was very good Naira imagining Karthik everywhere nice hope soon she realises and confesses before some twists comes in .dont want any sacrifice drama no mahanatha for god sake .but creatives I don’t think they will untie KAIRA so soon
    I frankly didn’t like the way Mishtiiii is kept in hidden about her someone said yesterday she is around 14 to 15 that should be ninth standard she is not young kid she has evry right to know what her dad did why r they treating her as small fourth standard kid kind.she is off nanu age ….there are many children. At this age facing such situations bravely and taking a stand but by showing this they r trying to make people feel sympathy ,that’s okay but should it not be like modern day standing up bravely n fighting the way out that too when she has a family too back her ,where real life many a times people are left alone .i love Mishtiiii but some reality according to age .i love the girl who plays the character .

  2. I don’t understand why Karthik thinks that just because he loves Naira, she loves him back. He looks like an obsessive lover trying to get physically close to her even when she hasn’t told him if she loves him or not. One may argue that she hasn’t refused him or that they are the end game anyway but irrespective of that Karthik being the person who loves Naira should respect her personal space until she says that she loves him too. It gives a wrong idea. What if Naira did not love him? Then Kathik’a advances will be wrong and the pressure he is putting on her would be misbehaving. I feel like the makers have kinda ruined Kathik’a character. In fact Gayu does the same thing. She assumes that Karthik loves him. More or less Karthik is doing the same. I hope the makers redeem themselves after Naira confesses.

    BTW I am a huge Kaira shipper!!!

    1. cmon now from whr karrtik becomes obsessive lover? 😮 hes not assuming she loves her hes expecting a positive only he said about hoping that her ans ll b a yes.hes thinking from his perspective that naira knows me from long time,knows how m i so her ans ll b a yes hopefully.its very realistic.his only fault is with his desperation n eagerness to know the ans hes neglecting her perspective that its such a bew thing for naira.she has no idea what to say what not.thats makes both of them human.n regarding that flight moment,well that was just a heat of a moment.even naira didnt stop him to kiss u cant blame him that he has been forcing himself on her.both lost for sum secs n that thing kinda happen.kartik is very much in character.he has always been a sincere,matured guy to others it was always naira infront of whom he let go his child self out which makes kaira all hes all about “i need to know her feelings” after sumday u ll see he ll distant himself from naira when he ll think naira has no feelings for him.

  3. plz make naira and karthik unite. otherwise it will become very boring.
    i somehow feel that karishma is acting infront of everyone but she will take revenge of naman from everyone. i hope it dosent happen like that.
    but please make naira and karthik married.
    gayu is not for karthik.

  4. Hi everyone. Im kinda new and I was wondering How isn’t gayu related to them?

    1. She is related to singhanias dear.she is naitik younger sister and her first husband daughter .rashmi first husband had a extra marital affair n left rashmi than rama aunty her MIL herself stood with rashmi and got her married to rashmi friend sameer .thenafter leap they have shown them to be dead and gayu stays with her maternal grandparents home and she Iis daughter like for ak nk .hope I cleared it.

  5. I think they did very good with Naman.

  6. Karthik is just eager to know her answer he actually feels she too somewhere has feelings for her as we can see she just feels very comfortable in his arms n with him the way she was with him in fire accident he is in excitement that’s it as he loves her so unconditional n for him he has only naira with whom he can show all his shades .he is not obsessive lover period.naira has not said no neither asked for time neither said she has no such love kind fate has always been very rude to naira if Karthik doesn’t make her realise her feelings she wil never .both r flawed in their own yet together they r perfect that’s what makes them unique from others .usually all couples on tv we tend to sympathise with one character as one s bechara kind other is wrong here both are flawed so relatable can’t say who wrong who is right. During dandyia night she will say no n karthik will avoid naira thats when naira will realise her love for him.karthik n naira are imperfect but perfect couple….he is not pervert kind it just happens when in love is he really wanted to be physicak he had all chance when they were under drugs in resort but he stayed out. thats karthik for u truly a gem

  7. Where is gayu?…*

  8. there is hatred between

  9. I also think karishma is only acting and will take revenge

  10. KAIRA part was very good
    I like the muffin part…..

  11. karishma would take revenge………
    but when will naira understand her fellings towards kartik .ACCORDING to report kartik would soon start avoiding naira by leaving his job AND VAISHKUNTHYE NIVAS (naira’s nani home) so that she would understand he fellings.

  12. Raavan Dahan is happening in Singhania family. Everyone wants to kill their inner Raavan. Naitik and Akshara celebrate Dussehra. The family does Ramleela. Nannu has won over his drug addiction and came back home. He becomes Ram and burns the Raavan. The family have written the notes with the evil things mentioned, so that their badness ends along with the Raavan. Naira wishes her ego gets burnt, as she has hurt Kartik a lot by her ego. Akshara wishes there is always peace around them.

    Naira has realized she loves Kartik a lot. She jumps and runs on the road and reaches Kartik. She is very happy and feels everything is good around her. Kartik and Naira’s union will be seen next. Gayu will be the one who would be most shocked, after Naitik and Akshara. All the girls get ready for Karwachauth. Kartik sends a dress for Naira, and Gayu thinks he has sent it for her. Gayu thinks to try it, and it does not fit to her. Akshara gives the dress to Naira and takes it from Gayu. The show will bring grand celebrations of Karwachauth.

  13. another news says that soon kartik’s family is going to enter the show which will bring a great twist in show

  14. Karthik has proposed naira. Naira also will be realizing that she loves karthik.naira and karthik’s love story is going on.

    But what about naksh’s marriage? Will it ever happen??

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