Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th October 2015 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naitik talking to Akshara about Tara. He says she helped us, I liked her thinking, think if she becomes your bahu and laughs. She gets lip balms and says its not mine. He asks how did Naira get this, is she using this, did you notice this before. She says its just lip balm. He says she is so young. She says its fine, girls like such things. He says tell her she is already a princess and does not need this artificial things. She asks him to prepare himself, as Naira will also party and do makeup, you know today’s generation. She teases him and sends him.

Naira talks to her friends and gets sad as she is not allowed to do makeup. Naksh and Yash come to girls college. Naksh says I will find Tara, even she will like me. He asks some girls about Tara. They

ask who is he. Naksh says we are from hockey team and want to see your demo. The girl asks for ID card. Yash says they are smart. Naksh says I want to meet the girl to return this hockey, I like her a lot, I want to tell her. The girl says so you have come to find a girl, you have to do hockey goal for it.

Naitik and Akshara are on the way and have a talk about gifting the staff. Naitik says Naksh did a lot, he has grown up. Yash says we shall leave. Naksh says I don’t know to play hockey. The girl says we will teach you. Naksh says we just want to meet Tara and runs.

Everyone ask Ananya why did she eat the tablets, its harmful for health, she is educated. Ananya says yes, but I know I m fat, I like to eat few things, I can’t control my diet, I was worried by taunts and wanted some quick fix to complete challenge. Varsha says I m sorry. Ananya says I m sorry, I could not make mum happy. Naitik praises Naksh. Naksh asks Yash to run. Naitik sees the girls running after Naksh and asks Akshara to see. He stops the car and gets puzzled. Akshara asks where. He says the girls are running after him. She says Naksh is in college, why are you taking tension. He says I was just checking you and they leave. Naksh sees Naitik and hides.

The girls run after Naksh and he leaves. Rajshri says I would not forgive Varsha, she is always after Ananya, whats the need to be after Ananya, I told you not to taunt you, if anything happened to her, then what would we do. Shaurya says Varsha did not understand Ananya, she knows she has to lose weight, but not this way. Yash and Naksh run away.

Yash says we would have got beaten, don’t work hard, no use of all this, I also fell in love, but nothing happened. Naksh says we will see any other college. Naksh says I did not get Tara till now. Yash shows him the bus and Tara. Naksh smiles seeing her. Music plays……………. Yash asks him to do something, bus is leaving. Naksh sees the bus leaving and leaves on the bike. Yash says stop, take me along Naksh. Naksh follows the bus.

Naira come home and says I look stupid, why does mum not understand this, mum is not giving me makeup kit, I m not a kid anymore. Mishti finds her sad and asks her to say, maybe she can help. Naira says you can’t help. Naira says my friends were teasing me, I have to go parlor, but how. Mishti asks her to clean her facial hair by shaving like dad.

Naksh gets stuck in traffic and sees Tara in the bus. He calls out Tara. Yash comes and says you left me there. Naksh sees bus leaving and Yash says I will take you by shortcut. They does not get Tara in the bus and Naksh gets sad. Naitik and Akshara come to Krishna and meet the staff. Naitik thanks Keshav and surprises Akshara. She asks whats all this. Naitik says last time, you were angry when I planned a date. He says he is trying to makeup to her. She says thanks, it was my mistake too. He says I think we should make new memories.

She says I want some good food. He laughs and asks her to cut cake first. She says we will cut cake together. Naira gets the shaver and gets hurt. She worries. Naksh asks Yash why did he talk negative, he missed Tara. Yash says girls are like that, girls leave like Sanju. Naksh says everyone’s love story can’t be same, see I don’t know Tara and want to meet her again and again, think what will happen later. Yash says I can see old Yash in you. Naksh asks him to be quiet. He thinks to do something of devdas Yash.

Naitik and Akshara come home and ask for Naksh. Bhabhimaa says he did not come home. Devyaani says Naira is in her room. Naira comes and hides her wound. Akshara asks what happened. Naira says she was trying to get rid of her pimple and this happened. Akshara says there was no pimple in morning.

Naksh meets Tara and gets lost in her eyes. They smile seeing each other. Music plays…………….

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. naksh was too funny, but i feel they don’t match each other as naksh looks younger than her. its not so good as natik akshara pair and rest others in this serial too.

    1. Agreed Divya, lets see where the writer take us

  2. Agree naksh luks younger than tara

  3. I agree naksh is really in luv with tara he is romantic???

  4. True..I feel Sanju goes well with Naksh..Both r cute and naughty..tara looks little mature.

  5. I like naksh sooooo much he is cute

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