Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naksh getting ready as Chacha Nehru. Everyone compliment him. Naitik gets a call and is glad. Chanda works in Dadi’s room and sees her fallen on ground. Naitik tells everyone that his visa is ready. Akshara says about his college reunion for one week. Naksh says I also want to go. Muskaan says he might be feeling good to meet friends. Naitik says yes, I will make Akshara meet them. He says we will leave and be there in 24 hours. Naksh asks is it so far. Bhabhimaa asks will she able to travel. Chanda comes to everyone and says Dadi is dead. They are shocked and asks is she mad. Chanda says she is in her room, come and see.

They all get worried and cry seeing her. Dadi opens her eyes and they are relieved. She asks what are they doing there. She gets

up and removes the cotton bud. She says I m fine, what happened and laughs. Jasmeet says you fainted. Dadi says I was doing yoga. Kaki says why did you not answer me. Dadi says I did not hear anything. Jasmeet says Chanda thought that….. Dadi says that I m dead and laughs. Naitik says doctor allowed Akshara to go. Naksh asks for gifts. Naitik says we will get it and goes to drop him to school. Devyaani says I will make medicines for her. Akshara asks Muskaan to help in dresses and jewelry combos.

Everyone has a laugh thinking about being mistaken. Dadi says she will give prize to Chanda, as she came to know her family loves her a lot. Nandini gives money to Rukmani and says Mohit gave it, and this money for Yash’s cycle. Rukmani says he already has one, we need it for new baby. Nandini says I have a son. Rukmani says this is your first child and taunts her. Nandini says Yash is my elder son, your fav grandson, you loved him so much, what happened now. Rukmani says ask yourself, how you loved Naksh, what happened now.

Nandini says I always loved Naksh, I used to get busy with Yash, but gave same place to Naksh, I made a new place for coming baby, I think you should also do this. Naitik tells manager about his college reunion. He asks him to manage everything. The manager asks about Alok Awasthi. Naitik says call him and ask about his meeting. Naitik says Akshara will have memorable time. Devyaani and Bhabhimaa ask Akshara to call Rajshri and inform her, as she is her mum. Akshara says first I will do packing and then call. Devyaani gives the oil and Akshara jokes asking is there cow dung. Devyaani gets serious. She says I m thinking about Karishma, she does not realize her mistake, else would have said sorry. Bhabhimaa says forgive her.

Akshara says even we did not call her, and asks her to choose sarees. Muskaan asks will you wear saree here. Akshara says I will buy jeans and dresses there. She says Naitik is very happy. Girja says take care there. Rajshri comes to them with Jasmeet and Varsha. Akshara hugs them and asks how did she come. Rajshri acts annoyed with Devyaani, and says she came to meet her. Akshara tells about their US trip. Jasmeet says its very long travel. Rajshri says you did not tell me. Akshara says I told one month ago about processing, we just came to know its done.

Rajshri says you don’t say anything to us these days, lets leave now. Akshara says so mum is annoyed, how will you agree now. Akshara says she is lucky that she has everyone loving her. Muskaan talks to Jasmeet about a guy, and her likes. She says she wants someone like Naitik, mature, caring, but not as Naman, he is not mature. Akshara tells Varsha about Alok in Naitik’s office. She says she was shocked to hear his name. Varsha says there are many Alok on world, if he is same, then what, Shaurya will be angry knowing this. Rajshri asks Akshara to take care, and not get tired. Girja says I told her not to go. Devyaani asks her to stop it.

Naksh gives happy journey card to Akshara and says he will miss her. Naitik comes and asks about him Naksh shows his name on the card. Naitik says thanks, we will miss you too. Naitik sends Naksh and talks to Akshara. She says she wants to be here, she can’t come with him. He is shocked. He says even he won’t go. She says you have to go. He says he can’t leave her alone. She says please go for my sake. She says we will miss you. He agrees to go. She thanks him. Rajshri is worried and tells Vishwamber that she will spend time with Akshara and bring Naksh here, as Devyaani can’t take care of her. He says you know why you named Devyaani like this, don’t make trouble for Akshara in her worry.

Akshara says she is not going, she is fine and her mood is fine, she thought about it. Bau ji says if she does not want to go, accept it, she can take the right decision. He says we will respect it. She says Naitik also accepted it against his wish, praise him too. They smile.

Alok comes to meet Akshara and she is shocked seeing him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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