Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kirti praying. Dadi comes to her and says its strange, I don’t understand, you think of Lord, but not inlaws, I did preparations, after Kartik’s birthday ends, you will go sasural, girls look good in sasural, my bahu came back, my daughter is going sasural, who will be more happier than me. Kirti nods. Lav and Kush wish Kartik and talk. Akhilesh and Surekha wish Kartik and give the gift from Mansi’s side. Kartik asks where did she go. Surekha says she went to hostel, you talk to her later. Kartik gets sad seeing Kirti and Aditya. They also wish him happy birthday. Kartik thanks them.

Naira asks her how did her lip cut. Kartik says yes, what did you eat. Kirti says maybe I have bitten lip in sleep. Dadi asks her to do something good. She asks them to

play bhajan cd. Naira asks Dadi shall I sing bhajan. Dadi says yes, sure, come. Naira does aarti and sings bhajan O kanha….. Naira gives aarti to everyone. Kartik and everyone pray. Naira and Kartik join hands. Dadi tells Kartik about rasam. Kartik jokes. Dadi asks him to sit on weigh balance. Kartik tells Naira that things equal to person’s weight are donated on birthday. Naira teases him. Dadi asks Kartik to sit. She asks Naira to put charity things in other weighing plate.

Naira adds things. Dadi asks Kartik to wait, Kirti will do tika and aarti, then feed kheer, he can get down then. Kirti does the rituals. Dadi asks pandit to come and prepare for havan. Kartik gets tearful eyes seeing Kirti and says enough. Kirti asks him to have more kheer. He says I did not know you are such a good actress. She asks what do you mean. Manish asks Akhilesh to call manager and get cheque for donation. Kartik says you did not tell about the torture when you were fed the cake. Kirti gets shocked. She sees Naira and cries. Kartik says you tie rakhi to my wrist every year, I promise to protect you, give me a chance. Kirti sees Aditya and says its nothing like that. Kartik asks why are you scared, we all are with you.

Naira asks her to say truth. Kartik says this is your house, your family, say truth. Naira insists. Kirti recalls Aditya’s words. Kartik gets up. The other weigh plate falls down. Dadi and everyone go to him. Dadi asks are you fine. Kirti says see everything shattered. Dadi and others pick things. Kirti says its all fine, I m going back to sasural, focus on your life, I will take care.

Manish and Akhilesh check merger papers. Manish says we will sign it. Akhilesh says no, we will sign after havan. Manish says once merger is signed, none can reach Goenkas and Bansals. Aditya looks on. Kartik says I have good news, someone responsible will be needed to handle work. Dadi says we want you to manage it. Kartik says not me, Kirti will manage. Everyone gets shocked.

Kartik says Kirti will handle business. Dadi asks Kirti. Kartik says yes, she has talent, she told Naira. Naira nods. Aditya goes. Naira sees him going upstairs and signs Kartik. Naira asks all of them to come fast, Kirti is in problem. They all get shocked. Kartik asks them to come fast. Dadi worries.

Aditya shows the belt to Kirti. Kirti gets shocked. Everyone come there and see Aditya and Kirti hugging. Akhilesh says I m sorry, we came suddenly. Aditya says its okay, you all here, you came to congratulate Kirti like me, for her business management decision, I heard Kartik and came here to wish her, thanks for convincing Kirti, I wanted her to work, Kartik embarrassed me, he would have atleast knocked on door. Dadi asks Naira did she drink bhaang in morning, that she got them here. Aditya says she finds drama every day, prepare for party, its double celebration today, Kartik’s birthday and Kirti’s business decision. He asks Kirti are you ready.

Kirti says I don’t want to do business. Aditya asks why, Naira would have motivated you to do something in life, right. Naira stops Kartik and says sorry, I was mistaken. Kartik says I m sorry too. Aditya smiles. Kartik signs Kirti and gets disappointed. They all leave. Aditya recalls seeing Naira’s reflection. He tells Kirti about the business merger, it means he will get more imp for her family, she can’t do anything, he can make family against her. Kirti cries.

Kartik says Dadi will send Kirti, how to tell her to speak up, how to assure her we are with her. Naira says it needs time to get courage. He says we have no time, if she goes, what will happen there. She says we won’t let her go, we will find way. Aditya says I don’t leave any work incomplete, they tried to trap me, you have to pay for this, tell me from where to start. Kirti cries and says merger happened, I did not say anyone, please, what do you want. He says I have fun seeing fear and helplessness on your face. He beats her. She sits in shock. Naira says we may get adamant like kids. Kartik says right, we will keep trying till we win. Naira says yes. She gives his second gift. He sees a CD. She says its personalized gift, we will cross all problems and win. He says yes, we will win. She says always. Yeh rishta kya….plays….

Aditya says Kirti is sleeping. Aditya beats up Kirti. Lav asks Naira why did Aditya say Kirti is sleeping.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. How can Aditya even think of beating Kirti with vase and gifts in the precap. He beats Kirti all the time. I hate this track. Coward Aditya….

  2. Good episode but really keerthi has to speak up man cant tolerate domestic violence anymore neither she nor the viewers.. Please speak up keerthi kaira is on your side please keerthi.. The starting part was really fun when karthik made a remark about rasam and sambar… Cute kaira and finally we got another cute name for kaira SHERMEN

  3. Soofia Bhatti

    hey I’m soofia I really hate that adita so much coz he keeps beating kirti up all the time kirti should speak up tell everyone in her family about adita that he abuses her hits her every time anyway naira kartik jodie was amazing today I’m happy that finely naira kartik have patched up sorted everything out between them they r both really happy now

    From soofia

  4. What an idiotic track – we live during a time where women have equal or maybe even higher rights then men and they are showing such an outdated storyline – this keerti character definitely needs more development which I hope to see very soon with ‘nayi soch’ as the slogan for star plus

  5. Aditya is a sadist…kartik should videotape him n exposehim n whats wrong wrong wit manish suwarna n dadi cant dey recognise deya saughter isnt happy???

  6. episode was gud…karthik naira’s part was nyc…karthik dialogue rasam se sambaar banjaungaa tht was superb….luvd it..

  7. soo sad for keerthi…hate adi from bottom of d heart…how cheap n bluddy idiot…how can he beat her soo much..n keerthi should speakup..should not tolerate aditya…he is disgusting chi…..n in precap also he was beating her….atleast she should tell d truth to kaira…they r asking also bt she is nt saying…..n how easily he acted tooo smart in front of d family…

    1. LopaFleek

      botton of your heart? God damn, he is just acting

      1. She hates the character not the actor

  8. i thnk nw kaira will xpose aditya…hope for d best…luv u kaira….

  9. WOW Keerti
    You have just sent women 20years backwards. You are well educated, well mannered with a beautiful personality and to top it off you are very beautiful and stylish.
    Aditya cannot match up to you. STAND UP to the BRUTE. Your brother and his wife are ready to back you up.
    Come on Keerti speak up! Stand up and fight back not just for yourself but for every woman out there in similar situation.
    I would like to see her gather strength and fight Aditya – give him a good trashing with her slippers because he deserves it.
    It is so painful to watch and this family is completely clueless including Kartik (cause he only knows truth because of Naira’s perseverance)
    I agree with all of you they should sort this track out soon because it is so difficult and painful to watch. I feel like jumping into the screen and beat the crap out of him. The Goenkas need to wake up as they think the sun shines out of his …………….
    he is a weak man, stupid and rubbish
    Only foolish men beat up women.
    Keerti please STAND UP for yourself.
    I think all girls and women should learn self defence to deal with these kind of rubbish men in society.

  10. Aditya has psychological problem

  11. jhakkas episode…..
    love u Keira
    this aditya… much he will beat keeti
    and also I think now keeti should tell everyone about him

  12. jhakkas episode…..
    love u Kaira
    this aditya… much he will beat keeti
    and also I think now keeti should tell everyone about him

  13. LopaFleek


  14. Episode was awesome. Waiting for tonight’s episode. Day before yesterday, Zainab di wrote some comment. Di, I think your birthday is coming on 18th may, right? And are you the same Zainab who writes the fan fiction ‘tum se na ho payega’ on Ishqbaaz page? Please do tell. I am a huge fan of your writings and when will you upload the next part, I am seriously waiting.
    Okay bye!

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