Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naksh apologizing to Sangram and Tara. He says even Sangram reacted seeing me and Tara at friend’s house, even when Sangram is of our generation, Baisa is old and has different mindset, whats bad if elders scold, even Dada ji would have reacted same way. Sangram says fine, but Baisa has other issues with Tara. Akshara says she is elder and different, Tara plays with team, and all players are different, still Tara plays as a team member. She convinces Tara to come in puja. She gives her clothes and asks her to come soon.

Baisa says why did Akshara go there, Tara would have come even by one call. Bhabhimaa says its puja call, what to think about it, Akshara went to get Tara. Baisa asks when will she come, we have to start puja. Tara is on the way with her

brothers. Sangram and Vikram ask Tara not to be angry. She says doing all that and saying sorry do not make things fine. Sangram asks her to take a step. Vikram says don’t worry. Tara says nothing will be fine, they will make me sit at home and then say sort, I stayed there and know them.

Akshara and Naksh come home. He asks did she call Naitik. She says phone connected, it means he landed. They see Naitik at home. Akshara asks when did you come, I called many times, you did not take call. Naitik says I thought to surprise you. Naira says he surprised us too. Mishti says you know who came with him. Nannu says she is like Mishti. Mishti goes to get a teddy, while Akshara was tensed. They all laugh. Mishti thanks Naitik for getting teddy for her.

Tara comes with her brothers and greets them. Baisa says imp guests have come, start puja now. Akshara thinks where is the girl, Naitik came alone. Naitik recalls taking Kuhu to room silently. He thinks its just Naman and Karishma’s room, where none will come. He takes Kuhu there. He asks her to stay here and he will just come. He thinks to take her to family once puja ends and guests leave, he has to tell Akshara and family. FB ends. Kuhu sits playing. Kids run upstairs. Naitik worries. Everyone pray. Akshara wishes Naitik’s worries get away. Naitik wishes relations don’t break because of Kuhu.

Mishti goes to her room to see tv, and hears a sound from Naman’s room. She thinks who is here and checks. She sees a teddy, while Kuhu sits down the bed to pick her toys. She sees Kuhu and shouts thief. She asks who are you. Kuhu gets scared and cries. Mishti says I will tell everyone, they will beat you and give you to police. Naitik and Akshara were doing puja, and stop hearing Mishti. Kuhu comes downstairs crying, she calls out Papa. The family looks at her. Kuhu says Papa and runs to Naitik. He hugs her. Everyone get shocked.

She calls Akshara as aunty. Akshara recalls Kuhu. Elders ask Naitik who is this girl. Mishti says sorry, I thought she is thief, but she is calling Papa to Naitik. She asks Naitik is she your daughter. Devyaani stops Mishti. Naitik says no, she is Kuhu. Everyone ask who is she…. Akshara worries and says I will say.

She says we got this girl in hong kong, Naitik got her here, we wanted to tell you, I thought we will tell after puja. Bau ji asks you knew about her. She says yes, Naitik told me. She asks Naira and Mishti to take her to room. Kuhu refuses. Naitik asks her to go, they will take care of you. Baisa asks who is she. Naitik says she is my old friend’s daughter, the man got divorced and his wife died, he requested me to keep Kuhu for few days, he will come and take her, I will just see Kuhu, she is very scared. Akshara thinks Naira and Mishti are in room, I can’t talk there.

Bhabhimaa says you should have got her in puja. Akshara says we did not think. Everyone ask about Kuhu’s parents. Rukmani says I felt she is Naitik’s daughter, she looks like him. Baisa asks her to have sweet betel and talk well. Rukmani says I said just what I felt.

Akshara confronts Naitik about his lies. He gets worried. She asks him to think what she felt through, you did not share anything and broke your promise.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wow,wonderful episode,super screenplay,bt pls dont degrade naitik and shaurya’s character,gve sum positive twist

  2. Oh god what’s happening? Rukmani’s words are always bitter but her words always comes true.Is its really Naitik’s daughter

    1. no zainabakshi di kuhu is shauryas daughter…natik is safeguarding kuhu until ananyas marriage as it will be difficult to get a match for ananya if the world gets to know that shaurya has an illegtimate daughter…

  3. Tara is so selfish and only thinks herself as right.. when her own family was dead against girls even speaking in between men she was ok with it all and loved her dadaji but if baisa said same thing she does drama.. and she wants to blame akshara for everything..

  4. U r right durga. I don’t like her character (Tara). She frgt what his brother done with akshara. And alwayz blame akshara for evrything. His dadaji is fuddy duddy. No respect for women. Even he was not allowed her to play hockey. Thn also she respect dadaji and loved her family. No match for naksh and his family.

  5. Well said durga and ambersam,tara is so selfish,she needs only naksh,not his family,wat a stupid character she hav,always complaint about akshara and blaming her with out any reason,bt akshara adjusted her for naksh,terrible tara,first tym i saw in tis show lik tara’s dirty character,pls remove her,and put another nice girl to suitable for naksh family

  6. Yes, throughout Tara`s presence, I always wished, that Naksh & Tara would break up on some pretext.I can`t stand her and her family…Oh Pleeese…..Especially the way her voice shakes and cracks at every emotional scene.It comes out as a put On

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