Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Naira fails Kunal’s plan

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik asking Naira to finish it and get rid of it soon. They argue. A guy says I will become your mango tree. They all clap. Kartik says I will teach you, will you learn. Naira says no, have the mango and ask aunt to make pickles. She asks shall I go now. Dean says the scene was not like this, be a sport, come on. Kartik says see the result of being oversmart. He takes the gun in hand and says the lines again. Naira tells the heroine’s lines. She asks him to teach her shooting. He asks her to hold the gun, raise it up the right way. He holds her and says point it at the mango, close one of your eyes, good. Kunal angrily leaves. Kunal says Naira has to pay for this. He sees the office open. Kartik asks Naira to shoot. She turns to him. He says you have to shoot

at the mango, not at me. He holds her. They recall their old moments. O morey saiyan…plays…. They fall down. Everyone calls them a classic couple. Kunal says I want to get some imp prints. Peon says sorry, I have switched off the machine. Kunal bribes him and goes in.

Kirti says I can understand Dada ji, you get so bored, you have worked all life, it will be tough to live after retirement. She asks Bau ji can I ask something. He says yes, I m free. She asks how to maintain stocks. He says its easy, I have done this all my life. She says then you do this. He starts working. She smiles and goes. He smiles happily. The girl says welcome back, I hope you all are enjoying, after a wonderful intro and dance performances, we are going to next round, which is to get Mr and Ms. Freshers. Dean gets call and says yes, Mrs. Goenka, you are on time. Kartik comes and sees Naira. Music plays…. Tanvi compliments Naira. Naira says my sister in law has sent this dress, she is a designer. Mrs. Goenka arrives. Driver asks will you go home or college? Dean asks did driver pick you, are you reaching here directly.

The girl says the name I read out, they have to come on stage. She calls Naira also. Naira and other girls go on the stage. Naira stumbles. Kartik worriedly steps ahead. Naira goes. The girl says we will decide who will become Mr and Miss Fresher. Kunal gets the posters and says see what I do with you Naira. Dean says Mrs. Goenka is coming to surprise Kartik, he is busy in the function, she will be just reaching. He welcomes Mrs. Goenka. Naira says after I complete this course, I want to… The posters fall down. Everyone sees Naira’s pic and reads… I m Mrs, I m married…. Naira and Kartik also check the posters.

Kunal says Naira has thrown much tantrums, now she shall see. The guy says so she was giving you attitude. Kunal asks the guy to show her senior’s attitude. Naira says I didn’t know that marital status matters, there was no need to fill the marriage details in admission form, why did you waste time, I would have told everyone, its just a marriage, not any accident or crime, marriage is a beginning of new life, but not the end of old life, if someone dreamt of becoming something, then it can be continued, I have also done that, whether your partner is with you or not doesn’t matter just like the marital status. The girl says she sounds like her marriage is broken, maybe she moved on. Kartik thinks so this marriage is over for you. Naira says my personal life doesn’t affect my studies, I have a right to fulfill my dreams, we all have the same right. Tanvi and everyone claps.

Naira cries and goes. Kartik thinks of her words. Bau ji says I have done everything, I had great fun because of your work, thanks. Kirti thanks him for doing the work. He says you considered me able to do anything, everyone asks me to take rest as I got old, tell me any work, I will do the packaging. She says sure. He says I love to work. Dean shows the college to Mrs. Goenka. Naira cries. Kartik comes there. Tanvi sees Naira. She says I thought we are friends, why didn’t you are married and separated, who is your ex husband, where does he stay, you are from Udaipur right, tell me what happened, you can confide in me, trust me. Naira says I don’t want to talk. Kartik thinks you said so much and now you don’t want to talk. Tanvi says sorry, it must be difficult. Naira asks Tanvi to go inside. Tanvi says we are friends. Naira says I want to be alone for some time. Tanvi goes. Kartik claps. Naira sees him.


Kartik asks won’t you answer anyone. Naira says I will tell anyone what I want, I always do what my heart asks me to. Dean says welcome Mrs. S Goenka. Kartik and Naira look on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ooshi

    Thanks for the update Amena

  2. Aayi hain daadiji aur dikhaya aise jaa raha ki suwarna aati hai….poora nautanki hai ye show

  3. Bepanah

    The show is on the track were Naira (Shivangi Joshi) rejects Kartik’s (Mohsin Khan) proposal and leaves him heartbroken. Ishqbaaz

    1. Priyanka I will be very happy if Naira just keeps rejecting Karthik coz Karthik doesn’t deserve Naira at all!!!

  4. Chi naira nd her loser attitude.i do wat i want just go nd die instead of torturing us

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