Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th June 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshara telling Naksh that you knew about Yash. He says Yash said he will tell family himself, love just happens. Akshara says yes, heart attracts a person. Naksh says I m with Yash, I did not meet that girl, but I spoke to her on phone, she is nice girl. Naira says foreigners also give same values as us. Bau ji says yes, we also have foreign clients, they behave well. Devyaani says but supporting all life is different. Bau ji says children will call us orthodox. Naksh says you always supported us. Akshara says its not easy to convince Rukmani. Naitik calls Naira. She gets glad and talks to him annoyed. He asks why are you annoyed. She says you don’t miss me. He says sorry, I was busy in work. She says don’t lie, you have time for others. He says sorry, you

know I can’t see you upset. She asks him to come back soon. He says I m missing you too, we got you after many years and now I m here so far. She says come back soon, I miss you. He says I m trying, I will put duties on Naman and come back, till then remember your promise. She says yes.

Karishma talks to Naman and says I will take file from Kartik, don’t worry, relax. Kartik comes to give file to Akshara. Karishma says give me file, I will give her. Akshara comes and says thanks Karishma, this file was for me, Naitik said its imp documents for Bau ji. Kartik asks Akshara to check file and sign. She asks him to come and sit.

Kohli and his wife count money. She asks where will we keep him. He says don’t worry, we will do something, the guy will be at office all day, at night we will manage and not let anyone know. Gayu goes to get tea for Kartik. Akshara sees Naira’s childhood pic. He asks is this Naira. She says Naira was fond of dancing, leave all this, tell me where to sign. He says I forgot to get pen. She goes to get pen. Gayu serves him tea. He asks about dance academy. Gayu says Naitik and Akshara wanted to open dance academy for Naira. Kartik tells Akshara to open the academy, Naira will like the idea. Akshara says maybe no, I told that flowing in emotions. Kartik says I m serious, this idea is nice. Akshara says we got our daughter by much difficulty, I don’t want to lose her. He says I know there are some issues, maybe that distance can get less by this dance academy. She says I fear to lose her, and goes. Gayu apologizes to him on Akshara’s behalf. He says no, I m sorry, I have hurt her, do me a favor, apologize to Akshara on my behalf. She nods and smiles. He thanks her and leaves. Devyaani asks Akshara what is she finding. Akshara says don’t know. Devyaani asks do you want to say something. Akshara shows dance academy file and says Naira should agree for this, only then this academy can start. Devyaani asks her not to lose without trying, Kartik is not saying wrong, Naira can agree too.

Varsha tells Rajshri that Kohlis are using them, they did not even give rent. Kohli comes and asks for rent. Kuhu asks him why does he not give rent. He coughs. He says I will give rent, and gives one month rent to Vishwamber. They all get surprised. Kohli says money should not affect relations. He goes. Kohli tells his wife that the family will be mouth shut for some days now.

Its morning, Gayu gets ready and Naira compliments her. She teases Gayu and asks who is he, why are you smiling. Akshara looks on. Gayu says I m going in jewelry design competition. Akshara wishes her all the best. Gayu asks will you come to support me. Akshara says yes, sure. Gayu says I will leave now, come on time. She goes out and collides with Kartik. He gives her file and says sorry, I had some work with Akshara. She says Mishti wanted you to come in jewelry competition. He says I will try. She asks did you get home. He says I got a nice room, its good Punjabi family. She says my relatives also stay there, come on time. She leaves.

Akshara sees Naira and thinks to talk about dance academy. Kartik talks to Mishti and Naira hears him. Naira and Kartik argue. Akshara comes. Kartik gives her the file. They apologize and say it was their mistake equally. She says I liked dance academy idea, but I can’t say will Naira get happy by this news or not, thanks for suggesting. He says I m thinking your daughter changed too, tell me what gives happiness to Naira, any person, thing…. She says she grew up in Rishikesh’s ashram, she loves the kids, if we could link academy with those kids, she will be glad, but who will talk to her, Naitik is not here and she won’t talk to me. He asks shall I help you, don’t worry, I won’t spoil things.

Kartik goes and jokes on Naira. She puts water on his file and says now you will get scolding by office. He says your dad would be much sad if this file spoils. She throws water on him. Akshara looks on. He drops the dance academy papers there. She sees the papers.

Naksh asks Akshara to help Yash. Akshara says Rukmani came today and asked us not to tell you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Loved the arguments with kaira + really amazing episode – but please don’t drag naira and karthiks relationship and mother daughter rough relationship keep the story moving along or viewers will get bored

  2. Sahid maheswari

    Akshara mom of her age girl.very funny..,

  3. Karthik and naira pair looks please keep karthik with naira.only not with gayu

  4. Get rid of Karishma and Naman from the show . I read that Natik quit yeh rishta , please bring Natik. Back . Him and Akshara make the best couple . This drama is getting boring , I think they should stop this drama as all good actors are leaving the show. No Natik in the coming up series . Boring Boring Boring drama .

  5. good episode n yeah i agree now they should show sum improvement in akshara-naira relationship.i think naitik’s kidnapping ll bring them closer.anyways,kaira looks so good together.gayu is so unfit between them.

  6. Karan tekar is new natik

  7. Everything is going well but…. plzzzzzzzz show Somthing about naksh and tara……… ……………………………

  8. Shana i agree with u yrkkh nee love it not so awesome its a very typical love story like other shows i like naitik nd naira phone convo plz dont replace karan.mehra he is so cute as always

  9. Hey friends..Hussain will be replacing Karan in the show.

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