Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik going to talk to Rose. He gets shocked reading her letter. Rukmani says we will start with banna banni and then haldi. Rajshri asks will haldi of Yash and Rose happen together. Rukmani says we will keep curtain in between, ask Rose to sit with ghunghat. The ladies say its just Martha here, there is no one from girl’s side. Akshara says we all are there from girl’s side. Martha smiles. Naksh asks Yash not to worry. Kartik goes to them and says Rose is not in her room, she left this letter that she is leaving. Yash reads letter. Naksh recalls how Tara left him.

Yash says she does not know many people here, she would have gone to her friends in hotel. He calls Rose and says its switched off, I will go. Kartik says if you go, marriage won’t happen.

Naira reminds Rukmani’s words and asks Yash to sit in his place, I will convince Rose and get her, till then make some excuse. Yash says if she does not agree then, I can’t live without her, get her. Naira says we will not let your heart break. Naksh says please don’t let that happen which happened with me. Naira says promise, I will try my best. Martha hears them and gets shocked.

Nandini says I will go and give tika to Rose. Naksh and Kartik stop Nandini, and apologize. She says Maa is annoyed, leave it, I have go and give tika to Rose. Gayu shows haldi and asks iss this fine. Nandini says its very solid. She asks Kartik to give tika to Rose and ask her to come with full ghunghat. Kartik thanks Gayu.

Yash says I m feeling scared, Rose is very hurt this time, if she leaves me, I can’t think of staying without her. Gayu asks him to think of happy endings, heartbreak is necessary to value relations, we are not so unlucky, cheer up. They hug Yash.

Rose is with her friend. Naira and Pungi come there. Naira hugs Rose and says you scared us. Rose says I m sorry. Naira says Yash is sad, come with me. Rose says even I love Yash, but Dadi… Naira says you know her nature, come with me, that’s it. Rose refuses and cries. Naira asks her to come for Yash’s sake.

Bhabhimaa asks Akshara to call Rose. Ananya says I will get Rose, she did not get ready. Akshara asks why, she does not know wearing saree, I will go and see. Akshara and Nandini go upstairs. Kartik stops her and says Rose is busy, she went to bathroom. Akshara says I feel you guys are hiding something, did you do anything again. He laughs and says nothing, you don’t trust me, fine go and see. They go inside the room and smile. Kartik and everyone smile seeing Rose back. Kartik says maybe Naira got her from back door. Nandini says Rose, you have put ghunghat. Kartik says yes, I told her. Akshara is about to see Rose and Nandini asks her to come to make haldi fine. Akshara asks about Naira. Gayu says she would have come. Akshara and Nandini take Rose. Gayu says Naira saved us. Kartik smiles. Ananya says we will go, Naira will be also there.

Yash smiles seeing Rose. Rukmani and Akshara talk about accepting Rose. Akshara says we won’t let anything happen. Naira asks Martha to explain Rose, she is not listening. Martha says this is not easy decision, here its family’s relation, there is cultural difference, are you sure you can adjust, decide now, else don’t regret later. Naira asks why are you saying this, everyone is waiting, it would be good you stayed at home. Martha says no, after Rukmani said all that. Naira says if all family is supporting, then Rose should come with me. Rose says mom is right, I love Yash but I m not right for his family.

Naksh messages Yash, and he gets shocked. Yash tells everyone that Naksh is sitting as Rose. They all get shocked. Kartik says it means Naira is not here. Akshara asks where is Naira, Naksh and Martha. Yash says Naksh has gone to get perfume for me. Akshara asks them are they hiding anything. Kartik says its all perfect. The ladies ask Akshara to come and sing.

Kartik calls Naira and asks why did you not get Rose till now. Naira tells everything. Yash gets sad. Naksh says now everyone will know and I will get beaten. Gayu asks shall we tell everyone. Naira says no, I will try harder this time. Gayu says don’t know what will happen today. Kartik says we will get beaten up. Yash worries.

Akshara asks Rose to drink water. Naksh worries and coughs. Akshara hears him and checks. She gets shocked seeing Naksh in Rose’s attire. Naksh asks her not to tell anyone. Gayu says sorry, don’t tell anyone. Akshara goes aside and asks them why did they hide, they should have told her and they would have found solution, you feel you all can solve this alone, take me to Rose fast.

They go out and see Naira bringing Rose. Akshara hugs sRose and says everything will get fine. Naira says Rose came to refuse for marriage. They get shocked.

Rukmani says now we will lift ghunghat and start rasam. Akshara and everyone worry. Rukmani lifts ghunghat.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    I think Rose has taken her sit replacing Naksh.

    1. I watched the whole episode and when naksh was there you could his hair through the ghunghat. I could still see it in the recap.

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