Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th July 2014 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sethi being happy talking to Vishwamber and Omi. Rajshri brings food for Anshu and Jamseet. Rajshri says now there will be bidaai. Pammi and Jasmeet get sad. Anshu asks Jasmeet not cto cry. Naman helps Karishma and kisses her on her cheek. Naksh sees this and they leave smiling. Naksh closes his eyes. Sethi thanks Dadda ji. Dadda ji says she is my daughter too. Pammi says yes, you have more right on her now, she can’t get a house like this. Sethi thanks them and says we trust you a lot so we are giving our daughter to you. Jasmeet cries in her bidaai and hugs her parents. Pammi cries asking Jasmeet to go her home.

Akshara asks Pammi to ket Jasmeet cry as its her right. Varsha says Dadi there is no one at home, how will we welcome her. She leaves with Gopi

Kaki. She asks Shaurya to ask Akshara to take care of kids. He tells Akshara. Naitik asks Omi to come with him in his car. Jasmeet’s relatives cry. The kids wake up and are annoyed as they slept and they missed out everything. Rukmani taunts Naksh and Devyaani answers her. Dhanlaxmi says she is very sharp, she answered you.

Naitik says Naksh come with me, lets go. He takes Naksh with him and explains him why they did the marriage on mahurat, but he was sleeping. Naksh says no one loves me. Naitik says you know I also slept, when I got married, I was sleeping and I did not know what pandit was saying. Naksh says yes, we will have more marriages, like Naman’s and Muskaan’s. Naitik says yes, then your marriage will also come, you can enjoy the games at home, we will go home to enjoy.

Vishwamber asks shall we take our bahu home. Jasmeet’s cousins lift her and make her sit in the car. Sine ki chidya ab to udne wali hai…………….plays……….. Bidaai is done and Pammi cries. Bhabhimaa asls Rashmi to stay but Rashmi says no, and asks Mohit to drop her. Devyaani looks on. Jasmeet’s parents come on. Pammi cries. Her relatives ask her to keep meeting Jasmeet, as Dhanlaxmi can trouble her. Anshu and Jasmeet are being welcomed at home. All elders feel sleepy. Naksh asks Ananya about them. Ananya says yes, we are so fresh.

Kaki does the aarti and makes Jasmeet do the rituals. Akshara and Varsha stop Anshu at door and asks for Nek. Anshu gives some money and says let me go. They tease him. Akshara says we won’t allow you till you give good amount. Anshu is tensed. Rajshri says leave him. Anshu says I have to go to toilet aand everyone laughs. They bring them inside. Akshara and Varsha bring Jasmeet to her room decorated beautifully with flowers. She sees it and smiles. They tease her asking her to obey them being the last bahu of this house. Jasmeet looks at them.

Akshara says do as I say and don’t make noise. Jasmeet nods yes and says sure. They laugh fooling her. Varsha hugs her and says we were joking. Jasmeet smiles. They say you are our little sister. Jasmeet thanks them. Akshara and Varsha tell Rajshri that they made Anshu have betel. Rajshri laughs and says you both are……. Naman comes to Karishma to talk to her and Devyaani calls him. Naitik says I will leave now. Shaurya says its raining, you rest here. Rajshri says yes, go tomorrow. Naitik says fine, I will call Bhabhimaa, she might be waiting.

Dhanlaxmi fills Kaki’s ears again against Jasmeet and says you will regret if you loosen the grip on Jasmeet, else her parents will show you bad time. Kaki thinks. Naitik talks to Akshara. She says kids are sleeping in other room. He holds her and gets romantic. She says you are so bad. She says everyone understands such chances don’t come again, this is the same room where I met you first time and today I m with you with all rights. He asks her does she remember their first night. She says yes. He says I was stupid to leave you alone. She says I cried a lot. He says sorry and kisses her. Music plays…………. They have an eyelock and get closer smiling. Both of them feel sleepy and yawn laughing. She hugs him and sleeps.

Rajshri asks Anshu to call Jasmeet. Anshu says she is sleeping. Dhanlaxmi says she is a queen to sleep like this.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Stop putting the bad picture of punjabi community They are not drinking always everywhere Do not show these kinds of things lke in that serial Everybody is not same If you not not able to o show the good side do not show the bad side either

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