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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sangram talking on phone. He sees Akshara going to slip by oil on floor. Girja shouts Akshara Bhabhi. Sangram holds Akshara and saves her. She thanks him. Naitik comes and holds Akshara. He taunts Sangram that helping now does not lessen his crime that he did not hold Akshara that day when she fell. Sangram apologizes and says I went there to talk about Tara, don’t tell this to Naksh. Naitik says we know how to react and when, this is difference between us. Everyone come and ask how is Akshara. Girja says I was coming to clean oil now. Akshara says Sangram saved me. They all thank Sangram. Akshara says Sangram will get good for his good deeds. Dada ji and Sangram smile.

Tara pacifies Naksh and asks him to enjoy the festive. Naksh leaves annoyed as he

could not find that man. Akshara comes and asks Tara why is Naksh annoyed. Tara says maybe he is missing his Dadda ji. Akshara says he loves Dadda ji a lot. She suggests Tara something to make Naksh’s mood good.

Tara makes laddoos and puts almonds in it. She tells Mishta that she made it special. Mishti says so many people and just one special laddoo. Naman gives papers to the man and asks him not to get Akshara’s name in it. the man says I can’t say now, I will try and leaves. Rajshri and Kaki are upset and do not eat laddoos. Akshara says don’t be sad, Jasmeet will come back. Varsha says yes, I will try again. Akshara says I have sent her voice recording, she will come. Kaki says no need. Dadi asks Kaki to leave anger and help Akshara in her try, forget everything. Everyone ask Kaki to agree. Kaki smiles. Akshara says great, now Jasmeet will also agree. Tara gives Naksh a laddoo. He thanks her and eats. Naksh gets a note in it and smiles.

All the men get note as well. Vishwamber signs Rajshri. All husbands smile seeing their wives. Naitik asks where are they all going. Everyone make excuse and go. Bau ji signs Devyaani and goes. The ladies also get note in the laddooos and read it. they also make excuse and leave. Karishma says why did Naman do this, I think he came. Naitik reads the note and says this is not Akshara’s handwriting, she may have got this written by someone else, she is getting romantic. He coughs to sign her and goes. Akshara gets the note in laddoo and asks Varsha what is this paper. She says I have this idea to Tara to convince Naksh, this note came to me. Mishti asks them to thank her, she made special laddoos for everyone, as Tara made it for Naksh. Varsha asks whats written on it. Akshara says to meet on terrace.

Naksh comes on terrace and likes decorations. Tara hugs him and says I love you. He says I love you too, this was great idea to make my mood good. Chahe tum kuch na kaho……… plays………… Naksh holds her and they smile. She says I think someone is coming, lets hide. Mohit comes there and sees decorations. Naksh says Mohit phupaji, he always comes in our romance. Mohit says how did this happen, I think Nandini is getting new ideas of romance, where is she. He hears someone coming and hides. Tara says he is hiding too. Naitik comes and sees I love you decorations. Naksh says Papa has come too. Naitik says Akshara did this, she makes moments memorable by romance. He hides seeing Devyaani coming. Devyaani and Bau ji come and smile. Bau ji asks her did she do all this for me. She says no, you called me here. He says no.

Vishwamber comes looking for Rajshri. Devyaani and Bau ji hide and see Mohit hiding. Mohit says its hot here. Rajshri and Vishwamber ask each other why did they send note and call. Omi and Kaki come, and then everyone come. Naitik says they all came here. Naksh and Tara get puzzled and go to them. Rajshri says I came to have fresh air. Akshara starts laughing. She says Mishti did this, she added chit in all laddoos. Naksh pulls her ears. Mishti says sorry. Naksh says it was cute mischief, keep doing it. Omi says we all came on terrace. Naksh says we will fly kites now. They read positive message on kite. Akshara says maybe Dadda ji is sending message for us. Naira says we will also write motivating messages. Ananya says we will write. The women write messages, while the men mark the points on the kite. Dada ji sees Sangram alone and goes to him.

He asks him not to stay upset, if Naksh sees him, he will doubt. Tara gives water to Naksh and gives the tray to him. Sangram says when I saw anger in Naksh’s eyes, I got scared, if he knows truth then. Naksh sees Sangram and then goes to Akshara. Sangram says Naksh will feel bad, if he knows his mother fell by my mistake then… Tara hears him and gets shocked. Tara recalls Naksh’s words.

Dada ji says I told you not to speak anything here, if anyone hears you, don’t tell this again, Akshara and Naitik know this, they are great, they did not tell this to anyone, Akshara gave you chance, everyone forgive you or not, we don’t know. Tara cries seeing Naksh giving medicines to Akshara, and her blind state. Dada ji and Sangram see Tara there and get shocked.

Dada ji takes water and asks since when were you here. She says I just came. She thinks Naksh trusts me so much, he wants to find that man, what about my and his relation, I can’t cheat him, I can’t hide this big truth, I have to tell him, then he will decide.

Tara asks Naksh to come, she has to talk to him. Naira takes Naksh. Everyone dance on the song Dheel dede re bhaiya…………. They fly kites and dance. Naira and Naitik fly kite. Tara goes to Naksh. Akshara flies kite. Naksh teases Naira. Naira gets upset as her kite gets cut. Akshara teaches Naira about flying kites. Naitik asks Naira to try flying kite again. All this they convey by the song. Tara looks at Dada ji and Naksh. Naksh and Sangram compete. Sangram wins and Naksh’s kite gets cut.

Tara asks Naksh to come. Naksh thinks its another surprise. Ananya and Naira stop Naksh and tease him. He says let me go, before Tara’s mood chances. Ananya asks him to go and they laugh. Devyaani asks Naksh to give this shawl to Bau ji. Naksh gives shawl to Bau ji and says I have to go. Bau ji says wait, manage kite. Om says I have to take my phone, manage my kite Naksh. Mohit says Kaka, I will get it.

Tara cries and says I know Naksh will be annoyed, but I have to tell him. She hears footsteps and says Naksh, I know who made Akshara aunty fall, I m ashamed to say, that man is from my family…. Rajshri tells Devyaani says we should go now. Dada ji says we are glad to celebrate festival like this after many years. Naksh says I m going, and asks the sisters not to trouble her, else Tara will run. Naira says why are you saying me. Naksh says sorry.

Tara turns and sees Akshara. She says I thought its Naksh. Akshara says he is on terrace. Tara apologizes to her. Akshara asks her to promise she won’t tell this to anyone, don’t be ashamed. Tara cries and agrees. Naksh comes and says but I have heard everything. They both get shocked.

Naksh comes to Akshara and Tara, and say ladies think they are smart, you felt I won’t know if you don’t tell me.

Update Credit to: Amena

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