Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th January 2013 Written Episode, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th January 2013 Written Update

Duggu is sleeping, Naitik apalosizes to him he couldn’t save him but he loves him a lot.akshi consoles naitik to forget what happened. naitik tells I’m trying but its my fault. What will be duggu thinking of me? akshi tells he knows that his father risked his own life to save her mother(akshara). vish is humming atone rj asks why are u happy? Vish tells I’m happy as you all won, rj discloses that they won by cheating. Vish says I knew it.

morning vish’s yoga teacher announces his reports are good so I should leave from here and advices to continue his diet same. gy3 and bm are leaving for temple, gy3 makes an excuse and tells akshi to look after both of them(duggu and Naitik) are will be back in while. akshara asks naitik for coffee as he can drink sometime, dj to wishes for asks naitik his health? naitik tells he is ok! Dj and Naitik plan to go at park duggu joins them and tell he will also go. Akshi brings coffee for me, duggu tells her dj,naitik,duggu are going for a walk.

Akshi gets sad naitik conviences her that he will take care of them. Dj,naitik, duggu doing exercise, duggu’s eyes fall on a see-saw. He rides on it but he is unable to come down, when naitik comes and help him to ride. duggu,dj,naitik have fun. gy3 and bm returns and asks akshi about naitik & duggu. akshi replies they are in park with dj, gy3 scolds akshi for sending them, how can akshi send them when gy3 told her to look after them.

She panics if anything could happen there. akshi tells she couldn’t stop them after seeing their exicited how they were. Bm seconds akshi, gy3 tells then akshi could have went with them. dj is having chit chats with his firends meanwhile duggu is with naitik. Naitik buys balloons for duggu and him. by mistakes duggu releases his hand the balloons fly naitik does the same. Duggu asks naitik for corn, naitik buys it when duggu calls naitik and show mj is here. Naitik wonders that akshi must have send mj after them secretly.

gy3 is having tensions still they haven’t came. Duggu,Naitik and dj returns. gy3 cries why did you went outside? you shouldn’t have went. gy3 tells naitik you should take rest and let me call doctor. So many days have passed w/o any check up. Naitik cuts in between that he is well and if anything then first he himself will understand and will let them know about it. akshi is about say something when naitik tells her you also must be tensed and goes. gy3 tells akshi if duggu asks you can he have ice-cream in winters will you let him have it No,then? Episode ends at akshara’s face.

Precap: Naitik hears Yash speaking to duggu that yash is going somewhere with mohit. Yash asks will he able to come as naitik is unwell.

Update Credit to: Rasmi24

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