Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Dadi praises Naira

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik saying everyone will need time to understand, but they will understand, we shall leave. Priyanka asks Naitik why did he hide truth, does she have any value or not, his family is imp, they will get affected, they will know it sooner or later. He says I won’t tell anyone about my depression, you felt bad, I know, but they will forget it in few days, if I tell them, they will just be after me, children are young, they should enjoy, I can’t snatch their happiness, please support me as a friend, like you always do. She says you just said this always and stop me. Naksh looks on and says I can’t hear you, but I understood whatever you said is not the complete truth. Manish says they are adults, I think we shouldn’t interfere in their matter. They are

on the way.

A man plays radio. Kartik sees couples. Phir le aaya dil….play… Naira sees the couples celebrating valentines day. They see the gifts at the stall and recall their moments. They smile. Manish asks Kartik to drive. Kartik and Naira think to wish each other by forgetting their fight. They come home. Akhilesh calls Kartik for work. Naira goes and sees him. Kirti takes a rose for Naksh. Rose drops. Naksh angrily goes. Kirti cries.

Naira thinks Kartik is still busy, how to wish. Kartik comes to her. Dadi says Naira, Guru ji will talk to you. Kartik gets a message. He sees Naira. Manish says we got late, come. Naira thinks Kartik left. He thinks to wish her personally. She thinks come back soon. He thinks I will finish work soon and come back, I m excited.

Some ladies come and say we are going temple, we thought to take some bhog and chadava from your side, give whatever you want to, ask your bahus to cook bhog. Dadi sends Suwarna. They ask Dadi about Naitik and Priyanka. Dadi says everything is fine, what about your bahu. They ask about Naira. Dadi says Kartik went office, Naira is doing her work, don’t think every house is like yours. They taunt her about Kartik, who is such a henpecked husband. Dadi says your bahu has taken your son abroad, new bahu is like wet soil, I can mould her, you know my bahus, you will be glad knowing Naira, she is a good wife and good bahu. She thinks I have praised you a lot, don’t embarrass me by some mistake.

Manish asks are you in hurry that you are signing without reading papers. Kartik says no, I have a headache, I didn’t had tea. Manish orders tea. He thinks how to tell you I want to go home, I love you Naira, I miss you so much. Naira does arrangements in room. She sees Kartik smiling. She says when did you come. He says when you were planning surprise. She says you should have knocked and come. They argue. He asks will we fight even today. She says sorry and hugs. She says I missed you a lot. He says I know, we won’t talk about it, lets take a timeout from fights. Ho bas ek baar ho….plays…. He holds her close and gives her a heart. He lifts her and shouts I love you Naira. She says I will make sure you keep loving me. They fall on the bed and laugh. Her dream ends. She looks around. Lav and Kush come and say Dadi is calling you for urgent work. She goes. Lav says we had forgotten ball here, we will find it. They search for football and get it. Kush throws it. The decorations spoil. Lav says what will happen now. Kush says Naira did something special, which got ruined, I have an idea.

Dadi sends maid and says Naira will cook food today. Naira says it will be ready. Dadi asks for whom are you making chutney. She says for Kartik, he will get annoyed if he doesn’t see chutney. Dadi asks her to address Kartik with respect, just the way she talks about her husband, like Bhabhimaa talks about Dadda ji. Naira says we were friends before, love and respect are in heart, not to show, you have said a lot in our relations, if pretensions increase, relations get weak. Dadi says don’t explain me, I m giving you an order this time, just do these amendments, else the society will call Kartik a henpecked husband, you have seen what happened yesterday night, I won’t tolerate if anything says about Kartik, rest is up to you. Dadi praises Naira. Kartik comes home and sees Naira. He goes to her and smiles.

Dadi calls him out and asks when did you come. Naira asks when did you come, I didn’t even realize. She addresses him saying Aap instead tum. Kartik gets surprised. Naira asks do you want water, is your work over. He signs her to come. He gets a call on her phone. Naira says I will serve. He calls her out and shows the call. She talks to Devyaani. Kartik sees the ladies waiting. He switches off the stove. The ladies say we shall leave, its late. Dadi says have kheer, Naira will bring it. Kartik gets it says here is the hot kheer made by Naira. Lady asks why did you get it. He says Naira has made it, I m just serving it, she is busy on phone. Dadi gets angry seeing Naira.

Dadi sees Naira and Kartik leaving.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Is your elder asking you to address your husband with respect infront of outsiders, a crime?? At least for once, she can’t obey without arguing and advising.. And I have never seen such mannerless guests, who talk like this about the son of the family in their house.. Kartik is back to form..

    I am sure in the coming side they will make Dadi do another cheap activity and get away with it, so that we can loath her..Then will become normal opinionated lady in the following episode.. Better make her a complete vamp like ekta show..So that you can glorify Naira to any extent..

    1. There is nothing wrong in asking your daughter in law to address her husband with respect but that respect goes both ways. Husband should also be asked to address his wife with respect. If it is ok for a husband to address his wife with “tum” then it should also be ok for a wife to address her husband with “tum”. If it’s “aap” then it’s “aap” for both sides. Besides, it should be up to the couple how they want to address each other.
      I agree with your other point that they are unnecessarily trying to show Naira as a “Mahaan” lady. Dadi is also not wrong every time. Many times what she says has a deeper meaning. The writers need to improve their writing and the characters.

    2. you need to chill….what is wrong with you for always picking on Naira and finding faults. What she said is right. Calling husband app does not make a wife mahan and in the same case why cant Kartik call her aap also?????why do women always drag other women down. I swear if i were in front of dadi i would have argued even more. We are in 21st century so grow up and treat people equal whether its a man or a women. That cheap Dadi has an agenda to spoil her own grandsons life and shame on such elders who value society more than children ka happiness. All women calling kartik henpecked should be neaten with a Jhadoo…all men should help out at home instead pretending like they are GOD.

      1. If husband and wife are of same age its ok. But kartik is atleast 6 years older than naira. Nothing wrong is calling kartik aap. Naira is younger than him. Your feminist dung filled brains won’t understand that anyways.

      2. Shitty female looks like u live in ur own world of female supremacy. All men help at home. U want wife to sit at home doing nothing and want husband to work both at office and home then god save u and ur husband. Grow up and think rationally.

      3. No need to find fault, when it is blatant infront of your eyes.. You are living in a joint family.. When you want to enjoy the pleasures and little sources of happiness in a joint family, share your happiness and sorrows with them, you ought to make certain adjustments and is expected to give the respect to elders, which they deserve.. I SAID DESERVE.. I also blamed the ladies and Dadi’s cheap activities also.. But if you follow the episodes properly, in one episode Dadi blesses naira, gives her gift, buys the land for her dance academy, wants her and kartik to be happy.. In another episode, she behaves like a cheap vamp, which is inconsistency to the core..

        As far as I have seen, YRKKH is the first show, that portrayed elders in a respectful way and the values of relations in a beautiful manner through the journey of Akshara. She showed if you be patient, give time to people to change, give respect and shows care to your family, and be strong when it comes to your self respect, that too in a genuine and gentle way, your life will become heaven..
        And I have never seen Akshara ordering Naitik like naira does, infront of elders or outside their room.. She maintained her grace and respect through her simplicity and sweet manner.. Naira need not be very same like her.. But no need to jump like a kid to take centre stage or grab the chance to give pages of advice to every elders in all circumstances or to romance in every inappropriate situations or to fight and argue with husband infront of elders without basic manners..

      4. Let it be men or women, respect should be earned, not demanded.. In these days, all men do every possible help, let it be in home or when it comes to taking care of children etc.. You won’t earn anything by unnecessary arguing with your own family..Within four corners of my room, I have every right to tease or call him names for fun or anything.. But will maintain his respect, once i step out..Giving them a little respect, atleast infront of elders in the family, which they deserve doesn’t amount to dragging women down, which is pure female supremacy.. First we should come out of this, which is going much overboard.

      5. naira ne bolthiya na swarna and sureka ko betne ke liye… Beto mein serve karthi hu….. then why the hell she goes away with her phone… thoda sa bhi dimaag hona chahiye iss ladki ko. 1st she should learn some respect for elders instead of arguing.

  2. #Nitisha madam…your values of respecting husband is really appreciable… it would have been more acceptable and appreciable if you had used good words instead of such filthy language… young minds and unmarried girls have thier own way of thinking and its their independence and lifestyle to decide how they speak in with husband… it is the understanding between the couple that matters….
    please take the trouble to use better words in your future comments.

    1. Naita fans deserve that kind of language only. The kind of language u shivangi/naira fans use for dadi on various social. media Sites shows how filthy urr mindset is….

  3. It completely lack manners to just go ahead in phone, when guests have come and they are waiting to serve food..That is where she fails, when she was told to do that task.. It is no fault if Kartik serves I need.. It is that circumstance, which shows them wrong..

    My father used to cook and pack our lunch, when our mother is ill.. Even when I have fever, my husband used to make coffee for me and serve the food made by my mother in law.. I have never seen any lack of respect in my mother, when she speaks to my dad infront of us..Yes, she used to explain him things, when he reacts in anger..But that too when they are alone..We grew up like that..My Mother has taught us to earn respect with your actions, but never to argue or advise others, especially elders..Giving them that few minutes satisfaction that our daughter in law respect our son, does not amount to dragging women down..

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