Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik warning Aditya and going to his room. Surekha says Kartik sometimes overdoes things. Dadi says Naksh would have filled his ears. Naksh says its enough that Naira said this, I trust her, I would have beaten Aditya more. Devyaani says enough, we are not saying Naira did mistake, what you did was wrong. Naksh says sorry, I don’t feel so. Rajshri says the thing which has bad result is not wrong. Devyaani says they said they did mistake by doing this relation, they always threaten. Naitik asks will we keep quiet if they threaten, will he bear misbehavior, Naksh and I can keep quiet if they misbehave with us, but I will teach my daughters to protect their respect, we won’t keep quiet.

Suwarna calms down Manish. Manish says Naksh has beaten Aditya.

Dadi says they dislike Aditya. Manish apologize to Aditya. Aditya says I know they all don’t listen to you. Baisa says next time this should not happen. Naitik says we will not bear wrong, marriage happens or not. Naksh says yes. Bhabhimaa says don’t it, will you ruin Naira’s life, you all made marriage a joke, did anyone think of children, think of how to end this, better than competing. Aditya says please try to forget this, it was hurtful but I m not selfish to hurt you, why are you apologizing, Naksh should apologize to me and you all, if Naksh apologizes once, I will forgive everything and hug him, else what can anyone do. Kirti says I think we should end this here. Aditya stares at her.

Dadi says I m with Aditya, Naksh has to apologize, I will explain Kartik wrong is wrong, we will not bear it. Manish says yes, now this marriage will happen on our conditions. Naira hugs Naitik and says sorry, but this is not my mistake. Naitik says you don’t need to say this, we all know you are not wrong. Naksh says its okay, no need to clarify. Bau ji says don’t know what will they say. Naitik says they can decide. Naira says I m worried for Kartik, he always get stuck in such matters, he asked me not to take tension, he would be in tension. She hugs Naitik and cries.

Gayu asks Naira to keep hands over smoke and make mehendi color darker. Naira asks what will I do, why am I restless. Gayu says don’t worry, everything will be fine, make your relations color dark. Naira says tomorrow morning will show the relations color.

Kirti gives medicines to Aditya. She says I asked you not to drink much, I stopped Naira today else… He throws water on her and scolds her. He says you did not support me there, see what I do now. Naksh says sorry Papa, I could not stop myself from beating Aditya. Naitik says even I can’t control in such case. Naksh says I m scared for Naira and Kartik’s relation. Naitik says I don’t understand how will they react, marriage will happen or not. Naira comes and asks Naitik to sleep. Naksh says you look calm, are you not scared. Naira says no, mumma used to say every new morning gets new hope, nothing is seen clear in night darkness. She makes them sleep and switches off lights. She gets sad.

Its morning, Naira gets a call and says sorry, this can’t happen, this is not needed and we don’t regret. Baisa asks whose call was it, Naira has done a new thing now. Naitik asks Naira what happened. Naira says Surekha called and asked Naksh to apologize to Aditya, then she will end the matter here, but I refused. They all get shocked. Naksh comes and hears this. Baisa says why did you refuse, we elders are here to decide. Bhabhimaa says why did you do this, you lost a chance. Bau ji says apology does not make a person small. Naira says Naksh will not apologize. Baisa says she got mad. Naira says it was not Naksh’s mistake, why will he apologize, my marriage will happen if it has to, this condition will not be accepted. Baisa says what will happen if Naksh apologizes. Naira says did Aditya apologize for misbehaving, why can’t they forget this. Baisa says you…. Kartik comes and stops Baisa.

He says Naira is right, Naksh does not need to apologize, I know Aditya is son in law of Goenka house, but Naira is Goenkas would be bahu, Aditya will come here and apologize to Naira, else there won’t be any talk, forget this. Bhabhimaa says Naksh is Naira’s brother. Kartik says Naksh had right to do this, if anyone did this with my sister, I would have done same, I came to clear this talk before you all take action. Naira stops him. He says sorry, I don’t have answer, I can’t give false hope, much changed, my love will not change. Varsha says you are very good. Kartik leaves.

Aditya packs his bag and is leaving. Manish asks him to stop. Aditya says don’t ashame me, Naksh is adamant and not saying sorry, I m worried for your respect, not mine, he refused to say sorry to your son in law. Dadi says yes, he is right, its our insult. Manish asks Aditya not to leave. Dadi says please stay back. Aditya says no, make Kirti do rasams in marriage. He turns and sees Naksh.

Naksh walks to Aditya and says I came to say, we should forget everything and move on. Aditya says you know giving Gyaan and not saying sorry. Naksh says I forgot that, I request you to move on. Aditya says say sorry, else forget. Naksh says I think you did not understand. Aditya says you have to say sorry. Kirti looks on. Kartik comes and says I m sorry Aditya ji. Aditya says you are family, I can’t feel bad of your words, I can’t bear outsider’s misbehavior. Kartik says then Naksh is also family, forget this. Aditya says sorry, this won’t happen. Dadi says Naksh should apologize. Manish says Kartik you are not doing good by apologizing from their side. Kartik says I just…. Naksh folds hands and says I m sorry, I hope Kartik’s happiness matters to you like it matters to me, forget this and move on. Kirti sees Naksh.

Aditya says I can’t forget this, I will see this does not repeat for this family’s happiness, I forgive you today, next time you won’t be forgiven, I hope you get it. Kartik says if that happens again, we can’t say what happens with whom, keep forgiveness to use next time if I do anything like that. He warns Aditya. Naksh says I will leave. Kartik folds hands and apologizes to Naksh. He says forgive me, I m very sorry for whatever happened. Naksh says no, this is not needed. Kartik says you also apologized which was not needed. Naksh hugs him. Goenkas look on. Kartik goes with Naksh. Aditya says I have tension for you all, now your son is not yours. Manish gets angry.

Bhabhimaa says they want to do haldi rasam in their haveli. Naira wears red saree and hugs Akshara’s pic. Kartik says I will get my bride here, we will stay in this house for few days and then go to out new house.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Soofia Bhatti

    Hey I’m soofia finely naira kartik r getting married I can’t wait to see naira kartiks wedding day it’s going to be the last wedding in the singhania house naira kartik wedding is going to be the most bestest wedding ever

    From ur number one fan soofia Bhatti

    1. Is it Soofia?
      What about Naksh their son and heir?
      What about Gayu their eldest daughter?
      What about Mishti their youngest daughter?
      Or are they closing the serial after Naira’s wedding?
      Is there something you know that we don’t. Please tell
      Because you keep saying this.

  2. aditya’s whole truth should come out now infront of everyone…the photography one also..i miss akshara alot…please bring her back…this serial will reach new heights with aksharas return.

  3. Hi my dear family hope all r doing well. I really missed all of u very much all these days. I fell down and my left hand is having a fracture. Last few days were very tough for me because I was having immense pain and in between I had to handle my baby also. So I was not in a position to comment here. I used to read comments at night when Aadhu sleeps but it is difficult to type single handedly so din comment. Now pain is less but will have to tolerate the bandage some days more. At that time when I saw Maria commenting by my name telling Iam suffering from disease, I could not stop my tears. It hurts so much when u know someone hates u for no reason.

    1. Rahul96

      Hiiii sachuu diiiii
      So glad to see your comments after such a long time !!!! And glad to know that my cute little nephew Hamdan is good . Because you were not commenting . So I was having bad feeling that Hamdan might have fallen ill. Because babies do fall ill but now glad to learn that Hamdan is good now !!!

    2. Rahul96

      Errr look like I have done a mistake here !!!
      I am so sorry Sachu dii , while typing about aadhu , I totally forgot about you dii . I am so sorry diii about this . Dii actually I was thinking that Hamdan must have fallen ill and your accident was unexpected one !!! I am so sorry diii .
      Dii please take good care of hand . And do comment here only when you are fully recovered !!! And dii I hope that your husband I.e our Jijaji must be taking good care of my elder sister I.e you and my cute little nephew I.e Hamdan !!! Dii we will definitely pray for you !!!

  4. Hi Sophie dont worry dear I can understand how it feels seeing such comments. But we being mature n properly raised by our parents should just ignore them. In between saw some issues in our family and Iam glad that all is well now. Hi Rahul I just want to tell one thing to u. Never expect ur life partner to be Akshara or Simran in real life but promise urself that u ll be her Naitik or Raj. I hope u understood what I meant. Hi Vrushy keep on writing dear. Iam not a regular reader of ur ff’s but Iam very much impressed by ur writing style. One can picturise in their mind while reading each of ur lines. Always be prepared for all types of responses because that ll help u to improve. I always ask my students to write down their reviews regarding my teaching without mentioning their name at the end of academic year so that they write openly n by reading that later I can improve my teaching methods positively. And Rahul I read about ur comments regarding women empowerment. Glad to see my brother’s care n respect for women. Well I believe that the biggest asset a women can get is good parents who provide her proper education n then a supporting husband who stands up for her entire life. Rest will be achieved automatically. Iam telling this based on my life experiences. Iam proud that Iam a good daughter to my parents. They never forced anything upon me and so I never went the wrong way. I also got a husband who values me n now I want to be an ideal mother to my son.

    1. Thank you Sachu di!

    2. Vrushy

      Thank you 🙂
      Glad that you liked my work.

    3. Rahul96

      Sachu dii
      Thank you so much dii for your advice dii . And I really appreciate your advice dii . Because I myself believe in this:-
      ” That if you are not able to find good people around you then you yourself become a good people ”
      And becoming a Naitik is difficult !!! Because he is not only a good husband but also a good son , good brother and this is only because his wife akshara is good and understanding . Never forced him to choose between wife and mother .

      I think that a man/woman can become a good husband/wife only if his wife/her husband is good and understanding!!! Because if a man’s wife/woman’s husband is not good and forces him/her to choose between wife/husband and parents then at that time he/she can either become a good son/daughter or good husband/wife but not both.

      And these love stories of ishqbaaaz , yhm , yrkkh are only a fancy dream . Love do exist but true love do not exist !!
      Which women will marry a man who will act very rude ???( like shivaay – Anika in real life anika would have left shivaay )???.

    4. Rahul96

      And I think that the statement
      We will live together and we will die together is also a fancy dream !!!!
      Because if one partners life is in danger and if other partner will come to help then he/she will die . Then I think he/she will run away , no matter how much they love each other or whether the person who run away is good or bad !!!???

    5. Rahul96

      And Sachu dii
      You are right never to expect much !!!!
      Just making an analogy here
      If a student expect 80/100 in exam but he get only 70/100 he will become sad .
      If a student expect 20/100 but he , by luck , he get 50/100 . He will become a happiest person !!!! But a good student always expect good marks !!!

  5. Hi Aniket Iam upset with u for commenting against Maria using her name. I dont expect my brother to do such cheap things to support me. I hope I have the right to scold u being ur elder sister. Iam glad that Captain of our crew is responsible n appointed other family members to handle our ship in his absence. Hi Pat glad that u r planning to adopt a child dear. Just giving birth doesnt make a women mother n vice versa. Iam sure u ll be a good mom to ur child. I dont adress everyone not because I dont remember but fearing that I might miss out someone. I know most of u r having exams n is feeling proud that my little siblings r taking it seriously. I pray that all goes well. A warm welcome to all the new members. Happy 2 months anniversary to all out here including me.
    Yrkkh is going well. Loved the way Karthik stood up for Naira. Now Iam a huge fan of Rishi Dev. How easily he merged into Naksh’s character. Hate Adithya to the core. Hope to see him exposed before Goenkas soon.
    Thought of just peeping in but I guess I wrote much more. Now my hands r aching. Its really hard to manage with one hand. So byee for now. I ll certainely peep in Whenever I can. Stay happy stay united. Lots of love to all my besties. Gdni8

    1. Hey Sachu sis
      Good to see your comments and thank you for the compliments.
      I pray you feel better soon
      And kiss the cutie with a big hug from me.
      Stay safe and God bless

  6. hi every one is it true gayu is going to replace naira

    1. No.

  7. Hey all
    I pray all is well
    Well done to Ishika and we did not forget you.
    Rahul thank you for the message you left me it is beautiful and I appreciate it – it is a blessing.
    Coming to the episode
    WOW Aditya, Manish, Surekha and Dadi Goenka do know how to put up some serious drama.
    I cringe watching Aditya’s smug face.
    The Goenkas are too much
    I wonder what they will do when Mansi’s truth comes out.
    I think Kartik, Naira and Naksh have got something planned to expose Aditya.
    Why do the Goenkas and even Baisa point at Akshara’s upbringing all the time, when ever something happens.
    I feel like since Akshara’s death the Maheswaris are very very very quiet.
    Where is Dadi Maheshwari – what happened to her?
    This is for the Goenka family – a good son in law will not allow you to apologise to him; will not treat the heir to your family like trash; will not set your hearts on Fire for your own child/ren.
    Dadi Goenka with all her greatness and pious behaviour did not say anything to him for drinking.
    Any way I hope they sort everything out soon.

    1. Rahul96

      Hii Pat dii
      Have read that you are suffering cold !!!!!! Yeeeeeeeeeeeee congratulations diiiii . Diii I have also read that Paracetamols, vitamin c, juice and spicy food have become your friends diiii . Congratulations diiiii . And dii you know what…. i love suffering from cold !!!! It’s an awesome experience diii . Trust me dii I love wrapping myself around blanket shivering from cold and having a little bit fever !!!! I love walking around woods in a nearby small forest in a chilly winter diii.
      Dii currently even me and lasyashree is also suffering from cold !!!!
      Dii please I request you to handover me your cold !!!! And I have done the same request to lasyashree !!! ????. I know it’s weird but I love it . ????. Hahahahahahaha !!!!

  8. Karthik is amazing ?? he is always able to see his family wrong doing n apologises☺ n he stands up for whoever is right☺n careless abt what his family might think
    Naira is blessed to hve him as her life partner ???
    Yes… Aditya true character? should be expose? otherwise is so unfair to Naira n family?
    Good night to all my family members ??????Sweet dreams ya???

  9. hi yrkkh family i’m not commenting since days well, i was a bit busy.

    yeah…the ulimate one is karthik’s support today! well, adithya is a bit annoying but that’s okay wrong will get punished someday
    well, why are goenka’s thing that damad is great? uh?
    that part was disgusting draamebaaz adithya.. part was naksh sayng sorry…hm..what’s the precap ha? it’s better if karthik leaves the house if not naira will suffer a lot because of dadi in future after their marriage

  10. thanks everyone who added me in the tree
    well, lemme address my family members now..
    Lasyashree, i know that whatever i said about telugu is wrong but what to do everyone treats telugu like the way only then i’ll ultimately feel that yes? i lve telugu but when in india. dont misunderstand me.. i pardon you if you felt bad…well,im happy that even you are from south india,and i felt great reading your comment in respect of telugu, good good..
    well, what do you do? and where do you stay? and how old are you? do you have any nickname? answer na pls.. dont shw your anger and ignorance tome..
    well,rahul.. good comment on women empowerment nysh nysh you seem to be good from heart and if my guess is correct you respect every girl of your family and even this family.? what say?

  11. well, raf so you are gayu here good good is gayu busy with exams? if so my wishes for good,Aniket you are captain of this crew? hm… well you are very good i like the way you cmment so… even you busy with assignments same to you evn allmy best wishes.
    well now i’m coming to you only Twana bff of captain glad that you are concentrating on uah education hm… all my wishes to you!

    vrushy well, don’t say me that you still cant walk .. heal up soon and how r u nw?
    so you r writr? nysh passion..
    sophie dont wory we r wid yu
    sofenil.. wheres ua commnt ! good thought of srial quiz and please start ny other games too..

    1. Vrushy

      Hi Dhanvi.
      Well i am good and i can walk today.
      i am not a professional writer but then yeah i love to write down my thoughts.
      Writting is surely a passion.
      By the way dont disappear like this again, keep on commenting.

  12. Vrushy

    Hello Everyone.
    How are you all ?!!
    In todays episode naksh- naira- karthik,these three give real goals of how to maintain relations.

    Naira didn’t think about whether she would get justice, whether Goenkas would believe her. She cared for Karthik, what he must be going through having his sister and her husband on one side and his love on the other. When Naksh was asked to apologize, she immediately disagreed, not once thinking about what would happen to her marriage, would it suffer, she thought of nothing, only that her brother was right.

    Naksh knew he was right, but he apologized, for both Naira and Karthik, because for him their happiness was more important than what was right and wrong.

    Karthik came to Singhaia Sadan and sided Naira in her words that Naksh had made no mistakes and wouldn’t be the one apologizing. And when Naksh apologized for no fault of his, Karthik did the same, showing the equality in their relation. Both end the whole thing with a brotherly hug.
    I know todays episode was not at all right in the sense of practicality but then I loved how these three supported each other and showed their care for each other.
    It shows how they are good souls and care for each others happiness more than anything else in the world.

  13. Vrushy

    Spoiler : Naira plans a surprise for Kartik for the valentines. Naira is suggested to wear red saree for valentines. Naira wears Akshara’s saree. Naira and Kartik, and their families leave for the destination wedding. Their bus stops at the Dhaba. Kartik also has something in mind to surprise Naina. Kartik takes Naira with him. Kartik and Naira plan a valentines date at the other Dhaba. They have a dance and spend romantic time.

    Some men who are against the couples celebrating Valentines’ Day reach the Dhaba and beat up Kartik. Kartik explains that Naira and he are going to get married. The men do not believe them and think Kartik is making excuses on being caught. Naksh reaches there and stops the men. Naksh and family explain the men that Kartik and Naira are really going to get married, and they are on the way to marriage destination.

  14. The episode was interesting but a bot dragged nonetheless. Dadi maheshwari quit yrkkh at the same time as Akshara I think because I remember there was a tweet which said I am not there if son chudiya isn’t there or something similar to that…

    To the episode
    I actually miss dadi maheshwaris character because when she is compared to dadi goenkas behaviour , there is a massive opposing contrast and this would be good to be shown like they show the behaviour of the two families through cross cutting their responses. I really want goenkas damad and goenkas daughter to be exposed because their reactions will be fantastic !!!

    One thing goenkas lack is the sense of honesty and being with eachother. They are always shown in denial and Akhilesh still hadn’t told the family about mansi. Perhaps they will show this as a way thay naira tried to expose her after getting married but noone will believe her

    1. Thanks Adi bro
      I keep on thinking about her
      The show producers and writers need to tie up some loose ends
      There are too many
      Where is Prerna (Naitik adopted sister)?
      What happened to Rose and her husband Yash
      Naksh, Ananya and Yash used to have a strong bond but being shown
      What about Sunaina and her family – what happened to them
      What about Mohit and Naitik relationship – used to be very closed
      Akshara is being referred to as dead but there was no body found. Closure is needed here also.
      I am not saying they should bring all those who have left but the audience should know what happened to them (meaning the character)
      Too many loose ends.

      1. Naksh, Ananya and Yash used to share a strong bond of brothers/sister but nowadays it is not being shown.
        Rose took Kartik as her brother and vice versa – so why is she not present at wedding occasions – even if pregnant (it is not a disease) she can sit down somewhere quietly but presence can be seen.

  15. hey every1 iam Tahira can any one tell me about mansi story?

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