Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshara and Varsha panicking for Ananya. Rukmani sees them and thinks there is something fishy. She asks Akshara and Varsha is there anything. Varsha makes excuse. Rukmani thinks there is something wrong. Ranveer gets Ananya out with him, and tells her that he is fitness freak, he does not like a fat girl like her, she is good but he does not like her. She asks why did you say yes. He says mom convinced me that we can deal with this issue, you have to lose weight till marriage, we can get engaged now if you agree, but I won’t marry you if we don’t lose weight. Ananya cries. He says sorry, come.

Inspector catches them and asks Ranveer is he making a girl run away. Ranveer says no, she is my fiancée. Inspector asks for his id. Ranveer says I forgot

my wallet. Ananya asks for his phone. Varsha and Ananya ask Naksh and Yash to save them from Rukmani. Naksh says doing Naagin dance would look weird, even Tara’s family is here. Akshara sends them. Naksh and Yash do Naagin dance and entertain everyone, making Rukmani busy.

Varsha and Akshara go out and see Ranveer and Ananya coming home with Naitik. Varsha asks where did you go. Ranveer says sorry, I wanted to talk to Ananya and took her with me to know her wish. Ananya is sad. Rukmani dances with Naksh and Yash. Tara, Dada ji and everyone smile. They all clap for Naksh and Yash.

Varsha asks Ananya why did she go like this, why did she not inform them. Akshara says Varsha, leave it now, she has come home, lets go inside. Rukmani comes there. Akshara and Ananya hide. Rukmani asks Varsha about Akshara. Varsha says she went inside, I think you got old, come with me. Akshara gets relieved and says thank God she did not see us, come Ananya. She brings Ananya to room. She asks Ananya what is the matter. Ananya says nothing. Akshara says I won’t ask what he said, but if I can help, tell me. Ananya asks when will Papa come. Akshara says he will come till your engagement. Ananya goes to washroom and cries. She says I don’t want to get slim for anyone, I will lose weight if I wish, but not for any condition. If I don’t lose weight, will they cancel marriage, I don’t want to marry.

Naitik comes and asks Akshara where is Ananya, I want to meet her, Ananya called me and said Ranveer forgot wallet and police caught him, I went there, how is she. Akshara says she is fine, she is missing Shaurya. He says Shaurya will come soon. Ananya wishes Shaurya was here, so that she could share things. Akshara says Ananya did not share things. Naitik says Ananya came, she looks a pretty doll. Ananya says fat doll….

Rajshri asks Varsha about Shaurya and Anshu. Varsha says don’t know, they are not answering. Akshara and Naitik bring Ananya there. Everyone compliment Ananya. Rukmani taunts that Ananya looks slim in this dress, and beautiful too. Ranveer’s parents ask about Shaurya. Varsha says maybe his flight is late. Anshu comes home. Everyone get glad seeing them. Jasmeet smiles seeing Anshu. Nannu hugs Anshu. Varsha asks Anshu about Shaurya. Anshu says Shaurya could not come. Varsha and everyone get shocked. Ananya cries.

Varsha asks why, he spoke to me from airport. Anshu says yes, he went back from airport getting some imp work. Rukmani taunts on this drama. Naitik asks Anshu is there any tension. Anshu says nothing like that. Varsha says I called him 50 times and his phone is off. Anshu says Shaurya said he will try to come soon and stay here till marriage. Ananya cries. Savita’s sister says people wait for such things, we also came from abroad. Naitik says I m sure he had some imp work, like Ranveer went yesterday for work. Ranveer’s dad says yes, maybe he had emergency. Savita asks what to do, shall we postpone emergency. Rukmani says engagement can’t happen without Shaurya. Varsha says it will happen without Shaurya. Ananya asks how. Varsha says we have to keep it, shall we break your engagement for his work, don’t worry, everyone is here. Ananya cries and says but Papa is not here. Varsha asks what shall I do, we will talk to him later, make your mood good, come for engagement.

Ananya cries Ranveer’s words and cries, she drops the ring. Everyone look on worried. Shankari jokes. Bhabhimaa says Ananya is sad for her dad. Akshara hugs Ananya and asks her not to cry. Shaurya says Bua is saying right Ananya. Everyone look for Shaurya..

Ranveer makes Ananya wear the ring, even when its fixed and hurts her. Akshara says we will change the ring size tomorrow. Ananya asks what about life.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Why cannot Varsha leave Ananya alone, her thinking so backward, women nowadays living independent,happy lives without marriage.

  2. Poor Ananya 🙁 felt very bad for her, she got so hurted really this is bad, varsha is an idiot very bad mother can’t even understand her daughter’s feeling

  3. Poor Ananya!

  4. I dont like this varsha later she will understand

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