Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira and everyone celebrating Mishti’s birthday. Naira sings Dil se bandhi ek dor…..Rishton ki bagiyaan…. Everyone dance. Naira imagines dancing with Kartik. Naira gets sad and waits for Kartik. They all look at the door. Kartik comes with Lav and Kush. Mishti hugs Kartik and apologizes to him. Kartik introduces his brothers Lav and Kush. He wishes Mishti happy birthday and gives gift. She says I want you, not gift. He asks her to take gift, he got by love. He says I came to meet Mishti, I will leave. Mishti asks him to stay back. He says sorry, I have to go.

Naira goes to him and gives kachoris. He greets all of them and goes. Naira cries. Mishti also cries. Kartik comes back and hugs her. He says I will have birthday cake and leave,

don’t cry. Dadi asks Suwarna where is Kartik, he does not tell you anything, but you may know. Suwarna says I m not sure, but I guess he went to birthday function, Lav and Kush called me. Dadi asks whose birthday, Singhania family girl’s birthday, what relation does he have. Akhilesh and Surekha look on. Dadi asks the girl’s age. Akhilesh says Mishti is very young, but her sister….

Naira cries and holds ears to apologize to Kartik. Gayu says we will play a game. Gayu says everyone will tie clothes except me, and you have to throw the ring, one who gets inside the ring will be partner for dance. Everyone get blindfolded. Gayu puts ring on Naira and Kartik. Naira apologizes to Kartik.

Manish asks what, did Maa got to know about that girl, why did Kartik go in birthday, when will he listen, does he have self respect or not, his Dadi got unwell, and now he is not at home. She says they love Kartik, they went through sorrow. He says Kartik was much hurt, did they love him then, I can’t tolerate this. Everyone talk in party. Bau ji asks where is Naitik. Naira goes to call Naitik. Mishti asks Kartik to wait for some time, I will cut cake after Naitik comes. Naira goes to Naitik and asks him to please come, mumma wanted this, party is for Mishti. Kartik comes there to talk to Naitik. Naira sees him.

Kartik says everyone is waiting for you, if you have problem with me, I will leave, I would have gone, Mishti stopped me. Naitik cries and hugs him. Naira cries seeing them. Naitik apologizes and says I m very ashamed, forgive me, I raised hand on you. Kartik says don’t apologize, your family happiness is important, you become a part of the happiness, it will be good, don’t miss this chance. Naitik sees the wind chimes. Naitik agrees and goes with Kartik. Kartik gets the thread fallen on ground and tells Gayu. Gayu says give it to Kartik later, you can get chance to apologize to him.

Mishti cuts cake. Everyone clap. Naira goes out to Kartik.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Vrushy

    So finally karthik will forgive naira either in tomorrow’s episode or day after tomorrow !!

  2. Waiting for kaira milan

  3. Hi Aniket, Shilpa, Pat, Esha and all other YRKKH FANS and other silent comment readers . How are you guys??? Mera Aaj ka exam accha gaya.??.
    And Aniket it was really a nice idea. Sorry for my late introduction guys.

    I am Rahul , I am in 3rd year in Marine engineering college, in Kolkata. Currently I am Studying in Kolkata in 3rd year in Marine engineering college and originally I am from Patna, Bihar.

    Kal bhi mera exam hai.

    And today I love Naitik & Kartik Milan .
    And guys Kartik should now forgive Naira. Kartik is only seeing his pain and is not seeing Naira’s pain. Enough time has been given to Kartik. I think of in upcoming 3-5 episodes if Kartik doesn’t forgive Naira. Then naira should move on. But I don’t think she will move on because Kartik and Naira’s marriage was akshara’s last wish.

    1. Hi Rahul Bhai, at first TYSM, It means a lot to me that u liked that idea. Secondly it feels good to know that ur exam was good. And Finally All the best for tomorrows paper!! And plz dont stop commenting cz we have only 3 boys (U, Me and Pawan) on the site. So v ll b each others company!!

  4. thanks for fasr update amena di…

  5. thanks for fast update amena di…

  6. Today’s episode was nice hope they unite soon hi to all

  7. Hi dears. How r the exam preparations going on ? Its gr8 that at the end of the year I got many more frnds. Overall 2016 was superb fr me. Read spoilers. Gr8 news that kaira unites soon. Today’s epi was gud. Poor Naitik. Akshara was his backbone. It was so sweet of gayu to try to bring Kaira together. Waiting fr the coming episodes.

  8. A big Hello to my new Family members- Rahul Bhai, Pat, Sachu dii, Pawan, Twana, Garima, Vrushy, Aliya and all. How r u all. Well gud to see Kartik back in Singhania Sadan after a long time. Loved the way he gave a hug to Mishti, and Loved the scene where Mishti said she want Kartik as her gift. Gayu u r so cute, making an effort to make patch up betwn KAIRA. Thank u. Just Loved this Episode!!

  9. today it was soo soo emotional. missed akshara soo much. have been watching 2009 episodes since 2days. this is a fabulous serial. please dont spoil the serial by showing goenkas negativity.

    i hope this serial remains as good as it has always been..all about values relations families festivals.

    please get kaira married soon and then the story can revolve around them.

    guys does anyone knoe that will kaira get married??

  10. Hiiiii everyone!!!!!!! Waiting for Kaira Reunion *praying?*…. This waiting… itz taking forever…
    Thankz Amena for ur super fast update
    Hiii Sachu diii…. even I’m overjoyed to have many friends!!!!!!!
    Vrushy… I’m hoping to see Karthik forgiving Naira…. By the way How could he not??? He’s the most selfless n kind hearted person I’ve ever seen… Not materialistic like others in their family…

    1. *his family

  11. ye kya bekwas hai?

  12. This weak trp increase 2.7 only for akshara muder mystry not kaira love chemistry after few month show going offair

  13. Hi Aniket, Pat , Shilpa, Vrushy and all other YRKKH fans and silent comment readers.

    Seriously Aniket , only 3 boys are here??? I think Pat , zulf are also boys, I think soo!!! Don’t get me wrong okk!!.

    Anyway Pat , Shilpa , Vrushy, Pawan , Zulf , Ridz , Sachi ,Selena, Sruthi , Trusna , Mihir and all other YRKKH fans. Common guys we should join this friendship group and introduce each other. Please introduce yourself only if you guys feel comfortable but atleast common you guys can join this friendship group introduced by Aniket.

    1. Hi. I am Anika. Can I join your group. I am a silent reader

    2. Hello rahul bhaiya im aliya from Bangalore but staying n tamil nadu im in 12th std pcmb stream…sterday i gav my intro but i think u din c it….how was yr pap sterday???n alll the best for today…im glad finally u introduced yrslfs

  14. Truely agree

  15. Show bakwas ho chuka hai irksome kaira

  16. kaira fan (RS)

    hi guys i have seen a video on you tube that shown kaira milan
    first they were going to be kidnapped ,then had fight and finally there lovely patch up with a hug

  17. Hello yrkkh fans. I am commenting for the first time but I know you all as I read the updates and your comments regularly…
    I wanted to remain a silent reader but after reading your comments I couldn’t help commenting…
    I would like to introduce myself.
    My name is Riya Mehta and I study in 9th std (hehe I am the youngest one??) I was born in mummbai but currently staying in nainital uttarakhand I think j will get many bhais and didis here… so can I join u guys??? Please

  18. Welcome home Riyaaa

  19. Rita welcome dear… U snatched my post of being youngest….. ???…

    Hi aniket bhaiya hello Rahul bhaiya and a big hi to all my Didi’s…… Truly the episode was emotional……. Waiting for Laura’s Milan…..

    1. Sorry it’s Riya..

  20. Hii aniket,twana,rahul bhaiya,sachu dii,garima dii,pawan,vrushy n all yrkkh fans..sry if i had left som1s name…

    Hi riya n anika..anika u din introduce yrselves..n twana u din say anything abt yr locality..itz ok if itz personal…

    Rahul bhaiya u r a marine engineering student grt to hear abt it…

    N today’s epi karthik n neithik scene was so emotional..i was abt to cry

    1. Ahh sorry I missed that I live in Delhi… ??

  21. Ajeeb he… akshra ko ek aur beta bhi he..m naksh… wo kaha he

    1. Naksh is stuck in big boss?

  22. Heh pawan i donno y u seem tht if i had a younger brother he would hav been lyk u
    ….n sachu dii u r lyk my badi dii.n rahul bhaiya even though u din speak wth me u seem lyk my bro to whom v r not speaking nw duue family issues..u always remind me of him from first day…

    N pawan tumhara post gaya abb..u too got a younger sistaa

  23. Hi Rahul Bhai, I also think that Pat is a boy!! Dont get me wrong Pat, Earlier I thought Vrushy is also a boy (seeing her dp and nick name). But yesterday she revealed her real name- Vruhika. I am sorry Vrushy if I hurt u. Pat plz introduce urself. Welcome to the group Miss. Anika and Miss. Riya!! Glad to know that Silent Readers are interested to b the part of group!! Thank u!!

    1. Vrushy

      No need to be sorry.
      Actually I just love virat kohli that’s why the dp !!

  24. Hi aniket your idea is good I’m sruthi I’m in I’m from Hyderabad

  25. Hi everyone!!!! I am also a silent reader…I was a silent reader for a long tym…And when u told abt this grp….I also wanted to comment..Like Riya
    Hi I’m Trishi…Studies in grade 11…can I join ur grp plz???
    And guess what???? I’m not from India…Can some1 guess my country???

    1. Ok let me guess from somewhere like Indonesia,Sri Lanka, Nepal, England, oh I’ll end up telling names of all the countries

  26. Pakistan kya???sry if not…hello trishi..i think usa pata nahi..

    Itz ok twana niz to know u r frm Delhi

    1. Nice try Aliya dii lekhin nahe
      Any guesses???????????

      1. Tamil nadu seh hi ho kya???itna suspense kyun meri maa…..chalo galdi batau…|:-/

  27. Helo shruti didi

  28. Hi Rahul, Aniket, Shilpa, Sachu, Vrushy & all YRKKH fans (family) hey great going. Thank you Ameena for the written updates.
    Sorry you all been busy lately trying to finish my interior design of my place, managed to complete it.
    Good idea Aniket for the introduction
    Rahul & Aniket you made me laugh ??????? about me being a boy, I am a girl/woman. Full name Patricia
    I live & work in London. I just completed my post graduate in Education & international development (majoring in gender/educational planning)
    I get to watch the show when you all are in bed but the updates are good cause I read & findout what’s happening before I see the serial – so it is like watching it twice.

  29. I love the past two episodes – brilliant
    I love the humility of the Maheswaris & Singhanias. They came to apologise; beautiful.
    Today’s episode I love the scene between Naitik & Kartik – beautiful, I tear up
    I see a lot of comments against Kartik ????? please don’t hate him. I love him; he is so sweet.
    He will forgive her & he is going to.
    Aniket, good point about the Goenka family – it could be true that the focus wants to be on them unless Naksh comes back in the show then they might run the two families parallel to each other, making Naksh & Naira as the main focus. Or they are showing us what the Goenkas are like now so we get to see how Naira changes their stiff thinking when she enters their home as Naira is very free spirited & forward in her thinking. There giving the writers scope to play around with the characters.
    Also remember the beginning of YRKKH when Naitik Akshara’s families were introduced. The Singhanias used to behave similar to the Goenkas but Akshara in her sweet, down to earth ways changed their thinking slowly to what we have now. I used to love the Maheswaris but not so the Singhanias – too many rules. But as time passed I grew to love them as well.
    That’s my take on it.
    Kartik’s dad is just jealous of the relationship that Kartik shares with Naira’s family & wish he could have that closeness, that’s why he is acting up. Give him time, he will forgive them.
    I love Luv and Kush – they are adorable – so much cuteness.
    All those having exams; I pray it is going well.
    Rahul how was yours?

  30. Hey I forgot to say welcome to new commenters.

  31. ??????? Even I for a moment wondered if u r a boy or not ???
    Yeah pat luv kush r adorable…
    And Karthik…. I’m a biiig fan of him.. n shivangi of course…
    Read in spoilers abt Karthik n Naira being kidnapped n re uniting
    Waiting for that moment?

  32. Haiiipata nahi mera dp green kaiseh ho hogaya..i was in love wth tht red one…hannn

    hai patrica

    1. Oh ha Aliya… how come it changed all of a sudden?? Did ya enter another e-mail address??? Yeah I liked ur red color one which was unique n very much bright… that made us easy to understand our Aliya ka comment?
      Oh guys I’m waiting eagerly for today’s update…. Hope Kaira will unite jaldi se jaldi

    2. And by the way what I can see is not green but itz aqua

  33. Ty Sruthi and Pat dii!! Ty Vrushy to understand it!! Pat, I am sorry, I already mentioned I cant guess the gender by nick name. Sorry for that! Hi Pat, If u r from London then how come u manage with Hindi? I mean were u living in India here before? Hi Sruthi, Welcome to the group!! Rahul Bhai, the hope for being 4th boy in the group is no more now!! So I request U and Pawan to plz b active here, I need company of u both!!

  34. Akshara ko kya hogaya?

  35. Hi my name is aditya and I am a silent reader but I would love to join your group. I was born and raised in London, grew up with Indian values – I am Indian! :)) Thanks for the good idea Aniket!

  36. I will try and make sure I comment more but I love the reading aspect more

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