Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naman and Karishma coming to the village. They meet Mishti and send her. Karishma argues with Akshara for not taking care of Mishti, she is hungry since morning. Akshara says I gave her food and went for work, I asked her to finish food. Devyaani says that’s why I told you we all are busy here. Karishma says its said right that just parents take care of children. Naman reacts angrily and Naitik scolds him. Naman says sorry, Mishti cried and called us, we got worried. Karishma says sorry. Naitik says its good you both came here. Karishma says we were always strangers for you all, w e did mistake and you kicked us out of home, what about Shaurya, no one made him leave. Naksh comes and Naman congratulates him.

Varsha calls Ananya for help. Shaurya comes

there and she sees him. Akshara looks for Naira. Naitik says I will talk to her. She says no, I told her a lot, I should talk to her. He says no, you did right, if you say sorry to her, she will feel she was right, I will talk to her. She says fine. He goes to Naira and asks Sukanya to give him 2 mins to talk to his princess. Sukanya says sure and leaves. Naira asks Naitik not to waste her time. He says please, once. She says I m saving your energy, I know what you want to say, you will say mumma is not wrong. She loves you and you don’t understand, right? He says I always say this, this time I feel these dialogues got old, I got new ones, you are growing up, sometimes you get annoyed with me and Akshara, and tries hard to convince him talking sweetly. She says you are big drama queen. He smiles and hugs her. Akshara looks on and thanks Lord. Sukanya tells Naira that your dad is very sweet, your mum did mistake and your dad came to talk, your mum has much ego, she scolded you publicly and did not come to apologize privately too. Naira gets sad.

Akshara takes Tara to Naksh. Naksh showers flowers on Tara and surprises her calling her coach there. Tara asks how did he come here. Akshara says you got selected in international game team. Tara gets glad and thanks coach. Baisa comes and hears Tara talking to her coach. Coach says I did all planning for you, you will be going on training too. Preeti says focus on training and hockey. Tara says yes, I promise I will work hard. Baisa hears this and scolds Tara. She asks her to marry hockey and leave Naksh. Everyone look on as Baisa scolds Tara. Akshara says we should be proud of Tara’s achievements. Baisa argues.

Dada ji says I know you don’t like Tara’s hockey, even I don’t like, but Akshara opened my eyes, boys and girls should have equal rights. Akshara says Karishma and I also went to office. Baisa asks Akshara not to explain her. Akshara says its individual’s thinking, I will not limit Tara’s dreams. Baisa says woman should run home, man should earn in office, then life gets balanced. Naitik also supports Tara and gives Akshara’s example. He says Naksh can also support Tara, why this difference. Bhabhimaa agrees. Baisa says fine, I will not say anything. She gets on saying long. Everyone look on.
Akshara and Naitik show trust on Naksh and Tara, and say they should decide for each other. Baisa says fine, I will not say anything. Bhabhimaa says we have allowed Tara to play, just bless her. Everyone ask Baisa to bless Tara. Akshara asks Tara not to feel bad. Tara asks about her hockey. Naksh asks her to play. Dada ji smiles and says my worries got less, Tara got a good family. Akshara makes Tara smile. Baisa gets angry.

Karishma and Naman talk to Mishti, Karishma hugs her and asks her to be away from Kuhu. She feeds Mishti. Akshara gets a cake for Tara. Tara cuts the cake and takes to feed Baisa. Baisa stays annoyed. Sangram asks dhol people to play dhol. They all go and dance. The people are proud of Tara. Her coach lifts her and dances. Baisa gets angry and slaps him hard. She scolds him a lot for touching Tara. Everyone get shocked. Baisa asks Tara how can she do this to argue with her. Tara asks Baisa to just stop it.

Preeti says Baisa is too much, why does anyone not stop her. Naksh and Akshara justify Baisa. Preeti fills Tara’s ears against Akshara.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. have heard 10 yrs old becoming 28 yr old hina aka akshara is mom of 29 yr rohan aka naksh;how this is possible;to become mom atleast she should be born;don’t get surprise if couple share husband-wife in another serial;she is young than rohan

    1. naksh is 25 years old

      1. Why are u so bothered about the age. Watch the show

  2. I think naksh will get married to sanju..

  3. naitik nd naira scene was so cute nd naitik is so supportive husband.

  4. Oh no how can Preeti make Tara against akashsra

  5. Baisa speaks a but too much. Somebody has to ask her to shut her big mouth.

  6. arey yaar …….what is nonsense …why the friends will be like this why they fill against our family…..naira and tara are facing same but serial is good till how many years it will run…..akshara got married her son is getting married..i think serial name yeh rishta kya kehlata hey not yeh rishta kya hey should be 🙂

    plz end this soap as soon as possible…

  7. Hi I’m soofia congratulations to naksh Tara for there lovely wedding I’m so happy for akshara Naitik naksh Tara and for Tara’s family’s once again congratulations to everyone except for Baisa Coz she had a big mouth and I really hate her so much akshara Tara naksh should kick her out of the village forever

    From soofia

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