Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naksh saying she is my mum. They all apologize to Akshara. She says its ok and leaves. They say sorry to Naksh. Naksh says what sorry, and asks them to leave. Sanju says you did not say she is your mum. He says but it was too much. She says I m sorry, I always spoke well for your mum, this was for hindi teacher, I m sorry for doing wrong, you did not react before, if I knew she is your mum, I would have not done this. She says she will not leave hindi now. She hugs him and says she does not have option now and have to listen to him and his hindi teacher mum. He smiles and hugs her.

Varsha asks Ananya to wear salwar suit and they all try to convince her. Ananya refuses. Nannu says he will not let Ananya leave them. Ananya sees mirror and sees her over weight.

She says no one will take her, where will she go. Naitik asks Akshara not to take big decision, its not big thing, college kids do such things. She says I want to do something better for them. He asks about Naksh. She says he was not with them. He says I m with you, do what you feel right.

She tells everyone that she knows they don’t like her, she realized she could not become good teacher and don’t want to punish them, so she decided to resign, she does not want them to miss classes, this year is important for them, so all the best. Naksh feels bad and looks at Sanju. Sanju goes to her and apologizes. She says we realized what we did is wrong, I promise this won’t happen again, please don’t go.

They ask her to understand them and give them time. Akshara says thanks for respect, but I think it will be good if I leave. They all ask her to stay back. She says fine, we will make a new start. Naksh asks her not to tell dad. She says sorry, I don’t hide anything from him. She says lets go to class. Naksh says if this cancels my India trip.

Karishma tells Devyaani that her designer dress got ruined by local laundry man, and asks her not to send her clothes along with Naman and Mishti’s. Bhabhimaa asks Devyaani not to feel bad, its small thing. Devyaani says there is some way to talk. Bhabhimaa asks her to accept truth that time is changing. Devyaani says yes, but some kids are like you increase love with our growing age. Bhabhimaa says yes, like my Yash.

Naksh sees Naira and teases her. She says very funny, and asks him not to disturb. She shouts. He asks what happened. She says I got a caterpillar and jumps happily. Akshara and Naitik come worried and see her shouting on such thing. Naira says I caught first time and shows Naksh. Akshara says I have to say something, Naksh has grown up and he stood for his mother today, I can’t say how proud I felt. Naksh thanks her and hugs. She says she made pakodas. Naksh thinks he is not doing good by lying.

Girja tells Bua ji that Bhabhimaa just ate fruits, she is in her room, sitting alone and thinking. Devyaani says she will get hot rotis. He says its fine. She says I will get hot. Mishti irons the rotis to help them. Devyaani says she spoiled everything. Mishti says I was helping, why do you scold me. Devyaani and Bua ji laugh. He says the time before Mishti came and Naksh went. She gets sad.

Its morning, everyone at Maheshwari house do arrangements for welcoming the guy and his family. Shaurya says he is tensed. Vishwamber and Rajshri smile and say we went through this. Shaurya says I can understand, what dad felt at Akshara’s home. Vishwamber says time passes. Shaurya says he is very tensed, will Ananya’s proposal get fixed. Vishwamber says my cake got ready, I will get. Varsha says guy’s family did not see Ananya’s pic. Rajshri says I understand, world does not see heart and values, goodness and behavior, they just see beauty. Omi says she is diamond, and we will get prince for her.

Vishwamber asks them to have cake and see. He gives everyone and it looks very nice. They all happily eat and stop. He asks what happened, its first time I made. Jasmeet says see Nannu, how he is eating. He says yes, I made for him. Ananya gets ready in salwar suit. Rajshri says she looks so pretty.

Varsha asks her not to get nervous. They leave. Ananya talks to Naksh and Yash. Naksh asks her to kick the guy if he is bad, and what will she do if that guy likes her. They tease her and laugh. Yash says they are with her, they are not in hurry for her marriage. She says thanks, you both are world’s best brothers. They call her best sister. Nannu gets annoyed. Ananya says he is the best.

Akshara helps Naksh in packing, and gives jackets as it will be cold in London. Sanju calls him and asks did he pack, its hot in India, so pack accordingly. He says fine, I m busy and ends call. Akshara asks him to keep gloves and caps. She reminds how he packed when they went to village. He recalls his childhood. He says yes, I have grown up now, I will do packing. He asks her to manage Naira and household work. She says she will cook for him. He says no need, cook for Naitik. She says we have multi cuisine restaurant.

He asks her to go. She says she ironed his fav blue shirt, don’t forget medicines. She leaves. He removes jackets and keeps lots of gifts he bought for family. He says sorry, I know I m not doing right by lying, but I m lying to meet elders, I will get scoldings but its fine, I m coming to meet them.

Naitik says its letter for Naksh’s exchange program. Akshara says yes, they said they will send all details. He sits to read it.

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