Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshara smiling and seeing the dancing doll in her room. Gayu comes there and smiles seeing Akshara so happy. Akshara dances with Gayu. Jadoo ye kya chal gaya…………plays……………. She goes out and dances with Bhabhimaa, Devyaani, Karishma and Mishti. They laugh. Bhabhimaa says we have seen real happiness on your face after a long time. Akshara says this happiness is not just mine, but of everyone else. Karishma says we forgot about Naira. Akshara says I know where is she. Kaki says Nannu can get fine at home, why to send him in rehab. Rajshri says its necessary for him to go there. She does tilak to Nannu. Nannu cries. Rajshri says its tough test, he can get fine there. Kaka says who knows about that place. Rajshri says Nannu can get fine there,

it will be peaceful place, Nannu can fight with problems. Vishwamber asks Nannu not to lose to himself. Kartik says my friend came from rehab, he is a changed man now, so much better. Vishwamber asks Nannu to try his best, we are with you. Kaki says don’t know how Nannu will stay in mental asylum. Kartik says there is difference between rehab and mental asylum.

Akshara finds Naira crying while being inside the car. says I knew Naira will be here, Naitik told me how you consoled him years ago, we cry a lot in happiness. Naira hugs her and says my heart is not listening, I wanted to see Papa, now he is coming, I could not talk to him well, when I heard he is coming, I could not control myself. Naksh and Gayu come and say what a scene, you did not tell us. Everyone ask them to come out and celebrate.

Nannu says I will go there, but if I could do it then… Varsha says we all will together try till problem loses out. Nannu thanks her. Varsha says you are my fav son, how can I stay in peace when you are in problem. He says I met Dadi, you tell me about her health. Nannu hugs everyone. Kartik asks him to take care and be strong, its matter of some time, you are very brave.

Naira is practicing dance and says Papa did not see my dance performance, I will show him live. Akshara asks who will come with me to get Ganpati. Naira, Gayu and Mishti say we will come. Akshara says this watch is working so slow, don’t know how is Naitik. Naitik sees his watch and says time is not passing, see Akshara when you are not with me, small works don’t get done, when you are with me, everything gets done with ease, I have missed everyone, many small and big memories, I want to hug you all. He sees the family pics and says my patience is breaking now, I want to reach you all soon. He keeps gifts in bag and eats the last laddoo, saying I had saved this since many days, I can eat everything by Bhabhimaa’s hands tomorrow, its matter of few days, then we all will be together.

Vishwamber asks Rajshri not to cry, Nannu just left, be strong. Rajshri says its not like that. Varsha and Kartik say we know why you are crying. Rajshri says I m crying happily knowing Naitik is coming back. They all get glad. Rajshri says Bhabhimaa called, Akshara was so excited and could not talk, I m happy that my son is coming. Kartik says Sir is coming, shall I get happy or not, I should be happy, Naira will smile seeing Sir, then I can propose Naira, Lord manage this.

Karishma asks Naman did he leave for airport. Naman says I m thinking to come later, I can do this well in Naitik’s absence, this is right time. She says what, I miss you, is money everything, come back, else I will tell family whats in your mind, I m not doing wrong for money, I m doing this for you and relation. Naman turns and sees a man aiming gun at him. He gets shocked. Karishma sees Akshara behind her.

Akshara asks Karishma to tell her what is Naman doing, this time I will not leave him if he is doing wrong. Karishma says I was saying Naman to come back, I got angry as he wants to earn more money and do some deal there, our relation is not strong like your and Naitik’s, so we had a fight. Akshara says I can’t believe this, you tell me can I trust you and Naman. Karishma says yes and goes. Akshara feels they are hiding something, did Naitik and Naman fall in problem.

Mishti plays and bangle falls. Akshara says be careful, its Naitik’s kada, I got this out for polish. She cleans the kada and feels restless. She wishes Lord makes everything fine. Naman asks the man to trust him, we will not give report against you, I have been equally responsible, and even the man who is working there in my office for you, we both will get trapped. Kartik gets inside Naitik’s office. Naman says Naitik does not know anything. The man says we don’t trust anybody, we shoot straight if we doubt anyone. Kartik checks some files and gets a call. He says yes Sir, I came in cabin and doing your work, no one has seen me.

Wind blows. Mishti says such happens in films, when anything bad is going to happen. Devyaani asks Chitti to pick clothes. Akshara worries. They all go inside house. Akshara pacifies herself and says when heart is so happy, mind plays such games with you, nothing will happen, everything will be fine. A newspaper flies and she reads some news about a wife waiting for her husband and getting bad news.

Naman says Naitik went to embassy, they can think Naitik has gone there to give proof against them. Akshara’s sindoor falls and she gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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