Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devyaani stopping the engagement. She says how did Sameer’s family not have problem that Rashmi is a divorcee. Devyaani shows the rehab centre form and says Sameer is a drunkard, don’t know will he change or not. Bhabhimaa is shocked. Devyaani gets angry on Sameer. She asks Bhabhimaa to ask Sameer. Naitik asks Sameer is this all true. Bau ji asks Sameer to say something. Sameer says yes, its true. They all get shocked.

Naitik asks Sameer why did he not tell him before. Devyaani says its because we would refuse Sameer. She tells Rashmi that she can bear this pain than lifelong pain. Bhabhimaa asks Sameer why did he do this and cries. Devyaani says Rajshri and I asked his sisters about his marriage, and no one told us. His sister gets angry and argues

with Devyaani.

Devyaani says ask Sameer did he tell Rashmi or anyone of us about this, Sameer has cheated us and broke Rashmi’s heart. Akshara says Sameer has not broke anyone’s heart and he did not lie and hide this, I know everything about this. They all get shocked. Gayu says Naira let me go, what can be the reason that Devyaani stopped the engagement. Naira says I m sure its small matter, we should not think much. Gayu wishes everything goes on well. Akshara says Rashmi knew the truth and that too, before me. FB shows Akshara giving tea to Sameer. She asks what is he writing. He says he is trying to thank Rashmi for agreeing to marry me.

He says he does not believe in keeping secret, Rashmi knows everything about me, good and bad, also about my drinking habit, actually someone close to me died, I could not handle the pain and started drinking, then my sisters helped me and sent me in rehab centre, I m completely off it, I told this to Rashmi infront of Rama, I think Naitik also knows, he is so decent and good and did not ask me. Akshara says maybe he thought why to spoil present because of past, everyone does mistake, less people accept mistake and rectify it. Rashmi thanks Akshara for understanding, everyone has past, even I had past, we don’t have any problem. Sameer promises Akshara that he will always keep Rashmi and Gayu happy.

Rashmi says I knew this. Devyaani asks Akshara how would they know about it, why did she not tell them, does she feel Rashmi is burden, does she not have right to be happy. Akshara asks why is she saying. Devyaani asks does our opinion not matter, we all trust you, will you decide everything, why did you not think about Rashmi’s happiness. Akshara says I care for her happiness, so I said yes for this proposal, its 8 year old thing. Rashmi says I stopped Akshara, I knew you all will object to this, its not easy to quit drinking, his sisters helped him, he has told me many years ago.

The sisters praise Sameer. Devyaani says the rehab file shows Sameer has stayed last month there. Akshara says yes, Sameer goes there as a counselor to help the patients who are still having problem because of their drinking habit. Bau ji asks Sameer why did he not tell them. Rashmi says I feel it does not matter. Devyaani says there are many reasons, he gets many calls and talks like Sweety, honey…

The sisters says its our nicknames. Devyaani asks about the loan. Sameer says its my office loan, I told Rashmi about it. Sameer says I regret that you did not clear doubts with us, I can’t keep my image clear now. Rashmi says Sameer is nice, we can’t punish him forever for his past, no one has right to misunderstand me. Akshara says we did not see Sameer’s intentions, everyone deserves a second chance, why not Sameer.

Naksh says I think we should see that Sameer loves Rashmi and will keep her happy, we should give him a chance. Bhabhimaa says yes, everyone does mistake, I also did a mistake and you all gave me second chance to have united family. Rajshri apologizes. Sameer says its fine to get sure, now I will also become a daughter’s father, I hope I become a caring parent like you all. Bau ji says we will start engagement. Maharaj says pandit is coming late. Sameer’s sister gets angry for this insult. They cancel the engagement. Naitik and Bau ji apologize. The sisters ask Sameer to decide if he gets engaged to Rashmi, he has to break relations with them. He gets shocked.

Bau ji says Sameer think again, we are sorry. His sister scolds the family and says you let us live in peace.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. i think devyani is too much

    1. she is doing what a mother has to do…

  2. Devyani is a hypocrite. She never told anyone she had kids (muskan/bro) before getting married again to the family. She hid the fact from everyone!

    1. check it out in hotstar she informed them before marriage itself

      1. Nope she def did not! Ive been watching since. All were shocked when she told them and asked her why, she said if she did inform family they would have rejected. So devyani is just a fat stupid cow. Cant stand her lol kill her off!

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