Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Naira meets with an accident

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi saying it was a long day, there was no fun without media. Manish says its good media was not there, it would be an insult, why did they not come back with us. Suwarna says they wanted to stay there. Dadi says Kartik has much pain. Suwarna says Naira will take care of him. Manish asks did you take my file. She says no, maybe Aryan took it. Manish talks ill about him. He says Aryan is idiot, useless, lazy fellow, maybe he has run seeing work. Dadi says person is such by upbringing and family.

Kartik and Naira have a talk. He says I have seen many dreams here. She says you have already told me. He says I just wanted to get you, I used to lose senses seeing you. She runs. He hugs her. He says happy birthday. She thanks for making her birthday special.

They say I love you….

Aryan throws the letters. He sees Manish and Suwarna passing by in their car. He gets the letters back. He reads one. Suwarna sees the empty cupboard. Manish asks where are the things. She says I have sent it, it was costly, I didn’t wish any loss to happen. She thinks I have no fear now, no one will come between Manish and Kartik ever.

Aryan says you gave everything of my share to Kartik, you didn’t do this right. Its morning, Kartik and Naira have tea at a stall. Kartik says we will go for a long drive. Aryan’s friend asks him why is his mood off. Aryan sees Kartik. He thinks of Suwarna’s words. He thinks my mum left me because of you, I have to do something to you to take revenge. He asks his friend for car. The man says its garage owner car. Aryan insists. He takes the car and follows Kartik and Naira.

Manish asks Suwarna did her brother come, driver told me. Suwarna says yes, he came here, I met him when I came to get cake. He says you should have got him to party, what would he think. She says you know his nature. Aryan sees the car and says car stopped at the shop, it means Naira went to the shop, Kartik is alone in the car, its good chance to take revenge. Naira sees the car approaching. He drives and hits the car. Kartik shouts Naira…. Aryan stops and looks back. He sees Naira in driver’s seat and gets shocked. Kartik gets Naira out of the car. He asks you okay. She says yes. Kartik asks what happened, car was parked. Naira says I have seen that car. Aryan leaves. Kartik says maybe he was someone mad or drunkard, did anyone…. She says maybe someone did intentionally. He hugs her. Aryan recalls Naira. He says what was I going to do, its good nothing happened to Naira, I have to take revenge from Kartik, but I won’t do sin to take anyone’s life.

Naksh says I got busy and forgot. Bhabhimaa asks him to do this work first, much planning has to be done for foreign trip. Bhabhimaa says place should be of Kirti’s choice. Naksh sees the junk man taking stuff. He takes the hockey and says I told you this won’t go anywhere, its imp for me. He takes it. Kirti looks on and says Tara used to play hockey, is this the same one.

Kartik and Naira get kachoris for kids. Kartik talks to everyone. Manish comes and asks are you fine. Kartik says yes. Manish asks why are you lying, you thought we won’t know about accident. Suwarna asks Naira is she fine. Kartik says she is fine, someone has hit parked car. Naira says I m fine, a doggy came in front of the car, so that happened. Manish says none can dare to intentionally hurt my son. Aryan looks on. Manish says Akhilesh, book a new car for Kartik. Akhilesh says I will book a car with best safety features. Dadi wards off bad sight. Manish says Kartik and I got distant after Soumya left us. Aryan reaches the door. Manish says I want to make everything fine, we have hidden this secret, thanks Suwarna, you have done a big sacrifice. Aryan thinks Manish also knew this, he is also responsible. Manish says I don’t see anyone other than Kartik. Suwarna says its not wrong, our happiness is in Kartik and Kirti’s happiness.

Aryan says they are so stone hearted, they forgot their own son, my dad doesn’t care for my existence, I will tell entire truth now. He steps in and claps. Manish gets angry seeing him. Aryan starts shouting. He says I know everything, how Suwarna lied about her child and gave him to her brother, the secret is out, its me, I m Manish and Suwarna’s son. Manish slaps him. He asks how dare you say nonsense, did you think we will believe you. Suwarna says we treated you well, why did you do this. Manish says get out, I have just one son, Kartik, you are no one. He pushes Aryan. Aryan’s imagination ends. He looks at everyone.

Naira stops on the way and spots the car which has hit her car. She goes to check and gets shocked seeing Aryan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Fenil

    Totally crap episode.
    CVs what are you trying to do by introducing hockey stick if you are planning to create misunderstanding and doubt in Keerti’s mind that Naksh still loves Naintara Shikhawat…..we all will kill you on the spot …stay away from Keesh..????….!!

    1. ????????? you make me laugh actually, yeah stay away from keesh, they’re lovely on their own space. But what else u expect this CVC they are promoted alot for this kaira, and they give the entire 23 minutes on their nonsense. But one thing i don’t get it really why they don’t balance the scenes equally fairly to kaira and keesh.

      1. Fenil

        Right Nadia ….we all wanting the same at least give equal screen space to both pair and both family.

    2. Kaina1

      Naksh loved Tara that fact can’t be change, but it was his past, And many of us are witness Naksh and Tara’s teal which didn’t get a happy ending, He suffered for more than 8 years it’s really not a short time period, Naksh was never in to marriage Badi Daadi trying to convince him for marriage and finally for the sake of Badi Dadi’s and her health he fast even then he was so sure he is not ready to marry.. He really loved Tara he can’t just forget her, if he has forget Tara he wouldn’t have suffer this 8 long years, he had to accept Keerti , as for him his sister’s happiness came first for him, he always has been that way so it’s not new, He wanted to marry Keerti coz he was so sure Life will not give him another Keerti, He him self wanted this marriage n
      Naksh saw Keerti’s suffer and her pain now it’s keerti’s trun to see what exactly he is going through for the past 8 years no can he love Tara Neither he can forget Tara (hockey stick is the best example)
      How will keerti handle her husband??
      It’s what next on keesh Journey, Tara’s tack is much needed at now Keerti will be Naksh’s emotional support which nakh was at after divorce with Aditya, keerti ka breakdown dekha hai jana hai sabne…but naksh ka breakdown…wo to 8 saal se andar hi andar ghut ghut ke ji raha hai remember shaadi break honea ki agla din office gaya Naksh he didnt want anyone to be upset.. and HE DIDNT EVEN BREAKDOWN FRONT OF AKSHARA . so it will happen front of Keerti naksh bas family ki khushi mein khush ho leta hai..sukh dukh baantne se pehle…naksh ko keerti se apna dukh share bhi karna hoga…jo wo kisise nhi karta…wo bojh wo man mein liye ghumta hai…keerti se share karega tab wo use samjha payegi…tab relation strong hoga…
      fenil bro mujhe ss track se ummed ha magar me jaant hoon k cvs sse bhi bigad denge 8 saal naksh ne kisko kuch nah bataya aur dekhna cvs 2 dn me iss track to rafa dawaf karenge kyuki unhe sadhe huye goekas ka drama dkhana hai tellng u bro mer saari ummeed pe cvs ase paani daaalenge jaise kuch tha h nah kara ka track goenkas ka track tna lamba kheechte hai aur iss meanngful track k band bajayenge they wont show us back story they wll just show us how naksh tell everythng and then they are happly after bhai yaar itni ummed ha mujhe lekin cvs sme bh arayan lka track saath me chalaenge
      aur jaisa aap soch rahe ho wahi hoga they wll dsappoint us again

      1. Fenil

        Right…agree with you…I m also thinking same story for FF……and right they will use this track in fast mode and again will go to Goenka’s.

  2. Kaina1

    naira mari nahi ?????????/ kyu bhagwan kyu mardalo isse aur goenkas mujhe kisi goenka chehera nahi dekhana saare goenkas kutte k maut maro aur maro toh plz kara ko saath leke marna know they wll show aryan negatve to show kaira grt and trust me guys i wont for once complain that he did wrong they have to show aryan wrong warna kaira mahan kaise banenege
    frankly speaking guys for me suwarna manish kaira every1 shld die believe me guys remeber in mahabharat kunti left karn becoz society pressure and till ths moment people accuse her and how does cvs except us to show sympathy to suwarna and what kunt did was under pressure of society an here suwarna had no pressure all she did was just to become mahan for karthik (and even if she was under pressure then this is 21century )i mean dude no matter how good kunti was to pandavas but what she dd with karan was unforgivable and ppl stll accuss her for dat and even s aryan try to kill these or karthk ( i am with him) for me that wll nothng n front of what he went through i mean dude for 20 yrs u consder some as ur parents and then suddenly one day u are told that ths is not ur parent some1 else is or for 20 yrs u struggle in proverty or become srvant and are ill treated bcoz u are poor and the suddenly you are said to rich beleve me you wll go mad that 20 yrs of ur lfe u were lvng a lie u suffered in poverty becoz ur mother wanted to give ur love to ur step brother for me goenkas should de they dont desrve to lve and know that ths track wll also become kaira mahanta track 2 and t really pains me
    and now comng to keesh scene guys ths can be a good track magar cvs sk bh band baja denge they wll show ether kaira aur they wll show naksh sayng i love you wthout any backstory wthout showng s pain that he conde himself from 9 yrs aur much better they wll show that keerti misunderstood naksh hockey gfted by some1 and naksh wll clear hence 2 days and tracks end am sure ths s also gong to be spoiled lke other track so no hope that from yrkkh and sorry if any1 felt bad wth my analogy of kunti-karan and suwarna-aryan but guys for suwarna pain karthk regreaton that he doubted suwarna manish naira no one hold mportance and really pains to see that cvs show kaira as best chlideren when they are worst

    1. Fenil

      Awesome views and in Kunti case she gave birth to Karna before marriage…. seriously kehna Nahi Chahiye but Manish love Suwarna not Soumya that’s why he make physical relationship after Soumya’s death so cheap and they sacrifice their second son Aryan…now

      1. Kaina1
        fenil bha chahe kuch bhi hojaye isme keesh hi jtne chahye u can vote only once use multple device

  3. Ponkuri

    Hi Bro Fenil Rahul Sis Kaina Anjana Anjali TVfan Missy Raf Meena Aku Mitra Keesh Sachu Ayesha n all???????????

    I dun understand why Aryan wanna take revenge on Karthik? Its ur parents u shuld take revenge?

    Bro Fenil n Sis Kaina both ur right abt today episode!! I somehow dun wanna watch any more??? so disappointed with the upcoming episode especially Naira is going to lost her memories…. Its a waste of time… dragging.

    1. Fenil

      Hello Ponkuri.
      Naira is not going to loose memory just they will relieve love story again.

    2. Kaina1

      ponkuri di hayeeeeeeeeeeeesuch a long tme dont worry nothng wll happen to naira so chill
      di plz vote for keesh u can vote only once so if possible use multiple device

      1. Ponkuri

        Hi Sis Kaina n Bro Fenil thank you for letting me know abt Naira… Bro will vote now…. ??

      2. Ponkuri

        Done Sis Kaina

  4. Greece promo is outon garima’s insta.
    Even chimpanzee aryan is there in the promo but no keesh. Basically keesh ko greece leke gaye itnq shoot karwaye but not even 1 second glimpse of keesh
    Aryan looks like chimpanzee, naira makeup ki dukaan and over acting ki makasn

    1. Fenil

      Yaa Nitisha ….same here angry they can saw aaryan but no Keesh.

  5. Hi Everyone,
    Totally disappointed with the promo…. Now honeymoon track will get trps but full credit will go to kaira and Ranjan Shah and others will dance with kaira on their heads…. All the talent and hard work of Rishena going waste…. Feel sad for them….They are actually contributing to the success but with no credit. Feel pathetic for Rishena.
    This hockey stick track can be developed into a good story to show how they realize their love for each other and the bond gets stronger…. But now as the honeymoon track shoot as started it shows this also comes to an abrupt unromantic end. Just holding on to this show just because of keesh…. I love them so much.

    1. Kaina1

      i agree only way is watch keesh scene on insta and let trp fal exactly even i have high hope from hockey stick it can develop into such a good story lne magar cvs oh my mata karke chodenge serously rshena are good actor i feel sorry for them

  6. Hi there
    Does anybody know at what time and what channel this show comes in Vancouver area…it disappears from the guide and I have to read it here all the time….pls if someone help….

    1. Kaina1

      watch it on hotstar hotstar i think is avable in vancouver
      vote for keesh plz

  7. Hi Ponkuri….
    Sorry didn’t give u that special mention…. Totally upset…

    1. Ponkuri

      Hi Sis Mitra no worriez… Its ok??

  8. Kaina1
    guys common time to show our love to keesh kuch bhi ho jaye isme keesh hi jtne chahye i dont want kaira and this proove to be a ray of hope so guys make sure no kaira wins

  9. what r CVS trying to prove by showing naksh concern for they hockey stick?? now suddenly they pop up with this idea rubbish Get lost…whole episode they wasted on kaira,Aryan and Hell goenkas and guess what they showed about Singhania’s that naksh us saying “its important to me” (hockey)my foot anyways well we know he loved Tara but we also know that she’s his past and what matters now is his present that too he is married to keerti now!!!but CVS ka dimag kon samjhe….pure episode ki watt lagadi that’s not new anyways….
    Dear(Hell) manish u suddenly became a great father by praising ur elder son but at the same time ur becoming a stain on a father’s name By insulting or should I say badly humiliating ur younger son even though u don’t know he is ur son and still ur saying so ill about him when u will know he is ur son let us see ur reaction then!!!
    patanahi kya chez he ye manish and suwarna bol to ese rahe hen jese Aryan apne ap hi suwarna ki dodh men agaya Jo use itna kos rahe hen that they only thinks about kartik Bhai galti to tum logon ki hai agar sirf kartik ki khushi ka soch rahe the to Aryan kese peda hogaya totally nonsense am so angry guys….bete ko peda karke insult kardi uski or kuch nahi bass… i wish to enter the screen and ask them did Aryan came as a prasad to them that they gave it to her brother and now saying only kartik’s happiness matters to them???
    Dude if they showed manish or whole goenka family ill treating Aryan after knowing he is the son of their house then I will seriously kill them cuz its definitely not his fault….

    Manish and Dadi bhudiya should first look at themselves before talking about upbringing or judging anyone’s upbringing….

  10. I think I wrote this long comment for the first time….well I vented my anger..
    right fenu don’t know what khichdi is going on in CVS mind we’ll surely kill them if they even tried to show naksh still having feelings for that Tararampam…and right said about manish loving suwarna and then having a son instead of guilt or regret for giving birth and then giving him away I fell they r proud now(they should go to Hell)

    well said kaina agree with u naira should have died right there but no no no how is it possible yar cuz CVS can’t live without kaira right…Seriously It should be HELL that they are showing as Nayi soch…

    Hi ponkuri very good to see u..

  11. I still can’t understand why people are giving so much importance to keesh scenes…in fact they know that keesh is not the lead … obviously kaira is the lead of the show…show importance will be given to kaira only…because after akshara natik…naira took the place of akshara….and keesh are not lead..plz if anyone don’t support kaira stop watching the show…because obviously all are going to focus on kaira not keesh….stop insulting naira…the show is getting interesting now…happy to see kaira going to Greece ….waiting for their romantic track

    1. Kaira are stupid and their romance is pukeworthy.
      There is no rule that everyone should give importance only to leads. Its a viewer’s choice whom to like.
      They are just actors not god that we should like thrm. Also shivangi is a ugly looking actress n her dialogue delivery is horrible. Can’t tolerate her one bit.
      Not evryone isblind like shivangi bhakts to praise only shivangi n naira.
      We have every right to not like her and also we have right to love keesh.

    2. Who the hell are you advice on stop watching the show, disgusting……….we tell what v feel,, you talk about the show not about the people who likes keesh…. you are not paying our bills…… you are immature like kaira………. insecure also

    3. Waiting for Kaira’s romantic track !

    4. naira urf Shivangi Joshi is not even 1 percent like akshara and you are saying she has taken akshara’s place. She only knows doing cheap romance with kartik.

  12. Kaira’s mahanta along with goenka’s mahanta is sickening, no wonder suwarna loves naira so much these 2 are of same kinds, they just show so much goodness that it us unbelievable, in the end it looks forced and fake. Abandoning a child to gain step son sympathy is no way justifiable or acceptable.she legitimately and consciously commit a sin . As kaina said and i add there are so many helpless women who fight against their husband, parents, family, society, struggles financially, sacrifice their comfort, pride, and principles to raise their child and there we have the second mahanta ka devi who sheds crocodile tears for the son she abandoned when truly she had many other options . Her so called pain doesn’t make her gain any sympathy in fact i wanna slap her for time to time showing fake concern while she abandoned her baby so heartlessly, she couldn’t see karthik being away from them but can let her son being kept away from his real mother,father, dadi, uncle, aunt… love. He has as much right as karthik in goenka house and business but is living like this and she didn’t once felt that her son should get his rights or even just the truth about his origins. That women is disgusting, she doesn’t deserve to be a mother. I didn’t like aryan character initially but now i can understand him, he is really pityful, his feelings are normal. Hope we will get the satisfaction to see him making goenkas life hell and torture them.
    And kaina i agree with you, life is unfair and yrkkh shows it perfectly through kaira, naksh and aryan it is always the lest deserving people who gets everything, the deserving ones are just treated like shit.

  13. Arreeeeeyyyy yaar other than boasting them of being the leads do u have anything else to say about them….. Being leads if they can garner so much hatred than that actually doesn’t qualify them as a good lead…. If keesh is getting so much appreciation, love and popularity even after giving them so less screen space and such filthy partial approach from even the markers (producer, writers etc) ,that shows they have some charisma to them…. Their story is like a poem which is so Indian…. Their love is full of emotions and sensibility and it connects to people… It is not puppy love…Just hugging, kissing and hanging upside down, fighting like they r enemies and say that they r the best lovers…
    We have already stopped watching the show… We just watch clips of keesh ….I bet u…..U will see the same makers giving more screen space to keesh.. They will be compelled to….Why r u petrified by the name of Keesh…..That shows how insecure u r… If u confidence in Kaira stay relaxed and happy…. Don’t run around spreading filth.

  14. I am also totally disappointed again with the promo…………..r they going to show Harry met sejal.. what ever I’m not interested in this childish itself is boaring…. They looks like school kids……… did they introduce aaryan for kaira…. disgusting……..

  15. Hi Guys, am new here.. My Mother used to hate serials.. But allowed me to watch only yrkkh, such is the beauty and positivity of the show when akshara was there.. All relations and their attachments, even those other than naitik and akshara seemed very real and natural, so that we can connect with them..

    Yrkkh gave a hope that you can watch serials with people of all age group.. I had some hope from Kaira, when they were introduced.. But, seriously never felt they will ruin yrkkh this much.. I used to like Karthik earlier. But, it turned into dislike ever since his family was introduced. Naitik was a wonderful husband, at the same time remained a dutiful, obedient and loving son to singhanias. So is naksh now. But this so called lead, who is portrayed as a director of a major business empire, has no work to do, other than romance and going gaga over naira.. Please don’t call it romance, which is so vulgar and full of seduction at times. Very Embarassing.
    His Sister was with him, since his engagement. But he never saw her pain, didn’t even think how she will feel after beating aditya in his mehendi, though aditya was wrong, he didn’t even talk to his sister after that incident. Just concerned only about naira ..He is being portrayed as a best brother. Actually, it is Naksh, even though it is the time of his marriage/ Reception, never failed to see something wrong with his sister.. Let it be naira or gayu.
    His father was yearning for him, but he continuously humiliated and shouted at him. Even after knowing he was blaming him for the wrong he hasn’t committed, still living under the same roof, meeting his eyes, just addressing him Mr.Goenka, without even saying a sorry, just romancing.. His Father being arrogant man, doesn’t justify Karthik’s behaviour . He is like all other relations are just for namesake, except naira.
    As for Naira, I just mute it, when she starts her gyaan, let it be infront of elders or in between a husband and wife.. Just Fed up..And her dressing and at the time of romance, So artificial. People who are mad at Kaira are mostly those who cannot differentiate Kaira from Shivin…They are living in a world of fantasy from which no real relations can be made.

  16. And I cannot even think of naira replacing akshara.. Akshara was not such an attention seeker like naira and never used to flaunt/ project herself or keep on talking, talking and giving advices and teaching to elders, when she was newly married.. She just let the things flow smoothly and naturally.. She slowly and gradually developed herself .. This is not the nayi soch, let it be naira’s way of dressing, artificial fighting or showing vulgarity and seduction, in so called romance and love..

  17. I was a silent reader here and enjoyed all your views especially @fenil, @kaina @Anjana and @Ayesha etc..
    Even if nara is no akshara, no one can connect our lives to her way of living..

    1. Thanks appu.i agreed to your views, karthik did not say sorry to his parents for his arrogant behavior

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