Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th November 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naitik worried. Akshara smiles. He says I m a dad and my worry is justified. Naira comes home and goes to room smiling. Akshara asks did you see her smile. He says Naira and Gayu should be happy. Bhabhimaa and Devyaani agree. Devyaani says we should talk to Kartik’s family. Naitik asks now? Bhabhimaa asks will you wait for 5 years, we did mistake at Naksh’s time. Bau ji says we should understand what children want. Baisa says we should meet Kartik’s family to know if they know this or not. Akshara says we will call them tomorrow.

Its morning, Naitik asks them not to do anything. Naira and Gayu look on. Gayu asks is Kartik coming. Naitik says yes. She asks him to talk about designer watches deal. I m fine, why are you all looking at me like this.

Baisa says yes, they are just seeing. Gayu goes. Kartik comes home. Mishti laughs and greets him. She asks shall I call you BFF even now. He says yes, what else, I m feeling strange to come today. She asks him to come. He says no one can take your place in my life. She says you better know that, else I will beat you. She tells everyone that Kartik has come and runs. Naira smiles seeing him.


Kartik stumbles at the stairs and smiles. He gets nervous. Everyone smile. He greets everyone. Bau ji signs Naitik. Kartik smiles seeing Naira. Naitik talks of work. Kartik checks file. He sees so many sweets and looks at Naira. Naira signs great and gives a flying kiss. Kartik gets up to catch it. Naitik and everyone ask what happened. He says something has hurt me, and gives flying kiss to Naira. Naitik shows the file. Kartik stops. Naira and Mishti laugh. Kartik tries to give flying kiss again. Naira can’t stop laughing. Naitik says Kartik, this work is done, we have to talk something imp, actually, my family knows the society in which we stay, people take interest in other’s life, so your family should know. Kartik says yes, you all know. Akshara says we are talking about your family, not our. Kartik gets shocked. Naitik says we are not in hurry and thought to talk once. Devyaani asks why did you get silent. Kartik says nothing, I m good. He signs no to Naira.

Naitik says I know it was unexpected for you, sorry if you felt bad. Kartik says its not that, its just that I don’t have any family. They all get shocked. Naira looks at him. Bau ji asks you mean you are….. Kartik says yes, I m alone in this world. Akshara says but anyone will be there who raised you. Kartik says no, there is no one such, I m alone, don’t worry, I will take care of Naira well, I should leave now, I will see you in office. He greets them and leaves.

Gayu shuts her laptop and sits crying. Rama holds her. Gayu smiles. Rama says time is not supporting us, we can’t change time, we can change place, maybe situation changes, I m thinking that you come with me for some days, not forever. Gayu says I m fine. Rama says I have seen, if you stay here, whenever Kartik comes infront, your state will be same, if you stay away, you can learn to handle yourself, think for Naira.

Devyaani says Kartik would have someone. Baisa says he said he has no one. Bhabhimaa says guy is nice, how can we give girl if he has no family. Baisa says how relatives also disappear, we should have known of his family first, here everything is opposite, without any details, you all hug anyone. Naitik says he looks of good family, calm down, I will talk to him again. Naira says Kartik did not tell her anything, even I have run away from home and told everyone that I have no family, maybe its same case with him, we should give him time to make him say about his family, if we hurry, may be he will lie to us, he is a nice guy. Akshara says yes, he proved this many times. Bau ji asks Naira to talk to Kartik and find out.

Kartik recalls Akshara’s words and gets angry. He is at tea stall and hurts his hand. Kirti calls him. He says sorry, I was busy. She asks did you meet Naira her parents. Kartik says leave it, they asked about family, I will talk to you later. She says I m your elder sister, you have to tell me. A man passes by and Kartik’s phone falls in water. The call ends. Naira calls Kartik and gets his number off. Naira fixes charger by force. Akshara sees Naira worried and says forcing is not good on things or relations, it breaks by force. Naira says I know, I will not force Kartik to say about his family. Akshara says good, I m glad seeing you stand for your love, loving is easy, but keeping it is tough. Naira says I will always keep up my love and smiles.

Naitik talks on video call with a staff guy and says I tried finding his background, but could not find anything about the client, I spoke to him, he looked sorted, but …. Akshara signs no. The man says whats there to worry, lets do it. Akshara smiles. Naira talks to Rajshri about Kartik. Rajshri says he did not come home, did anything happen. Naira says don’t worry, he is not a kid, he will come, you sleep. Mishti comes and hugs Naira, saying don’t know where Kartik went, are you not tensed, maybe Kartik has no family or he has run away to become movie hero. Naira says he will tell us when he wants, he is a nice person, we are also his family, I will help you in his issues. Mishti hugs her.

Rajshri, Vishwamber and everyone is worried for Kartik, Kirti comes and greets them. Its morning, Bhabimaa says festival went but happiness should stay back. Naitik says heart will be happy, my heart says everything will be fine. Gayu and Rama come with bags. Naira runs to stop Gayu. She asks what are you doing, you can’t do this, you will not go anywhere, you will stay with us, I m sorry, I promise Kartik will never come in this house. They all look on.

Bhabhimaa says Kirti said she is his sister, now we get to know he has his family. Kartik worries that Kirti came here as he could not call her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Vrushy

    Naitik getting all worried for naira and akshara laughing at him was such a treat to watch. Finally we can see the dad princess walli jodi again. The flying kiss walla scene was just hilarious.
    PS : Mohena singh aka kirti is also a professional dancer hope to see her and naira dancing together !!

  2. I think Kartik has a very bad memoryin his past for which he is not telling his truth which he has been about his Family.:-):-):-)
    Gayu you should not run away from your pain like this you should be strong.:-I:-I:-I

    Anyways Love you Kaira..♥♥♥♥·♡♡♡….:-*:-*:-*:-*

    1. yes they should show the past of kartik

  3. Loved the way naira stood for karthik
    loved the romantic glares
    loved the family scenes
    superb realistic it was
    tom karthik family will enter

  4. sources said that Naira will become central character and we will look at Karthiks joint family and singhania and maheshwari will be disregarded post AKsharas death

    Its to sadd everything is changing, what will become of dear Naksh Lalooo dugguuuuu

  5. Keep on rocking Kaira??? Flying kiss scene was awesome

  6. Loved kaira moments. Short but sweet. Funny as well. Couldnt stop smiling.

    1. Me too…I was laughing alone and my brother didn’t see me watching this and he asked me if I was going crazy..:-)

  7. please do get naira karthik married for sure. now dont make any unnecessary triangle. please dont make the serial like other serials where they show anything n make it worse. here you know wat the audience wants. please make them married infront of akshara. atleast she shud see them get married.

  8. Kaira flying kiss scene was nice….But without akshara yrkkh will lost its charm

  9. wow yeh hui naa batt now it is interesting i fell better now for kaira

  10. love d episode

  11. supeb…..

  12. lovely serial its nothing whout akshara…

  13. yes thats true. without akshara this show will become very sad. her every dialogue is an inspiration. i think you should somehow make her stay back for her fan lovers atleast. please get kaira married infront of her asap.

  14. and also please dont make gayu suicide and all. please dont make it so stupid. they all are mature. and by any cost naira karthik should get married.

  15. guys wait.
    some nok jhoks before marriage are worth watching too.

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