Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshara looking for something. Naitik helps her. She says everything is lost. He pacifies her and says you have brought Naksh of this tough situation. She cries and says I m not a good mother, I should have given good values to Naksh, he does not trust me. He says children can get distracted in bad company, its not your mistake. She says its my mistake, mother is like soil, soil should hold roots tight, else plant can get away by any wind. She says its her mistake. He says its not about good mum or son, situation was such, we should try this does not happen again, don’t blame yourself. She hugs him and asks will everything be fine. He says yes, we have to explain ourselves, we have to be strong and deal maturely.

Its morning, Akshara wakes up Naitik

and says Naksh has gone somewhere, I m tensed. Naitik asks where can he go. She says he may leave being annoyed with us. He says call Naksh. She says we have his phone. He says we will try to ask elders, come. Naksh waits for Tara at Udaipur Railway station. He smiles seeing her and stops seeing Sangram with her. Dada ji, Aditya and Vikram come there and receive her. Tara leaves with them, and stops near her car. Naksh wishes she sees him once. Tara looks at him, and he smiles.

Sangram asks Tara what is she doing, and asks her to come. Naksh and Tara see each other. She leaves in the car with her family. Bhabhimaa and Devyaani show the jewelry for Akshara and Karishma, for Dhanteras.

Akshara is worried and signs no info about Naksh to Naitik. Naksh comes there and smiles. Akshara looks at him. Devyaani asks him to tell Akshara before going out. Naksh says sorry mumma, I will tell you and not run away. Bhabhimaa laughs. Naksh talks to Akshara and says he did not wish to hurt her. She says its about right and wrong. He says its point of view difference, which will never go. Naira comes and hugs them.

Naira asks Naksh is he annoyed, why is he not hugging. Naksh hugs her. Naira says she missed them a lot, did you guys missed me. Akshara says a lot, next time we will go together. Naitik says yes, we missed you a lot. Naira says she was not bored here, as everyone took care of her, she missed Naitik, but she had school and studies too. Naitik says see Akshara, I told you about our princess.

Varsha calls Akshara and asks was she crying, why is she sounding such. Akshara does not tell her and cries. Varsha says I know since years, I m your best friend, tell me. Akshara cries and tells about Naksh and Tara. Varsha asks what are you saying, is marriage joke. Akshara says we also said the same, I don’t know what to do, we explained him so much, he went to meet Tara in morning, I m scared to scold him, he may do anything wrong, Tara’s Dada ji fixed her marriage, so they decided to marry, he will risk his life if we say anything. Varsha asks what did you think.

Akshara says you know, I m not against love marriage, I supported you too at your time, I want Naksh to be responsible, they will regret after getting sense. Varsha says yes, Naksh did not think he is going against family, how is the girl. Akshara tells about Tara, who came in Rashmi’s marriage and has beaten Naksh by hockey. Varsha pacifies her and ends call.

Naitik comes to room and Akshara hugs him. She talks to him to make him relieve of stress. Varsha tells about Naksh to Ananya. She asks Ananya to tell her if there is something in her life, don’t take any wrong step. Ananya asks her not to worry, there is no one in my life, if so, I will tell you. Varsha says Akshara’s trust broke, she is not anger, she is upset. Naksh was doing this foolishness. Ananya says I will talk to Naksh and Akshara, don’t worry about me, see my size, do you think any guy will propose me for marriage. Varsha hugs her.

Bhabhimaa tells some work to Naitik. They all do Diwali preparations. Mishti says she has cut the sweets to help them. Karishma asks why did she do this. Mishti asks did I do mistake. Akshara says no, no one can cut it better. Naira sees Tara’s pic in newspaper and tells them about Naintara. She laughs on her name and Naksh gets angry. He thinks he should warn Tara, as her Dada ji can see her pic in newspaper.

Akshara gets a call on Naksh’s phone. Preeti asks Naksh to do something, its Tara’s Roka today. Naksh gets call on landline and gets shocked. He says I will do something and leaves.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Very sad episode. Akshara pls don’t worry. Everything will be f9 soon

  2. BTW instead of Naitik, u can hug me… I can console u better…

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