Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajshri telling Kaki that she will call Devyaani now as her guests have gone. She calls Devyaani and Devyaani says I will send Akshara today as you wanted this. Rajshri is glad. Devyaani asks Akshara to go home today. Akshara says no, I can’t go today, I have work, even my foot is itching. Akshara calls Dadda ji and Devyaani calls Rukmani. They feel they called Rajshri to inform and no one calls her. Akshara gets Naitik’s call and she gives all updates about her. He laughs saying news bulletin. She says you said you are busy. She asks him to come home, as she is feeling bored. He says then call anyone. She says all my friends are busy. He says then make new friends, its important.

She says you are saying as if you have many friends. Naitik says I

have Mohit. He says I would have became your friend, but my wife is pregnant and I don’t have office support too. She smiles. He says someone is coming to meet me, I will call later. Devyaani sees Akshara applying cream to foot. Bhabhimaa asks Akshara to treat her. Devyaani says she has a lep. Bhabhimaa says she won’t apply lep. Devyaani says she has a way. Rajshri updates on FB that her daughter is coming home and she is busy.

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She chats with her friends. Devyaani applies the lep to Akshara. She says what is it, its stinking. Devyaani says its effective, you will feel good, read book to divert mind. Bhabhimaa says Akshara trusted you, she did not doubt its cow dung. Devyaani says don’t say it, she can hear it. Naksh comes from school and asks what is it, its stinking. Devyaani says its medicine. He takes her phone and says he will record video and send Naitik. Bhabhimaa says Akshara’s smile makes our home happy. Devyaani says she is thinking about Karishma, they are poles apart.

She says if she calls us, its just her duty, we send her so many things, she just says thanks, she does not come to meet us, its one sided relation. Bhabhimaa says we will keep trying, and she will also try. Rajshri says she will ask Akshara did she leave or not. She calls Bhabhimaa and asks about Akshara. Bhabhimaa says she has lep on her foot and sitting here, Devyaani has applied cow dung lep as her foot was burning, I will make her talk to you. Rajshri gets worried. Dadi asks what happened. Rajshri cries and says she won’t come, as Devyaani does not want her to come here.

Everyone sit out in the garden and have a talk. Akshara says she will call Rajshri as she could not go. Karishma comes and hears Devyaani saying about cow dung. She greets everyone. Akshara asks about her work. Devyaani says come sometimes. Karishma says she is working much, and she has decided either career or marriage and kids. She says I don’t know how Akshara handles it. She sees her foot and asks how can she use cow dung, you can use anything else, I m sorry, please go to your room, else wash your foot. Devyaani asks whats this way to talk to elders. Karishma says she can’t bear it and says I will leave, don’t say I don’t come. She leaves.

Dadi asks Rajshri why did you say this, are you annoyed with Devyaani. Rajshri says shouldn’t I? Dadi asks why so. Rajshri says she has not sent Akshara. I will ask her why she stopped Akshara. Dadi says she may have done it for her good. Rajshri says she does not trust us. Dadi says no, you don’t trust her, you never did this when Gayatri was alive, it means you did not accept Devyaani as her mum in law. Rajshri says no, I mean I have to take her permission always to take care of my daughter.

Devyaani says sorry to Akshara. Akshara says I m annoyed as she is saying sorry, I should say thanks to her, as she has made the cow dung lep by her hands to apply on my foot, thanks. Devyaani says I m upset because of Karishma. Akshara says forget it now, don’t expect anyone can change for us. Devyaani says Karishma does not know to talk to elders, don’t take her side always. Akshara calls Rajshri. Rajshri is upset. She says I feel my daughter is that house’s bahu more, and I don’t have right on you, only Devyaani has right on you. Akshara asks why are you saying this. Rajshri says nothing.

Akshara says she called as she was missing her. Rajshri asks about her foot burning. Akshara says do you know what Devyaani did today. Naitik comes home and sees Akshara sleeping in hall sofa. He lifts her and takes her to the room. She wakes up and says when did you come. He says just now. She says I will walk and asks how was his day. He says it was good. They come to the room. She asks about his client. He says Alok Awasthi. She thinks. He says he is a good man, sincere, I felt good meeting him.

He asks her what happened. She says nothing. He says tell me. She says really nothing. He asks her to sleep now. She hugs him. Its morning, Naksh wakes up Akshara. She says there is much time for school. She asks Naitik why did he wake up early. He says we have to go for walk. She says from tomorrow. He says get up, come on, get ready. She says she is feeling cold. He covers her with muffler. Rajshri says she wants to go and meet Akshara. Vishwamber says you met her few days ago. Rajshri says shall I count and go. He says fine, go, talk well, don’t say you have to go tomorrow. She says she is my daughter, I have to meet her.

Dadi feels unwell. Vishwamber asks is she fine. Dadi says I m fine, I have some chest pain. Shaurya says I will call doctor. Dadi says no need, such things happen in this age. Everyone insist. Dadi says wait for some time, I will go to hospital if this continues. Naksh tells Akshara that we have children’s day tomorrow, and I have to wear Chacha Nehru’s dress. She says you did not tell me before. He asks her to do magic. She says no magic, you will go like this and get scolded. Naksh says please, everyone will tease me. She says you should have thought before. Naitik says we will make you ready today, but this is last time. Akshara asks how. Naitik gives his dress. Naksh says I love you and hugs him. He says even fathers have chat group. Naitik says I know even father is responsible for a child. Akshara smiles. Bhabhimaa says yes, both have to do it well. They all laugh.

Naitik says our US visa has come. Naksh asks why is he going. Akshara says its his college reunion. Naitik says we will be there in 24 hours. Bhabhimaa asks Akshara can she travel for 24 hours.

Update Credit to: Amena

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