Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhabhimaa saying I did not think I will see Yash’s marriage. Rajshri says you have see Mishti’s marriage too. Bhabhimaa jokes that they will get Mishti married to her BF. They laugh. Akshara and Rukmani say we did not expect this, its good nothing got stolen. Akshara asks who has done this, tell me. Naksh says we don’t know. Anmol’s friend says we got drinks on Anmol’s saying. Akshara scolds Anmol. Anmol says I did not know girls are partying here, in which world are you staying, everyone drink these days. Akshara says it does not happen in our house. Rukmani defends Anmol and asks Mishti why was she not careful before drinking. Mishti says we had cold drink which Rose’s friends gave us. Rukmani says its Rose’s friends mistake, look at the house,

how will we do haldi rasam now.

Elders think about children’s party and how children would be enjoying. They recall old incidents and say we should change and not limit the new generation. Rajshri says we should accept the change. Bhabhimaa says everyone will accept this. Rose apologizes to Rukmani. Rukmani scolds her. Naira defends Rose and argues with Rukmani. Aksshara asks them to stop it, and they will now focus on haldi. Rose gets hurt. Rukmani says if anything happens again, this marriage will get cancelled. Rose cries.

Everyone get busy in arrangements. Naksh meets Rose and gives Yash’s sorry note to her. He says you maybe annoyed, I know you got hurt, but Rukmani was upset as we did not get careful and house got messed up, she is proud of you and praised you a lot, she was angry that time, you got engaged to her. Rose says I did not tell her anything, she should think I agreed to them and hurt my mum too, but she said so many things for a small thing, so I got hurt, if she said nicely, there would have been no problem. He shows sorry card. She says I m not sure of this relationship. Rajshri and Karishma come there and smile. Rajshri says so Naksh got Yash’s message and rose for Rose. Naksh leaves.

Rajshri gives the haldi dress. Rose asks did anyone not come. Karishma says they are busy, get ready. Rose says I know they are angry with me. Devyaani asks Akshara what happened that we are doing haldi here. Rajshri asks are you hiding something. Akshara says no, we felt to keep function here. Rukmani says we got related to Rose, so anything can happen. Akshara asks her not to spoil everyone’s mood. Martha hears them. Rajshri thinks why is Mishti sad. Mishti says I will marry after everyone get married, I want to marry soon. Rajshri and Bhabhimaa laugh hearing Mishti and Kuhu, and say these girls choose their grooms themselves.

Martha asks Akshara why is Rukmani annoyed. Akshara makes excuse and manages. Rukmani asks Nandini to go to Rose. Nandini asks are you still annoyed, forgive her, you already scolded her a lot. Mohit asks Rukmani not to spoil Rose’s mood, she is our family now and we should explain her and forgive. Nandini asks Rukmani to give this necklace to her, else Rose will feel we are annoyed. Rukmani says I won’t go, Rose can argue and I won’t be quiet, it will be issue then.

Mohit asks Nandini to go and end this matter. Yash tells Naksh that Rose is very upset, Dadi scolded her a lot, it was our mistake. Naira says yes, she will be upset in function. Kartik says I will convince my sister and get her. Yash says thanks, say sorry to her from my side, we should apologize to elders too.

Rajshri, Devyaani and Bhabhimaa manage some work as Akshara is busy. Mishti asks Chitti for yellow color. Devyaani checks haldi and says its haldi. Bhabhimaa tells them that this time, no mistake should happen, else Rose can refuse for marriage. They smile.

Naira apologizes to Akshara and asks her to forget everything, we already feel guilty. Akshara says if forgetting anger was easy, my daughter would have forgotten her annoyance till now. She goes.

Kartik goes to talk to Rose, and gets her letter. He gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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