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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira talking the class girls. She says she has forgotten everything and asks can they be friend. They laugh saying they won’t need any outsider in their group. Naira smiles and goes to her seat. She sees Naitik’s note, that she is world’s best daughter, and asks her to keep smiling. Bakshi asks Naksh will he invest, or will he take full loan, it will be at high interest, and what property he has for mortgage. Malhotra says he is from Singhania family. Bakshi asks him to read the papers well. Naksh says I will send this tomorrow, I did not get my details. Sanju calls him and he says Bakshi is impressed. She says congrats, when is he giving party. He says after making restaurant. She says Akshara called and I said there is no college today by mistake, sorry.

Bau ji asks Naitik and Naman to meet clients. Naman says I will go. The manager says it will be better if Naitik goes. Bau ji says yes. Naitik says Naman will be good. Bau ji asks Naitik to go. Naman gets sad. Naira comes home sad. Devyaani says she will talk to the school. Naira laughs and says she will manage her school, and asks them to give her some time. Aksahra says my daughter became smart. Devyaani says I will gte food. Naira asks about Naksh. Naksh comes home and greets everyone.

Akshara asks where was he. He says I went to college, it was strike and then I went to Yash’s home. He hides the papers. He says he has food already. Ananya works at office and goes to get coffee. Her boss checks her system and smiles. Ananya comes and says actually, this is rough draft, I will make it final and go. He says I m impressed, if this is rough, then final will be better. She can go home and do it, else come in morning, she knows they don’t pay for over time. She smiles.

Naira asks Naksh to go to Bhabhimaa, she is calling. He asks why. She jokes and tries to spy after sending him. She finds his file and is about to open. Naksh comes and says Naira. She drops the files. He picks the papers and she says I was just seeing. He asks was she spying. She asks what is she hiding. He says I was keeping college admission papers safely. She says I don’t think so. He gets angry for her spying. He says he knows her well and asks her to leave. She goes. He gets relieved.

Akshara talks to Nandini and gets to know Naksh was not with Yash. Naira come and says she did not get to know anything. Akshara says she is tensed as she is mum. Rajshri and Sanju have a talk, and Sanju is sad about her mum. She says I m happy to have a friend who takes care of me more than mum. Rajshri hugs her and they cook. Akshara sees Naksh and asks why did he lie that he went to Nandini. She says Nandini said you did not come. Yash comes and says Naksh was with me. Naksh says yes, I meant I was with Yash. She goes.

Naksh thanks Yash for saving him. Yash says I will check loan documents, I still feel its risky, but I will support you being your brother. Naksh thanks him. Nairik comes home and sees Naksh studying. He smiles. He goes to Akshara and says about the hotel. He asks how did miracle happen that Naksh is studying. She thinks not to say about Naksh and make Naitik worry.
Varsha wakes up Ananya and tells Shaurya that Ananya has high fever. Ananya sees the time and says she got so late. Varsha asks her not to go anywhere. Shaurya asks her to stay at home, and take leave. Ananya says no, I can’t take leave. She gets up and feels dizzy. Varsha makes her rest. Naira makes breakfast and Naitik asks what is she doing. She says she wanted to thank them for support in school matter. Bhabhimaa comes and Naira says Naitik used to make many things in Cape town, and more tasty than Akshara made. Bhabhimaa looks on. Naitik sends her.

Akshara tells a recipe to Nandini. She says sorry for yesterday, Naksh was with Yash. She ends call. Nandini thinks as Yash lied to her. Mohit comes and sees the recipe. He asks her to make it. She says Yash lied to us, he went to party with friends by lying. Mohit reminds their time, when he lied to meet her. He says she is still shy and laughs. He asks her to say any poetry. She says I have work. He says fine I will say and she says its old. They laugh.

Akshara comes to keep Naksh’s clothes in his room. Naksh comes and asks what is she thinking. He gets a call and Devyaani takes Akshara with her to make her meet a guest. Akshara goes. Naksh gets ready and says he has to go for his friend’s admission. Bhabhimaa asks him to drop him to temple. A card falls as Naksh leaves. Akshara gets it and sees its some money lender’s card. She says whats this card doing with Naksh, did Naksh go to meet him. Devyaani asks her to tell Maharaj what to make, she has to make medicines. Akshara says fine, and gets thinking worried.

Naksh meets Bakshi and thanks him for the loan got. Akshara comes there and he gets shocked seeing her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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