Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik saying if we miss each other, we will cheat a lot. Naira asks him to think about doing detox. He says we will do it now. They come out of the car windows, and smile. They hug. Chukar gai……plays…..They hold each other and have an eyelock. They sit back in the cars, and give flying kisses to each other. Yahan wahan…..plays………….. They leave.

Gayu goes to Naksh and says I also have similar list. Naksh says time is running. Naira will go her inlaws home soon. Gayu says yes, when I saw her today, I felt like crying, she will leave us. He says I will miss her a lot. She says me too. He says your prince charming will take you, Mishti will also go, I will be left here. She says you will also marry someone’s

sister and get her home. He asks her to go. She teases him and goes. He sees the bracelet piece stuck in his watch.

Aditya argues with Kirti for attending Kartik’s engagement. He says I will do a lot when right time comes, think and sit what I can do, be ready to see my courage. Naira dances and collides with Gayu. Gayu pulls her leg. Naira says I decided something special. Kartik says yes, special, did you see love marriage changing to arranged marriage. Kirti, Priyanka and Mansi say yes. Kartik says Naira and I decided to stay as arranged marriage couple and stay away. Kirti asks won’t it be tough. He says it will be bit tough, we can do anything for our love. They laugh.

Naira asks why are you laughing. Gayu says you both can’t do this. Kartik asks why. Kirti says you find answers. Naira says you say. Priyanka says sorry, you will know it soon. They go. Kartik says we will do it. Naira says we will show them.

Kartik massages Dadi’s legs. Dadi smiles. He says its not your age to run around, you will be tired. She asks shall I not see my dream getting fulfilled, I will rest after your marriage. She says I don’t want to miss any moment. He says you love me a lot, after my mum died, you supported me, I know you can do anything for me. She massages his head. He says we will play this game. She says this round mark on your head is like your grandpa. He asks her to think of grandpa any way. She says I miss him in good moments. He asks her love story, what did Dada ji do to convince you. She gets shy and laughs. He says please tell me how was your love story.

She says elders used to decide life partner, I did not know his name, I heard of him and my heart made an image of him, this was our love story. He says its interesting, what happened then, was Dada ji like that image. She says no, he was more handsome. He teases her. She asks him to go. He says arranged marriage.

Mishti asks why two Lord idol. Bau ji says you got this one idol for Krishna. Naksh says yes, one is for temple and other for Krishna. Naira thinks I can see Kartik son. Mishti says Lord can also catch bad sight. Bhabhimaa says no, lord’s bad sight catches humans. She sounds upset. Everyone go. Gayu says I think Bhabhimaa is annoyed with Lord. Naksh says some times forgiveness lessens pain.
Lav and Kush ask Kartik why did he decide to stop talking to Naira. Kirti asks Mansi to talk to Gayu on video call. Kartik thinks I can see Naira on video call. Gayu and Mishti talk on video call. Kartik tries to see Naira by making excuses. Kirti asks Gayu is there color theme for Ganesh sthapana puja. Gayu says no, I m wearing white. Naira also tries to see Kartik. Everyone laugh. They end the video call. Kartik says it does not look good to end call soon, talk to them. Kirti says we had the talk, how long should I talk. They laugh and go. Kartik says Naira loves white…

Everyone get ready. Naira comes. Devyaani says we shall leave. Bau ji says Naitik and I are going to meet Manish. Bhabhimaa asks Naira to call her when everything gets done well. Naira says when we are annoyed with someone, we don’t get anything back, Lord snatched our beloved thing, we all accepted it, except you, why are you annoyed with Lord, leave anger and end this annoyance, come with us. Bhabhimaa says its not easy, you all go. They all leave.

Everyone reach the temple. They greet Goenkas. Naira looks for Kartik. Naira takes Dadi’s blessings. Suwarna stumbles. Naira holds the shagun plate. Suwarna looks at her and recalls Akshara and her moment. She thanks Naira for saving everything. Kirti says thank God, it did not happen in front of Dadi. Mansi says Dadi would have scolded Suwarna. Dadi comes inside temple and sees arrangements.

Naksh gives bracelet piece to Kirti. She says thanks, this is my fav, its my mum’s bracelet, I was upset that day when this broke, thanks. He says you are welcome. Kartik comes wearing white clothes. Naira smiles seeing him. Yeh rishta…..plays…………. Naksh hugs him and asks about his clothes. Kartik says white is my fav color. Priyanka says then blue will be Naira’s fav color. They smile.

Kartik and Naira sit in puja and talk that they are liking this detox phase. Dadi and everyone get shocked seeing the wrong idol. Bhabhimaa is at home and gets shocked seeing the wrong idol. She thinks they took the wrong idol to temple. Rajshri says this idol is wrong. Devyaani says we checked the idol when we left from home. She asks Naksh to go and get other idol. Dadi says puja started, don’t send him, tell someone else or wait for puja to get completed.

Dadi asks Naksh when will idol come. Bhabhimaa stops herself from lifting the idol.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Special message to Ishika , Aniket from Rahul

    Aniket thanks . It was you who made me realise that Ishika has feeling for me . Otherwise I would have never known that Ishika is in pain because of me.

    Hi Ishika
    I am again really sorry. My caring and my words has broken your heart , your emotions , made you cry I am your culprit and you have the right to punish me. And whatever will be you punishment I will complete it . It’s my word to you. If you want me to leave this page I will never comment on this page . Whatever will be your punishment , I will complete it and I deserve your punishment.

    So guys , all my family members and Ishika I have decided that
    I will put my next comment here only when Ishika will comment here with a lovely smile in it and with my punishment in that comment , from the same dp and email id . Otherwise I will never comment here and will leave this family forever .
    So bye guys and all the best for your upcoming life and your upcoming exams!!

    1. Twana

      Areee Rahul bhaii… Thum pagal or kya?? Enough of this punishing both of u… so u both want punishments from eachother?
      That means no one needs to be punished..
      Come on Rahul bhai… do comment..
      N Ishika dii u too… Let’s forget this joke n move on! I mean guys today’s our one month anniversary as a loving grp na? So let’s just enjoy..

  2. Twana

    Hii guys… So sorry I’m very much late today for my big wala comment…
    I was busy the whole day…
    So here I am now..
    How r u all?? I hope u all r doing fine…
    And I came to say Happy 1 Month Anniversary….
    Many things happened n let’s secure our happy memories of our YRKKH family….
    Hope we all remains as a family… care abt eachother like we used to do… Hope to have a beautiful family like we used to be…. Where there are lots of big sissys n 2 big bros.. n many lil sisters n lil brothers…
    And BFFs… I hoe we all remain happy n healthy as our YRKKH family on this One month anniversary….!!!!!!!!
    And Guys I didn’t watch yesterday’s ep.. So thanks Amena dii for ur update…
    Chanya Happy to see u back dr… Keep commenting.. thumare bff kaha hai?? Wo theek hai hena? Trishi where r u dr?? I think I will hv to bk a ticket to SL today itself.. ✈
    And Rahul bhaii I said that I lived in Delhi a lobg time ago… Itz obvious that u might not remember… itz ok…. n btw u r suffering from memory loss na Bhai?? ????? Just Kidding ok? Don’t take it seriously…
    And Ishika diiiiiiiiii……. Oh plz don’t cry dii… Don’t stress urself… Ok itz all over na? Let’s all forget that… Enough of apologizing dii… If u say sorry again for this matter I will also stick ur mouth with a Fevistick like Aniket was ready to do with mine… ?
    OoooO Rahul bhaiiii…. U going to Kolkata soon will help us to catch u again… becoz our ACP in Kolkata aka Soumya z there na…
    And Chanya dr I’m doing well in ma studies… a lil bit busy bcoz of that?
    Sachu dii Kya hogaya?? Thum theek hu na dii?? Is our lil Hamdan troubling u??
    Aur abt the ep… Kaira was awesome.. as always!!
    And Welcome all the new members… Keep commenting n give us ur intro plz….
    Hamare cute lil Riya kaha hai?… I mean our mutual BFF..
    Aur Aniket how r u? Enjoyed yesterday?

  3. Hello Every1n, I forgot to reply to some of ur comments. Here they are- Yes, Chanya, Its just 1month completed but our relations seems that they are alive since ages ago.! Hi My Sister, I got ur comment. As ur dads family is Marwadi, that means u r also Marwadi.! Great.! Dont worry I wil teach u to talk in Marwadi.! Hi Rahul bhai n My BFF, Thnks 4 the compliement, it means a lot yarron.! Love u 2 Rahul bro.!

    1. I like to consider myself as Punjabi first and then Marwadi….because all the elder people in my family speak Punjabi and sometimes Marwadi….
      And I am more than happy yo learn Marwadi from you…

  4. Hi BFF, Today u arent very much late. U r very very very much late.! Next time if u post this much late, then definitely I am gonna tie u to the kite n fly u in the sky. Althoug u r my BFF even then I will not show mercy.! And by that time, I wont stick ur mouth with fevistik, instead I wil stick ur hands to 4n so that u dont 4get 2 post a big one comment.! Hahaha.! By the way y r u so late?

    1. Twana

      Ok ok I won’t be late.. If I will, then don’t forget to fly me tied in a kite n stick my hands to the 4n with a Fevistick… See guys, A cop’s tactics… Beware…Fevistick n a kite..
      ?????????.. Smile Keeper.. ??
      Ok today was my Cousin Sis’s B’day…. so We all went to give her a surprise party… returned late… sorry… see I’m holding my ears… n u know I told u that I only come by Wifi… sorry.. Nxt u surely punish me..
      BFF ka punishment for not commenting… Will Accept that Happily ???

  5. Trishi

    Hii Everyone…. I got registered…. Like Adi bhaii… got registered on the date of our first month anniversary….
    So First of all Congratulations to all of u on our first month as a loving grp..
    Very Sorry Guys… Actually I told u guys that I was down with fever, so I didn’t go out od the house for these days… I was running out of credits.. so got data now..
    A big hii to everyone n thankz for being concerned abt me.. BFF, Twana di, Aliya di, Rahul bhai n everyone n I’m perfectly fine…
    Thankz to all of u…
    And I hv to read each n every comment..
    First came to say Hi coz Twana dii was going to bk a ticket na?.. I came dii.. Actually at the right time.. ?
    So Guys Good Night all of u….

    1. Rahul96

      Congratulations trishi

  6. Hi My Sister, ur big comment left a big smile on my face.! Keep commenting the same way.! These many days We just used to say, BROTHER FROM ANOTHER MOTHER and SISTER FROM OTHER MISTER, but u kno what, today it really means that we are actually BROTHER-SISTER as we both r frm Rajasthan n also we both r Marwadi.! Isnt this great? So when from to start ur Marwadi classes?

    1. You can start when ever you want brother….

  7. Hi Bachelor bhai, never ever in ur dreams also u think to leave commenting on the site okay. And if u think so then I wil never think twice that u r elder than me and wil fly u in the sky, the same way which My BFF wished to make u fly with the kite. Actualy I am sory to hurt u, but as u r my family member, so is Ishika, n I was felling bad as no one was with her. Althoug I kno she did wrong but then atleast sum1n has to be with her so I stood beside her.

  8. This is not Take your personal issues somewhere else

    1. Kisi ko J ho rahi hai….?

  9. And u kno Rahul bhai, oh sory Bachelor bhai, I learnt to stand beside alone person frm Pawan only in that chor police fun. The way u were alone there So was Ishika here. The way Pawan stood beside u, Same way I stood beside Ishika. By doing so Pawan had no intentions to hurt me, And also I didnt had intentions to hurt u.! Just I was trying to to take a stand for my family member who was alone. I hope my words didnt hurt u.! But still u r hurt then I apologise u from the core of my heart. Sorry bro.!

  10. guys its a humble request please keep this place to discuss about yrkkh only and not start with affairs and stuff.
    rajan sir would never read our comments if we talk above serial.

    1. Ridz I appreciate you opinion and POV…but we have all built a understanding and love for each other…We are a Family…
      And affair is not the right word to describe what happened….it was a misunderstanding which is now cleared….
      PS: Rajan sir dosn’t read our comments anyway….?

    2. U r right Anu. Hardly any comments on YRKKH.

  11. Ridz,anu i think u people r is a public forum n people must stop discussing abt their personals as people from all corners of the world come here to comment..this is way too much…one saying bye good bye n commenting again n again n other proposing n other rejecting n other saying she has feelings…plz ya stop it

    1. Priyanka please calm down.. People here can say whatever they want…they are free to do that….
      They can come here and say hello and goodbye as much they want….
      Nobody proposed to no one….it was a prank….
      And yes thank you we are aware that this is a public forum… it means it’s for the public…..which I ‘think’ means people like you and me…

  12. Twana

    Hii guys
    waiting for Makar Sankranti special ep of YRKKH..

    1. Same….

  13. Hi Priyanka , Ridz , Anu
    I appreciate your opinion guys and I respect your pov guys.
    But we all have developed an understanding and feelings for each others.
    And in this one month we have become family like of each other. Sharing problem with each other and celebrating success with each other and supporting each other in their own problems. I don’t know why but guys I love all this thing. I don’t know about others but guys I love all this thing.

    1. I agree with you Rahul….

      1. Rahul96

        Thanks Sophie di even I also agree with you

    2. Twana

      Yeah Rahul bhaii….. I too love to chit chat with u guys.. and all those things…. actually it has become a one of my daily habits now…

  14. Rahul96

    And guys
    I don’t think that affair is right word to describe.
    All this thing arises due to my caring , words . Behind all this thing I unintentionally and unknowningly become culprit. So guys it was my responsibility to put all things in right place . And that’s why I right all those big comments to make all things clear.
    I know it’s a public place but tell me how to reach Ishika personally???
    And telling bye again and again but still commenting . Coming to this point.
    It’s just that Aliya loves us all so that’s why despite telling bye she again keeps on commenting and now she has finally said goodbye.

  15. Rahul96

    Hi Ishika I am really happy to see your comment . Trust me I am the happiest person after see your comment.
    But my words , caring was never to make you feel that I have special feeling for you.
    Yes I have feeling for you but I have the same feeling for twana , Aliya , Aniket , Sachu dii , pat dii , Sophie dii , Adi , Pawan and all the other family members ( sorry if I Missed any names , sorry ) .
    I am really sorry Ishika my words , caring was never to hurt you.
    I do comment here only after seeing your comment if you haven’t commented here then I would have never commented here.
    But smile and my punishment was missing from that comment. And I want this two things in your next comment.

  16. guys its a request please exchange ur personal email id or phone numbers to chat and get so personal.
    yes we are a family but a family of yrkkh so lets just discuss abu yrkkh. it would be more productive as there are many many people in rhis group and not just few.
    plz dont feel bad anyone.

  17. Hi My Sister, I guess u might be busy with ur packing to take off for India, And u will be busy in wedding since Thursday, So when u get back to Australia, will start ur Marwadi class.! Hi BFF, This is the last time I am forgiving u.! Well, wish ur sister A Very Happy Birthday from all of us.! Congrats Trishi for getting registered.! Rahul bhai, R u still angry on me? If yes, then I am sorry from the core of my heart, and if no then y didnt u replied to my comment?

  18. Hi Anu, Ridzz, Medha n Priyanka, If u had problems with us as we are disscussing our personal lives then y didnt u said it earlier when we were introducing ourselves nearly 1month ago. But now when we share a great bond, u ppl r having problem. Isnt it strange? Now we have moved on so much and u kno what when we move on so much then we cant go back. And yes now we r a family, n all of us dont have personal contact no.s so we wont stop chatting here.!

  19. Twana

    At least discussing them increases the number of comments!! And we do discuss abt YRKKH too na? Other than that we like some chit chatting… if some of u don’t like that.. then.. Idea! ?… those who don’t like us discussing private issues here, don’t read our comments… just ignore them.. n read only the ones that include YRKKH.. mostly the first 20 30 comments r abt YRKKH… read them n don’t read ours if u guys don’t like.. coz I’m sorry we tu still haven’t introduced grp chats to their registered members.. the reason I got registered z coz some if u ppl comment that we only comment abt personal life… n we don’t hv another way coz all of our members aren’t frm India.. some r frm different countries.. but still we r together bcoz of YRKKH…
    Anyways… do whtevr u guys want.. just ignore or keep telling us to stop this coz we won’t….At least itz better than having 20 or less comments for a day.. coz I don’t like it when we get less number of comments bcoz itz my fav show…
    I think they will telecast Lohri special today… saw a pic in insta..

  20. Rahul96

    Hi guys
    Now I think there is clash between two mindset
    Some are telling that it’s YRKKH tellyupdates . So we should do comments only related to YRKKH only.
    Some , including me are telling that what is problem if we are making friends here sharing our problems . What is problem to others???

    If guys you think that our comments are decreasing productivity of this page , then you guys do comment and discuss on
    YRKKH , we are not having any problems.

    I have been commenting here regularly , commenting on YRKKH also ( expect for these 2 days ) , talking with friends also,
    Wishing them Best of luck also.But I have rarely seen you guys commenting on YRKKH. And now you guys are having issues with us??

    It’s a public forum .
    Let’s make an analogy.
    In maths class we not always study maths .
    We do make friends in maths class . Some became best friends and we start sharing some things with them .

    And I don’t think that making friends is a bad thing .

    I don’t think that rajan sir or any other producers read the comments of their respective tellyupdates.

  21. Rahul96

    If you guys are having problems with us then why don’t you guys stopped us one month earlier when Aniket forwarded the idea of making a YRKKH family.

    If you guys are the random people from different corners of the world then we guys are also the random people commenting from different corners of the world.

    Hi pat dii , Sachu dii , Sophie dii you are elder and more experienced then me . What you dii thinks????

  22. anyways i would not like to comment further on your comments.
    need more of maturity at this stage in this group. am talking and requesting so decently but here there are few people i have seen are more interested in fights and other stuff. people in this group really really need to grow UP.
    thanku and would not like to further communicate on this topic.
    A human being shows his nature and attitude by responding differently.
    anyways its ok.
    it was just a piece of advice and staying in this group i had that right.
    and yes i do comment but its only n only related to yrkkh. people in this group fight like chidren. are we all teenagers here???

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