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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kaki angrily asking Jasmeet to stop misbehaving with everyone. Kaki asks Jasmeet to go to her Maayka, and asks her to come back on her own, no one will bring Jasmeet else their relation with me will end. They all worry. Jasmeet takes Nannu and leaves. Akshara asks them to stop Jasmeet.

Naitik and Akshara talk about Jasmeet. She says Jasmeet is being angry on everyone, when she is angry on Anshu, this is wrong, we should do something and bring her closer to family. Naman says we have to take Akshara’s sign in morning, I have to submit papers before 11am. Karishma says Akshara trusts us, and we are doing wrong, I feel guilty. He says we have no other option, Akshara’s sign can solve our problems. She says but this could land Akshara in problems, what

about it….

Kaki and Rajshri cry. Ananya says elders can be annoyed, but I will talk to Nannu. Kaki asks what happened, I knew Jasmeet won’t answer call.

Its morning, Rukmani sees Singhanias praying and says Dadda ji was great man. Mohit asks Rukmani not to say anything, they would get emotional. Bhabhimaa says let her say, I will recall my husband with a smile, I got courage and I will celebrate his birthday happily.

Tara calls Naksh and says Preeti has seen that puncture mechanic on highway. Naksh says I will come in some time, its imp and leaves. Naman asks Karishma to take Akshara’s sign. She says everyone is around, have patience.

Maheshwaris come and greet Singhanias happy Makar Sankranti. Akshara asks Rajshri about Jasmeet. Bhabhimaa asks them not to worry, family members don’t stay annoyed for long. Kaki says we will not go to get Jasmeet its good if she comes on her own. Rukmani says you are right Sunaina. They all look on. Rukmani asks did I say anything wrong. Mohit asks for kheer. Akshara goes to get it.

Everyone sit to have kheer and they all look on. Akshara asks how is it. Vishwamber says its good. Akshara asks why are you lying. She says I added salt in kheer to see did everyone change with me, you all are scared that I will feel bad. Vishwamber says I did not mean so. They all apologize. Akshara says fine, leave this kheer, I will get other one. Tara’s Dada ji, Aditya and Sangram come and greet them. Sangram helps Maharaj ji in serving juice to everyone. They all ask why is Sangram doing this. Dada ji says let him work. Sangram serves cold drinks/juice to everyone. Dada ji says Tara left with Naksh for some imp work. Naitik says they would have gone for Krishna’s work.

Naksh shows Akshara’s pic to that mechanic. The man says I don’t know, I started work here yesterday. Naksh gets angry. Tara says truth will be out one day, no one can stop truth. He says once I get that person, I will not leave him. she says we will go home, everyone would be waiting.

Naira says Naksh did not come, how will we fly kites. Naitik says we will watch match first. Naksh comes and joins the men. Akshara asks the girls to come with her. She makes Tara cut the cable connection and they laugh. Tara says first time I got scolding by Akshara for cutting wire. Akshara says there is difference, that time it was neighbor’s wire. The men get upset as cable is gone. Naira asks how will you all watch match now. Mohit asks Naitik did they do this mischief. Naitik says maybe, what to do now. Mishti signs to fly kites. Naksh says yes, we have to fly kites now, there is no option.

Naman asks Karishma to take sign now, its right time. Naksh stops Tara and asks did you cut wire. He gets close and she admits saying Akshara told me to cut wire. He says ladies do mischief and our name comes. Naitik asks who does not want us to watch match. The kids say we did. Mishti admits they have cut the wire. Naitik says we have made all arrangements of kite flying. Akshara says sorry, we did not know. Karishma makes juice fall over Akshara’s dress and says sorry. Akshara says its fine, I will change.

Rajshri talks to Nannu. Nannu cries and tells Kaki and Rajshri to take him, he is missing them, Jasmeet is angry on them. Rajshri asks him not to hide from Jasmeet and talk, its bad. Nannu sees Jasmeet and ends call. Kaki cries. Karishma lies to Akshara about school circular and asks her will she sign or shall I take Naitik’s sign. Akshara says I will sign, just keep my hand at that signature point. Naman sees Naitik coming and signs Karishma to hurry up.

Akshara signs. Naira stops Naitik and says Bau ji is calling him. Naitik says I will just come, I will see your mom once. He asks Naman what is he doing here. Naman says I came here to call Karishma. Karishma says nothing, I was taking guardian’ sign on Mishti’s school circular. Naitik says yes, but so many papers, show it. He checks papers and Naman gets tensed.

Naitik says school people do so many formalities. Karishma says I know. Naman says take signs later, everyone is waiting. Naitik asks Karishma to take signs now, I will find my charger till then. Karishma takes signs on those actual papers. Naitik takes Akshara with him. Naman says thank God you changed papers Karishma.

Kaki tells Rajshri that Anshu called and said Jasmeet is not answering his calls. Bhabhimaa says she will come back, don’t worry. Rukmani says Jasmeet gets much love in your house, she will come, Nannu can’t stay without you, Jasmeet is not bad, she will realize her mistake and come. Rajshri and Kaki cry.

Sangram helps Naksh in work. Naksh says you are elder and I should do your work. Sangram says great thinking, but give it to me, I will not become small helping you. Naksh says sorry that I doubted on you. Sangram asks him to forget it and pray for Akshara’s sight to come back. Naksh says once I get that man, I will not leave him, what happened, sorry I told a lot. I m angry on that man and will get him arrested. He goes. Dada ji tells Sangram that we have to hide this from Naksh. Naman says I have to leave now. Devyaani asks where is he going. Karishma asks him to go fast, that man will not wait, my courier has come from my parents. Naitik says but courier company won’t work today. She says no, its working for half day. Akshara asks Naman to do Karishma’s work. Naman says yes, I m going. He leaves. Sangram says tell me, I will get it. Devyaani says no, I will ask Maharaj ji to get items. Sangram says I will go by car. She says some fruits. Sangram asks that’s all, I will just get it. Naitik says what happened to Sangram…

Akshara smiles seeing kids happy. She says Varsha, I got a way to convince Jasmeet. She sends voice messae to Jasmeet, asking her to join them on Makar Sankranti, come back, we all miss you. Jasmeet switches off the phone. Nannu says I want to go back. Jasmeet asks him to study and gets angry. Akshara says see she will call back. Varsha says I don’t think so. Akshara says I will keep trying.

Tara apologizes to Akshara and says forgive me, I got to know its Sangram’s mistake. Akshara asks her to keep this truth to herself. Naksh stands far and turns to see them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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