Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi seeing Naira. Naira applies tattoo to Mishti. Mishti says wow, its nice, what will you apply. Naira takes mehendi cone and asks Suwarna to apply as per Dadi’s choice. Dadi asks Naira to apply anything she wants. Naira asks Suwarna to apply bets design to her. Dadi and Suwarna smile. Suwarna applies mehendi to Naira. Kartik and everyone look on. Bhabhimaa says Naira never applied mehendi and today she agreed for husband’s love. Karishma and Varsha make Kartik sit. He says no. Baisa says I will apply shagun mehendi to Kartik. Dadi says shagun is imp for both guy and girl. Baisa applies mehendi to Kartik.

Kartik shows hands to Naira. Kartik and Naira smile. Aditya eyes Naira and smiles. Everyone sing and dance…… Mehendi rachan lage…….plays………..

They get Kartik for dance. Suwarna gets emotional and dances with Naira. Kartik goes to Naira and gives her a rose. He shows his hands to her. Naira goes and dances with the ladies. She pushes Kartik and sings.

Flowers shower on Kartik and Naira. Naira dances with everyone. Kartik goes. Aditya goes close to her. Aditya holds Naira by her waist. Naira gets shocked and turns to him. She shouts Aditya ji and raises hand on him. She stops herself. Everyone stop dancing and get shocked.
She asks how dare you. Naksh asks what happened Naira. Naira says Aditya touched me wrong way. Kartik and everyone hear this and get shocked. Naksh punches Aditya’s face. Aditya falls down. Goenkas get shocked. Kartik holds Aditya’s collar and asks how dare you. Vishwamber and Bau ji control Naitik. Aditya says you are mad Kartik, I did not do anything. Naksh asks was Naira lying. Dadi stops Kartik. Manish says leave him alone Kartik, have manners. He apologizes to Aditya.

Kartik asks Aditya to say, why will Naira say this if you did not do anything. Aditya says I don’t know, ask her, I was dancing around, maybe my hand got touched by mistake. Naira says every girl has sense to understand, you touched me wrong way. Naksh says Naira never lies. Kartik says she is not blaming you, say the truth. Aditya says what’s wrong with you, Kirti tell them can I do this, did I do such thing with Mansi, Naira is like Mansi for me, why will I do this in my family, I m against such things. Manish says Naira, maybe you are mistaken, Aditya can’t do this. Kartik says you don’t need to say in between. Manish asks do you need to say, Aditya is related to you. Kartik says I m not related to him if he did this.

Manish asks did you see him doing this. Kartik says if Naira said, then its true for me. Manish says for us, what Aditya said is true. Kartik says Aditya is drunk, Naira is not mad to say this. Manish says Aditya is Kirti’s husband, have some shame. Naksh says look uncle. Manish says shut up, how dare you raise hand on Aditya, Kartik you should have known what happened before beating Aditya, maybe Naira is mistaken, will you hang Aditya, and Naira did you swear to make big issues for any thing, maybe people are dancing, maybe hand got touched. Naira says I reacted as any girl would react in such time, I have sense to know right and wrong, I m not mistaken. Kartik asks did you hear, now say what to do.

Aditya says you are like my brother, I can’t imagine doing such thing, I don’t know why is she blaming me. Kirti folds hands and requests Naira. Naira cries. Aditya asks Kartik to believe him. Kartik says I trust Naira, I would react same way as Naksh, if Naira feels wrong happened with her, then wrong has happened. Naksh says yes, wrong happened, else she would have not said it. Manish asks Naira to say. Naira says I m sorry, my answer is still same.

Dadi says we are not saying Naira is lying, but what’s the proof, maybe its misunderstanding, Aditya is apologizing, you are beating him, we did not forget what happened, we love Kartik and can apologize for him, I m sorry. Kartik stops Dadi.

Bhabhimaa says don’t do this, you are elder Suhasini ji. Baisa asks Dadi to end this matter here. Dadi says teach peace lessons to them, we will leave, we did not know we will be shown a new color on mehendi’s name. Goenkas leave. Naira sees her mehendi and cries.

Naira and Kartik go out. Naira apologizes to him. He says its not your mistake, no need to be sorry. She asks do you trust me, I don’t think I was mistaken, when everyone is saying… He asks did I ask explanation, its enough for me as you said, fine if its misunderstanding else…. He holds her face. He leaves.

Aditya sees her swollen face wound. Dadi gives him ice pack. Dadi apologizes. He says its not your mistake. Kartik comes home. He says whatever happened was not right. Aditya says you are still telling me. Kartik says just you know truth, even if it happened by mistake, it was wrong. I will not bear wrong happening with any women of my family.

Aditya says I will forget everything if Naksh apologizes to me, I will hug him. Naitik says we will not bend in front of them, we will not bear wrong. Manish says this marriage will happen on our conditions now. Naitik hugs Naira.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Fenil

    Hello Every Elder And Younger Sista And Brothers !!:)

    Superb Episode !!B)Nice to watched beaten up aditya by Naksh and Karthik.Naksh’s love and care towards his sister is on surface of today episode. Precap is great Naitik’s decision and Manish’s ego .Dadi,Manish and Aditya u have to always bend down before Singhanias And Maheshwaris .

    Answers of my questions :

    1. Hrithik Roshan

    2. Keerti Goenka ( At Delhi )

    Hii Vrushy Dii , Good to see your comment in support of Rahulbhai against some Sophie aka Keerti..

  2. Hello everyone, how are you doing?
    I want to do a quiz on GK.
    ▪ Who invented telephone?
    ▪ Which clan was King Ashoka belong to?
    ▪ Who built Taj Mahal and why?
    (This quiz is just for fun)

    I have nothing to say about the epi cause haven’t watched it yet as it hasn’t broadcast yet in UK.

    Guys its a request to read my ff on YRKKH. Sorry for not reading others’ ffs, I will try my best to do so and most importantly comment on them. Here is the link for my ff:

  3. Hii Sophie dii…
    Sorry di I couldn’t take a stand fr U ystrday as I was buzy..but di, i replied to her day bfr ystrdy itslf.. plzz dii don’t feel bad, We alll r with u di.. juz ignore those negative comments! Don’t take her words to ua heart dii…Don’t even think about that..just forget that dii..

    Hey Guyz!
    I think we should not reply to her comments. She crossed each & every limit ystrday…. I don’t understand how can she stoop soo low? So guyz its bettr not to answer her(not to spoil our mood) bcoz she will never understand…… One thing is clear that she is not insulting us but getting herslf insulted! She won’t understand that we r a family(bros & sistrs)..I fumed in anger when I saw her comments but I think she just wants to gain our attention,. If we reply to her continously she will spoil our mood in her every comments……So just ignore her comments guyz. Don’t even read her comments!! Okay?
    Today we are completng 2 months of togetherness (even though I’m new) but am wishing u all…Stay blessed my bros & sistrs…Have a Wonderful Day Guyz………

    Hi Vrushy!
    Happy to see ua comment! Now how r U?? Feeling bettr??

    Hi Soumya!
    How was ua exam? I don’t have exam right now but just buzy in preprtns Dear!! All the very best for ua exam!
    Hi Aniket!!
    How was ua practical exam bro?? All the very best…..
    Hey Lasya…
    TYSM for including me in ua comments.How r U? All the very best!
    Hi Rahul bhaiya.
    I would like to say u d same…I don’t have exams right now bhaiya but just preparng for boards….Thank u so much for ua wishes bhaiya!
    Hi Ponkuri dii…Ofcourse u r most welcome dii…Being a Chinese, U want to learn hindi…Great dii…Of course we’ll teach U Hindi dii..
    Sorry if I didn’t replied to anyone’s comment….
    Twana, Aliyaa, Pawan, Rosa, Lasya…..Best of luck guyz!!
    My board exams starts from 2nd mar so will not be able to comment frequently but will miss u alll guyz.! I’ll comment(if possible)..
    Bye guyz! Stay happpy alwayzz….

    1. Thank you for your support…

    2. Vrushy

      Hey Raf.
      Yup, I am better now. All because of your wishes.
      But still can’t walk properly !!

    3. Soumya85

      Hii raf di my exam was good today was mine English exam and 2 more r left after that my board exam will start from 10th of luck di for boards

  4. Rahul96

    A big hii my new , big and expanding YRKKH family Pat di(elder sister ) , Sachu di , Sindhu di , Sophie di , Swara di , LinTzeLing dii ( Ponkuri dii ) , Fenil Bhaiya , Aniket , Shilpa, Soumya , Aliya Khan, Pawan, Adi , Vrushy, Trisha, Riya, , Jas , Ridz , Raven, Ishika , trishi , Paakhi , Nikhil , Chanya , Shesha , Amalina , TV Fan1 , Lasyashree.10 , Pari , Trusna , Ishu (Ishwarya) , Twana , Khushi ,Claire , riyasmiles , sweetsara , irum , Raf , Tanu , 123 , Su_16 ( Suha ) , Dona , Rosa 18 , Chanpreet ( Preet ) , Reyaa , Ranu , Hales and all other YRKKH fan
    and silent comment readers and new comers

    How are you guys????

    Thanks amena dii for your fast update !!!

    Coming to the episode !!! It was awesome today . For the first time today , only for the first two minutes only , I like Dadi , when she tell that Shagun should be equal for both boy and girl !!! I was glad that atleast in Shagun she didn’t give boys upper hand as compare to girls . But then again I started disliking her .
    And today Kartik and naksh slapped aditya that was awesome !!!! But more awesome thing was that Kartik supported Naira !!!! This was awesome !!! For his love and for his ethics Kartik can stand against anyone !!!
    And this dadi was again bad !!! Supported aditya !!!
    And why this dadi and everyone treat damad ( daughter’s husband ) like a God . That’s ridiculous people need to understand that he ( damad ) is a human being and not a God . And this Dadi gives importance to damad in such a way that if like he will leave her daughter , then their daughter’s life will get destroyed !!!! And not only dadi even in really life also !!! And people of such mentality thinks daughter as a burden !!! And if their damad jii ( daughter’s husband ) will leave their daughter then their daughter’s life will get destroyed !!! Which is wrong !!!!

    And the problem is that often ( not 100% ) these people are ritualistic and God worshipping .

    Guys , sorry I have no idea about other religions , I am extremely sorry guys !!! But in Hindu mythology Goddess Saraswati is goddess of knowledge , ( knowledge of every field in studies ) ; Goddess Lakshmi is
    goddess of wellness , prosperity ( this include money , clothes and food ) ; Goddess Parvati is goddess of war , destruction and power and in her Kali form she becomes supreme almighty an unstoppable energy !!! And even we considered our planet Earth as mother and nature as femine !!! We don’t call Earth as father and niether we have god of knowledge nor we have god of prosperity , yes we have god of destruction as Shiva , but still his real power is goddess Kali!!! And even in real life to run a family successfully we need knowledge ( goddess Saraswati ) ; we need money , clothes and food ( goddess Lakshmi ) ; we need power ( goddess Parvati ) and for every family to run successfully we need house and to construct that house we need land ( which is our motherland Earth ) . With feminism existing everywhere some stupid people consider daughter as burden !!!
    And not only in Hindu mythology even the science also says that the maximum pain which a human can bear is 45 db but while giving birth to a child a woman bear the pain of 47 db .
    I am extremely sorry guys , if I have hurted anyone of you , extremely sorry guys!!!! But this is my pov .
    Hi guys , Pat di , Sophie di , Sachu di , Sindhu di , LinTzeLing dii ( Ponkuri dii ) , Fenil Bhaiya I need your pov in this !!!

    1. Rahul96

      Hi guys
      I am sorry for rising this ‘women empowerment ‘ but i usually feel hurted when dadi and every elder treat their damad jii ( daughter’s husband ) as God and usually feel their daughter as burden !!!! So this time I didn’t able to stop myself from writing down !!
      And I am extremely sorry guys for discussing about here women empowerment in Hindu mythology !!! Trust me guys I was having no intention to show or to discuss Hindu mythology here !!!
      It’s just that I am born in Hindu family ; so that’s why I have no idea about other religions !!;
      Guys why don’t you guys share women empowerment of your own religion !!!! It will help my knowledge about other knowledge to increase !!!

      And I am extremely sorry guys for such a long comment . Actually guys while writing about women empowerment I get so lost or involved in writing that I didn’t noticed that my comment is become so long !!!!
      Sorry for such a long comment guys !!!

      1. Rahul96

        Hi Pat dii , Sophie dii , Sachu dii , Sindhu dii , Tanu dii , LinTzeLing dii , Fenil Bhaiya and Everyone I want you guys to read my above two comments . I know it’s too long . But it’s a request and you guys share your own povs !!!

      2. Rahul96

        ….knowledge about other *religions* to increase….

      3. Rahul happy to see you back in the family
        I know you won’t leave us

    2. Rahul im really impresses by your support for gals… But in reality its totally different……… i really lik ur comment on damad….But i feel differences between damad n daughter in law.. Damad is very treated very well and ver as cmg to daughter in law she is treated lik a maid…i dint lik dis concept…i really get irriatted when damad is given more importance than der daughetr..

      Parents are more concerned abt der daughters life than d sons life too in reality..If damad does a mistake dey excuse and think mistake would b frm daughter side n compromise and even if der is a sons mistake dey put blame on daughter in law

      In this show same thing is happening… nobody is worried fa keerthi.. all r worried abt adithya…wat kind of father is Manish??? till now i hav neva seen a good bonding between keerthi and manish… not even a scene between dem….only Naksh and naira can feel der is something fishy between adi n kee… Karthik he loves his sister a lot and cant he even see her pain…

      im feeling too much of drama .. dey are dragging too much.. even a simple photo shoot turned complicated..

  5. And I forgot about the Fake Sophie’s comment. Keerti couldn’t break everyone’s trust on Sophie, as she is a very valuble member of this forum like others, and a new member tried to break that trust but failed bcz we all know that Sophie is not like this. So in future if anyone else tries to break our trust on the valuble members then remember that someone who you trust can’t do anything bad!

    Happy valentine’s day. This year my valentine is my sissie, I love her so much and she is so cute bcz she is a baby not spoiled like my other sis (hate her).

    1. Thank you for trusting me and supporting me…

  6. ohh hey RAF u should have think this before reading and answering my comments now u guys have answered back so I will write comments everyday no matter anyone read or not but I have many ways in which people will defenaitly read my comments and it’s good that u guyz know ur Sophie bechari very well otherwise she would have been not alive to read my next comment and its good that u said everyone not to answer my comment so that me and my friends will insult Sophie so much that u guyz won’t be able to comment here again hahaha blo*dy characterless girl Sophie is being innocent actually she forgot me bit I didn’t she will have to pay for her deeds and it’s just the beginning guys just wait and watch no matter anyone want to or not it doesn’t make any difference to me and I feel pity on Sophie that there are not many people to stand for Sophie they are busy in their works only haha its only one child rahul who’s comments are really funny anyways its good nd I don’t care about anyone’s attention because i don’t expect anyone’s attention they come themselves so I don’t care about attention whatever that b*t*h slum dog sophie

    1. Hey U shut up and get lost…. Don’t u dare to raise ur voice against Sophie di… U r a spoiled idiot… a mannerless characerless person…
      Learn to preach b4 u teach…
      Yes we r busy.. but that doesn’t mean that we don’t stand by Sophie di.. we r always with her… So u mind ur language n het lost coz we know our sophie dii… We trust her n we love her… just bcoz some stupid mannerless person z barking here we won’t stop trusting her n stand by her..
      Mind it! Yah Itz the beginning n I can go to any extent as far as my loved ones r being criticised… mind ur language u mannerless girl.. there r children in this blog

    2. Get a life, idiot.
      Who is the biggest bi**h here, of course slum dog Kriti. You are such a mannerless donkey. You can break our trust any members. Oh yeah, donkeys are stupid so how they will get everything easily, I think I am dealing with the biggest and stupidest donkey ever called Kriti. You should get a gold medal on lying.

  7. Rahul96

    Now guys coming to my family members !!!
    How are you guys ????
    Hi Vrushy
    Thank you so much for your stand dear !!! You don’t know but your support really really means a lot lot lot to me . Thank you so much my sweet sister !!

    And Vrushy dear how is your health now ??! Have you now started walking dear ??? Vrushy are you still in hospital !???? Or have you been discharged ???
    And please dear keep us updated about your health dear !!! We will and we are praying for you !!!

    Hi Fenil Bhaiya
    Thanks for your thanks to Vrushy !!!

    Hi Rafv
    Thanks to you also for your thanks to Vrushy !!¡

    Hi Rosa18
    How are you ??? Are you also having exam dear ???

    Hi lasii , chanya , Chanpreet how are you guys ??? And how is studies of you guys are going on ???

    Hi Aniket , Twana , Raf , Rosa18 , Aliyaa , Pawan , Ishika , lasii , Chanya , Adi bro , Shilpa , Soumya and to everyone those who are having exams and practical exam ( sorry if I missed anyones name ) . All the best guys .
    And guys if get chance in between then please keep us updated that how your exams are going ???
    Hi Raf , Soumya how did your exam went ???

    1. Vrushy

      No need to say thanks.
      No matter what happens. We are a family. And a family is always together.

      I was discharged from the hospital last week itself. At home taking bed rest. Nope, can’t walk properly due to severe pain !!

  8. Rahul96

    Hi Su_16
    Glad to see your comments dear !!! And Su_16 since you are also a fanfiction writer , I am sorry to you also dear !!! And Su_16 we all will read your FF but the fact is that everyone ( including me also ) is busy there own personal life and then there are exam , assignment , studies , practical exam , etc !!! I hope you understand .

    Hi to all the fanfiction writers
    I know you guys makes a lot of effort in writing fanfiction . But still you guys gets less comments . Guys please don’t feel demotivated about less comments this has nothing to do with writing skills . It’s just that everyone is busy here with their own personal life , exams , practical exam , assignment , studies !! I hope you guys understand . But when everyone gets free no. of comments will automatically increase !!

    Hi Sindhuts Bhaiya
    Thanks for your reply to my comment of 8th February . And I am extremely sorry dear for replying to your comment now !!! Actually I noticed your comment only 1-2 days before only and while commenting I keep on forgetting about your comment . But now I remember . And Sindhuts Bhaiya thanks for your comments and thank you so much for your words and advice . And Bhaiya I am 20 years old , studying in college !! And Bhaiya I am extremely sorry for late reply!!!

    Hi Adi bro
    How are you ??! And how was your exam results???

    1. Sindhuts

      Hi it’s me oly Rahul … I sometimes reply frm laptop ma phone or ma husband phone if I reply frm laptop it automatically takes my husband mail id… No patience…

      I seriously dont get that much time time to write long stories n al… But appreciate ur writing awesome.. keep gng

  9. Rahul96

    Hi Trisha , Riya , Jas , Trishi , Paakhi , Shesha , Amalina , TV Fan 1 , Pari , Trusna , Claire , Ishu , Khushi , Claire , Riyasmiles , sweetsara , irium , Dona how are you guys ???! Not commenting from a long time !!!.

    Hi Pat dii
    Thanks for your comments on tellyupdates of 11th February !! And dii yours words were amazing !!! And sorry dii for late reply actually I noticed it late and pat dii I left a message for you on tellyupdates of 11th February . Have you read it dii???

    Hi Swara dii
    On the above topic I need your pov also !!! And Swara dii if you don’t mind can you tell us on which topic you were talking to Fenil Bhaiya and lasyashree ???

    Hi Sachu dii
    How are you dii ??! And how is my sweet little nephew Hamdan??? All’s well naa dii ??? I just hope that you are having fun time with Hamdan !!!

    Hi Sophie dii
    I request you to please ignore yaa don’t pay attention to comments of some Anti social elements . Although I will give a reply to her. Sophie dii we really want you to comment and pinch me very hard .
    And Sophie dii so what happened that you are Tomboy but LinTzeLing dii is a girl , so still slogan will be chini chini Bhai Behen and not chini chini Bhai Bhai ( ??????? )

    Hi Tanu dii
    How are you ??

    Hi Sindhu dii
    Glad to see your comments !!! Sindhu dii was that comment from green DP , was it yours Sindhu dii ??? Because as far as I remember your DP is of light blue colour !!! And Sindhu dii no comments of your own ??? Only replying to others !!!

    Hi LinTzeLing dii
    Glad to see your comments dii !!!

    And happy monthly anniversary to every family members of members . This was a beautiful day and date because it was this date when we come across to each other !!!

    And happy valentine day to everyone !!! No one was my valentine ???? . As I live in hostel !!!

  10. hello guyz my name is kriti dobriyal actually the one that was commenting very rudely was actually my cousin Faiza so sorry guyz please listen this big misunderstanding between all of you my cousin Faiza came from lavumisa to stay with us for 1 week she has a disease she does things even when she don’t want to and she even stole things when she don’t want to she took my phone and she was commenting very rudely since Friday or sat and I didn’t even knew that she was commenting it is really bad I saw today when she misbehaved with my best friend Muskan on WhatsApp I scold her and I always read yrkkh and kkb today I saw all the cmments that she did she was behaving very badly with Sophie di i am really embarrassed plz I apologise on her behalf if u can’t forgive her the just think of her disease and forgive her plz I know how much Sophie di must be hurt because when Faiza was misbehaving with my friend Muskan and saying bad things about me I also felt very bad reading all that but my friends trusted me so much and I was calm just because my friends trust me a lot I know Sophie di u must be hurt right so sorry plzz forgive her just thinking of her disease pls and also Sophie di’s friend I know how it feels when someone insult ur best friend iam so sorry pls forgive her

    1. Wow…isn’t it very strange that you and your cousin have the same writing style…
      I know you are the same person…
      People who like hurting others for fun, entertainment, are called Sadists…
      Keep dreaming, I am not going to get trapped…

    2. How much attention seeking are you going to do? Please name her disease so I can read into it …
      I’m sorry but I don’t believe your disease story but if it is true then we will understand…

  11. Hi all
    I am sorry I haven’t commented in the past couple of days I have a terrible cold and in bed and sofa. Paracetamols, vitamin c, juice and spicy food have become my friends.
    I just came here to check your views about today’s episode. And see that there is some sort of issue. Please give me time to go back and check comments.
    I am not supposed to be using my phone na

    1. Get well soon:)

    2. Hi all, I hope everyone is doing well ! I haven’t seen the episode yet but when I will then I will comment again.
      About the hierarchy, I don’t blame daadi in particular because of the generation gap, male patriarchy was prominent in the past so she is going with what she has been taught but the way she is doing this is actually wrong, as even the smallest things matter for her so her problem is not over respecting, but is about not being open minded. Don’t forget this was also the case with baisa but Akshara and all helped her overcome the generation gap and she is still showing patriarchy by always being worried of what the goenkas, the sasural will say and she will be one to be on their side just because of the generation gap and respect.

      It will be interesting to see how keerthi and nakshs marriage will be after because naksh will become “the almighty damad” and as they aren’t materialistic ot believe in patriarchy, the goenkas will learn a lot.

      About my exams!! I did really well at 93% which is in the top 10!! I was really happy and on top of that we have completed 2 months so there is double happiness!

      1. Well done..proud of you…

    3. Get well soon di!!
      My prayers are with you..

  12. Rahul96

    Hi guys so the answer to my questions of tellyupdates of 13th February are :-
    1) Payal ( sorry guys I don’t know what Payal is called in English ) it was gifted when Nandani for the first time goes to Maheshwari house to see akshara , too see the choice of Naitik , just as a part of marriage alliance !!! Actually at that time Rajshri and her family has not seen Nandani . And they were not knowing that Nandani is not able to walk and misunderstood that Nandani is married ( actually at that time she was unmarried ) . But Nandani handle the situation telling that she will wear this payal on hand as a hand jewellery yaa as a bangle

    2) Prerna Singhania

    3) Sneha

    Now guys my other 3 questions !!!

    1) What wad the name of first guy who falls in love with akshara ???

    2) What was the name of first guy to whom Akshara used to love???

    3) What was the name of first girl to whom Naitik starts loving ???

    4) Against whom the Shaurya’s first fight took place ???

    1. Rahul96

      Sorry it was
      Now guys my other *4* questions !!

    2. Payal in english is called Anklet.
      Also thank you for your support.

  13. Thanks Ameena for updates
    They have moved YRKKH to 9.30pm in London now because of Dil bole Oberoi.
    Today’s episode was superb
    I think they should stall the wedding as much as I want Kaira to get married in reality I would not want my sister to go into such family
    Forget about them loving her (Naira) they don’t trust or respect her.
    Every thing she does is viewed with suspicion.
    Manish’s ego is what stopping his relationship with Kartik
    And I hope the Singhanias & Maheswari do not bow down to them.
    That Goenka house do not seem to respect women.
    I am suspecting that there is a video somewhere about the incident – you know Mishti likes to record everything. I hope she was doing so today.
    In this episode that I wished Akshara was still alive.
    I just hope Baisa do not blame Naira this time or else I come to Singhania house myself and packed her suitcase for the village.
    Every woman knows when they are being touched inappropriately.

    1. Sorry for my mistakes trying to text quickly so I can come off the phone

  14. My dear beloved YRKKH family… TKQVM Rahul.. Sophie.. Raf… Lasyashree… Vrushy… Pat… and all my Bros n Sistas.. for accepting me… Rahul u can address me as LinTzeLing.. Lin – is my surname TzeLing – something like bells… (meaning of my name)… Rahul, Sophie, Sachu… I agree with Su_16…just ignore fake Sophie n Keerti comments… We stay United no matter what… as we will always support our family!!! Just like Karthik he will nvr allow or bear any wrong happening to family!! So r our family!!!

    Rahul I am impressed with ur comments for woman empowerment… ?????
    I am a Buddhist… Kuan Yin is Goddess that I pray to… So I really appreciate your comment abt women empowerment in Hindu mythology… I learnt alot frm your comment… Now I know what Goddess Swaraswati Goddess Lakshimi can help us for?
    I myself was wondering why Dadi n Manish treat Aditya so? Like he is more important than daughter or grand daughter?
    Wouldn’t it be nice someone happened to took video of Aditya touching Naira waist!!! ???so that he can’t denies his cheap act??

    I am excited to watch the next episode ☺?
    Rahul TkQvm for ur comments… TBH I really learnt alot frm them… ??? ur blessed with Goddess Swaraswati knowledge I think?☺

    All the best to my YRKKH family ???
    Keep Well n Healthy Everybody???

    Be Happy???

    1. Thank you for your concern..

  15. “How You Make Others Feel About Themselves, Says A Lot About You”

  16. Vrushy

    Hello Everyone.

    How are you all ?!! Hope everything is fine.

    Today rahul raised the issue of women empowerment and thus I would like to add something in reference to the episode.

    Naira is a girl who will always stand up for what she thinks is right. She doesn’t take a moment before raising her hand to slap the aditya no matter who he is. (Though she doesn’t slap him, and why should she spoil her mehndi for him, he ain’t worth it.)

    Naksh the protective brother he immediately rushes to her to ask what happened

    And as soon as he gets to know, he hurts the guy who touched his sister.

    Her brother is effected by this whole incident to such an extent that there are tears in his eyes. Tears of feeling failure, failure to protect his baby sister.

    Not the one to stay silent, Karthik, her lover comes and angrily catches aditya’s collar and about to throw a punch at him only to be held back by his family.

    While the Goenkas blindly side their damad. Naksh and Karthik are convinced that what Naira says is the truth. Even as Karthik is about to leave and Naira once again tells him that she feels she has not been mistaken, he tells her, he trusts her.

    One thing Naira is really lucky about is the important men in her life. Be it her father, her brother or her lover. Not once did they think Naira could have been mistaken. What she said was final for them, not once did they ask her any questions. All of them were shaking with anger and needed others to hold them back.

    Naira is a girl who stands up for what is right, but having men like Naitik, Naksh and Karthik in her life makes it easier to stand up against anything.

  17. Vrushy

    The Goenkas are the type of people who demand respect because they feel entitled to it on account of their ” uncha khandan”, their “status”, and in this case them being the “ladkewale”.

    The Singhanias are the type of people who command respect through their actions and behaviour. You cannot help but admire them and “feel respect”.

    The Singhanias treat every person with respect, be it their family members or outsiders, their daughters, their daughters-in-law, even Chitti uncle.

    The Goenkas are not that generous in this regard.

    Their son-in-law is respected to the point of reverence. But does he ever justify that with his actions and behaviour ?!! Not to say that he shouldn’t be shown respect. He should be. As every living being should be. But giving someone respect is not equivalent to putting them on a pedestal.

    Whereas the daughter-in-law is not considered even worthy enough to be equal to their son, let alone treating her with any respect. I was so infuriated at that dialogue of dadi’s.

    The Indian damaad is always so glorified no matter what because people believe you are “giving” your daughter to him. But sadly, the same doesn’t apply to daughters-in-law.

    Hope to see this thinking of dadi change sooner rather than later.

    Anyways kaira’s valentine special episode coming up real soon. Can’t wait for it. Need some romance amidst all this creepiness !!

  18. Happy 2nd month anniversary to all the members of my beloved family.
    Want the same trust among ourselves till many years.
    Sophie di
    As it is said
    Little adjustment is better than lengthy arguments
    meigful silence is bettr than meanigless words
    When pl r rude to u they reveal who they r not about who u r
    So donttake it seriously
    We all r with u and wantu to cmment everyday
    We trust u moe than anyone else who is against u
    So not for u but atleast for us u have to keep commenting.

    I cant reply everyone.
    ifact ieven cant address all of u.
    plz understand my situation.
    My 3 practicaks r over nd 4 r remaining.
    All the bes to allthose having exams.
    Take rest all the patients those r ill.
    Stay united.
    Dont let outsiders spoil our bond n family.
    stay blesses.
    till I return-
    Keep missing me.
    Thanks to all those who included me in their comments.
    I am reading ur coments everyday.
    But cant reply.

    Miss u all
    And also u all miss me sometimes.


    1. Thank you Aniket…it means a lot bro…

  19. Fenil

    hello everyone

    I think that keerti used to watch or say still watching Ekta kapoor’s and Rashmi Desai’s serials like YHM,Saathiya,Swaragini,Kasam Tere pyar ki and all that she became mentally ill .

    I m telling u this on the basis of that ur dilouges like just wait and watch , u will have to pay for your deeds and all.

    One advice for u go on that shows which is like negative and on revenge base ok….don’t come again here….

    u cross lines of manner saying all hurtfull words again Vrushy Dii , Rahul bhai ,Sophie dii and others still we are talk wid u polietly .

    As Su ha and others said to ignore u is best way .

    now u r telling like Nithya tells your cousin had done all this comments if u know that she is ill then why to careless about cell phone now a days . cheap lie u presented here by putting gun on your cousin’s shoulders . Today u remind me nithya but she much better than u .

  20. Hi Guys I’m very very busy these days..came to peep in and say Happy Two Months Anniversary to all the members…
    I hope u guys remember me!
    And I just happened to see that another stupid mannerless girl z annoying our Sophie dii… Dii don’t worry.. we r all with u.. we know how u r.. n how kind u r.. don’t care abt those ppl who r jealous.. even though we r busy.. we will alwys stay beside u dii… Love u dii.. Don’t fall for cheap ppls stupid comments dii.. I’m with u
    And Guys I hope u all r doing well..
    I’m sorry but I will hv to go.. Got the 4n today coz today’s mom’s b’day!!
    Have to study guys…
    Bye miss u all.. love u all.. happy two month anniversary
    Study well BFF RAF ALIYA SOUMYA N LASYA… Thank u everyone for ur wishes..Thankz Rahul bhai n Lasya..
    Hi Ponkuri dii… Happy to know u r a Chinese… don’t worry dii we hv all ppl from manh other countries in our family… Country doesn’t matter as far as the heart z good… N dii can I call u Ponkuri? Coz ur name z a lil bit hard to type? only if u r ok with tht..
    Rahul bhai hapoy to see u respecting girls n women power….
    Can anyone plz tell me when Kaira wedding will be? I hv to wtch it anyhow..
    Gotta go… Love u all.. Miss u all
    Hope u guys won’t forget me.. bye

    1. Thank you Twana for your support…

  21. Krithii welcom to family pls tell yoir age so that i can call u dii or name loll small intro pls only if u comfortable rahul very funny i to like him dont worry our enemies go hell by dying

    1. Shut up.
      Can you stop welcoming others *cough cough* uninvited guests, ooh actually I forgot that you are an uninvited guest as well. Even you are someone’s enemy so you too go to hell.

  22. Sorry I accidentally commented under pat because after I replied to her I commented!! Sorry

  23. Soumya85

    Hii my yrkkh family r u all?
    I m very much busy becoz of exams..just come here to wish u all HAPPY 2 MONTH ANNIVERSARY??wow we have completed 2 months…congratulations everyone.
    Sophie di don’t worry we all r with u..I think she is mad so pls ignore her comments..she don’t have anything to do so she is wasting her and even our time..Sophie di we all know u and love never thought that u r alone…
    Hii ponkuri di we will never think that u r from different our family all r from different countries..and we will definitely teach u Hindi and u even teach us little bit Chinese..
    Aniket bhaiya and twana di happy to see ur comment..take care pat di get well soon di..aniket bhaiya,twana di, aliya di, rosa,rafia di,chanpreet di,lasya di and pawan best of luck…do well in exams..rahul bhaiya ur comment on woman empowerment was amazing..
    Bye for now

    1. Thank you Soumya for spporting me!

  24. Good day all,
    My wonderful, beautiful, cute, lovely and blessed family.
    I have managed to read all comments in the past two episodes. Congratulations to you Adi
    Best wishes to Aniket, Twana, Ishika, Lasya and all others taking their exams.
    I can see we have another hateful troll – she needs prayers. Whenever some people are unhappy and they see the happiness in others; they try to create problems. I keep saying it over and over again ignore them. What they seek is attention. We all know how our family members write so we will know wether it is coming from them or not.
    Sophie please ignore the hater. I am sorry that you have to go through such stupidity. I would have never believed it was you as I know how you write. Don’t let her take your peace. ???
    Rahul very good point that you raised and I like the way you explained the gods. The epics that I have watched (Mahabharat and Sita & Ram) all shows women in very important roles and they were respected.
    And everyone’s take on it have been quite educational.
    Vrushy you are indeed a good writer and don’t ever stop writing. The way you broke it down and relating it to the show was awesome. I am happy you are feeling much better and on the road of full recovery.
    Thanks Adi, I do feel much better today. I hate being ill as I am a buzzer; I like being busy always and when I am ill I can’t buzz around like a bee.

    1. Thank you Pat di…it means a lot…

  25. Happy anniversary to you all and also happy Valentine’s Day from yesterday.
    YRKKH – where is Akshara’s grand mother she is the oldest of all the family and she has such an open mind – I love her
    A lot of people believe that giving a woman power, respect or freedom will cause them to abuse it.
    Respect of all is very important in society and of ignored will cause society to be fragmented.
    I hate humiliation and when you disrespect someone you humiliate them.
    The Goenkas need to learn how to respect others regardless of who they are. I agree their son in law is important to them but to revered him as a godlike figure it is too much. Look at what happened at the photo shoot; because he didn’t get his way he came back and lied on Naira. Kartik was with Naira and Dadi Goenka did not even think to ask her grandson about what happened in the photo shoot but instead called Singhanias to complained. And I was very happy that Naira took a stand against apologising.
    Dadi Goenka is all noble and pious right but what happened that her wonderful damad ji was drinking and she didn’t say anything. Kartik smelled the alcohol in his breath and they all did but could not speak about it.
    There is so much but I believe you have all raised the point that I would have liked to make and you all did it superbly.
    My thing is how can Naira goes to live in such a house where they do not care for her – they dislike her so much and you see it in every situation. And recently, since they found out about Naira’s past they are quick taunt her with it. Now I think Naira should listen to Kartik and live separately until the Goenkas and not Suwarna but the others come to take them home.
    Now the Goenkas are coming across as stupid with all their wealth and exposure to world (well Dadi Goenka likes to boast which part of the world they get stuff from) they sure are very small minded. Your bahu has just cried out about an indecent action and you could not support her. That means you don’t value daughters.
    I think I have rambled enough – please don’t mind me I don’t know all that I am rambling about but I am not in favour of the Goenkas.

  26. You all I am really worried about Naira’s sansural.
    I have tried so hard to understand them but I can’t.
    Everything they are doing that is good for the wedding is not because they have accepted Naira but just so Kartik will not go away. How can Naira go to live with them. My heart is breaking and it is not me but I am thinking how many young women face such situation in real life.
    only Suwarna and Keerti knows that Naira was telling the truth. I mean apart from Naira’s family and Kartik
    Have a blessed day you all

  27. ‘I CLEARED MY ENGINEERING EXAM TODAY’ so i am engineer now
    now episode-
    Naira took a right descion. but she should slap aditya.
    Happy to see that Kartik didn’t took side of aditya .
    Aditya should now learn a lesson from it.
    Now guys I would just like to say that I am going to join my job from next week so there will be a burden on me so I not be able to comment regularly.
    so how are you all?.

  28. My dear beloved family.?.. Twana Pat Soumya TkQvm for ur kind words?… Yes u all can call me Ponkuri… I agree with Pat Vrushy ur good writer the way u write out today epidode is great?

    I am happy to teach Chinese to my family here if need be???n if I wanna learn Hindi pls teach me??

    Rahul n all my Bros n Sistas hve a great day ahead???

    Wishing all the best to all having exams ??????

    Talk soon?☺✋✋???

  29. k Sophie di I knw you thnk i am joking but I jst wnt to clear misunderstnding abt me that Faiza created and iam a little busy wth ma exams so i cant read cmments evryday and I alrdy explained the whole matter in my previos cmment and I can’t explain evryday thats y I wrote evrythng in first cmment and if I keep writing cmments and explaining and u will not blieve me then it wll waste your and ma time too and fenil I dnt know any of the serials ne that you wrote I only follow kkb,yrkkh,ishqbaaz and zkm soo and I jst want to clear the unnecessary doubt by my name like first Faiza used Sophie name and then mine I was also angry jst like Sophie and jst clear this doubt abt me and fenil I dnt knw who is nithya so pls dnt compare me wth her

  30. iam jst apologising on her behalf if possible forgive her pls and she even cmment on kkb she insult someone by the name of angel

  31. and anyways iam jst a silent reader I hve to cmment bcs of Faiza

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