Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th February 2014 Written Episode, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th February 2014 Written Update

Episode begins with Dadi and Rajshree talking about Rajbanna’s wedding saying that they should be happy about it that they are a part of it
Bhabimaa comes to akshara saying that the Priest told that day after tomorrow is an auspicious day Akshara worries thinking whether they can manage everything with such short period of time Bhabimaa says we will do.Rajshree,Varsha and Dadi along with Ananya comes to ss Ananya asks for Duggu Akshara replise saying he is in

Ananya is shown talking to Duggu Ananya asks why he hid such good news from her scenes shift to hall where all are sitting and Akshara says that Duggu is not happy with Devyani then Rajshree asks is he not accompanying Akshara replies saying he has to come Varsha inquires about Naitik Bhabimaa

replies saying today only the ladies are going and day after tomorrow all will go Dadi asks whether the wedding is fixed for day after tomorrow and Bahabimaa(BM) says yes Rajshree says that she forgot to tell that Kaki has gone to Mumbai to meet Anshu BM says akshara informed about it and whether she will be there on the wedding day

Scenes shift to Duggu and Ananya Ananya says to duggu that he should be happy as he was missing his dadi and now your getting a new Dadi Duggu says but that aunty is not good at all for him she is not like dadi at all ananya agree and says what to do

Again scenes shifted to the hall where the elders are sitting dadi says with time relationships will build and the strangers will be your own BM agrees and say in the beginning it was strange but now it feels good BM says Akshara played a big role she is the one who convinced all of us BM says once Nandani & Rukmani comes they can leave Rajshree inquires about Rashmi and Rama dadi feels the comfortableness and says leave it diverting form the topic she ask whether there is anything to be done BM says she has looked in to everything and Dadi also to check once Meanwhile Nandai along with Rukmani and Yash comes Rukmani congratulates Akshara saying first time a DIL is getting her FIL married and she is hear only because Mohit na d Nandani convinced her otherwishe she will never go to a place like that and says she should be ashamed for doing so Dadi interrupts by telling people should be ashamed if they are doing something wrong but not doing something new which creates new relationships

Yash duggu and Ananya is sited where Duggu is telling he will do anything to stop Davyani from being his Dadi Akshara tells its time to leave she calls all the children while she sees Naitik upstairs he nods his head allowing akshara to go Akshara tells Duggu to behave well once gone to Devyan’s place

Shaurya and Kaki in a taxi Kaki says that she is happy as she is meeting Anshu after along time Kaki asks where will we go first Shaurya says will go to Jasmeet’s place as we do not have Ansh’s address

Anshu is asked to make tea as its his day and they say that they enjoyed last night a lot

Devyani comes to her father and he says she is looking beautiful today she goes saying she will prepare breakfast the door bell rings and her dad opens the door and All ladies greet and BM introduce the family Rukmani says that i specially came to see you the new thinking family Akshara asks the kids to greet Devyani Akshara touches Devyanis feet she says she need not to Akshara replies saying you are going to be my MIL and i have every right to do so you cannot stop me and they hug Devyani’s dad inquires about Naitik Akshara excuses saying that he is busy with wedding preparations at home yash asks now what will they do Akshara says they will give lots of gifts to Aunty Duggu says 1st of all i will give i made it by my self Devyani takes it and sees a picture written Dracula Rukmai takes it from Devyani telling lets see what he has given his new Dadi she shows it to everyone saying what has he done all are shock to see it Duggu goes on to say she looks like that to me a Draconian and i don’t like her she can never be my dadi akshara is about to scold duggu when Devyani says she didt feel bad at all its how kids are they dont understand good or bad but want to thank him as no body has made a card for me till date

Yash and Ananya says she is very good why dont you like her if not for her Akshara would have scold him he says she is bad ad never can be his Dadi Ananya and Yash says he should apologizes to Devyani he says Anaya is also on her side but he will never be and says Yash to wait and see what he is gona do

Door bell rings and Jasmeet opens d door and gets shock to see Kaki and Shaurya Anshu comes there asking who it is and ge shocks seeing Kaki

Rasam begins and all are shown giving gifts Rajshree says that she would also like her to become her friend along being relations all agree for the wedding on the day after tomorrow

Naitik gets a SMS from Akshara saying all went well he is sitting in the stairway while Rajbanna(RB) comes there after a silence moment Naitik asks him that there Delhi client is coming and whether we would like to meet him at office or home RB says he will come to office He ask day after tomorrow at what time Maraj ji comes and says day after tomorrow is the wedding

kaki questions Jasmeet and Anshu he asks why is she hear Kaki asks for an answer he lies by telling that as it’s sunday they came to have tea and go shopping he introduce naman and Muskan kaki asks where is his room he says his owner is strict and doesn’t like anyone coming he says her to get fresh
Anshu tells Naman not to allow Kaki to go to his room and say its her room

Akshara says to Naitik make Duggu understand not to behave the way he did naitik tells duggu to go to his room Naitik says telling he doesn’t like is not wrong he is a kid it will be the same you cannot change Rashmi says when its hard for them to digest how can they expect Duggu to do so Akshara asks whether all are not ok with it naitik say we didn’t says so i till say it should happen Akshara says we took this decision after thinking a lot and no one should worry BM says that make your self understand as day after tomorrow is the wedding they all should give their blessing to RB and Devyani Akshara says that they should not make RB feel he is doing something wrong

BM tells the priest that the children agreed for the wedding and Devyani over hears it

Update Credit to: Nishi

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