Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi feeding Kartik the sweets. She asks who has troubled Kartik. Akhilesh says they were nice people and had misunderstanding. Surekha says their daughter saved our Kartik. Manish gets angry. Kartik asks Dadi to leave it. Dadi asks what happened. He says leave it, take rest, else I will leave home again. She asks him not to say this. He says sorry, take rest, we worry for you as you worry for us. He takes Dadi. Manish asks why did you take Naira’s name. Surekha apologizes. Manish says Maa is unwell, no need to talk about this case. Kirti says we will do work which Dadi said. They go.

Suwarna says we should tell this to Dadi. Manish asks what, that Kartik loved that girl. She says he loves her even now, annoyance is there where love exists, I have seen

love in his eyes. He says its better if he starts new life, it will be good, he will forget them, he should make new start with family who will support him in all situations, there is nothing strong than blood relations.

Gayu shows Akshara’s gift for Mishti. Naira asks whats date today. Gayu says we would have forgot her birthday. Naira says we have to celebrate as mumma wanted this. Gayu says yes. Naira says maybe I can convince Kartik by this, I will talk to everyone. Kartik opens his room and gets inside. He checks his belongings and cries seeing a painting made along with his mum. He recalls his mum’s words.

Naira says mumma wanted to celebrate Mishti’s birthday, its not my wish. Karishma says don’t expect this from us so soon, its difference between celebrate and moving on. Naira says everything gets normal with time, she wanted us to make happiness win over sorrow. Naitik agrees and says Akshara wanted to see us happy always, we will celebrate Mishti’s birthday for Akshara. They all agree. Gayu asks Naira to invite Kartik. They go. Naitik says I have to talk about Kartik. Naira sees Akshara’s pic and says I m trying to walk on the path shown by you, so that this family’s happiness comes back, I wish Kartik comes there, I will never hurt him.

Kartik checks his laptop and cries seeing Naira’s pics. He thinks of her. Yeh rishta kya….plays….. Dadi prays and does tilak to Kartik. She says we want to pray no one makes Kartik away, we will have breakfast now. Naitik, Bau ji, Devyaani and Bhabhimaa come to meet Kartik. The guard asks did you take appointment. Bau ji says Kartik knows us, just tell me Singhanias has come to meet him. Guard goes. Devyaani says its fine, everyone has house rules. Kartik takes tea. Dadi asks her to have green tea instead milk tea. Kartik says this desi tea is good, is there no kachoris. Surekha says you learnt having food like that family, it happens. Suwarna says I will get the snacks made. Dadi asks Kartik to go and change. He goes. She says he stayed there and got adapted to them, what relation did he have with them, who are they, how did he stay there. Guard says sorry to disturb, Mr. Singhania came to meet Kartik. Dadi asks did they take appointment, make them sit and give snacks, Kartik can’t meet till 9, as per pandit ji said. Manish looks on.

Dadi meets Singhanias. Dadi says Kartik will take some time to come, I m his Dadi Suhasni Goenka, he will have breakfast and come, will you have green tea or low fat tea. Devyaani says we had breakfast. Dadi shows her rich standards. She asks how did you know Kartik. Naitik says I m Naitik Singhania, we came to talk about Kartik and Naira. Manish comes. Naitik and everyone greet him. Naitik says sorry, we doubted on Kartik, he went to jail because of us, situation was such. Dadi gets angry. Naitik and everyone apologize. Kartik comes and asks what are you doing, please no need to apologize, you have more sorrow and loss, you accepted truth on knowing it and saved me from punishment, none has right to stay annoyed with you, end this matter today.

Bhabhimaa says its Mishti’s birthday today. Bau ji says Akshara had wish that we all celebrate. Devyaani invites Kartik. Bau ji says get the kids along. Bhabhimaa asks will you come. Dadi says he can’t come, I kept puja for Kartik, he has to stay here. Devyaani says I got kachoris made by Rajshri, she also wanted to come. Bau ji says we shall leave now. They go. Lav and Kush like kachories. Kartik takes them along.

He takes them to market. He tells about Mishti. They ask who is Mishti, your GF. Kartik says no, my BFF, its her birthday today. They ask him to go in birthday. He asks them to go and buy things. Naira comes to market and tells Gayu that she may get something good for Mishti here. Kartik also buys for Mishti. Lav and Kush were about to fall in pit. Naira saves them and asks them to be careful. She calls them cute and asks them to smile. They laugh. Kartik sees her and calls her out. He asks what are you doing, you are trying to get matter solved by my brothers, why are you adamant, I don’t want to keep any relation. They pull his hand. He says give me 2 mins to talk. She asks him to get anger out on her, shout. He says you don’t understand. They argue. Lav and Kush say time out, are you her enemy, she helped us and saved us. They thank Naira. Naira gives a keychain to Kartik and says sorry. He says I m fed up of explaining, you want proof of love and innocent, enough now, thanks and sorry. He asks the kids to come. The kids take keychain. They leave. Naira says I can’t lose soon.

Naira and Gayu sing rishton ki bhagiyan…… Everyone dance.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Vrushy

    I just love rajshree and karthiks bond. He is her ladla beta !! Karthik seeing naira’s pics and crying was just so sad. Hope he forgives her…..
    Why is this manish so snobbish ?!!
    Singhania’s are just so lovely, they went to ask for forgiveness.

  2. I hate you Karthik

    1. No Karthik is right, love is based on trust. If Naira cannot trust Karthik in such a situation, how can Karthik expect a strong relationship with Naira in future ??? At least she didn’t give any chance to Karthik to explain what was happened….

      1. Agree with u Anu

  3. How was yr xm guyz ???
    And let me introduce myselves im aliya and im doing my 12 std…hai all..can u include me in yr grp!!!

    1. It was good…. and how was urs???

  4. Goenka Dadi… ohh.. ??she is soo arrogant …by the way love the twins… they r the ones who keep us smiling these days…. and abt swarna… Isn’t she Karthik’s real mom??? She seems to be his step mom..
    And Thankz for everyone who wished me
    yesterday… Hope others also did their best
    in their exams!!!! The8, Sarayu, Mihi n Aliya Khan

  5. Hi Aniket, Pat , Shilpa, Vrushy, Shruthy and all other YRKKH fans and silent comment readers. I hope you guys have enjoyed your day today.

    It was really nice to see that Kartik has forgived Singhanias and Maheshwaris and has understand their pain. It was really bad to see that Manish and dadi didn’t asked Singhanias to come inside. Kartik is still not so matured but Manish and dadi could have asked them to come inside. This scene reminds me of movie TAAL of Ashwarya, akshay khanna , anil kapoor.

    Guys Don’t hate Kartik he will realize about Naira’s loss also like in Switzerland. Kaira will be united.

    Even I also think that now enough time has been given to Kartik and I think now he should forgive Naira.

    Anyway guys I will not write much.

    Tomorrow is my exam of Material science and day After tomorrow is my exam of electronics.
    Bye guys . Good night. Have sweet dreams. And I will not sleep tonight. Bye

    1. Good luck Rahul

  6. Hi Pat, Rahul, Sachu and all the members on this site. If we notice since the 1st episode of YRKKH then we come to know that for the past 8yrs the story of YRKKH revolved around Maheshwaris and Singhanias. In those 8yrs, no external family was introduced in the show. I mean, Parents of Varsha, Jasmeet or Karishma didnt occupied so much of screen time. Even their Homer were not shown. The same was the case with in-laws of Nandani and Rashmi….. to be continued..

  7. But for the 1st time in past 8 years, new famous actors (Parul, Sachin, Swati and in all 8 members) are introduced with their huge mansion (Goenkas Villa). So I fear that storyline will revolve around Goenkas for long time. But I Pray this should not happen. coz Maheshwaris and Singanias are the soul of the show and I dont want storyline to part away from these both Families. So I wish, Ananya and Naksh to come apap so that storyline will revolve again in Maheshwaris and Singanias as what I wanted..

    1. Vrushy

      Don’t worry because keerthi is going to be cast opposite naksh. Therefore nothing of this sort will happen. After naksh comes back , their love story and their marraige life would be shown so the singhanias would not be sidelined !!

      1. Hope the CVs cast the same on-screen. I wish Naksh to return asap. Where is Ananya, and Yash?

  8. Hi frnds. Y manish is being so rude ? karthik is saved bcoz of Naira. Yeah rajshri is so caring towards karthik. It was gud to see Kaira togethr eventhough they were fighting. Read in spoiler that karthik ll soon forgive Naira. I also have a bad feeling that writers r going to concentrate more on goenkas. Plzz dont do that. Then it ll nt be our Yrkkh that we love to watch. we want maheswaris n singhanias in future also.

  9. Hi Sachu, Felt good to know u also think the same way that its okay for now but in future we want to see the storyline to b revolved around Maheshwaris and Singanias only. All the Best Rahul. Do well in ur Exams. Let me know in which grade do u stdy. Yes Twana, Suwarna is Kartiks step mom. And Welcome to the group Aliya!

    1. Hi Aniket I am in 3rd year in college and you???

    2. Thank you so much Aniket. I study in 3rd year in college. And what about you???

      1. I am in 12th std bhai. Bhai introduce urself. Also Pat is missing today!! Both of u post apap!! Convey us about how ur papes was!!

  10. Dear all, (Rahul, Pat, Sachu, Shilpa, Vrusy, Sethidisha, Cynthia, Amalina, Pawan, Nikhil, Ridzz, Twana, Sruthi, Aliya and all the members on this site.) A Biii Hello to all of u. How many of u would like to create a group of all of us? Those who wish to b the part of YRKKH Family group can share their details regarding their education and hometown. For so long v have been chatting only formal issues but once v all become friends, v can also chit chat on our regular topics like examinations and etc.

  11. i agree with all. please unite kaira and get them married and please concentrate on singhanias and maheshwaries. they are the soul of this serial.
    also bring akshara back please.
    really wanted to see her becoming mother in law.

  12. Actualy the thought of creating the group came in my mind when Twana ported about her paper and then all wished her. Well, to begim with self-intro, we have already recived from Aliya, and here is mine.. I am Aniket Maheshwari, studing in 12th std and my stream is biology (pcb). I am from Kalamnuri, a talula in Hingoli district of Maharashtra.. Waiting for u all now. Its nt compulsary, bt those who are interestd can b the part of the grup!!

    1. ??Ur Idea is great

      1. Thank u soo much Twana!!

  13. Hello everybody???I wish All the Best to all who r taking ur exams!!???

    Ok…now back to comment…everyone has their own POV…but all in all we love ?YRRKKH? and if sometimes some of us comment abt Karthik or anyone please understand it is individual POV..hope no one get angry or offended ya?????

    I also agreed that Manish n granny r being rude to Singhanias…I also wonder why Karthik can understand Naitik n family except Naira? He said no need to apologise but It applies to Naira also regarding abt losing Akshara…why he is so firm wit Naira??? I also do hope he can patch back wit Naira asap??

    Like you guys me too hope that the story dun evolve around Goenkas too much n bring our Singhanias n Maheshwaris…more limelights…

    Wishing All who r taking exams All the Best of Luck n Blessings…?????????

  14. Hello everyone. First of all I thenk u sooo much Aniket bhaiya for taking initiation to create friendship among all of us. Actually this is the sote where I am gettung elder brothers and sisters from whom I can take guidance on various topics.
    I am Pawan Jadhav studying in standard 10th. ( mai apne group me sabse chota hu shayad). I live in Akola with my parents and younger brother.
    Yooooo I am yhe 3rdmember of this group. Glad to b a part of the group. But I will not be commenting that frequently coz my mom dont give me cellphone that often. Sorry for this.
    And omce again thank u Aniket bhaiya and aliya didi.
    A very good morning to all my new family membera (group members)

    1. Tysm Pawan. Yes bhai u r the youngest among all of us. Dont worry we all are there for u anytime anywhere!!

  15. Well… good morning evryone… I’m also in 12…. these days I’m struck in my exams… wait till I get rid of it??
    *3 days more*??

  16. Hii ankit its such a nice thought to create a grp.n thank u all for being so friendly and geerous to include me in your grp.
    Well im from bangalore but staying in tamil nadu i am from pcmb stream.
    Wow u too in twelfth vry nic bro v r sailing in the same boat

    1. Ty aliya. yes we are sailing in the same boat. How are u doing with ur preparations?

      1. Have 3 days for physics xm preparation in betwwen lang paper but now im preparing chem…sachu di ka subject.#hahaha…as no leave chem xm

  17. Hii twana sry spelled aniket ankit i thought u were ankit and hai rahul bhai all the best for your exams…

  18. Hi Aniket I like ur thought as I too love to make frnds bcoz they r the greatest asset in one’s life according to my pov. Well Iam elder than u. I completed my studies and is now qualified to be a lecturer in chemistry. Recently I became mother of a baby boy and is now keeping up with Yrkkh thru these updates. Iam frm kerala. Hope my seniority does nt keep me away frm being frnds wit u all.

    1. Oh not at all Sachuu.. we r happy to have an elder didi?… how old is ur baby?? ?

    2. Wow mam chemistry lecturer grt…mostly v r frm 12th & 10 th std…so i think u will b a guide for all of us……hahah just simply i said it…
      Congrates on yr baby mam…love to yr lil one…

      Heh pawan welcome to the grp…
      And welcome garima didi…ahmedabad must be vry cool ryt now???winters r n na

    3. Oh I am so sory Sachu dii to call u only Sachu in my previous comments! First of all very Hearty Congratulations on the arrival of a new cute guest at ur home. And THANK U soo much, it means a lot to me that u liked my idea. And not at all dii, ur seniority wil never make u away from us. !!CONGRATULATIONS once again!!

  19. Hello everyone how are you all doing work your examinations…. Hope u all score well……. I don’t comment frequently but us sometimes I do…… The idea of creating the friendly atmosphere on the site is mind-blowing……

    Let me introduce myself.
    My name is Garima shah….. I study engineering 2nd year…. I live in Ahemdabad….

    Friends I wonder why those people who comment everyday are not introducing themselves…… I mean I am waiting for u people named Vrushy Rahul Pat Ridzz Twana Shut and all of u to introduce herself…. Happy to be your friend……!!!!!!

    1. Hello Garima
      I’m Twana studies in grade 12 n doing maths.. I spent my childhood n most of my life in Australia… Itz been 4 yrs since I returned… I love to watch YRKKH!!!! What else??? Ah I hv a younger brother and I love to read books

  20. Hi Twana he s now just 18 days old dear

    1. Ohhhh he must be cutee…I also hv a cousin brother who’s just 20 days old… ??

  21. Vrushy

    Hello everyone.
    Sorry for the late introduction as I had class in the morning. Got free right now and read the comments. It a great idea !!

    I am vrushika patel. I live in vadodara, gujrat and I am persuing to become a CA. Right now I am studying in 12 th standard.

    I would also like to add that as soon as rohan mehra aka naksh will return from big boss and the production house would find a new face for akshara then the focus would be back on singhanias and maheshwaris. To all those who are worried about them being sidelined, just have some patience and faith. Its the introduction of goenka family therefore in order to introduce their characters they are given more screen space.

    PS : I also write a fan fiction on kaira and I have also written some one shots !!

  22. Khalid711998

    Kaira slove it

  23. Of course Aaliya, I would love to help u guys. Great to see so many buddies out here. No need to call mam n all. Once anyone becomes my frnd, they never respect me as an elder however younger they r to me. Secretly, I love that bcoz being childish and company of young frnds always keeps u young.

  24. kartik have right to angry with naira beacause she dont trust him when he need her most, kartik will get death sentenced to for murder case

  25. A BiiiG Hello to my new family. Thank u soo much Sachu di, Pawan, Twana, Aliya, Garima and Vrushy for liking my idea. But yet I am waiting for my 3 friends with whom I am connected on the site since my 1st day. Yes I am telling about- Rahul bhai, Pat and Shilpa. Waiting for u 3, so introduce urself asap. As far as I know, Rahul bhai, Pawan, Nikhil, Lakhan and Me are only the boys on the site. I repuest Rahul bhai not to disapear from the site coz u r only the company for me here. plz Bhai!! Pat where r u??

  26. Okkk..sachu dii better??itz nice to hav people both younger and elder to us jus luk the shows page v r commenting

  27. ShriyaT

    Hiee everyone…actually i m a silent reader but i want to be friend of urs so pls accept my friendship…

    1. Accepted of course ?? Welcome to YRKKH family

    2. Dosti qubool hai

  28. Excited for today’s epi…??

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