Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshara asking Naitik to forget everything. He asks for a shawl, and he opens cupboard. The clothes fall. She asks did he manage this. He says yes, Naksh and I cleaned the room so that you find it good. She sees slippers in drawer and asks him who keeps slippers here. He asks her to sleep and takes her in his lap. Naksh and Naira and see them. They smile and leave. Naitik says you came back in my life Akshara and is glad.

Sangram says Akshara will tell herself about the accident. Dada ji comes to him and scolds him, saying he has come to know everything, person can be clever and truth comes out anyhow. He asks why did you do this. Sangram says I did not do intentionally, it was not my mistake. Dada ji says yes, that was Lala’s mistake that he gave

you loan. Sangram gets perplexed. Dada ji asks him to return money soon. Sangram says fine.

Naksh talks to Tara and says I will find out. Naitik tells someone that he can’t come, Akshara is imp at this time. Naksh asks all well, with whom were you talking. Naitik says all fine, go and sleep. Naksh checks the call was from Krishna. Its morning, everyone does puja and aarti. Bhabhimaa asks Akshara to take rest. Akshara says I wanted to get blessings. Naira says I will take care of Akshara. Akshara says fine, but help me in one thing, I promises Anshu and Shaurya that I will plan a party for mum and dad’s anniversary. Naitik and Bau ji says you will work and get stressed. She insists. Naitik says fine, just give orders and we will do the work. She says she has some party ideas, but mum and dad should not know it.

Naitik tells Keshav to manage work or bear loss, but he has to take care of Akshara. Naksh hears him and sees Naitik taking care of Akshara. Naitik says staff is managing work, and asks her not to worry. Naira asks Naksh what happened. Naksh says I was thinking something. Naitik asks Akshara to rest now. She asks him to go Krishna, as he had big order. He says work is going well. She asks him to go. Everyone ask Naitik to go. Naitik smiles seeing him. Naksh says till mum gets fine and you come Krishna by your wish, I will manage it, Naitik wants to be with Akshara. Naira says yes, we decided I will help Papa here and Naksh will manage Krishna. Naksh says yes, I m not that confident, but I m sure I will work honestly. Akshara says we trust you. Naitik says we are sure you will make us feel proud. Naksh takes their blessings and hugs Akshara. He asks her to do his tika. She does his tika. They all wish Naksh all the best. Naksh leaves.

Akshara coughs taking medicines and Naitik makes her mind diverted. She understands and kisses him. Naira comes and closes her eyes. Akshara asks her to come. Naira asks for their signs on annual day participation forms. Naitik signs and asks Akshara to sign. Akshara gets dizzy and her vision gets dark. She holds her head and signs. She gives form to Naira. Naira says you signed over Naitik’s sign. Akshara asks how did this happen, sorry, the form got spoiled. Naira says its fine, I will get another printout, take care. Naitik asks Akshara is she fine. she says yes, I got dizzy. He asks her to rest.

Naksh manages clients at Krishna. Tara comes and meets Naksh. They have a sweet talk. She says it would be tough to manage Krishna. He says he loves working in Krishna, as he gets independence here. She says fine, give me a job too. He says fine and holds her hand, teasing her that he will take an interview first. She smiles.

Naitik and elders do not let Akshara do any work. Naitik tells them that he spoke to Omi, and told him to get Rajshri and Vishwamber as a surprise here. He asks her to take rest. Akshara sleeps. She dreams falling down the stairs in darkness and calling out Naitik and Naksh. She wakes up and gets worried. Naitik asks her what happened, she called him. She signs nothing, he says I felt you called me. She worries about the strange dream.

Akshara is cooking and gets headache. She sees darkness and adds salt instead sugar.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I have read somewhere Akshara will lose her eyesight. I don’t remember the website but u can Google it,if u don’t believe me. Honestly I am feeling very bad for her. I wish it turns out to b false. I don’t want Akshara to lose her eyesight.

    1. These are all creations of ideas from the Director’s mind.
      Akshara gets blind which was shown in the News which comes at around every channel viz. Aaj tak, India TV, IBN 7, ZEE news channel etc…..

      Any ways we have to watch episodes as it come.

  2. s i hv also read tht akshara becomes blind…soo sad bt its real…..

  3. Very tensed episode

  4. Naksh was looking very handsome today. ?

  5. That part was very funny, when Akshara opened up a drawer n found sandals into it…. LoL! ?

  6. Sumi bhattacharjee’s true..Akshara loss her eyesight…

  7. Sumi bhattacharjee’s true..Akshara lose her eyesight…

  8. I hope Akshara will recover very soon. ?

  9. tara (umang jain) i love ur acting and ur expresions

  10. No..not akshara please…she is the life of this show…loving tara and naksh..they look cute together..

  11. Its ture akshara loss her eyesight

  12. this act I like most

  13. Nice episode

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