Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira seeing Kartik. She goes to room and cries. Kartik sits thinking and is upset. Yeh Rishta….plays……. Kartik wakes up and says finally, light has come. He looks for Naira. He gets her phone. He goes to find her and asks guard. Guard says I just came for duty, I did not see her. Kartik reaches a Dargah and goes to pray. He sees Naira praying there. He smiles seeing her. She holds his hand and stops her. He sits back and prays. They tie the thread of mannat. They see each other. She cries. He asks what are you doing.

She ties many threads and says I wish our relation is much strong like this strong knot, there should be no distance in hearts. A thread falls. He holds the thread. They tie the thread. She says I did not wish to hurt you,

sorry I love you. He asks do you feel sorry to love me. He says its just one life, either we can fight or love. She says I like second option, we will get happiness walking on love path. He says I want to give you happiness all life. They hold hands and leave. They reach home. He asks for keys. She says I have no keys, I have no habit to take keys, you were at home. He says I was worried for you, not keys. They argue.

He says we will go out and have food, keymaker will make the keys. She says there is something imp. Lav and Kush refuse to have food and ask them to call Kartik and Naira. Dadi says you both got ready for school. She feeds them. Dadi asks Kirti to see, they are good kids and love me a lot. Lav says even Kartik loves you a lot. She says Kartik does not need my advice now. Lav says but we need him. She asks them to talk to Kartik after coming back. Kirti takes them. Dadi cries.

Akhilesh and Dadi talk about convincing Kartik. Dadi says I will not stay here now, I failed to convince Kartik, I will go village haveli or ashram, I will miss Kartik here, there is big festival of Gangaur, what will I answer people, Naira did not think Kartik is not just her husband, he is the son of this house also. Kirti comes and says Kartik called. Dadi gets glad. Kartik gives phone to Naira and goes away. Dadi hears Naira and gets angry.

Naira says we miss you all, we came here but… Dadi disconnects the call angrily. Kartik sees Naira. Dadi says give me phone if its Kartik’s call, I will leave before Gangaur. Bhabhimaa says Gangaur has come, we did not know when days passed. Naksh asks shall I get organic mud for the idol. Bhabhimaa says you always joke on Naira’s inlaws. He says I m serious and smiles. He goes. She says I will talk to Suhasini, we will do things as they say. Devyaani says yes, it should be memorable for them.

Naira says we will convince them. Kartik says not everyone, I know they love me, they will understand, sometimes distance is necessary in relations. The food stall man gives them food. The man says keymaker will come till you have food. Naira asks how will we pay them. Kartik says we will pay money later. The man says we know you. She asks Kartik do you come here and have kachoris. He says yes, but now you will make it. She asks will I make it for you, you are Kachoriger as you eat kachoris. He smiles. Naksh sees them at the stall and gets down the car. He calls out Naira. He asks you guys here. The keymaker comes asks which key you want to make. Kartik asks him to come. Naksh asks did you lose bike keys. Manager asks Naksh to come, client is coming. Naksh asks is everything fine. Naira says yes, I will call you later. Naksh leaves.

Kartik says we have to tell your family about house, we can’t hide, they will be hurt knowing this from someone else. He gets a call. He says I will just come, give me 2mins. He says Naira, I have to end work, its our first day in house, you will be alone. She says its fine, I m not a kid, I will arrange things and go some shopping. He says fine, I will make keys first.

They leave. He gives her his wallet. She returns him. He asks her why is she returning it, you should give me pocket money. She says I m not such wife. He says but I m such husband. He kisses on her cheek and says I m already missing you. He leaves. She gets Lav and Kush’s call. They say we are annoyed with you. She asks why. They ask her to come back. She says Kartik is on the way, he is driving bike, so maybe he did not answer. They insist her to come home. She says we will meet, ask at home, Kirti or Surekha will get you to mall, I will get Kartik there, we will have icecream. Surekha takes phone from them and asks them to go to school, ask us before talking to Kartik and Naira. They think Surekha is angry, whom to ask. They get an idea. Surekha says maybe Naira and Kartik realized mistake and want to know about us by kids. Dadi says let them know. Surekha says how can Kartik listen to Naira.

Naira drops the things and picks them. The lady says it all got spread. Naira says I won’t let anything shatter. The lady helps her. Suwarna comes to temple. Naira sees her. A man stops the car and asks Naira to cross the road, and not stand midway.

Surekha asks Naira where are my kids. Kartik and Naira get shocked. Surekha says they were going to meet you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. So dadi feels naira “did not right to take karthik from his family ” but what about her trying the separate naira from her family?! Such double standards women I don’t even feel bad seeing her crying. The only pitiful characters are suwarna, kirti and naira to be stuck in this war of relation.

    1. Right, now I don’t think kart him should even forgive Manish.

  2. Hii guys how r u all…..

    so our two cuties luv kush r missing
    and they blame naira this is too much now…..

    1. Rahul96

      I have kidnapped luv and Kush ? ???. Both cuties are with me !!!???

      1. Soumya85

        Bhaiya you have kidnapped luv and kush it’s not fair as the cops r busy in exams…u took advantage of that very bad bhaiya but we will catch u pakka par hamare team ke leader ne team ko akela chor diya ab jab sare log ayenge tab hi yeh chor police ka game age badhega…I’m missing everyone a lot

  3. Can the dasi just die. She is the one tearing this fanioy apart

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    RAHUL BHAIYA, wil u PLS tell me that when is Ua birthday bcoz I know it’s in October but Dnt knw d date. PLS tell me bhaiya!!
    Take Care everyone guys. Bye..

  5. Nice pisode but now what’s about my lav kush??????? R dey kidnapped? ?????and khadoooooooos surekha she’s blaming it on naira. Nd this dadi is such a drama queen. She is crying for her owm mistake nd blaming on naira. This 2rs cheap things doesn’t suits her…

    Raf di plz don’t do such that u won’t comment. I have just join ur family. Please at least comment for my sake.

    And where are all this– sachu di, sophie di , rahul bhaiya, pat di, pavan bhaiya, adi bro????????
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