Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with elders dancing on Tukur Tukur de dana dan song…… Everyone smile seeing Rajshri –Vishwamber and Devyaani-Bau ji dancing. Dadi and Bhabhimaa join them and dance. Varsha and Shaurya see Kuhu getting hurt and rush to save her. Naksh and Naira’s dance on Gerua song. Ranveer and Ananya dance along. Varsha smiles seeing them. The kids join them. Naksh lifts Tara. Everyone clap for them.

Mishti says now its turn of evergreen couple, guess who. Naitik and Akshara dance on O ri chori….. song. Everyone smile and bless them. Dadi says we will dance now. They all dance along. Kuhu brings Varsha and Shaurya together. They all dance and smile happily. Akshara thinks why is Naira troubling Golu. Golu falls over Dada ji. They all get shocked. Dada ji and Baisa

fall down. Baisa gets angry on Dada ji for insulting her. Golu looks at Sukanya. Dada ji says Golu pushed me, what shall I do. Naira looks for Sukanya. Akshara stares at Naira.

Golu says sorry and goes. Akshara says its not Golu’s mistake. Naira asks why are you seeing me like this, I did not do anything. Akshara says I have seen you, don’t lie, its Naira’s mistake, she should apologize to Dada ji and Baisa. Naira cries and says I m saying truth, why are you not trusting me. Dada ji says leave it, she is kid. Akshara makes Naira apologize. Naira says sorry and cries. Dada ji asks her to be careful, joke gets wrong, see Baisa got hurt. Naira goes. Akshara takes Baisa. Akshara asks Mishti not to mess up place. Devyaani asks Mishti to take her toys. Akshata takes care of Baisa. Mishti gets annoyed with Kuhu for messing up toys. Naira and Sukanya argue. Sukanya fills Naira’s ears against Akshara.

Akshara says I will see balm to apply to Baisa and goes with Varsha. Kuhu massages Baisa’s head. Baisa likes the massage. Akshara says Kuhu…. Baisa sees Kuhu and says I felt its Naira and Mishti, this is lovely girl, her dad was going to come to take her, make me talk to her dad, I will tell him. Akshara says yes, take rest. Baisa says leave Kuhu with me. Akshara says Varsha, we will tell truth to Baisa after marriage, else it can be problem. Mishit gets sad and Akshara apologizes to her. She says Kuhu is taking care of Baisa, finish food and go to Baisa. She says Bhabhimaa is calling me and goes. Mishti says it was Kuhu’s mistake and I got scolding.

Vishwamber, Omi and Bau ji talk about their village days. They talk about some woman Champa. Rajshri, Kaki come there and hear them. The men see their wives, say they want to love and live just with their wives and get saved.

Akshara asks Sangram to give sweets to villagers and they will do some work here. Sangram says how can I make you work. Naitik says we will do some work, we are groom’s parents. He sends Sangram and tells Akshara that its his duty to do all work now. She says we will do all work together. He says I can’t win over you. She says did we go old, I feel I m recalling past again and again, and reminds that they came to village when Naksh was born. He says yes, and reminds their marriage time. He compliments her and gets close. They smile. He goes to kiss her and cow’s moo disturbs them. She laughs.

Baisa scolds Tara and says you marry your game, there is no woman in your house to give you sense. Akshara looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. naitik nd akshara scene as always so cute nd romantic . there dancing are so nice.

  2. Sarayu(honey)

    This baisa is irritating me. Wriers, I request you to please change the track after naksh’s and tara’s marriage. I don’t want the fights happening between mother and daughter or between relations. Aur vaise bhi bahut naach gaana, functions, aur fights(between family members) ho gaya hai. Ab please koi nayi track layiye

    1. I think sukanya will make naira hate skshara

  3. (Naitik & Akshara)’s dance performance was superb. ? Enjoy every bit of it. (Naksh & Tara)’s performance was also brilliant.. ? #YRKKH rockzZz on the floor today. ?

  4. Hi everyone,
    I couldn’t see this serial for the past 2 years properly. Though I was able to understand the story. I wanted to know about rashmi. What happened to her, and her baby gayu? Also what happened to her mother in law rema? Where is she now?
    2. What happened to chikki? Where is she now?
    3. So many maids missing in maheswari family? Dhanya n her husband
    4. What happened to muskaan? Where is she now?
    5 what happened to rithuraj and bindya?

    Can someone please tell me shortly?? Please please

    1. Visit hotstar….. there get’s u r answer

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