Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rukmani telling Bhabhimaa that Nandini saved her life. Nandini says Rukmani is right. She says Akshara did not wish Dadda ji to die, and she did not anything wrong. Everyone is shocked. Bhabhimaa recalls Nandini saying its Akshara’s mistake and she will not see Akshara’s face now. Bhabhimaa drops the tea cup and looks at Nandini. She asks what did she say. Nandini cries and says it not Akshara’s mistake. Bhabhimaa asks did she forget her dad’s death, what happened that she is thinking this. Nandini says she understood being in same situation, she misunderstood Akshara all these years and she is sure that she will also understand this, but she is scared that it can be late.

Bhabhimaa asks her to stop it and cries. She says its fine, she will bear

this too that her daughter is not supporting her, fine meet Akshara who has killed Dadda ji, just do a favor, don’t say this again. Nandini says she is misunderstanding her. Bhabhimaa says yes, but you can’t change my decision, else she will disown her also. Bhabhimaa and everyone leave. Nandini cries. Mohit asks her not to worry, he knew this will happen as its first time we told this, everything will be fine slowly, Bhabhimaa will also change. Naman says it will be good, we can talk freely then.

Naksh makes breakfast ready. Naitik and Akshara think are they dreaming and pinch each other. Naira comes and asks is this a dream. Naksh asks her not to do drama, its not dream, its reality, I can also cook. Naitik asks Akshara whats the matter. She says I don’t know. Naksh says he made everyone’s fav food and asks them to have food. Naira teases him.

Naksh thinks he is making them happy being afraid of their reaction when he goes India. Vishwamber gets all kitchen utilities and shows Rajshri. He says now he will cook in his way. She says there is no space. He says he will make separate cooking space. Nannu comes and says he is hungry. He runs. Ananya jokes on men in kitchen, means spoiling everything. Everyone laugh.

Naksh asks Sanju whats her problem and sees her face. He says there is no pimple, why is she sad. She says Akshara madam made new rule that attendance is compulsory. Naksh asks her not to worry, he will talk to her. She says she will not understand, she will really do something that she will bunk classes. He asks what will she do, relax, he will talk, she is not bad. She asks do you know her, I will see her. She leaves. Naksh worries. Sanju sees Akshara and gets angry. Naman has many things in his hand, and also a pizza. Mishti helps him and makes the pizza stick to roof. He says how will it come down. She says she will help and it falls, and she holds it. He says thanks, I will not forget this.

Sanju fools Akshara and sends Akshara to auditorium. They scare her. Akshara asks them to stop it, its not funny, come out. They push her inside a watch. Akshara gets tensed and knocks the glass. Kaki asks Rajshri to let Vishwamber cook, he will be busy. Rajshri says whats good in this, she used to be annoyed when Anshu used to do this. The ladies look on. Ananya says she will not meet anyone. Varsha says you just meet, I m not asking to marry. Ananya says she will not marry. Dadi asks Ananya to meet for their sake.

They all convince Ananya and she agrees. Akshara asks for help. Sanju says this was not our plan, I don’t think we should do this. The guy stops her. Akshara gets unwell and shouts help. Naksh comes there and is shocked seeing Akshara. He runs there. Sanju says how is he here. Naksh tries to open the watch, and asks Akshara is she fine.

He tries to open the glass door and asks for help. He breaks the glass and Sanju says she will be hurt, help. The guy stops her. Naksh brings Akshara out and asks is she fine. He calls everyone out and says I know you all are hiding here, come out. Sanju and everyone come out. Naksh gets angry on them. Akshara says I m fine, I was suffocated inside. He takes her. He says why did Sanju not hear her, we always do pranks, but not such serious. You can’t do anything with her, she is special. He says will not leave them, he will not tolerate if they do this with her, its his mistake, he should have told them earlier. Akshara says no, I m fine. Naksh says no,I have to tell them else they can do anything again. He says guys, she is my mum. Akshara smiles. They all are shocked.

Akshara says she will resign from her post if they want to avoid her and bunk the class. Sanju feels bad.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. When will bhabbimaa call them back

  2. duggu confronting his friends for akshara so good episode

  3. Yoo naksh . Thats like our old naksh. Proud of u.

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