Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Naksh and Kirti get married

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik seeing the exit. Lights get off. He finds the door shsut. He asks who has locked me in here. Lights get on. He shouts Naira. Manish says this time I m sure of Kirti’s fate and my choice. Suwarna says I wish they both stay happy. Kartik tries to break the door. Naira comes to everyone and sees the pheras going on. Devyaani and Rajshri sign to ask all fine. Naira nods. They smile. Kartik finds a mirror and shouts for help. Suwarna asks where were you. Naira says I was here. Suwarna asks where is Kartik, he will be around, why will anyone go away, are you seeing Kirti’s happiness, its not just of her marriage, its because Manish and Kartik are together, I wish this happiness always stays. Naira nods.

Kirti signs Naira what happened. Naira smiles.

She wishes Kartik could understand this shouldn’t be stopped. Kartik throws things. Wedding rounds complete. Kartik breaks the glass and comes out. He runs. Naksh fills sindoor in Kirti’s maang. Kartik looks on. Pandit says wedding ritual for completed. Kartik gets shocked. They all clap. Naira hugs Naksh and Kirti. Kartik recalls Naksh’s words and gets angry. He thinks of Naira. Kirti holds Naksh’s hand. Kartik stops seeing this and gets back. Naira sees Kartik.

Kids ask Kartik to come. Naira worries. Kirti hugs Kartik and says I can’t tell you how much happy I m, finally this marriage happened. He smiles and nods. Naksh says Kartik, thanks for giving me your sister, I will always keep her happy, I won’t give anyone a reason to complain, don’t take tension, don’t get sad. He hugs Kartik. Kartik looks at Naira. Kirti thanks Naira and Kartik. Naksh says this marriage was possible because of you both. Pandit asks them to take elders’ blessings. Bhabhimaa says my mannat got fulfilled, Naksh got married, I wish Naitik and Akshara could see this day. Bau ji and Devyaani bless them. Rajshri says don’t let this pairing break, Najsh will love Kirti a lot. Kartik sees Naira. Baisa blesses Naksh and Kirti.

Naksh hugs Yash. Dadi hugs them. She says no relation is unique since start, you have to make it such, you both are simple and good. Manish blesses them and says I m glad she is getting a good house. Suwarna says we know Naksh will keep you happy. Manish says Kirti will keep him happy too. Akhilesh and Surekha too bless them. Kids say you are the best Naksh jiju, we love you. Kartik gets angry and goes. Naira goes after them. Bhabhimaa asks Naksh to call Naitik and talk. Rajshri says where did Kartik and Naira go. Ananya says they went that side, Kartik looked emotional. Rajshri says brothers are emotional, Naira will manage him.

Kartik shouts why did you do this …… Naksh calls Naitik and says its not connecting. Dadi says we will do preparations for bidaai. Devyaani asks them to spend time with Kirti, they will do preparations. Naksh goes. Surekha says we didn’t get time in Aditya and Kirti’s marriage.

Akhilesh says yes, we didn’t live this moment that time. Kids ask them to talk. They all get emotional. Suwarna says we can understand our heart talk right now. Manish shows a little house model. Kirti says its my childhood memory, you used to make this for me. Manish says yes, when you grew up and left this behind, I didn’t know, I was thinking what shall I give you, then Nairan suggested this. Kirti says I have many memories with this. Kirti hugs him and cries.

Manish says I want to tell my feelings, I did many mistakes when you needed us, we were not with you, I just want to say, this won’t happen from now on, I promise like I was just yours in childhood, I will always be there for you. Suwarna says not just Papa, mum too, you called me Maa, daughters are close to mum’s heart, I wish you get much love in that house, if you miss us, call us, we will come running to you. Kirti says I know, but its true, new relations can be lovely, but these relations can’t be forgotten and broken. Kartik breaks things and says you cheated Naira, Naksh was helpless to marry Kirti. Naira looks for him. Kartik says I couldn’t do anything seeing Kirti happy…..

Naksh asks Kartik to trust him, he will try to keep Kirti happy. Kartik goes. Naira sees doli and says Dadi, I will also go with everyone…..

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sachu

    Hi dears seeing the precap I dont wish to comment. Gdni8 all tc.

    1. Aku

      Me too.. naira kuch b I mean kuch b kr Sakti hai th gain attention.. kaina waiting for your comment

    2. Yr jb usne shdi ki sun rasme kirti k sath ki h to phr vidai kise chord degi wo ….ajkl ofer chl r h na ek k sath ek free to humre princes kirti k sath uski servant naira b free me ja r h

      1. Fenil

        sahi bole aap bidaai kaise baki reh jati…yeh lo ab bidaai ka decision bhi khud hi le liya.

      2. Kaina1

        vahi toh anjali jab sari rasme ki hai toh bidai bhi karegi buy keerti get naira free and this is the only offer in which i am ready to leave a free thing

    3. Fenil

      i want your views only for which part you liked it.
      you have to give comment for me.

      1. Sachu

        Problem is I dont watch Yrkkh nowadays I just read updates here. So I cannot comment on the looks of Keesh n all…. My blood boils while reading the update itself n to imagine how it would be on screen is even more horrible. I love the fact that Keesh seems to have got more screen space in this episode but of course kabab me haddi Mahaira ll be there in each scene. N I hate CVs for destroying Karthik’s character. Iam one among the viewers who started watching the show from its very beginning. That time I was not married. Then, I also got married. I could closely follow Yrkkh all these years with great affection. Then I got the first n major blow when Karan left the show because for me he was the life of the show. Still I watched. Because I loved the unique way of potraying relations. Then Akshara left still I stayed on respecting the hard work of other cast members. But I truly say that what they r showing nowadays is like insulting the loyal viewers like us. The way Karthik is behaving makes me feel disgusting. He knows Naksh from the very beginning then how can he think so cheap about him n be selfish ? Anyways I cant tolerate the upcoming track. Y Naira have to poke nose in Keesh’s happy life ? let their relation blossom gently like a beautiful red rose dont put Mahaira in between……
        One more thing : I liked the way how keerthi’s earlier in laws were compared with Singhanias. Keesh scenes were also awesome to read nothing else. Sorry for being little bit personal. Hope u guys wont mind……

      2. Kaina1

        yup sachu di comment on thing you like same as fenil bro

    4. Fenil

      Same effect is for me also Karan Hina Rohan Ashnoor left show and almost charm went.
      But for the freshness of Kaira and naira’s unique character in strat i love them but now a days i m also not liking Kaira’s overdose and seriously Kaira is not that much elder in age thats the problem being full of irriatation they are still younger and more to learn but writer presented them as they are perfect and have knowledge of everything.they presented them poke nose in elders matter also and elders are also oblied them like kids its make me angry. well you gave your comment i m happy.

      1. Kaina1

        cvs ne kaira ko flim-poster bana diya hai har jagah chipka dete hai

    5. Kaina1

      di mera bhi yahi haal hai kaira ka chehra dekha nahi ki pure mood ki oh my mata hojati hai

  2. God, this keeps getting more and more crazy somehow, I mean can’t this Naira and Kartik have one intelligent and mature conversation? Naira keeps crying and he keeps shouting. First of all I just don’t get it why Naira had to do such overdrama for such things couldn’t she just
    maturely talk with Kartik and reason with him of course he would get angry it’s about his sister’s life but still that was over the top. Both of them behave so childish, they are a married couple for gods sake!!! Now without explaining the situation or anything she’s like “I am going because I dont have enough sense to talk with my husband and remove misunderstandings”. I am glad that we got Keerti-Naksh scenes in this episode that was the only good thing. Whatever I don’t expect much from this serial now and Naira( shivangi) really needs some acting classes, as I have said in my previous comments whenever I see hae crying/sad scene (which is basically every episode) its like she has asthma or breathing problems and is gasping for air.

    1. Aku

      Asthma or breathing problems.. hahahahhahahaha.. seriously she is too much.. can’t tolerate her any longer.. pathetic she is

    2. Agreed to you, moreover her sounds irritate me a lot.

    3. Kaina1

      ishaani you are excepting too much intelligent and kaira can never ever go in same sentance and yes immature and kaira are synonymes aur haan jab tak kaira ki problems ke baare me pure khaandaan ko nahi pata chaelega aur koi ye nahi kahega ki humari naira ekum akshara jaisi hai tab tak na naira khus hogi nahi kaira

  3. Good to see Keesh together finally after all the kaira drama.

    1. Fenil

      Yaa Keesh finally get married.

    2. Kaina1

      yup keesh forever finally they are officially keesh

  4. Hey vrushy di where u r?????
    I am badly missing you and your FFS ?????
    Pls pls pls ??? come back soon ???

    1. Fenil

      Vrushy has exams so may be Diwali ke baad she will continue.

    2. Kaina1

      yuo even i am thinkinh of her ffs

  5. Aj k episode bhut acha tha kuki aj kesh ko ache se dekhn k muka mila ….or aj lga ki ha kesh ki shadi hai…
    Nd bhak kartik u are angry of naksh sach a unique guys he is but where were u when ur aditya jija was toutuing ur sister .. Nd being a brother u could not understand it…or ab jb use naksh jisa acha husbnd mila h to tum apne gusse k kran usko us se b dur kra chah r ho..ok u r angry with naksh so u can ask naksh and clear thig nd u have no right to blame naira for everything its not hrr mstik all mistik is of ur dadi y sub jnte hue b kirti ko jbardasti hell me bhj r h usne aditya k timr pr b aditya ko support k ti main chetr is ur dadi ….or be surr naksh is a nice guy and keep kirti happy atlest he is not like u who could not understand her own sistr .her own wife .her own parentsamd also his evil dadi who is behind all this ….

    1. Kaina1

      wahi toh sabke sab naksh ke piche pad gaye hai phele naira phir karthik koi bhi dadi goenka ko blame nahi kar raha i mean yaar un hone sab kuch kiya phir bhi haar baar koi aur phata hai phele baisa phir naksh naira unko koi kuch kyu nahi kehta

      1. Aku

        Arey yaar.. agar unko kahenge th naira kaira mahan kese banenge.. separate hokar importance lime light dusra ka time and space kese lenge.. vh th bahut zaruri ha nah dono ke liye.. uske Bina they can’t live

  6. hello everyone hope u guys r doing well
    cming to the epi
    OK I understand that kartik is worried about his sister and insecure about naksh won’t keep her happy but I think kartik is overreacting at least he should confront naksh and again ask his POV but no he will just use his kiddish mind throwing things around and when he was glaring at naira I was like what’s her fault at least she tried to know naksh’s POV then she got convinced but because of his childishness now great mahaira will go with doli ohhh it’s too much kartik was just overreacting his behaviour is not justified at least CVS should have shown him mature to how to deal with the situation… breaking things around does that cool your anger or do u get solution of ur situation???am just so irritated..
    what I loved the most was manish and kirti it was so sensible and natural it has true feelings but again naira suggested I wonder whatever the situation is they have to show naira and if naira isn’t available then u defeneitly have to take her name right CVS woww my foot..
    let’s see what’s gonna be on Monday
    love u Keesh

    1. Kaina1

      dear maturity and that to from karthik is like asking sun to rise from west next to impossible

  7. hi kaina I agree to all ur POV in every episode its like u say all the things going on in my mind..
    hi fenil bro how are you??
    hi ponkuri,sachu,anjali,Aku,anjana,priya, aarti and many more..

    1. Aku

      Hi Ayesha how are you?

    2. Fenil

      Hello Ayesha…i m good now.
      what about you ?

    3. Kaina1

      ayesha am very happy that we have same thoughts and thanks dude

  8. Wow karthik, is this your love??
    Loved keesh scenes. Manish and keerthi scene was good, but there too they had to include naira uff!!
    Hate the precap

    1. Fenil

      yaaa Keesh scenes and Keerti moments with Manish and Suwarna was so beautiful.

    2. Kaina1

      vahi toh i am still wondering what cvs were trying to show i mean is maanish that bad a father that he dosent know what to gift his very own beloved daughter i mean yaar itna bura toh nahi lagta mujhe manish

  9. Shrilatha

    For the first time I felt keesh got some screen although it was shadowed by naira and karthik ka so called anger .what the hell is wrong with karthik I am sorry to say but this guy naksh leaving all his happiness and likes and dislikes is getting married to ur sister who is already married although she is a victim and totally innocent and good but Naksh is so good that he left all his dreams for his stupid childish yet mahaan sister and instead of being thankful he is showing his attitude.I can see so much of honesty in naksh’s eyes and I am sure he will never hurt Kirti even he was forced to marry her .Naksh is the perfect symbol of nakshara’s love .he is like them so much love and respect for the partner .

    I didn’t like the precap why Naira is interested in doli now.why she keeps on skipping from one team to other based on importance .stupid ur husband is angry on u .

    1. Fenil

      Hii Shri…Glad to see you here. Nice views sis.Badhai ho Keesh wedding ki.

      1. Shrilatha

        Haha bhai I started watching it based on ur reviews only…how r u ..I commented there times and left message to u in one the comment as well but u didn’t read it??? koi nai ab to mile .

    2. Fenil

      Ohh i m fine now bich mein dangue ho gaya tha so gayab tha yahan se….may be i didn’t get notification thats why…yaa now we met so will talks. how are u all sis of wapp ?

      1. Shrilatha

        All r fine bhai everyone is missing u and even I am down with dengue since two weeks.I know how it is

    3. Fenil

      Yaa so hope u r better now.

    4. Kaina1

      dear agar ye log naksh ke bare me sochenge toh inhe phaasi ki saja ho jayi gi no one in whole serial is thinking of naksh all they are doing is kaira naira kaira naira

  10. Wow wow and wow ???? CVS showed sooo much of keesh scenes!!!
    Loved today’s episode ??????

    1. Fenil

      yaa priya Keesh scenes were so magical we got happiness.

    2. Kaina1

      yup even i am not believing that cvs showed keesh scene with altu faltu karthik anger

  11. Kartik always loved naira with all his heart and soul.
    Naira is treated like goddess by him but she isa b*t*h who doesn’t care about anything but singhaniyas.
    She wants goenkas to treat her like devi too.

    No man should get a wife like naira.

    Also why does naira have to interfere in every rasm ofkeesh wedding. It’s beyond annoying now.
    Bhavna vyas is a writer with zero creativit spoiledthis show.
    Starplus please end this yeh rishta show

    1. Kaina1

      ROFL kiya you are the only one who think like naira dont think abt any1 other than shinghaniyas and here we are like she is only goenka bahu i agree bhavna vyas has really spoiled yrkkh

  12. Fenil

    Hello everybody!!
    Badhai ho Badhai ho Keesh wedding ki Badhai ho❤❤❤❤❤?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Keesh ko humari Aur se dher Saari Shubh kamnayain for their wedding ????? stay happy always.

    Episode start with evil Dadi-how can she locked Karthik such cheap act by Dadi Goenka how can she make stay away a Brother from his elder Sister’s wedding.i will never forgive her for her this cheap act.???????? Bhagwan bhi maaf Nahi karega….aaj isne Bhai ko alag Kiya tab mind me khayal Aaya she can separate groom and bride also for her so call fake reputation for her so call muhrats for her so call fake ego really Bhagwan Kisi ki aisi Dadi na de.everyone wanted to see Brother around his sister’s wedding just because of Dadi Goenka Brother miss the golden moments of siblings new phase.

    Manish get assurance for his daughter’s future and his choice of Naksh? and that pure soul Suwarna always ask happiness for her children from GOD beside they are not her own blood salute to this Mom??? Suwarna also asking for her son Karthik but because of Dadi Goenka Son is away after ages when relationship mended and Suwarna Manish wanted to attend wedding together but just because Dadi that happiness also snatched from their part of life.

    During wedding also Keerti is worried about Her small brother and Bhabhi …her eyes were searching for his Chotu brother but because of Dadi her that happiness also snatched from her side Dadi is keeps saying I will have all happiness to her grandchildren but she snatched all important happiness from each family members.

    One by one Keesh complete wedding rounds with taking each promises towards each other and Karthik came out his bad fate of should I say his bad luck to have Dadi like this who snatched his rights. Sindoor daan rituals got completed before Karthik’s eyes Mangalsutra moment also finished before his eyes good luck of his that he became witness of two rituals of his sister’s wedding.i will thank to God for this to planting this thoughts in CVs mind.All were clapping in happiness and Karthik was like yeh kya hua.Then Naira hugs her Nanad(sister-in-law)/Bhabhi and her Elder Brother Naksh.?????

    And most magical moments started Keerti holds Naksh’s hand? like she didn’t want to go away from her new happiness her husband .Karthik stopped himself seeing this gesture of Keerti.Keerti’s happiness know no boundaries today . Keerti hugs her Chotu brother she is not able to describe her happiness all brother will forget all his tension seeing his sister’s happiness same happened here also Karthik also preferred to keep mum?? planted smile on his face. Naksh tells Thanks for giving me your sister who is now his lifeline he promised to keep his sister happy always????? and hugs his jiju/ saala. Karthik was keeps looking at his wife Naira. Keesh thanks Kaira ??? but seriously this marriage happened as Keesh said yes and Woh baat alag Hain Kaira gave share in happiness as it’s their duty like other family members.

    And our most punctual Panditji said to take blessings from their elders Panditji aap ki MERI taraf se Rs.151 for dakshina giving us this happiness (shagun ke site Hain ? warna aapko Gadi Banglow Jo maange Woh doon but shagun shagun HOTA hain)??????)

    Bhabhimaa’s mannat got fulfill today to see her lalla her Naksh getting married and settled in his life???? her happiness reflects in her ? she also wishes her bahu Akshara and her munna could this happiness (I also wanted to see this they can saw video calling to Naitik but no aaj USS Naira baby ko yeh idea Nahi Aaya yeh log Akshara ki soul ko Keesh ke around dikha sakte Hain kitne scenes imagine kiye Hain Mene Aur Kaina be hum Dino keeps talking in msgs but our bad luck we didn’t get this types of scenes) ???

    Our cute and most suljhe hue Couple Bauji and Devyaani /Dada Dadi bless their grandson and his wife??

    Our sweet Rajshree/Nani also bless her Chiku and her wife???(actually toh she forgets that she has Chikku whom she is closed never mind) from her and Maheshwaris side. Aaj thik Kaha Naksh will love Keerti a lot without adding Kaira.??????

    And most lovely pure innocent one and only who cares for her lalla during whole wedding time she never forget her relation with Naksh keeps doing her duties towards her family towards her Naksh she wants her lalla Naksh to get all happiness she keeps doing by what she can add happiness in Naksh life whether it’s Suddhikaran pooja or by scarifing her wishes and finally today her Naksh Unless aankhon Ka tara get life partner in his life her happiness know no boundaries.?????????????❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ I love you Baisa.

    Our Northern Yash who manage Naksh during whole wedding they gave example of siblings goal like their Fathers did in past …their hug Kisi ki nazar na lage Thu Thu Thu??????? True brother who stand by Naksh.

    And then Dadi Goenka hugs and blessed her granddaughter and her Jamai whom she slapped also I will never forgive her for that today also me and Kaina keeps cursing her for slap.????? Ek smile dear deta hoon. Ab keeps singing Damadji Naksh my Damadji is like this and that tab sayad koi aapko ek smile ke Saath dekhe mein toh phir bhi Nahi dekhunga kyunk jab aapko dekhunga Woh slap hi eyes ke saamne Ayega.

    Manish Suwarna Keerti moment with Home model ?????????????? father gave most important memory and keeps talking with his daughter.,

    Chacha-chachi also bless Keerti????

    Our cute small Baal Gopal Lav and Kush says Best Jiju ho aap humare ?????we love you Jiju….Jiju ko call karenge Aur Kachori mil jayenga??????❤❤??? hope Dadi never do injustice with this two innocent soul warna I will kill her on the spot.

    Bhabhimaa’s have good thought to talks with Naitik but bad luck call didn’t connect.????

    Karthik went aways and throws his anger ? Sab tumhari Jaan as jyada pyari Dadi me hi Kiya Hain yeh dhayan rakhana.

    Our Dadi Devyaani says go and spent time with Keerti unlike Dadi who made fast bidaai of Naira…she the difference she says we will do arrangements for bidaai.
    Akhilesh was so happy thinking to spend some time with his ladoooo Keerti both Keerti and Karthik close to their sweet Chacha who gave always happiness.????❤❤❤

    Manish and Suwarna talks with Keerti was aflatoon ???? we will come running on her one call I was nowhere when u needed but this time all things was away I will stay with you said Manish a Business man turned Cute sweet father.??????????????????

    Most memorable magical and fantastic episode ever of Keesh Track.??❤❤❤❤❤❤?????????????????.

    1. Fenil

      Longest comment ever of my life.
      love yaa fenu.

      1. Apko b badhai ho .nd chiku advay k name tha naksh k name dugu hai..

      2. Ponkuri

        Bro Fenil I was abt to say this is the first time I see ur long comment ?☺
        Very well done indeed???

    2. Aku

      Yeah vh hai.. but again by Kartik and naira undue importance and attention spoilt the episode.. but till it was better than other episodes of the marriage track

    3. Kaina1

      bhai aaj toh aapne mujhe bhi piche chod diya i agree to every single point of urs especially baisa one you no two of us adore her

      1. Fenil

        Thanks sis.
        yaa i love Baisa .hahahah ek baar hi aapko piche kiya aap roz karte ho.????

  13. fenil bro am good…

  14. why my dp keep changing?

    1. Kaina1

      becoz you are changing the email address again and again

  15. wow nice review fenil bro I liked the way u described baisa

    1. Fenil

      Thanks Aayesha.

  16. Kaina1

    all right guys b4 i post my comment i just thought y not share good news with you all well along with it i have bad news too and as i dont know which one you want too hear so i am telling you both
    1) dadi maheswari is back in keesh reception guys i am so happy i really liked her character a lot full of wisdom and wise not a bit of this dadi goenka see it for urself
    2)secondly guys keesh reception look and i tell you both of them are slaying it i mean they are hot to handle c it urself
    1)well at time of keerti gre-pravesh abshagun will happen from naira she is a total worst character for me
    2)karthik 24*7 will be around keesh in greece honeymoon so that he can keep eye on naksh why dont i shoot him ??

  17. Kaina1
    guys we all know that rajan shahi read telly buzz so plz go and comment ur heart becoz none of agree and neither we like naira anymore so plz make sure cvs know it too and stop their overdoing of kaira this is only way we can save yrkkh plz ppl go and comment and make sure cvs know that we love keesh a little bit more that kaira so ppl go and comment save yrkkh from overoing of kaira kaira and kaira and mahanta of naira naira an naira plz ppl show cvs that what they show us we dont like

    1. Aku

      Ohh yeah I also saw that article.. full bullshit is written..she is no where near here.. fitting in her shoes.. hah.. my foot.. yes please do something..

      1. Kaina1

        i know dear

  18. Fenil

    Dear Anjali….u r right chikku is Advay/Dev….but i m not Rajshree use to call Naksh as chikku.
    Akshara use to call Naksh as Duggu Naitik calls him by name.

    1. Kaina1

      yup bhai chiku duggu lalla are ol naksh nick name

    2. Kaina1

      know i am waiting for keerti to give him a nickname and yes interesting

      1. hayyyyyy. Nahi keerti naksh hi bulaye ga.. reason she is so shy person.. but i wonder what naaksh will call her. finally he as accpeted her n prmissed him self to keep her happy we may see a different nash i mean the old Naksh but…. but if the makers think of it only !!!!

  19. Kaina1

    guys lets think of nickname that keerti can give to naksh
    i mean all the important person in naksh life gave him name
    akshara called him duggu
    gaytri and bhabhimaa called him lalla
    maheswaris called him chiku
    so know i want him to have a nick-name from keerti also

    1. Ponkuri

      Sis Kaina good suggestion but too bad I dunoe much abt Hindi names?? ????

      1. Fenil

        Thanks Ponkuri for ur reply.

  20. finally after 10 months and 1 day they got married.. Congratulations Mr n Mrs. Naksh Singhaniya
    awww.. i waited so long to call them that way ❤❤❤
    soo disapointed the way theyncut off Peher n most importntly Sindur daan.. feel so bad for ppl like me who watch the show only for keesh.. even the scene where naksh help keerto get up post wedding on the mandap was cut i m so pissed off.. they had time to show Kartik’s locked drama didnt have time tk show most important part of the wedding !!! on other off screen srgment they showed it well.. creative tema of the show really need to wake up from Kaira meania..!! as soon as possible of not non can save yrkkh this time trust me !!!

    1. Aku

      Yeah..jitna tum expect karoge to show keesh itna hi disappoint hoga cz this Shivangi and Mohsin are soooooo soooooo sooo insecure that they will go to any level to grab the screen space.. waise hi this week it was on no 7 position.. dekhte hai.. kab tak itni overacting and fakeness iss show Ko top 10 mei rakhti hai.. that day isn’t far when all will stop watching this show.. cz no one can handle this ugly duckling over the top make up ki Dukan overacting ki maharani shivangi

  21. Honestly….I am so done with Kaira right now…they’re ruining the Show..

  22. Keesh need a good track now.
    Makers think naira brings trp but none of the trp aunties like naira. They watch it for the family not that over actiong shivangi.
    Gosh! Looks like rajan shahi has lost hid brains. He wants to run the show for 10 more ears. God save us frok torture of ugly shivangi and her ghar ka servant mohsin

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