Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Manish yells on Aryan

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kirti teasing Naira. Naira and Kartik tease her and Naksh. They go. Kirti says they are mad, they say anything. Naksh asks her to come for a second, I didn’t meant that, I meant can you come to kitchen to get snacks. She smiles and goes. Suwarna says my fear got away, I can live with peace now, I feel life go easy. She hugs her brother. Aryan cries. Her brother leaves. Aryan looks on. Suwarna cries in her room. Aryan goes to his dad and sees the letters in the bag. He takes the envelops. His dad leaves. Suwarna calls him out. He keeps the letters. She gets the cake. She asks him to get the car. He looks at her.

Dadi asks Kirti is she happy, does she get time to go out with Naksh. Kirti says I m happy, everyone is good here. Dadi says we give much time

to Kartik and Naira, do you get time with Naksh. Kirti asks why are you asking this. They see Bhabhimaa, Rajshri and Devyaani. Devyaani asks them to talk well. Rajshri asks Kirti to take Dadi to room. Dadi says no need, its fine. Devyaani says there is time for cake to come. They go. Kirti says thank God they didn’t hear anything, they would have felt bad, don’t worry for me, Naksh and everyone care for me a lot. Dadi smiles.

Manish says I have tension about Kartik’s new project, everything should be the best possible. Akhilesh agrees. Kartik looks on. Naksh asks what are you thinking. Kartik says its big project, I don’t know how to manage. Naksh says why not, you have dad’s expertise and Akhilesh’s backing. Kartik says yes, but if anything wrong happens, name and money will be at stake. Naksh says my elders supported me, decision making is tough. Kartik says yes, we have to think and decide now, as we are married. Naksh says our life partners are understanding. Kartik says yes, but responsibility increases, we have to keep them happy. Naksh says best part is our family stood for us, its our time to do something for them.

Suwarna thanks Aryan for giving phone. She calls Manish and says I m on the way, I got the cake, I won’t let Kartik’s efforts get waste, I know you care for his feelings, even I do. Aryan angrily drives. He doesn’t see a car. Suwarna asks what happened, did you not see such a big car.

Everyone waits for cake. Bhabhimaa says we will gift Naira. Rajshri says Naitik asked us to give this. Naira checks. Naira sees a personalized gift. Naira says mumma…. Rajshri says yes, Naitik got this from Akshara’s belongings, she couldn’t give it to you. Naira cries. Kartik consoles her. Naira says this birthday got special, I got two special gifts. Naksh asks second gift? Devyaani says its of Kartik. They all ask Naira what did Kartik give her. Naira says just the person who truly loves can give such a gift. Kartik shows Naira’s name tattoo. They all get surprised. Dadi says but you are scared of injection, and this…. fine what can I say now. Naira asks Dadi is she upset. Dadi says you should have stopped him. Naira says I didn’t know this, I can’t hurt him. Dadi asks her to be careful.

Manish praises Kartik. He says there can’t be any brother, husband and son in law like Kartik, I m proud of him. Suwarna and Aryan come. Aryan looks on and recalls Suwarna’s words. Manish asks him to get cake fast. Aryan walks ahead and falls. The cake box falls far. Kartik holds Aryan and asks are you fine, did you get hurt. He sees the cake ruined. Kartik says its okay, its just a cake. Aryan says sorry. Manish scolds him and taunts on his parents. He shouts leave from here. Aryan says sorry Sir and leaves. Manish shouts don’t ever show me your face. Aryan cries and runs on the road. Kartik asks everyone to give him two mins, he will do something. Manish says its all because of that stupid idiot Aryan. Aryan falls on the road and shouts why did you do this with me, why did my mum leave me, and my dad hates me, my parents always lied to me. Kartik, Naira and Kirti make a cake of sweets. Kartik shows the cake to Naira. She says its unique cake. Kartik says whatever happens is for good, this cake is more special, I made this for my wife. Naksh says if anything wrong happens, it means something better will happen. Naira cuts the cake and feeds to everyone. Yeh rishta kya…..plays……..

Aryan says its time chance to take revenge from Kartik. He hits the car. Naira gets hurt.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I feel realy bad for aryan .If i was in his place then i will leave thatselfish family and never see her face in my entire life.It’s good to forgot bad people.

    1. Fenil

      Dear Shivi….same here I will also leave …will prefer those people who mange us from birth rather than gave birth.

  2. Fenil

    Hello YRKKH family!!
    Awesome episode !!
    Teasing session between Keesh and Kaira ?. Small Keesh scene ???? ???.Naksh was like before his Keertiji misunderstood his statement he gave clerification ???? such Nobel soul.
    Suwarna-His Bro-Aryan scenes were good…breakdown of Suwarna nothing before pain she gave to Aryan ,now she is crying …..if she wanted to sacrifice her son then why she and Manish took their relationship to that step ???? both are devil….now both are shouting at Aryan for no reason…cake hi toh spoil hui this na ki pahad gir Gaya that Manish??? Aryan I m with you take revenge for your each pain from this fake parents ????.
    Dadi’s concern we can understand but this concern and care where went at the time of Aditya….Keerti is more understand soul than this oldie.Singhania pe finger raise Karne se pehle khud ki girebaan mein jhank me Dekh 2Rs.Cheapdi oldie…. understand u better understand ??????.
    Manish again came to his business tycoon mode….???
    Naksh and Karthik’s conversation were aflatoon….Naksh make clear things for Karthik….good that CVs got some brain here warna CVs could serve Karthik was explaining Naksh….?.
    Hahah Aryan tumhe Car thok hi deni this….Jo upper Jata uska bhala HOTA…???
    NaKsh’s gift to their daughter Naira was superb and so sweet gesture….yeh Sirf do pal ke liye imp Hain for Naira after that she will again become Goenka….Dadi again bak bak kadwi baat again blaming Naira for no reason….R.I.P Dadi Goenka ….mar toh kabki gayi thi lakin aaj R.I.P …or should I say R.I.H.???
    Manish bas bas Yaar tere mouth se nikli hui taarif bhi ab toh Galliyaa lagto Hain….He didn’t even ask forgiveness from elders Rajbanna,Devyaani,Rajshree these all r elder to Manish….yeh Hain so called Upbringing of so called Dadi Geonka. Thukta Hun aisi parvarish pe …yuck.
    Sweet cake ?? remind me Akshara’s halwa cake which prepared by her when she lost her eyesight.???? Missing Akshara.

    1. Just a few words

      Lol bhai! I already asked the relationship question some episodes back! Same to same question! I still wonder how come Manish didn’t know about Aryan! I have many such questions without answers!

  3. hello everyone hope u all r fine…
    anyways loved the way kaira teased keesh the shyness of keesh was so sooo Adorable they r truly magical..

    ufff this dadi goenka she was just hurrying to know if Singhania’s are treating her well(common they r 1 in a million better than u goenkas) the girl whom she didn’t care when she was being badly beaten by monster aditya now worrying for her when she got such a lovely people who r beyond to the extent of goodness…ahh this karwi zaban dadi goenka….
    I don’t know why am not feeling so sad for Aryan but feeling bad cuz the way he is being treated seriously he Is also a human yar he is so humiliated…

  4. hey Fenil nice review…
    mene to kab ka thuk chuka he unki so called upbringing… in logo ke acche kam men bhi unki galtiyan nazar ati hen mujhe pata nhi kyun???

  5. Can anyone tell me why naira and karthik marrying again in Greece, isn’t it that they married seven months ago. Why this makers spending his entire money for this nonsense I mean separation or putch up again and again. Go to hell CVC for making sure that people hating so much for this hypocritical so called lovers. I hope this week trp falls on the bottom so they can get their brains back.

  6. Naira get accident again!!! This makers will do anything to give this two more screen space…..

  7. obviously Nadia to gain attention!!!
    they will make sure kaira should get popularity everywhere they go…they have to show some drama after all the r going to Greece right…. I will just watch keesh and no one else cuz there is a limit to everything which they are not capable to understand…

    I would prefer to watch Maya’s beyhadh than this crap!!!

  8. Just a few words

    I will keep a tab on how they re-introduce the missing characters! Is Keeshond also having Greek wedding? Is the monkey and mannerless clan of Karthik and Singhanias and NM(Rajshri) also joining this Greek wedding or Kaira!
    Anyways dark days are ahead! I don’t see anything so interesting to watch it! Keep good health by reading the updates and then watching the episode/scenes of your favourite people in insta!! If you fail then no one can save you from heart break ??
    Just kidding! A big ? to all!

  9. Wasn’t the trip to Greece supposed to be Naksh and Kirti’s honeymoon?

  10. Wasn’t the trip to Greece supposed to be Naksh and Kirti’s honeymoon?

  11. pahli entry to naksh ki hi Hui this to sirf kaira KO hi importance kyu dete h?baar 2 zagdate h aur baad me dikhate h inke jaisa samzdar duniya me koi hai hi nhi.dusra koi kaam h nahi h inke paas.bore hone lagi h

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