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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshara trying to tell Devyaani about Mausi ji. Devyaani says she knows everything, and no need to tell anything. She says its time for doing something. Akshara tells her that Paras has chatted with Muskaan’s friend, and Mausi ji lied that her train ticket is not booked. Devyaani says she is ashamed, she tried to make me against you. Akshara says yes, I heard it. Devyaani says she will talk to her. Akshara says no, don’t talk in anger. Devyaani says yes, I will talk to her in her language. Varsha finds it tough to work in kitchen wearing the bangles. Everyone looks on. Varsha says its toug h to work wearing this, if Dadi sees that I removed, she will feel bad as she gave me by love. They smile seeing her.

Naman tells Mausi ji that he will book her

ticket. Mausi ji says no, we will go in few days, why to take favor. Naksh comes and signs to Devyaani. Akshara asks whats happening. Naksh tells her plan to her in her ears. She smiles. Naksh says there is one game we will play, I played in my friend’s birthday party. He tells the rules that the person who tells first will get the prize. He says we will name few things, the person who shows it will get the prize. Mausi ji smiles.

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Varsha tells Dadi that she has to tell something, will she be annoyed. Dadi asks what. Varsha asks can she remove the bangles. Dadi asks why, my mum gave me this. Varsha says I m not able to work, and feeling strange to wear at home. Dadi says problem happens in beginning. Varsha says she does not like this. DAdi asks will she find good when she changes her look and wear jeans. Varsha thinks.

Naksh gives gifts to everyone who win the games. Devyaani names other things. She says railway ticket. Mausi ji says I have it and shows her. Devyaani says it was confirmed, and someone cancelled it, right Mausi ji. Devyaani asks will she not lie or make excuse to cover her talk. She says she was hurt, but her family has managed her. She says I did not expect this from you, you could have stayed with right, but why did you lie. She says I wanted to ask you to leave, but my family stopped me, they have given you love and respect, and you took advantage of it.

She says Paras has always troubled Naksh and even sent messages to Muskaan’s friend from her laptop. They are shocked. Akshara says yes, we have proof, Paras no need to lie. Devyaani asks Mausi ji to leave with her family. Bhabhimaa says no, they are guests, and we treat them like Lord. Devyaani says no, Lord does not lie. Akshara says you are elder so we respect you, but you tried to harm out relations. They all leave.

Muskaan tells sorry to Naksh. He asks is she annoyed. He says no, I will tell your friends that you did nto write all that. Muskaan says I have this little friend and hugs him. Akshara tells Devyaani that they are going, meet them. Devyaani says its good, let them go. Akshara gives food for their journey and gives some toys to Paras and Gudiya. She gifts Mausi ji. Paras says this is Naksh’s fav game. Akshara says yes. She hugs Shobha and Mausi ji blesses her. She apologizes to her. Akshara says take care, call us after reaching, car is ready. Naitik calls her and she goes to him.

Dadi tells Varsha that its about heart. Varsha says she was asking to wear jeans for Ananya. Dadi says I know, but we have to explain Ananya. Varsha says wearing jeans is not wrong. Dadi says no, wrong is to force our heart and make us hurt, we can’t give others happiness. Varsha says Ananya is shamed to take me with her. Dadi says it should not matter. Rajshri says if you feel Ananya loves you less, then give her love. Dadi says Ananya loves you, clear the problem from root. Varsha says sorry to them. Rajshri says you are very nice the way you are, I will explain this to Ananya. Varsha thanks them and hugs Dadi.

Akshara sees the real kajal made and gets a letter near tulsi plant. She reads its Mausi ji’s letter. She apologizes to them and writes she made the kajal to make them far from bad sight. Bau ji says goodness always wins, its proved, Akshara’s goodness have swiped badness from their hearts. Akshara is annoyed with Naitik as he is always busy in work. He says he is jewelry makers and wants to keep husband and wife happy, else the wives will blame the jewelers. She laughs. He says I was busy the last time too, and even this time. She says no, the baby is very small, he does not know time.

She says your every moment is beautiful and valuable. She feels unwell and rests. He asks what happened. She says I have burning sensation in my foot. He blows on her foot and she smiles. Rajshri talks to Vishwamber. She jokes on his words and laughs. Bhabhimaa asks Bau ji why did Naitik go office early today. Bau ji says he has to go factory too. They talk about Akshara. Muskaan says Naksh has told my friends that I did not chat that day and they agreed. Naman says great. Girja says she wants to see horoscope. She says Girja has to work a lot. Bhabhimaa says even I can say this. They smile. Girja leaves.

Naksh reads Muskaan’s horoscope that she will meet her prince charming today. Naman says maybe she will meet her BF too. Devyaani says how can he say this. Naman says even I have GF. Muskaan says I hope my horoscope is true. Naitik talks to manager. Someone comes and knocks the cabin glass door.

Akshara teases Naitik. He tells her about his client Alok Awasti. She recalls as Naitik praises him.

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