Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Families celebrate Holika dahan

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone asking about the special surprise. Kartik says she is here. They all see Priyanka. Naksh says how can this celebrations happen without dad’s BFF, sorry we didn’t trust you. He apologizes to Priyanka and says don’t make my dad’s friend and doctor get away, he needs both of them. She jokes that he is a good businessman. Naitik hugs Naksh. Dadi says I still doubt her, there’s more to this friendship. Aryan stops Kartik and says sorry, I have been trying to talk, I got a chance today, my intentions weren’t bad, I wanted your fight to end, I thought you would get together after seeing divorce papers, but it went wrong, sorry. Kartik hugs him. Manish turns away. Naira says everyone has to write down the mistakes and memories they want to get rid of.

Akhilesh asks what’s the point. Kartik says we will burn the chits in holika, nobody should peek in other’s chits, writer should get free of their bad memories. They all take the chits. Dadi says I did a mistake and recalls Kartik’s words. She says maybe this gets right, my guilt will get over.

Suwarna asks Manish is he done, didn’t he do any mistake. She sees Aryan and thinks my biggest mistake was to leave my son, I wish this truth changes. Surekha asks Akhilesh what is he writing, does he have any affair with any secretary. She reads the note. He writes he is not working out, he wants his laziness to end in the fire and he goes to gym regularly. He says we will go home and talk. Aryan feels sorry for creating the storm in Kartik and Naira’s life. He thinks I want dad to forgive me. Naksh thinks I wish I didn’t leave dad alone. Naira thinks what shall I write. Kartik thinks I did many mistakes. They think of their mistakes. They argue. Devyaani asks them not to fight today. Naira and Kartik hit each other with a rubberband and say we have to be mature.

Aryan asks Suhana is she fine. She says I m coming to Singhania Sadan, its urgent to meet, I m reaching there. He says I m gone if anyone sees her, but I m not scared, I love her and have courage to accept this. The guy says its fun to fool him. She says I m thrilled to think of him. They leave on the bike. An ill guy sees her pic. He sees Suhana going and says she is my Ruby. He runs after Suhana. Kartik and Naira ask each other what did they write. Naira says you have a short temper. He asks did you see yourself. She says yes, I m beautiful, you mean I m not beautiful. He says no, sorry, you are very beautiful. kirti’s chit drops. Naksh picks it and reads… I regret lying to Naksh and family about the money given to dealer. Naira asks him to keep chits. He hides Kirti’s chit. Everyone puts their chits. Kartik says we will forget our mistakes. Naira says our lives shall just have happiness.

Baisa says wood is damp, its difficult to burn them. Dadi says it wont be a good omen. Baisa says don’t know what’s the new problem coming on our family. The guy drops Suhana and says I will wait for you near the market. The ill guy comes there shouting Ruby. Dadi says Naira did good, bad thoughts should burn. Naira sees Suhana and says who’s out there. Kirti asks why are you lost. Naksh says I m fine. He goes to Bau ji. Aryan meets Suhana. Dadi asks for her chit to write more. Manish says what if you read others’ chits, its cheating. They laugh. Aryan asks is everything fine, what’s the problem. The ill guy looks for Ruby and comes there. Suhana says promise me that you won’t think wrong about me. She sees the guy coming. She coughs and asks for water.

Aryan runs to get water. Suhana sees Naira and hides. Naira says where did she go. Akhilesh asks Aryan to have juice. The guy asks Naira did she see Ruby. The lady says sorry, Ruby was his wife, she had run away with money and jewelry on marriage day, since then he got in trauma. He says she was really Ruby. She takes her son. Naira says who was with Shubham, he was here. She goes. Suhana gets leaving and something falls. Naira hears sound and goes to see. Suhana hides. Kartik holds Naira. She gets scared. He asks what are you doing here. She goes to check. He asks whom are you finding. She says I felt someone was here. He says there is no one, come. They hear a baby crying.

Kartik and Naira find a little baby crying and take in arms. They protect the baby.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. please stop this KAIRA rubbish. this show has lost its essence. All of Akshara’s family have disappeared. there used to be interesting stories of all family members when Karan and Hina were there. Now its only about that nincompoop Kar-thick-skull and loud-mouth-Naira. that dadi is another irritating idiot.

  2. Subham apologising and karthik hugging him was nice, wish we got more siblings moments. Manish is being too hard with subham, karthik behaved in worse way without even properly apologising, still he is always doing the first move to get close to karthik. Subham is already sorry and his doings are the result of suwarna’s bad decision, manish over focus on only karthik and the family’s constantly praising karthik. Before questioning or being angry why not ask themselves if they have any right to do so or who’s fault it really is. Don’t understand why to make a victim so pathetic, he is not only childish, dumb but also very easily guidable. He already feels like a stranger in his own house , his dad is not even giving him chance, and his mom is busy with others, now he will invite so much trouble that again the family will again look at him as a disappointment and kaira as the saviour. Kaira will shine by themselves if they deserve, no need to make a pitiful character much more miserable to make them sparkle .
    Appu you were right, dadi can never stay nice, one day she is all kind and well intentioned, the next day she again thinks like a vamp

    1. They have made that character like that..A strict, authoritative and grounded lady, but not bad at heart, would have suited well..It would have just been a clash ofvyhoughts, but they have made it to be in between good and evil..In order to justify and make Naira mahaan, such inconsistency has been adopted by CVs, making it a ekta show..

  3. Again, as I had suspected another STUPID kaira track that will ignite, as usual, a fued with dadi and Suwarna constantly uttering of the “rishta” philosophy. I am positively sure that these two clowns will adopt this child and dadi will bot approve (though I may be wrong). This track will absolutely go on for almost 1+ month. They should eliminate all characters and put their most focus on our “beloved” kaira. And please someone eliminate the characters of nani and devyani; they always interfere in other peoples business and put their own philosophy. And let’s not forget the “depression” track of naitik that will be completely side-tracked.

    1. Guest or friend, she saw one family member(shubham), going and attending to the girl, then what is her need to follow him to see who it is..This is what we call interfering in someone’s privacy..She is always being nosy..

  4. Okay another stupid Kyra track that will ignite a feud between these brainless fools and dadi which she would continue to sob about her family‘s reputation and the Society of those stupid annoying auntie’s who are really useless . Of course naitiks so called depression will totally be sidetracked and will be totally unspoken of. Ans shubams misake is nowhere near as big as karthik who was an entire jerk to his father mother and even left his house but when he asked so called forgiveness manush forgave him as if nothing had happened and shubham will not be forgiven until asking constant forgiveness and who’s better in forgiveness than our kaira who will shun their eyes and will make them whatever they say plus naira stupid philosophy about rishta will come in between.
    P.S someone plz remove nani and devyani; they interfere in other people’s business without minding their own

    1. If interference in someone else’s matter is the criteria of being ousted from show then naira should be the first one

    2. True..I felt while writing down mistakes, Kartik will feel bad for his harsh behaviour towards his parents..But no..He is concerned only on his marriage life..Never a lead has been so unworthy as a son..Naitik do not need you..You cannot force yourself to become any one’s child after hurting your own parents..He did not even ask for forgiveness to Manish and there was no regret in his eyes..
      Poor Shubham! He would be better off with his uncle than his own dad, who is so obsessed with an unworthy son like Kartik..

  5. Oh God do cv’s even understand the meaning of being matured…y can’t they be done with all these immatured not at all sweet nok jhok’s so irritating.. especially naira …karthik’s acting is still fine…but naira’s acting looks so over be it her smile or even when she is pretending to be angry or cute…this is the only serial where we are irritated by our leads.. IT’S HIGH TIME SHOW THEM ATLEAST HALF AS MATURED AS AKSHARA NAITIK…

    1. Totally agree with you.karthik is almost fine with acting and good in looks..but naira is so irritating . luv kush are better than her.why they are showing so many childish dialogues of kaira in front of everyone.

    2. True..Both have grown up and got married..One is well educated in abroad and is a director in big business venture and another one is running a dance academy…Dunno what CVs are trying to portray, when they talk of maturity..Even children will behave well infront of others..What is called as cuteness and sweet nok jhok is utter childishness, stupidity and much irritating..

  6. Yes CVs,v didn’t understand that kaira is going to save shubham and every one is going to praise them.already they did lots of Injustice to his character and now this .it’s going to be another wedding drama I guess, only on wedding day kaira will save.if suhana get attention Naira will feel her insecurity again like the way she felt at the time of keesh marriage and they didn’t show anything related to keesh.this serial have the potential of showing families but they will focus on trp s very low so they introduced some dialogues of families.i loved the way naksh said sorry and Manish acted to perfect.

    Karthik is feeling sorry only to naira not to his parents.why they want to drag Manish anger who can forgive only to Karthik.

    Some won’t understand how v are attached to other characters like nathik,bhabima etc

    1. Very true …. karthik has no regrets towards ill treating his parents…just always going behind naira and doing IRRITATING romance…y doesn’t CV’S listen to us

  7. Schizophrenia and Depression- Both these tracks had such potential that they did have given a good message, If handled well..

    Since Priyanka character introduced, it felt it had a story behind it, being her positive nature and Manish giving so much importance and freedom to her in GV, where ladkiwala are kept in a distance..They could have portrayed in a way how she decided to become a therapist, seeing her sister’s suffering..
    And this is not the way a person suffering from depression behaves.. It will be spotted easily.. These tracks could have handled in a way in which people realized that these are just a mental conditions, which requires much care and support from family..I am done with this, If Priyanka is merely kept for this issue and to get married to Naitik.. Come on guys, she is Kartik’s Maasi, she is mother in law to Naira..How can she marry her father??

    Now it seems there is no need to have introduced Kartik’s mother death track at all, as it had no impact and the issue is closed abruptly..Seems CVs have selective amnesia that Kartik’s harshness and rudeness to his father have been completely forgotten and he acting like a selfish fellow, who needs no one, but his wife..Kartik being oversweet to Naira’s family also depicts only his selfish nature and henpeckedness..That is getting too much that no one needs to learn anything from it..
    All tracks have been wrapped under one carpet which is centred only on Kaira romance..They have been ruined under one perception that ‘Kaira are leads’…

    CVs please let Naira take credit for bailing out shubham .Regarding upcoming drama in Keesh life, let Naitik and Keerti’s parents take centre stage..I want them to give a severe warning to Dadi on not to interfere in Keesh life and a fitting reply to her by Naksh..

  8. Very true …. karthik has no regrets towards ill treating his parents…just always going behind naira and doing IRRITATING romance…y doesn’t CV’S listen to us

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