Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshara crying and recalling Kuhu’s words. Naksh and Naira come finding her. Akshara says Naitik has gone, I have sent him for his imp work, he has work and we came here to disturb him, we will leave now. Naitik calls her and apologizes. She says its fine, we are leaving for airport now. She tells Naksh that Naitik was helpless to go for work. She sends kids and cries saying this trip and birthday will be memorable. Naitik says sorry Akshara… and is on the way with Kuhu.

Akshara and kids are going home. She thinks what will be surprise bigger than Naitik’s. Tara tells her brothers that she will not go to Singhania house as Baisa troubles her. Sangram and others convince her to go there, as Naksh and Akshara have come back. Sangram says Dada ji is

already worried and if he was here, he would have managed things. Tara gets thinking.

Akshara comes home and tells kids that everyone would be sleeping. The family gives her a surprise and wishes her happy birthday. Everyone hug Akshara. Bhabhimaa asks about Naitik. Akshara says he had to go to Macau, he had some work, we did not tell him and went there, he still attended us, but kids don’t get happy how much we do for them.

Varsha asks Akshara what surprise she got. Akshara says it was very good, which I did not get before. Yash says come, we will cut cake now. She thinks what to tell them about the surprise, why are you not taking to me. Naitik comes there and holds her hand, when she is about to cut the cake. Naksh asks her to cut the cake. She realizes she imagined Naitik and cuts the cake. They all smile and are happy. Akshara recalls Naitik with the little girl. She says I will go and freshen up. Varsha teases her. Tara talks to Naksh. Sangram asks Naksh about the trip. Naksh says I will talk to Dada ji. Mishti blows balloon and everyone get scared. Tara had cake in her hand and throws it by balloon sound. It falls over Baisa. Baisa asks what did you do. Tara bsays I did not do intentionally. Mishti says it was my mistake. Baisa starts scolding Tara. Sangram asks Tara to say sorry. Tara cries and says sorry.

Akshara recalls Naitik’s lies and gets sad. Dadi comes to her. Akshara says I was coming downstairs, why did you come. Dadi says I can see there is some problem, tell me. Akshara cries and hugs her. She says Naitik is hiding something, I m not doubting him, he is in some problem and facing it alone, its related to that girl. Dadi asks who … Akshara comes out of her imagination and Dadi asks her to say something. Akshara says its nothing. Dadi says whatever the matter, don’t let it form more. What did you get for me from hongkong, I came to take it… She laughs. Akshara says I got a good thing for you.

Tara asks Naksh to leave her, else Baisa will not leave her. He says I have to go to my room, my suitcase is not opening, break it with your hockey. She smiles. Akshara gives Dadi a Jackie Chan’s pic and hugs her.

Tara goes to Naksh’s room, while he waits for him. She thinks Naksh called her in some other room and goes there. She shuts the door and hugs Baisa saying I have come Naksh. Baisa screams. Everyone hear it and think what happened to Baisa. Tara gets worried seeing Baisa. Everyone knock the door and ask Baisa and Tara are they fine. They all ask what happened. Baisa says ask this shameless girl, she thought I m Naksh and hugged me in darkness. They all get shocked. Naitik calls Akshara. Akshara says its urgent call and goes. Naksh says don’t overreact Baisa, its not a big thing. Baisa asks then whats this big thing, she is so shameless, her family did not teach her anything. Sangram gets angry. Tara cries.

Baisa scolds a lot. Sangram asks Baisa to stop it, why is she creating big issue, Tara is marrying Naksh. Baisa says I did not see such brother till now, if you give such freedom to girl, what would you do. Sangram says we do anything, you mind your business. Baisa says I m doing my work and I m trying to save my family, your sister is spoiling things. She insults Tara. Sangram says enough, not a word anymore, we are from respectable family, that’s why we are respecting you, get any girl for Naksh if you have problem with my sister. He takes Tara and goes. Naksh asks Baisa what did she do, she annoyed Sangram. Akshara could not hear Naitik. She sees Sangram and Tara leaving and ask what happened. Sangram says I m taking her home, we got much insulted. Naksh goes after them. Akshara sits worried.

Naksh tells Akshara that he got to know the truth. Naitik is lying about his hongkong trip, he has no work related to Krishna there.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Naksh u wil get mre beautiful girl than tara, akshara dont wry,naitik always only for u,so u dont need of wry,pls pls pls pls pls change the actress who play tara,its my kindly request

  2. I lik naksh and tara marriage,and i want tara as daughter in law of akshara,bt i say actress who play tara is not match for naksh,she is luk older than naksh,so change beautiful actress as tara,pls

  3. Fantastic episode! I am loving the scene between Baisa n Tara! Ha..ha..ha.. ? Very funny part!!! ????☺

  4. Naitik please share Kuhu’s matter with Akshara. Pls don’t hurt her by hiding the secret. Once n for all please clear all the confusion..

  5. today’s episode was nice. especially means Naitik and Akshara scene where akshara imagine naitik in her dream that wasa best part in today’s episode.

  6. without naitik the episode will be not complete.

  7. Many viewers of #YRKKH are with the actor\actress who are gorgeous/smart. Actually this is not the viewers fault. This is (Director/CVS)’s fault. From the very beginning of this serial, the director is showing beautiful/cute Akshara, sweet/handsome Naitik. Chocolate boy/cute Naksh, Beautiful Naira. Gorgeous Rajasri(The women who is playing Akshara’s Mother role), Smart Vishambar. So the viewers are used to watch beautiful actress/handsome actor. All of a sudden the girl(Umang Jain) who is playing the role of “Tara” is not so beautiful. Besides that she also can’t act well. That is why maybe most of the fans/viewers are against her(Umang Jain) So the director have to take this matter seriously and thus have to change the actress of “Tara”

    1. Kandy u r r8. I agree with u.

  8. I read somewhere from internet that hina khan ( akshara ) didn’t agreed to play the role of mother-in-law …. She didn’t wanted to share her screen space with anyone ….. She wanted to be the ONLY female lead in the serial …… So, According to the Sources …. Tara will soon change into a negative character ….. So sad ……

  9. I am surprised. Tara is very beautiful in her own way. Actually Naksh looks odd with his toothless mouth. Naira also looks very odd without makeup. Akshara is irritating with her overacting and screwing her nose when laughing or crying. Her dancing is aweful and her acting is also not good.

    1. Who says Naksh is toothless! I think u hv some problem with ur eye sight. Please contact a doctor ASAP….. ????

      1. Please contact some brain surgeon whether you have one or not.

  10. I dont know how people put cmnts lik tis, how the people say akshara is dont know acting,she is not beautiful,hw dare u say lik tis
    Akshara is so cute and her smile conveys evrythng,if she dont knew act,hw she travel 8 years in tis show,pls thnk crtly
    And naksh and naira are hansum and cute respectively,only tara is odd from whole show,pls change who play tara role

  11. Akshara is so beautiful Tara is not 1/4th part in akshara and naksh and naira also super we can’t compare with Tara Tara is not at all nice

  12. Personal comments are not allowed. We can comment only on fictional characters. Some can never act properly even if they are on tv for years. akshara is one of them. She is a very superficial actress. I like Tara because she looks sharp and acts well.
    You may like someone and I may not like. It is a democracy. We can express our opinion on fictional characters without getting personal.

  13. Actually I did not want to criticise. But the way people are criticisng Tara day in and day out made me retaliate. It is unfair. Discuss the episodes, not the actors or actresses.

  14. We r audience,so we hav all the ryts,in tis show the actress who play tara role is not mingle wit other actors,ha ha,pls who r the person says hina khan dont know act,pls teach acting to her,a place who play tara role only suitable for nagative role,becas her face lik tat

  15. I dont hate or critisise actress umang(tara) ,bt her luk was only suitable for nagative role,pls director put character to the actor/actress before u thnk it is suitable or not
    How many people lik now umang as tara? Only 30 %,pls change actress who play tara,you gve another character to umang,bt i dont want umang as tara

  16. Well, Tara and Naksh are too young to get married. Let them grow up first. Complete their studies and get jobs.
    Beauty is skindeep. We will not change our sisters and mothers just because they are not beautiful.
    Naseeruddin Shah, Om Puri, Shabana Azmi etc. are not typically goodlooking. Yet they are appreciated for their acting skills. And they do all kinds of roles.

  17. Actually she is very talented and looks natural and real not fake. I have to comment about those that make nasty comments about other people. Shame on you all those who criticized Umang’s looks are you only worried about outside beauty? What about her talents? That is why there is a lot of women who have low self esteem because of insensitive people like you. There is a saying that says ” When you point a finger at someone there’s always four fingers pointing back to you ” Probably you are 4 times a worse person than her. Usually people who like criticising others do it so they divert attention from their ugliness and also to make themselves feel better. Treat others with respect and nicely probably you will feel better about your self. Of course there’s freedom of speech but that doesn’t give you licensed to be nasty to others.

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