Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi seeing Naira. Naira asks why do you look worried, is everything fine. Dadi says yes. Naira asks shall w go home. Surekha says we have to talk before leaving. Dadi says we will go, we will come some other day. They greet everyone and leave.

Kartik comes home and sees Naira lost. He asks about whom are you thinking. She jokes and asks him to stop his acting. He asks her what is she thinking. She thinks of Dadi. He asks her to smile and not worry. He pushes her and says okay. She pushes him and says okay. They hug. She thinks what to tell you when I don’t know it myself. Dadi says pandit told me to get something, you get this. Surekha says fine, you decide, whom will you talk first, we should not delay now. She sees list and says I don’t understand

this. Dadi says is written in hurry, so you can’t understand this, how can we hurry, relation is good, but we have to be here, Naksh treats Kirti well, but marrying her is different thing.

Naksh asks Bhabhimaa not to keep fasts. She asks him to marry, does he agree, Naira’s sasural also asked this, Dadi was asking about your marriage. Gayu says its good she left me. He says tell her I like someone. Bhabhimaa says we want you to get married soon. He says I will marry when I get someone, drop fast plan, I will keep fast. She asks what, you will keep fast for your marriage. He says for your health. They laugh. He says fine, laugh, nothing will happen.

Kirti says I played carom after many things. Kids says it was fun. She says Naksh plays well, we were partners today, it was fun. Dadi and Surekha look on. Surekha asks Dadi to make Kirti’s game partner her life partner. Dadi says I also want this, its good she likes him, but if this does not happen then… Surekha says you can change anyone’s no to yes. Dadi and Surekha go.

Kirti gets Naksh’s message. Naksh writes I got a similar flower, but its different color flower, I thought to give it to you tomorrow. She smiles and thinks so sweet, he is so caring, he will come to give plant tomorrow.

Suwarna drinks water and coughs. Naira sends medicine for her by maid. Kartik looks on. Suwarna sees Naira and goes. Kartik goes to Naira and switches off lights. She says its kitchen. He says I m making love recipe. She says anyone will come. He says everyone slept. She runs. He says I like when you worry this way, you look more cute. She says I will shout. He asks her to shout, shall I shout. He jokes. He gets an icecream from fridge and shows her. They share it. Yeh rishta kya…..plays….. He drops the icecream. Naira cleans it. He asks her not to miss this moment, this feeling to get scared that anyone will come, its fun. They hear Dadi and hide. Dadi asks Surekha to stop it now. Kartik says I thought everyone slept. Dadi says let me sleep now, there is no emergency to call them, I m thinking to talk to Naksh first. She gets a call and goes. Kartik asks did Dadi take Naksh’s name. Naira nods. Kartik says maybe there is something, why are we taking stress.

Kirti tells story to kids about a sad princess. She recalls Naksh. She says a prince came in her life, she got a new hope, like he solved his problem, princess felt her life can get happiness again. Naira comes and hears her. Kirti says then princess realized…. Kids say that she loves the prince. Kirti says yes, Nak….. She thinks what was I saying and sees Naira. Naira asks kids to have eyedrops. Kirti says it will make you see things clearly. She hopes Naira did not hear anything. Naira says I can see clearly, there is something in your heart. Kirti says there is nothing such. Naira says you can tell it to me. Naira thinks to tell Kartik.

Its morning, Dadi asks everyone to decorate house well, I m doing puja for my Kirti. Naira gives tea to everyone. Surekha says I think we should send proposal via Naira.

Kirti and Naira light diya. Naira says diya need light, same way our dreams get family support, please tell me about your prince. Kirti drops diya. Dadi asks what did you do, be careful. Naira says sorry, its not mistake. Dadi says how will this work, light diya now. Naira asks Kirti to say what’s in her heart. Manish comes and asks is there any work for us. Dadi says no, have breakfast. A lady comes to meet Dadi. Naira stops her and says we don’t want to talk to them, go, we don’t like this alliance. Dadi gets in and tells Dadi to send the girl without dowry. Naira asks lady to please leave. The lady goes. Kartik and Manish ask what was she saying. Dadi worries.

Naira says I feel marriage should be by Kirti’s likes. Dadi says she got such guy. Naira asks really, who is he. Dadi says Naksh. They get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Tomorrow maybe dadi s seeing naksh and saying it.i don’t want them to spoil the supense and cuteness of having feeling in heart.let them enjoy this and fall in love gradually.let naksh also think same way by himself.and don’t show naira hearing others conversation all the time unintentionally.but today kaira part was Good.

  2. Fenil

    Helli Everyone !!

    Again Positive Episode wow.

    Kaira Kitchen moments were so cute and sweet.

    Keerti feels free with Naksh than her family.Keesh talks were also good.

    @Anjana , your comments are so perfect.Welcome to Yrkkh.

    They made Kaira main , but they are small so sometime CV’s should avoid them in some matters.

    1. Thank you fenil.

  3. This naira think she is head of family.. she keeps on following right wrong right wrong lik tat. She is not mahan

    1. Priya Rathore

      Yes I know right, Naira is turning into an annoying character! She always interfare in others’ business. She keeps forcing Keerti to tell her, why can’t she just stay out of this!

  4. I think Kaira couple is awesome and Keesh couple is awesome. They both are awesome and Naira is not an interfaring girl. But I like dadi idea to get keerti and Naksh marry each other.

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