Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th July 2015 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Karishma and Naman saying I love you to Mishti and thanking Naksh. Mishti plays music. Naksh sings papa kehte hai bada naam karenga…………Naira and Mishti dance around him. The elders smile and like the efforts by the kids. They clap for the kids. Naira asks them to sit, as there are many things. Bhabhimaa says their programs don’t end always. Naksh says we have new idea and want to gift a website to you all, to share feelings for your parents. Ananya tells the family about the website where they can see their parents’s pics and even childhood pics. Naksh shows the old pics to the family and they like it. Ananya gives a card and roses to her parents. Rajshri and Vishwamber find Sanju sad.

Nannu gifts Jasmeet and Anshu and hugs them. Dadi goes to

Sanju and asks whats the matter, is she missing her parents. Kaki asks her to call and talk to them. Rajshri says talk later, but wish the parents infront of you, give me the rose. Sanju gives roses to Rajshri and Vishwamber and thanks them. Naitik says great, Naksh made me make the cake on parents day. Naksh asks everyone to come and they cut the cake. Naman says lets take family pic. Mishti says I did not charge camera to save electricity. Naksh takes pics by phone. He gets a call and goes. Akshara looks at him.

Bau ji says we got happy today. Devyaani thanks them for making the day memorable. Naksh gets call and he goes. Akshara asks Naitik to make masala tea. Bhabhimaa says I won’t like this. Akshara says I will make tea, don’t say if its not good. They laugh. Akshara hears Naksh talking on phone, he will arrange money soon. He says he does not wish to lose the land, he wants to make hotel. Naksh sees her and ends call. He lies to her and she questions him. He asks why so many questions, she is not worried about him, please make some food for me.

Rajshri gets Akshara’s call and says they did not talk today. Akshara says do you have time to talk to me, is Sanju staying at our home, Nandini told me, I called to know why is she staying at our home. Rajshri says Sanju did not get good food. Akshara says why did she not try anywhere else. Rajshri asks her why is she saying, and asks Sanju to be careful, Akshara’s pic would fall. Akshara says you gave her my room, now I came my home, and you gave my room to Sanju, and gets annoyed. Rajshri asks what happened to her, she did not give her share of love, if she is feeling bad, they will send Sanju to Ananya’s room. Akshara says no need, I don’t know why you like this girl. She ends angry and ends call. Sanju hugs Rajshri saying the room is so good, thanks.

Akshara asks Naira about Naksh. Naira asks since when did she get Naitik’s habit. Akshara asks her to find it and say. Naira says you want me to spy, you are doubting Naksh. Akshara says no, I don’t want Naitik and Naksh to fight again. Naira asks her fees. Akshara says she won’t give, she will find herself.

Naitik sees Naksh on laptop, and asks chatting or games. Naksh says it can be work too. Naitik asks him to study well. Naksh says I will try. Its morning, Naksh tells Yash, Ananya and Sanju that he will get loan from Malhotra. They ask for a treat. Yash says loan givers charge heavy interest and are clever. Sanju asks Yash to be positive. Naksh says I don’t have security to take loan from bank. Sanju says meet him, make sure its clear and observe he is good man or not. Ananya asks him to take loan from Bau ji. Naksh says I will manage alone, and will repay loan after running restaurant. They wish Naksh all the best.

Naksh gets ready and Akshara asks where is he going. He says first day at college and takes her blessings. She blesses and hugs him. Nandini asks Yash is he not going college and for whom is he seeing dresses, does he have any GF. He says no, for you. She asks do I wear this. He says college has strike, make tea for me, I m going to have bath and goes. Naitik and Akshara drop Naira to school. Naira thanks them for supporting and trusting her, without knowing everything. Akshara says our trust will never change. Naira says I will manage it my way. Akshara says its good. Naitik says we will not interfere till you want, we are with you.

Akshara says every matter has a solution. Naitik says trying should be mutual to understand. Naira asks them to go. Naksh meets Malhotra. He asks Naksh to meet Bakshi. Naksh talks to him. Bakshi says he will invest if he likes the project, he wants profits in time. Naksh shows his hotel project. Akshara, Bhabhimaa and Devyaani have samosas. Karishma brings Mishti’s toys and says she does not have space in her room, she will keep it in storeroom, Mishti can play there. Devyaani asks Akshara not to feel bad. Akshara says own room is lovable to everyone. Devyaani says family is also lovable and we explained Mishti to adjust and share her room, don’t worry, people spoil relations for petty things. Akshara calls home and Sanju takes the call. Sanju asks Rajshri to come. Akshara asks did she not go home. Sanju says its college union strike. Akshara says then Naksh…. Sanju gives phone to Rajshri. Akshara apologizes to Rajshri. Rajshri asks does she have any problem if Sanju stays there. Akshara says no. She ends call and thinks where did Naksh go.

Bhabhimaa asks Naksh to drop her to temple and they leave. A card falls and Akshara sees it. She worries seeing money lender’s card and says why does Naksh have this card.

Update Credit to: Amena

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