Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Naitik gets embarrassed

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naitik getting dizzy and lying in kids’ room. Priyanka finds him and worries. The lady praises Dadi and shows the news. Dadi and everyone get surprised seeing the news reporter praising Dadi for her big donations to the poor kids. Naira smiles. The lady says you should have told us, we would have done the same, we will donate chadava also. Baisa says you have done an amazing thing. Dadi thinks if Kartik knows Naira and I had an argument about this, he would get annoyed and fight with me. She says the credit goes to my entire family. Naira looks on. Suwarna thinks Dadi didn’t tell Naira’s name, I should tell this to Kartik. Dadi asks Kartik and Naira to go and change, they will then distribute prasad. They go. Kids refuse to go and change. Priyanka says

I will call doctor. Naitik says no, just listen to me. She says please, let me call the doctor. Kartik and Naira come there. Naira enters the room. Kartik stops her and says there are many people at home, if you family sees this… she says they will think we had a fight. They go to their room.

Bau ji praises the family. Manish smiles. Suwarna says you should have said this was Naira’s idea. Dadi asks what about the drama that would have created here, its better to avoid the scene. Suwarna taunts her and goes. Dadi says everyone thinks I m a fool, I have to remind Suwarna who is Saas and who is bahu, I will have to hold her limits. Naksh looks for Naitik. He sees Kirti and asks why was Dadi angry on you. She says nothing. He says tell her I don’t like anyone scolding my wife, you can tell me if you did any mistake, I will tell Dadi and explain. She says nothing like that. He says fine if you say. She thinks Naksh will be hurt if truth comes out. Lav and Kush pray to get a cute GF. Aryan smiles and says its a big problem, I tried my best but I couldn’t impress anyone. Lav says come, we three will pray. Aryan says Lord, get a cute GF for them, and I want a lively GF like me. They smile. Naira changes. Kartik sees her and recalls their moments. Yeh rishta….plays… She thinks what happened between us. He thinks she is close and still so far. She says why don’t I understand what he wants. He thinks what’s happening to me. She thinks why can’t I placate him. He thinks why am I not able to do anything. They collide.

They hear Aryan and kids coming. Aryan sees Naira leaving. Kartik gets a message. He says I didn’t start the presentation, I will ask Shubham to make a basic pointer. He sends the kids. He says the presentation… Aryan says so, Naira couldn’t digest this, she told me she won’t say anything, but you know it, fine I will tell you, I have stolen your presentation and put dance academy files in folder, what will you do now, will you beat me, it won’t matter now. Kartik gets shocked. He goes to Naira. Dadi calls him. Surekha says we have to place this diyas in every room and then we will distribute prasad. Naitik says we shall go downstairs now. Priyanka asks him to have something first. Everyone comes there and see them close, while Priyanka is feeding sweets to Naitik. Naitik sees everyone. Priyanka turns to see.

Naira asks Naitik is he fine. Kartik asks the man. Naitik says I was feeling tired, Priyanka came and said chocolates can make me feel better. Priyanka says chocolates give instant energy, don’t worry, he is fine now. Suwarna asks Naira to stay back, they will go and light diya. Naksh sees Naitik. Naksh asks shall we go to doctor. Kartik says yes, we can call doctor here. Naitik says no, I m okay. Akhilesh tells Manish that many people are praising their mum’s charity. They hear some ladies saying about a couple’s romance. Manish asks about whom are they talking, Kartik and Naira…. Dadi says not them, they are talking about…. she shows Naitik and Priyanka. Manish and Akhilesh get shocked. Naira and Kartik ask Naitik to have something. Kartik recalls Kirti’s words. He asks Naitik to just care for his health. He thinks don’t know how will Naira handle this. Naira thinks I don’t want to talk and embarrass dad. Naitik thinks maybe my guilt gets less by talking. Naksh recalls Kirti’s words. Lav and Kush take Kirti with them.

Baisa says this doesn’t look good in this age. Bhabhimaa, Devyaani and Rajshri say Naitik can’t do this, he said he was not well. Lady says I wish to taunt them. They laugh. Dadi says its our personal matter, we know everything, don’t interfere in our matter, take the prasad and gift, thanks for coming. She turns and sees Naitik. He asks what did you tell them. She says sorry, I had to make them quiet else they would have defamed you and Priyanka. He says you didn’t do right. She asks what could I do then, you know how people insult others, I did this for you and your family. Everyone looks on. Naira asks what happened. Dadi says I feel strange to say, I didn’t want them to say anything about Naitik and Priyanka’s relation, I need to keep our family respect. Naira cries and sees Priyanka. Everyone looks on shocked.

Devyaani asks Naira to come fast, Naitik has locked himself in his room. Naira asks Naitik to open the door. She sits crying.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. they dont leave any moment for praising naira mahan. why did they show dadi goenka as a villain only to praise naira. now karthik ll feel sorry for naira and i hate it. the girl who ran away frm her family with some misunderstanding usko sab ne taarif karthe he akshara ko beti kehke…. I miss old yrrkh… akshara naitik akshara ki maika varsha shaurya akshara ki dadi…….sabko

  2. Making Dadi more and more cheap to glorify naira will never end..I feel what she did today is somewhat against her character..Yes, she is a hypocrite..But she has always been open about her views and feelings..The way she closed naitik and priyanka’s issue is totally against her character.. She always used to support family infront of outsiders, as her honour is important for her..I still remember she scolding the ladies, who commented on Naira’s wheatish complexion..

    Naksh is standing aside and it is Kaira, who is taking care of Naitik..So Naksh will suspect him, but Our samajdaar kaira will not..Kartik who accused his own father’s character is shown supporting and understanding Naitik..
    This will continue 2mrw also..They will behave as Naira is only one who is close to him..It will be only her, who will get Naitik out of his sadness..Dunno they will go to any extent and may be Naksh will apologise to them, which is utter BS..

    2mrw also it will be only Naira who will speak and argue with Dadi..It is useless if Manish or suwarna did not speak for priyanka..No need to have shown them very close..

    1. Yrkkh critics

      Well said!! Kartik who suspicted his own’s father’s character is taking side of naitik it literally looks rediculous i have never seen kartik caring this much for manish as much he does for naitik if they would have shown it balanced it would have been acceptable but it doesnt seem as if he cares for his dad who loves him unconditionally and if seen cv’s are not showing a single moment of kartik with his father you will still be able to see some scenes of suwarna and martik but not of kartik and manish which looks very dissapointing but naira has always been giving proper love and care to his father naitik…..when kartik and manish hatered story started i thought the end would have been beautiful one but they left the track incomplete

      1. True..That track gave a perfect introduction to goenkas.. That has been closed suddenly..

  3. It is better if Parul Chatham quits..Not only her character is so pathetic and worst than weak, they are spoiling her looks also in every possible way..This role as suwarna which started very well, has grown worse and idiotic, that she may better leave the show than spoiling her fame she for through bidaai..

  4. Not surprised at all, next election cvs should send naira’s candidature

  5. It’s better to not have kids than have a daughter like naira

  6. People who donate genuinely to poor don’t brag about it and don’t give the news to reporters. They are showing naira mahaan and at the same time she is shown to givegive donation news to reporters. Waise agar ye reporter wali baat na dikhate to naira ji sahi aur mahaan kaise saabit hoti. Naira is a b*t*h both in reel and real life.

  7. I hope they kill dadi off. shes a cow.

    1. Hope they kill naira. She is a b*t*h

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