Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gayu and Mishti helping Naira. Naira says I can’t believe its really happening. Gayu says everything will be happy in your marriage. Rajshri says how to do Mamabhaath ritual. Anshu and Shaurya are not here. Varsha says don’t worry, I called Shaurya. Akhilesh asks Mansi is she ready to go for mehendi ritual. Mansi says I m scared to go that house. He says that man did not come since long, forget him, come. Mansi shows the tattoo stickers which can be applied instead Mehendi. Dadi scolds her. Mansi says Naira has sent this, she said these sticks will look like mehendi. Surekha asks what will Naira apply. Dadi says she will apply mehendi.

Vishwamber says Shaurya called, he can’t come. Varsha says he should have understood, its imp to come here. Vishwamber

says he is unwell, and can’t come, he was making work excuse. Rajshri says don’t know what Naira’s inlaws will say. He says we should talk to Naitik. Rajshri prays.

Dadi asks why did you get mehendi, I told you I will get organic mehendi. Baisa says its good, Naira will get blessings of both families. Kartik comes and smiles. Bau ji compliments him. Gayu asks for Kirti. Suwarna says she is coming with Aditya. Kirti and Aditya come. Dadi praises Aditya. She asks them to make sure that this does not happen again. Baisa says Naira is sensible, she will not do this again. Dadi tells soin in law’s importance, see how Manish talks to Aditya. Manish says giving respect is imp. Naitik says respect should be in heart, not in words, Naira will not do anything like that. Lav and Kush ask them to play music. Dadi says wait, there is Mamabhaath mahurat, it shows how much Naniyaal loves the girl. Rajshri apologizes to Naitik. Varsha says I spoke to Shaurya, he is in pain. Naitik says Goenkas will not come between our relations, we know Shaurya would have come if he could. Naira and Gayu hear this and think what will happen now.

Mishti shows tattoos to Kartik and says Naira chose this. He asks will she apply tattoo, its her wish. Dadi hears this and says Surekha, did you hear same, no this can’t happen. Gayu gets Naira. Kartik sees her and smiles. Kirti and everyone tease him. Naira takes everyone’s blessings. Naira passes by Kartik. She hugs Kirti. She sees Aditya.

Dadi asks where is girl’s Mama, call him and start the rasam. Baisa asks Varsha to call Shaurya. Dadi asks is there any problem. Naira asks can we make Varsha do this ritual. Dadi asks what’s this new acting Naira, is this necessary, call Shaurya. Bau ji says he went Delhi for imp work. Manish says he should have come, we also do work, but profit and loss can be thought in everything. Vishwamber says Shaurya got unwell. Dadi says he made health excuse. Varsha says not excuse, he is really unwell.

Dadi says what to do now, I told you before, I will not compromise in rasams. Kartik asks Dadi to leave it. Daid says don’t get in this. He asks what to do now. Naitik says Kartik be quiet, its elders’ matter. Dadi says they are not able to do one rasam, Shaurya should have told this before. Naira says sorry, its not Shaurya’s mistake, he would have left work, he is ill, he did not tell anyone about his ill health, Varsha can do the rasam, when one can’t reach, other does the duty. Naksh says Naira is right, its better that Varsha does the rasam. Naitik says accept our request, let Varsha do the rasam.

Kartik asks where to sit, tell me, we will start rasam. Manish asks Dadi to agree to them. Dadi agrees. Varsha does the rituals. Yeh rishta kya…..plays……… Rajshri and Vishwamber give them gifts. Surekha says they did all arrangements well as per our choice. Suwarna says they have two relations with Kartik. Dadi says you always take their side. Varsha thanks them for giving them this chance, for not differentiating between bahu and daughter. Dadi says if son and bahu are equal, why would be be different, some differences don’t end. Mishti says we can start mehendi now. Aditya adds wine in juice glass and drinks.

Dadi tells about the famous mehendi designer. She sees Naira with the tattoos. Naira says I will tell clearly that I will not do the thing which I don’t like. Dadi hears this and goes. Gayu says its about dance academy, we should wait for sometime. Dadi misunderstands Naira. Surekha says everything went wrong, that mehendi designer is not coming. Dadi asks why, what will we do now. She scolds Surekha. She turns and sees Singhania ladies hearing them. Baisa says it won’t be a problem, we all know to apply mehendi. Nandini promises to not let the rasam spoil.

Dadi says Naira will get mehendi first, she does not like it, so she is going to apply tattoo, but rasam is rasam. Surekha asks Dadi to tell Naira. Dadi says if I say, Kartik will take Naira’s side, I heard her talking to her sister. Suwarna says she can’t say that. Dadi asks her not to anger her more. They see Naira and Mishti with mehendi tattoo designs. Dadi asks are you stopping her, or shall I stop her, I won’t tolerate this. She goes to Naira.

Naira and Kartik dance on Aai shubh ghadi…… Aditya holds Naira’s waist. Naira shouts Aditya ji and raises hand. Naksh beats Aditya.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Fenil

    Hello Everyone! !

    No need to thank Raf Dii ,Swara Dii and Rahul Bhai .

    G for Gazab ka Episode☺!!

    Rahul Bhai my birthday date 07.05.1996 calculate years??

    Friends i want to start quiz.u all have to participate. Don’t worry frds who have exams if present members gives support then quiz will be continue till u all will came.

    Only 2 questions. In single update only 3 person can ask questions. Warna ek hi update mein puri serial khatm ho jayengi ok???. Sab ka chance aye aise understanding kar ke questions post karna ..koi hurt feel na kare…aur aisa karo ke in today’s questions ke answers mein likh dena aaj kon 2 frd questions karenge on FIFO basis ok.



    PN:- Pls give answers in only one or two words or lines.
    Don’t waste your precious time on reading of old updates and watching old episodes ok frds.
    Time waste na ho issi liye 2 questions hi rakhe hain.☺

    For Swara : Fenil Soni ( Boy )
    DOB: 07.05.1996
    Hometown : Aburoad
    Now stay : Bardoli
    Now i m : Ahmedabad for study
    Study : CA and are going on ; complete
    Hobbies: Cooking (first priority ), Drawing, reading,singing
    Sports : Badminton , carrom.
    Favourite serials : YRKKh , Ek Hasina Thi , Ek Duje Ke Vaste , Tumhi ho bandhu sakha tum hi , Tumahari Pankhi , Bandhan , Diya aur bati hum , Yeh hain aashiqi , Pyar tune kya kiya , Yeh vada raha , KZK , YMGGK and KGGK.

    Ask if u want more.

    1. Hi Fenil nice to know abt yu.. im new here….even i love Ek Hasini thi (the plotting and suspense in the shw is awesome) and Tumhi ho bandhu sakha tumhi a lot(Family bonding is awesome in the show no dragging much)

    2. The answer to the second question is Suwarna.
      ( I am not sure about the first one as I have only started watching this Show two months ago. )

    3. Answers
      1) Hrithik Roshan
      2) Akhilesh (Karthik’s Chacha)

    4. Soumya85

      2nd answer is keerti

    5. 1.Akshara’s favourite actor is Hrithik Roshan.
      2.After Karthik the first entry from Goenkas War Keerti.

  2. Fenil


    favourite shows ki list thodi lambi hai…Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali is most favourite serial after yrkkh.

    Don’t make quiz as competition ok.

  3. Rahul96

    A big hii my new , big and expanding YRKKH family Pat di(elder sister ) , Sachu di , Sindhu di , Sophie di , Swara di , Fenil Bhaiya , Aniket , Shilpa, Soumya , Aliya Khan, Pawan, Adi , Vrushy, Trisha, Riya, , Jas , Ponkuri , Ridz , Raven, Ishika , trishi , Paakhi , Nikhil , Chanya , Shesha , Amalina , TV Fan1 , Lasyashree.10 , Pari , Trusna , Ishu (Ishwarya) , Twana , Khushi ,Claire , riyasmiles , sweetsara , irum , Raf , Tanu , 123 , Su_16 ( Suha ) , Dona , Rosa 18 , Chanpreet ( Preet ) , Reyaa , Ranu , Hales and all other YRKKH fan
    and silent comment readers and new comers

    How are you guys????

    Thanks amena dii for your fast update !!!

    Coming to the episode !!! It was ok !!! It’s like a little bit dragging !!! Anyway glad to see that aditya is beaten !!! And this dadi is too much !!!
    Hi Raf and soumya
    How was your exam today ???
    Wishing all of you best of luck to all of you !!!! I will not write much today feeling tired !!!
    And guys I have got a thinking
    Couple name of NAIra and karTIK as NAITIK ( ???? )
    Hi Fenil bro
    1) Salman Khan
    2) kirthi
    Now my questions!!
    1) what was the first gift given to Nandani from Rajshri and her family ??
    2) what was other name of chikki ???
    3) who is the real mother of kuhu????

    1. i think answer fa 3rd question is sneha.. first 2 i’m not aware bec i started watching Yeh ristha frm Naksh Marriage oly..

      im good.. hru all??

    2. Answers
      1) Bangles (same as that of Akshara’s)
      2) Prerana
      3) Sneha

    3. Answers

  4. Rahul96

    Hi dhanvi
    Your mother tongue is beautiful… Looklike I need to sleep guys !!; Good night Everyone!!!

  5. Answe for 1st question is hritik roshan and for second is swarna

  6. hey guyz my real name is kriti Sophie paid me money to insult aniket she is a big time fraud she is making me angry just go and die somewhere Sophie stupid nonsense girl

    1. Lasyashree.10

      It’s okay na!! We know about Sophie Di…. she made you angry or you are making us?? Who are you actually…. Sophie Di ki picha kyunnahi chid rahi ho??
      Anyways please stop this nonsense….This not any fun here.. don’t waste your time… go and utilise it in other thing…it’s just a kind advice!!

      1. Lasyashree.10

        You are not insulting Aniket here you yourself is getting insulted so,..stop

      2. Thank you Lasya for taking a stand for me…love you…

    2. I believe that I have already replied to your comment on the previous page..
      And you repeating the same thing won’t make your point any stronger…

    3. Chanya

      Hey whoever u r don’t use Sophie di’s name..n for ur kind information we know about her n u don’t need us to teach..n plz stop this nonsense..if not we will complain tu..

      1. Thank you Chanya..

    4. Rahul96

      Hii Kriti how are you ???
      Awwwww Kirti dear so Sophie dii is torturing you naa !!!!! Awwwww poor Kirti I know Sophie dii is bad girl. Sophie dii please don’t be bad be please don’t torture my poor Kirti , please don’t pay her money !!!! Awwwwwwwwwww Kirti I am having pity on you !!! ( Hi Sophie dii I hope you understood me and diii please I am really sorry ) !!! ??????
      Kirti my reaction to your comment – LMFAO. I hope you know the full form of LMFAO or if no then it’s good for you !!! And not only Sophie dii even I also paid you money but for your treatment dear !!!
      And even here also Dr lasyashree , Dr Tanu dii , Dr Aliyaa , Dr Chanya can treat you for free of cost .
      And kirti lasii is right why are you wasting your time here ???? Go and utilise it in some other things !!!

      1. Ahhhah…no need to say are funny…
        Thank you Rahul..
        Amazing bro…

    5. Soumya85

      We all know sophie di very well and we know she can’t tell to do this…stop using her name and pls don’t try to create misunderstanding between all of us..don’t worry sophie di we all r with u and trust u

      1. Thank you Soumya…

  7. To all my dear YRKKH family…Rahul,Raf,Aniket,Lasyashree,Twana and everybody…

    Rahul ThkQvm for remembering me…you have very good memory…u remembered what I wrote last time…I am happy you r back finally aftr sorting out ur mind n after much persuasion…Great!!!

    I would like to let you all my YRKKH family that becoz of my research I do not have time to comment but I do read all updates n some of ur comments…pls excuse my being absent for quite some time:(

    I appreciate all ur concerns n relationship in this YRKKH family… It really warm my heart to see u Bros n Sistas so caring …
    This is a happy YRKKH family!!!

    Rahul…u have been asking me so long ago abt me…So sorry…this is my answer…
    I am 21yr old…Singaporean Chinese…I love to watch Hindi films n serials ( coz my mother also love to watch ) but she is not watching anymore…I have to come here to read written updates to know what is going on in the YRKKH serial…n others too…but I love YRKKH the best…
    I am a lady…doing research (food) my timing is irregular so sometimes day or night … Can be days n nights…

    I hope you all my dear Bros n Sistas can still regards me as ur family…(as I am Chinese pls dun outcast me ) as I have been watching StarPlus serials or dramas for almost 6 yrs now…I have learned quite a few Hindi language… Though not good enough to say in sentences…Bros n Sis here are u all willing to teach me??? Rahul?

    Sorry for the long comment…:( 🙁

    Big Hug(((( )))))to my Bros n Sistas

    All the Best to All who r still taking exams…
    Blessings to all here my YRKKH family:))))

    Great Health n Blessed days to All 🙂

    P.S….Rahul u keeps asking abt my name…Ponkuri? Is it there is no such name in Hindi? I am LinTzeLing (my name)

    1. Why would outcast you..
      I am an Australian too…
      Chini Chini Bhai Bhai..?

      1. Rahul96

        No Sophie dii you are wrong !!! You two can’t be chini chini Bhai Bhai . Since both of you are girl then for both of you it should be chini chini behen behen ( ???) and for me and LinTzeLing it should be chini chini Bhai behen , but since she is elder to me then I guess it should be chini chini Behen Bhai !!!???

      2. Because I am a tomboy…I want to be a bhai…Sophie Bhai…ahahahha

      3. Rahul96

        Hahahaha???. So Sophie dii you are Tomboy ??? Haha . Sophie diii if you are Tomboy then still you and LinTzeLing dii can’t be can’t be chini chini Bhai Bhai . Because LinTzeLing dii is a lady !!!! So still you and LinTzeLing diii are chini chini Bhai Behen . ?????

    2. Rahul96

      Hi LinTzeLing aka Ponkuri dii . You are 21 year old and I am 20 so of all my elder sisters (dii) here you are my little elder sister here ?????. And you are most welcome dii .
      So dii you are Singaporean Chinese !!!! That’s awesome !!!!! And why we will not accept you dii ??? Since you are the only Chinese in our family member so dii you are most heartedly welcome !!!! And LinTzeLing diii here we have Patricia dii from London , Sophie dii from Australia , Rafia from London , Me and Soumya from Kolkata ( India ) , Twana and Ishika from Delhi ( India ) , Sachu dii from Kerala ( India ) , Aniket from Maharashtra ( India ) , almost every member of this family is from different corner of country and from world !!!! And I don’t think that Ponkuri is name in Hindi . Might be Ponkuri will be a word of south Indian language !!!! And Ponkuri dii if you don’t mind can we call you by your real name LinTzeLing dii . It’s a beautiful name !!!! But I don’t know the meaning !!! If you don’t mind can you tell me the meaning of your name ???

    3. Rahul96

      So LinTzeLing dii so you are basically a researcher !!!! That’s great !!!! Research on which topic ????

    4. Rahul96

      And LinTzeLing diii Yess we will surely teach you hindi !!!! And in return you should teach us Chinese !!!! What’s say ??? ?????? !!! And so dii you are doing research on food ??! Means how to decrease size of food and to increase nutrition of food ???? Or ( it is called yaa in Hindi ) doing research on how to increase efficiency of farming ??? Yaa tissue farming !!!

  8. Lasyashree.10

    Hey! Everyone ????
    I’m not commenting here right??…
    I’m really sorry because you know this is exam time….. we will have practicals and all so…. was busy in those classes….??
    Fine now let me wish a very happy and great GOODMORNING?? to Vrushy,hales Di,fenil,cassie,RAf,Rahulbro,Aniket,twana,Chanya,Trishi,patdi, Sachu Di, Sophie Di, Sindhu Di,Swara di, Dhanvi,Soumya,shesha,ishikadi,adi and all the others… sorry if I missed anyone….

    So… episode was truly…great… loved the precap….finally,,,Adithya will be exposed out….and I’m excited about KAIRA marriage and KEESH love story…. hope there will be no more drama…. yea… I READ THE SPOILERE AND THERE WAS THE STATEMENT: FINALLY NAIRA AND KARTHIK BECAME WIFE AMD HUSBAND….❤️❤️❤️?

    I’m very excited to see how Adithya will be exposed and what will be the expression of dadi?? She was like our Daman Ji is great,unbelievable and all now she will know how great he is….

    Loved the way they all gave importance to Varsha?
    Any ways obviously missing Akshara…if she will be there she used to do lot of hungama…. but it’s okay….. all the others are definitely doing a great job…. and MISHTI MEHENDI DISCUSSION WITH KARTHIK was good too…after a long time I saw a scene of them…❤️ I love the bond of Karthik and mishti to the infinity ?

    And overall it was good…. waiting for the precap!!

  9. Lasyashree.10….
    Vrushy!! All your latest updates are truly awesome and happy Valentine’s Day to your ff yaa!!
    Hales di!! I hope you are busy in exams and preparation…all the very best di!!
    Raf!! Buddie….Gayu ki comment ke bina toh Sab kuch adoori hai…. but it’s okay….. prepare well for your exams and then comment when you are free..because I even know the position ?
    Aniket!! Oh…you are toh our ancestor right… prepare well buddie…. all the very best…
    Twana!! My book worm…. prepare well you too…. all the best…
    Rahul bro!! Yea..I’m doing even internship…. and it’s good….enjoying it…thanks for asking !!
    Fenil!! BFF… glad to know about you!! And by reading that I feel that I should call you bro…
    Chanya!! Where are you sista… how’s your college?? And Trisha….where are you??
    Pat Di!! Hey…so you are busy?? Missing you here….
    Sophie Di!! How are you now?? Feeling bettr?? Get well soon
    Cassie… preparing?? Okay then prepare well… all the very best all my wishes to you buddie!!
    Tanu Di… again any rituals?? Of your sister in law’s wedding?? I’m asking as you are missing…
    SINDHU DI❤️ Happy to see your comment how are you Di??
    Sachu Di!! Please do comment whenever possible!! Missing you even… even though I didn’t talk with you much I’m missing you here!!
    Soumya!! How was your exam… prepare well dear… all the best…

    And all the very best to all the others sorry I if didn’t mention any names!! But trust me my wishes are with you even though if I didn’t mention….

    And most important message to VRUSHY!! Get well soon vrushy!! Take care…don’t stress more… have a speedy recovery… heal up faster…???❤️

    Bye now… will comment here whenever possible!!??

    1. Yes I am fine…thank you.

    2. Vrushy

      Thank you so much for your well wishes lasya.
      Love you :-*

    3. Rahul96

      That’s great lasiii

  10. I seriously don’t understand why so many fake accounts and misunderstandings in dis blog…. Here we r far entertainment… b practical.. Jus discuss abt show…

  11. 2nd kirti

  12. Vrushy

    Hello Everyone.
    Happy Valentines day to all.

    The sister’s bonding in todays episode was just phenomenal. From choosing mehendi patters to supporting each other through the whole day was just so lovely to watch.

    Shaurya wasn’t able to make it for the mama bhaath rasam and the first thing Vishambhar wanted to do was talk to Naitik and explain the situation. Rajshree started explaining herself and Naitik very simply told her – No one can influence him against them. They are family and will always be. I love how they continue to be so close.

    Mami kar lenge Mama ho ya mami, hai to dono nanihaal ke hi. Varsha has been through hell and back and she’s stuck with the Maheshwari’s all along. She’s earned her place as the rightful daughter of that house and her getting emotional at doing the rasam for Naira was a nice touch. Naira is practically her daughter and she would never do anything to intentionally hurt her. And it was rightly told by the entire family, that Shaurya would have dropped everything to be there, but he just couldn’t help it.

    Singhania and maheshwari families have this understanding that has come with years of togetherness. Also, loved that Varsha thanked the family for not differentiating between beta and bahu. Well Yrkkh has surely been promoting the Nayi Soch briliantlly till now.

    When Kartik started to butt in the whole mama bhaath fiasco happened, I absolutely loved how Naitik shut him up. While Manish and Akhilesh frowned, I just smiled. Cause this was going to be another beautiful journey – from Sir to Papa. Naitik was so on point there – if it was Naksh, he would have done the same, which goes to show he’s wholeheartedly accepted Kartik as his son.

    Also loved the mishti and Karthik scene today. Their bond is just so adorable. I know that many of you think that todays episode was a drag but I think otherwise. I loved how every relation and family member was given importance today instead of kaira getting all the screen space.

    Last but not the least. Can’t wait for todays episode. Naksh and Karthik beating up aditya would be fun to watch !!

  13. Fenil

    Hello Good Morning

    Answers of Rahulbhai ‘s questions
    1.Sangeet ceremony of yash marraige organised at Vaikunth Dham ( Maheshwari’s house name ) i think

    2. Prena Singhania

    3. Sneha

    1. Fenil

      Prerna Singhania ( sorry typing mistake )

  14. Chanya

    Hi guys!!how r u all?couldn’t watch yrkkh due to studies n I’ll read written update once I get time..n why less comments?may be busy with exams?? So those who r having exams just do it successfully!!all the best!!
    N someone plz suggests me a website to watch previous episodes except hotstar?? Hotstar available in India only na

    1. Apne Tv or Desi Serials….
      That is where I watch them.

  15. Rahul96

    Hi guys
    Thanks for your answers and time
    I will post answer in next written tellyupdates but till then let others try !!!

    1. Cool. Okay

  16. ohhh dear rahul sorry but actually iam having pity on you because of ur foolishness and all of ur comments doesn’t make any difference to me so don’t waste ur precious time to think of a strong comment for me and first of all nobody dared to tortured me and if Sophie tried to torture me then her dead body will be found outside her house hahaha iam really having pity on you poot people nd I don’t need ur money rahuk keep it with u maybe it will help u to find food haha

    1. Vrushy

      Dont you have work to do ?!!
      Why are you so obsessed with us ?!!
      If you actually dont care about us then why the hell are you commenting here.
      Rahul doesnt need your pity. Keep that to for yourself as you dislike your name so much that you are using sophie’s name for commenting.
      Everybody can see who is foolish over here.

    2. Rahul96

      Oooommmmggggggg !!!! See Kirti to some extent yours and mine thinking are similar !!! We both have pity for each other !!!! Awwww my two faced two minded color changing lizard Kirti !!! Your comments and DP changes more rapidly than a skin colour changing lizard !! And you are using Sophie dii name ???? Even Kirti is good than you . I am having pity on you junky girl !!! And talking about dead body !!!! First you should come out of hell dear then start dreaming about even touching heaven !!! Lol ????? people like you lives in hell who can’t even touch heaven and so destroying a heaven is out of the imagination of your almost zero size brain !!! Dear Kirti why don’t you treat yourself trust me dear you are seriously ill !!!! Don’t waste your time here !!!!

  17. Guys it feel really bad…when someone say ‘your dead body will be found outside your house’. I don’t have the strength to do this anymore. I feel like vomitting.
    Kirti please stop this you are playing with my emotions. Both of us know what is right and what is wrong. Please give this a second thought.

  18. ohh vrushy can u tell me how do u know I dislike my name stupid and actually like I said ur comments doesn’t make any difference to me nd iam enjoying so muchhh especially rahul’s comment its really funny haha I enjoyed so much reading his comments hahaha and Sophie so sorry iam feeling pity on u I understand baby don’t worry I won’t trouble u Iam just enjoying to comment and I like to listen rahuls funniest comments haha

  19. haha amazing kriti I know Sophie is a middle class characterless girl who sells herself to any men stupid sophie

    1. Rahul96

      Mind your language you junky girl !!!! ???????. Your this word ‘characterless’ is enough !!!! You are crossing your limit junky girl !!!! Till now I have forgiven Nithya because she apologised !!! But in future if you will apologies ( which I know you will never apologies ) i will never forgive you because of your word ‘characterless’ and forget about forgiveness from others . You call me pity it didn’t effect me much !!!

      And you speak against Vrushy is not tolerable dear . Mind your words against Vrushy !!! And the way you told that you enjoyed the comments seems like you really enjoy your insult !! And the way you are commenting by name of athiya , Kirti , Dia seems like you have recently run away mental hospital !!!!
      Btw thanks Vrushy for taking stand !!!

      Imagine myself standing infront of you and spitting on your mouth !!!!
      Now even single negative comment from you . I will not be polite in my next comment and all the hell will break loose !!!!!!

  20. ur right athiya I know about Sophie she is a fraud u remember when she met us she insult all of us now we will insult her so much that she will regret blo*dy

    1. Trusna

      Plzz stop this….how dare u say such things about sophie di…?? And how cn stop so low…u r enjoying by calling a girl characterless…?? This is ridiculous…
      And whoever u r kirti athiya or dia…. U know wat we know our sophie di very well…so jst stop ur bakwas…

  21. ohh dear why will I think of u standing in front of me yuckkk I can’t even think of it in my dreams and is vrushy is ur mother or girlfriend or one night stand girl haha and first of all I don’t like to apologise so don’t expect that I will apologise at the end and after reading ur comments I just laugh it doesn’t make any difference to me and so sorry that ur using ur brainless mind to write a stupid strong comment for me nd wasting ur time for me haha nd there is no mental hospital that is made for me and seems like ur going to go to mental hospital very soon dear haha nd of course vrushy and Sophie are very characterless girls and Sophie bechari is now scared its good that she has seen the real circumstance by messing with me I feel pity haha maybe she forgot what she said to me but I never forget my enemy till I settle scores equally

    1. Lasyashree.10

      Kirti…we know what’s vrushy and what’s Sophie Di… so please keep ua POV with u… nd whatever you are saying begging na…the way you see…the way you feel… so you see that as begging and we say it as polite manner!!

  22. and yeah I like to cross every limit

  23. and I didn’t feel insulted by u people at all instead I think u felt insulted by me because i think u guys were just begging me to stop troubling that slamdog because what I wrote is called insult!! and what u guys wrote was called begging!! haha

  24. its good that you know ur bechari Sophie di well otherwise she would have been died if no one had support her haha

  25. and if u think it is bakwas then why r u even reading so stupid

  26. and this is just the start just wait and watch how I will insult ur bechari poor Sophie she will know what happens by messing with me!!!

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