Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rukmani greeting everyone. Dadi thanks her for coming to bless Ananya. Varsha and Rukmani taunt each other about the old argument over finding Ananya’s alliance. Naksh and Yash come to Ananya. Yash says just I will be alone, as you both are getting engaged. Naksh and Ananya laugh and wish him all the best. Yash says you both need all the best. Naksh beats him. Ranveer calls Ananya. He asks her to meet him, I want to talk to you. She asks about what, we can talk now. He says we don’t even know each other. Naksh and Yash tease her. Ananya says fine, I will come. He requests her not to say anyone. She agrees and ends call. Naksh asks what did he say. She says stop it. Akshara comes and sends Naksh and Yash. She asks Ananya is everything fine. Ananya says yes,

its just some nervousness.

Mishti gets glad seeing Naman and Karishma. Devyaani says I felt you both won’t come. Naman says Vishwamber personally invited us. They greet each other. Naman and Karishma go to help Naitik and Akshara. Devyaani cries. Naman helps Naitik. Akshara says I think they changed a lot Naitik. Bau ji smiles seeing Naman and Karishma helping.

Dadi tells Jasmeet has kept Anshu’s fav sweets. Kaki says Anshu is coming after long time, I will manage. Jasmeet thanks her. Varsha says Shaurya’s phone is still off. Shankari asks did Ranveer and Ananya talk. Varsha says yes, why. Shankari says thoughts should match. Varsha says you got this proposal and saying this, did Akshara tell you anything. Shankari says what, Akshara did not talk about this matter. Akshara looks on. Varsha goes.

Naksh and Tara smile seeing each other. Naitik asks Naksh to wait till tomorrow, Tara will become his fiancée soon, go and greet Dada ji. Naksh greets Dada ji. Tara thinks how to tell Naksh about tournament. Varsha tells Akshara that she will make Ananya ready. Akshara says fine, I will go. Ananya asks them to make her ready together. Varsha and Akshara do the makeup, set hair, choose jewelry and make Ananya ready. Mishti and Nannu click her pic.

Everyone welcome Ranveer’s family. Savita introduces her relatives. Ranveer apologizes as he did not tell them before leaving. Vishwamber says its okay. Savita says we are glad that we got related to you all. Savita’s sister flaunts her style and says I want to go washroom. She slips and Dada ji holds her. He asks did she get hurt. She says you held me on time, like a filmy hero, you look handsome in this age also. He greets her and goes.

Akshara finds Ranveer upset. Ranveer’s dad asks about Ananya’s dad. Vishwamber says flight maybe late, he will come anytime. Yash asks Ranveer how did he impress Ananya. Ranveer says I have to make imp call and goes. The lady smiles seeing Dada ji. Varsha sees the engagement ring and smiles. Mishti says its beautiful, I want similar one. Rukmani asks kids to take her interview as well, she is also star. Mishti asks Rukmani to say about ring. Rukmani says its nice, diamond is big, but I found ring very small, will it fit Ananya. Savita says yes, we made it by the size you told. Bhabhimaa says it will fit Ananya when she wears it. Mohit says Maa always says something, don’t take tension. Varsha says Ranveer went out to call. Savita says don’t worry, this time he will not run away. Akshara takes juice for Ananya and does not find her in room.

Ananya meets Ranveer outside the house and asks why did he call her here. Akshara looks for her. Ranveer says we will go inside late, someone or the other will disturb, please come, I want to take you somewhere. She goes with him in his car. Varsha comes and says Ranveer and his car is not here.

Tara sees the teacups kept high and thinks how to get them. Naksh comes to her and she gets scared. He asks what is she doing. She says you scared me. He says you always scare others. He hugs her and says we are going to get engaged tomorrow, I was thinking to keep engagement in day. She says no, don’t do this. He asks why are you tensed. She says I mean mahurat is in evening. He asks is this thing, did you change mind. She says no, our engagement will happen. He kisses her hand and asks about her attire. She says its beautiful, heavy jewelry and dress, I will look gorgeous tomorrow.

Rukmani asks Savita about her family. Savita says Ranveer does job. Rukmani says does he manage by job, I heard London’s stay is costly. Rajshri asks Varsha to call Shaurya again. Savita’s sister flirts with Dada ji. Varsha thinks whether to tell everyone or not, maybe Ranveer will come. Akshara tells Varsha that Ananya is not in room. Varsha says what, even Ranveer and his car is not there. Akshara says don’t worry. Ananya is mature, maybe they went for some work. Varsha says mahurat is close, where can they go. She asks Akshara did she fill any doubt in Akshara’s mind. Akshara is shocked.

Rukmani asks Varsha and Akshara where are they going, and thinks there is something.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. This is 1980 number episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai. ?✌????????

  2. I do NOT want to see Naksh and Tara romance. I only watch this show for Naitik and Akshara scenes!!!

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  4. no but i like naksh & tara’s romance but not much than naitik and akshara

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