Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira seeing the dargah road signboard. She says Gayu I will just come. Kartik reaches Dargah. Ajnabi mod hai……plays………He prays. Naira comes there and stands by his side. Naira turns and sees him. She sees him. He goes to tie mannat thread. She goes to him and the thread falls from his hand. She holds the thread. She says Kartik I m sorry and cries. She gives him the thread. She says if we are connected by a thread of love, why should our threads be different, whatever is it, is by you and will be by you only. He ties thread and goes. She ties her thread along. She goes after him and asks him to stop. He thanks her for proving him innocent. He asks her to leave him alone, I have to thank you, you trusted me, supported me, thanks

for hurting me so well, by making fun of our relation. He goes. She cries.

Gayu comes and asks Naira to come. Kirti comes and says seeing your courage, I was impressed, don’t leave courage, I know Kartik is annoyed, keep him at his place, if any loved one tells him something, he gets much hurt. She goes. Gayu says she said right, we should keep patience. Lav and Kush dance that Kartik will come home. Dadi laughs. Manish and Akhilesh come home. Daid asks did you not get Kartik along, I m waiting for him. Akhilsh says he is with Kirti, don’t know he is coming here or not.

Manish gets a call. He cancels meeting. Suwarna asks him to be strong, maybe Kartik will come. Manish says we don’t even talk, how to make my heart talk reach him, but we should have hope, did you make his room ready. She says yes. He says you know him well, I wish he understand you. She says us….

Kirti comes home. Lav and Kush shout Kartik has come. Dadi asks Kirti where is Kartik. Kirti says he got down the car midway. Dadi scolds her. Manish and Akhilesh pacify her. Dadi says I want my grandson Kartik else I will not live. She faints. They all worry.

Bau ji says I think we should apologize to Goenka family, we were talking of children’ relation and this happened. Varsha says don’t know where did Kartik go. Naira and Gayu come home. Mishti hugs Naira and thanks her for proving Kartik innocent by hardwork. Naira says we did late, many got punished. Gayu gets aid box. Naitik asks what happened. Naira says nothing, just small wound. Varsha gets lep and says when wound heals, it will be not remembered. Manish asks Akhilesh to call doctor fast. Dadi says just get Kartik home.

Kartik gets Akhilesh’s call and disconnects. Mishti messages Kartik that she is sorry, forgive us, come to meet us, love you. He smiles and replies her. He gets voice message from Kirti. He hears it. Kirti asks him to come home, Dadi is unwell, she just wants you, come for Dadi’s sake. He hears Dadi’s voice. He gets shocked and rushes. Dadi says I will not take injection. Kartik runs inside the house. Everyone get shocked and happy. Kartik runs to Dadi and hugs her. Manish and everyone smile.

Dadi asks why did you not come to meet me, you are getting your dad’s anger on me. She hugs Kartik and says you are my dear grandson. He says sorry, don’t be annoyed with me. She says you did not understand my love. He says I love you a lot. He makes her drink water. She asks him to promise he will never leave now. Manish holds Suwarna’s hand in tension. Dadi says I came back after many months, and convinces Kartik to stay here till she is alive. Kartik promises. Everyone get glad. Dadi hugs him.

Dadi says I feel like my family got united. Manish and Suwarna smile. Dadi says this is family, when world gets against, family stands along. Dadi wards off his bad sight. Dadi asks servant to light ghee diyas, as the heir has come back. Naira writes I did it with paper balls and says I did mistake, please come back Kartik. Kaisa suluk zindagi kar rahi hai……plays…… Kartik recalls Naira. Naitik comes to Naira. She says no need to say anything, I understood without your saying. She hugs him. Baisa and Bau ji come there. Baisa drinks tea. Bhabhimaa and Devyaani also drink tea. Naira smiles and thinks I know my family will always be with me.

Naira says I m very sorry. Kartik says enough, I don’t have to keep any relation with you. Naira says I can’t lose so soon.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ohhhh…. guys what’s happening?? ??
    Cvs Plzzzzzz unite Kaira… ???
    Wish me luck guys… Tomorrow’s my maths ppr…. ?

    1. The8

      oh good luck, I have English haha

      1. Thankz… Hope u wrote ur English ppr well!!!

    2. I too have maths…haha????

    3. I also have maths

    4. no man u r destroying the thrill duh

    5. R u guys from tn????i too had math pap today

    6. I also have maths ?

  2. Missing Karthik’s cute smile. Hope to see him happy soon. A biiiig Hi to all frnds here.

  3. God!plz sought out all the problems plz.. both are right at their situations.. bt i thnk kartik should understood naira lost her mom so she had reacted, the pain which she had!! “kaisa suluk zindagi ye kr rahi hai”,, full with feelings..

  4. All the best Twana. Hope u ll do well.

    1. Thankz Sachu ???

  5. Very emotional episode hope they unite kaira soon

  6. s writers ur the super but karthik is pure love but kaira just affecation not love karthik trusted her so plz i knew they r dfently reunite but not nw so dfntly kaira knows what is love she hit karthik heart (trust) may after she is cry then he is cool

  7. Vrushy

    For kaira patch up !!

  8. haan guys….plz unite naira kartik…all the best TwNa…fr maths exam

  9. please unite kaira soon please its a request.
    waiting to see their marriage
    please bring akshara back too.

  10. Karthik is so selfish, he is not even realizing that Naira has lost her mom

  11. I wonder what the scriptwriter is trying to prove? Why is making Karthik to be so ridiculous? What I am saying is…things do happen…accident happens…the meaning of accident mean thing happen out of no where not pre planned…how can Karthik expect Naira to Trust him on this? Where all evidence is pointing towards him..even the police also suspected him…not to say Naitik Naira n families..they r the victim’s family…under those circumstances Karthik was the only one that they can suspect to have done the accident!! Its so unreasonable of Karthik to expect Naira to trust him…he can expect naira to trust his character tat he won’t steal won’t cheat or wouldn’t harm Naitik ( eg..the first time naira accused him ) but its impossible to ask naira to trust him on this situation..just as he is so anxious abt his granny so does Naira abt her dear mum! He should stand in naira’s shoes n see frm her POV…the scriptwriter is making Karthik a ridiculous person!! If I am naira I would leave him alone n move on…if Karthik cannot see her pain n expect her to see his pain…what is the use to be with him??
    Today the last scene where the elders r drinking tea in front of Naira is touching…I think they r trying to tell naira that they r moving on n will not dwell on the lost..n be sad…n they will take care…

  12. I like the Goenka family but I dont like the dadi in the goenka family
    she is so spoiled and very stubborn with what she wants. SHe needs to learn to be flexible with time, One thing i dont like about goenkas are that they are too materialistic – we see Suvarna dressed like the queen and its a bit patronising. The twins are great – i m also a twin :p but i hop they aren’t spoilt like dadi — SInghania family are so impressionistic and they have the ability to learn from others. Hope Naira changes this when she ebgins to live in goenka villa after they get married

  13. I m sorry for some spelling mistakes

    To back up my point, we see that the whole goenkas have like 50 servants revolving around them all the time. In singhanias we only have a cook — I hope situations change in due course
    P.s, I am not the piyu that comments on everything, i m a different piyu xD

  14. Hii guys
    A lot of comments against Kartik. This is not for the first time that naira accused Kartik, naira always accused Kartik. If naira would have accused Kartik for the first time then I would have said that Kartik should forgive her very easily .

    Naira has lost her mom, that’s true. Every evidences was showing that Kartik’s is the culprit. He keep on yelling that his car hit a stone not akshara, but they didn’t trusted Kartik for even 1% and neither have given any chance. Kartik has lived with naira and her family for 3-4 months and his behavior and nature was excellent with them. Surely he deserves atleast 1% trust. And when he surrendered to police just for sake of naira Naitik told that he surrendered due to fear .

    Guys seriously if you don’t trust your partner even 1% then please never tell your partner I love you.

    I have gone through Kartik’s situation in my real life . I was Not accused of accident , but was accused of stealing. And was so many times slapped for a crime I didn’t do. At the end I was proved innocent and those who accused me was asking for forgiveness. At first I was angry and denied talking to them but After sometime everything become better and relationship become stronger than before.

    Guys you can’t tell him selfish as this is Not for the first time he has been accused by naira. I know that naira has lost her mother.

    Guys Kartik is currently blindfolded by the accusations of naira. Just give him a sometime and space , he will surely understand Naira’s pain. If in upcoming 3,4-5 episodes if he didn’t forgive Naira , then both should move on . Because Naira never trusted Kartik and Kartik is thinking of his pain only.

    Love is combination of trust, standing up for each other , respecting each other, forgiveness, understanding each other.

    Relationship is like a human being. When a baby is born they fall ill due to different types of diseases and if these babies overcome there illness then only they survive and After every illness there immune system becomes stronger. And if baby didn’t overcome these illness they die. Naira and Kartik’s relationship is also in baby stage it will fall ill due to misunderstanding , lack of trust, ego ( like why should I care for other pain if other is not thinking about my pain, why should I say sorry first , etc) . If two partners really love each other then they should try there best to overcome these illness, if one of is blindfolded by Some pain but still loves other then other partner should try best to keep their relationship alive rather than telling to move on. Till now in this kaira relationship only Kartik has applied effort but now Naira should also apply effort , she has already started. I know Kartik is now blindfolded, but he loves Naira. So rather than move on she should also apply effort.
    Then only kaira or love relationship of other people will blossom.

    I hope you guys have understood my point.

  15. Why don’t they plan to bring Akshara with new face right now?it has been long time ?…

  16. Hi Rahul, Aniket,Shilpa, Sacha & all YRKKH fans (family)
    Best wishes to all those who have got exams today
    The episode was lovely I enjoyed it very much. Hats off to Rajan Sir all families in yeh rishta the beautiful although the dadi in the Goenka family seems like real drama queen but then she is not far from the other dadis in the show. I am happy that Naira’s family are planning to apologise to the Goenkas now that what I like about them – they keep relationship.
    The scene with Naira & her family was so sweet.
    I am so sorry about what happened to you Rahul. I am not going to say anything about the hate that Kartik is being shown on this page because Rahul has said it all.
    Kartik needs time to deal with what has happened.
    Naira should not push him but cajole him to understanding
    What Kartik went through recently was traumatic & I am not talking about Naira’s distrust but the cell lock up – you get lock up in a police cell for just few hours & see how it feels especially when you know you are innocent.
    Kartik confessed to a crime he did not commit so that Naira would feel better that the culprit of her mum’s death is being punished.
    Kartik knows what Naira is going through because he himself lost his mum early on in life.
    Kartik was also attached to Akshara (the one person that would have supported him)
    I believe that Kartik will forgive Naira, & his father at about the same time – it will eclipse
    We all want to see Kaira United but the series writers have to bring it as close to reality as possible. Cause if I was Kartik I would have left the country the next day on a holiday. So let see how the apology will reach me they will have to wait until I get back into the country after my holiday.
    Kartik needs time you can see he keeps having flashback, he is sad but he will get over it is time. As they say time is the best healer. Even Varsha said something similar to Naira.
    If he accept Naira’s apology before sorting his feelings out, it will always come between them.
    I would like the CVs of this show to take their time in sorting this relationship out because I would like the young ones like myself to know how to maintain & keep relationship in a healthy way.
    I don’t know about you guys but I like it when I watch these shows, that I learnt something from it, not just for excitement.
    Please Please please Kartik is not SELFISH – he is the least selfish person in that show. One that can put his life in danger many a times for others that are not kin, how can he be selfish. He is just hurting let’s give him time.
    Have a good day
    Aniket where are you?

  17. Hi Pat, Rahul and all my Friends on the site.. All the best to all of the examination candidates!! Hi Pat, How are u? How is ur interior work going on? Actually Pat i am feeling something fisshy regarding yrkkh track, and its soul shifting from Maheswari and Singhania family to Goenkas. I will post about this on todays updates!!

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