Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik thinking what to wear. He checks his shirts and throws many on the bed. He chooses one and wears Naira’s fav color. He asks Lord to make him get connected to Naira. Gayu comes there. Mishti hears Kartik and gets upset. She says you like Naira, don’t lie to me, I understand. He says sorry, I did not mean to break your heart, don’t tell anyone at home. She says it means, you were saying true. He says yes, I like your sister, I don’t know how and when I fell in love with her, I love you also, but not that way, there is difference, I love Naira more than anything. Gayu thinks why did Kartik not come till now.

Mishti gives him card and says thanks for playing game with me. He asks why did you think so. She says I felt this is cute game, you always

pampered me, I know I m very young, I really like you, you will always be my BFF. Kartik promises and says I m very lucky to get my first GF so understanding, you will get a good BF. She says Naira is cool, I will always be on your side. He reminds her promise. She says yes, I won’t tell anyone you love my sister. Gayu hears them and smiles thinking Kartik loves her. Mishti says let me tell Gayu. Kartik says no, I will tell her when right time comes. He says I will propose your sister. They leave. Gayu says it means Kartik loves me, he is going to propose me. Mishti asks Kartik to go to Naira and talk, I will handle here. He calls her best friend and goes.

Naksh recalls the goon’s words and sees the money bag. Rajshri gives friendship bangles to Varsha and Akshara, saying they are also her friends. She hugs them and blesses. Vishwamber says you forgot me, husband is also a friend. Rajshri says why are you jealous, where can I go by forgetting you. She gifts him a watch. Shaurya asks Varsha for gift. Varsha says I did not get anything for you, you should have got gift for me. They both argue. Akshara starts laughing seeing them and says you both look cute, I recalled Naitik, this used to happen with us, we used to argue for stupid things. She gets upset. Nannu asks her not to get sad and hugs her. Rajshri says its enough now, you should go and meet Naitik.

Kartik waits for Naira and wishes she comes infront of her. He sees yellow rose and says shall I give this to her, girls like roses, Naira is not like other girls, she can hit pot on my head, how to tell her, I will give her rose and see her mood, then I will talk. He slips and falls over Naira. She asks did he faint, get up. He can’t get up as his legs got tied by the curtains. He asks her to be quiet, and removes the curtain cloth from his leg. They get up. She asks friends. He shows attitude. They argue. He says many girls die to get friendly with me, whats special to become your friend. She says fine, get out of sight.

He says why, this is my house. She says this is my Nani’s house, you are irritating. He jokes. He thinks to talk to her, he won’t get this chance again. They collide. He holds her. They argue again. She says sorry. It thunders. He says sky got shaken up by your sorry, will you say sorry again. She says sorry again and it thunders again. He asks her not to say again. She gives him yellow rose and says you helped me and my family a lot, I just fought with you, you are very irritating but good at heart, we did not know each other, we can get a new relation of friendship, will you be my friend. He takes the rose and thanks her. She says so we are official friends now. He says I will give this news in newspaper. He jokes on her and says we should have terms and conditions, we will have strong friendship like Jai and Veeru. She says we will call ourselves as Jai and Veeru. They laugh.

Akshara laughs and tells Nannu that she is laughing seeing him have food instead stationery. Nannu says yes. Dadi says his digestion got weak. Nannu says I m eating a lot. Rajshri says you came after long time, now Teej is coming and we will make tasty food. She asks Akshara to come to them on Teej, else we will come there. Akshara says sorry, Naitik and Naman are not here, I want to do everything well this time. Rajshri says we are not forcing you. Gayu says I will keep fast. Rajshri says you will get groom which you want. Gayu thinks I will keep fast for sure.

Naira asks Kartik what is he staring like this. He says I can’t believe this. They argue. They decide not to taunt each other, not fight and not call each other by funny names. She asks him to agree to her. He says that’s not fair. She says then no friendship. He says sorry. She says your sorry did not get thundering. She goes. Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai….plays…….. He smiles.

Naira and Gayu apply mehendi to Akshara. Gayu says we will try our best that you don’t miss Naitik.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Just waiting for new love interest of gayu…..plzzz directors introduce a best boy for her even better than kartik…

  2. sethumlie menara gunawardana

    Sooo nice!!!!!!;-)

  3. plz director plz get karan mehra….dont think about to replace would be the worst…plz get karan and hina chemistry onscreen then yrkkh would be at the 1st position..definitely it gains trp with karan hina and kartik naira plz do this we all are missing karan

  4. get karan back

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