Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th August 2015 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naksh talking to Sanju. She asks him not to defend Yash. Naskh says what if he could not come for movie. She says you think I m upset for a movie. Naksh asks whats the matter. Yash comes to her. Sanju says Nandini came to her and asked her to be away from Yash. Yash says this can’t happen. Sanju says when did I ask Yash to leave his study dreams or misbehave with his mum, why did she blame her. Yash says sorry, Nandini was upset with me. Sanju says I m hurt, she is elder but should not blame me, clear your choices to her. Naksh says yes, I think Sanju is right, you should talk to Yash. Yash says I tried but she is not listening, I can’t force her, she will be more angry with me.

Akshara and all elders support the ladies in using their talents. Akshara

says they will keep exhibition of these things and give them money as their earnings, so that they stay with respect. Bau ji says they came to now about Mahila Samithi elections. Vishwamber says they want any lady from our house to stand. The man says we want Akshara to fight elections. Akshara says no, I can’t do this. Bau ji says she have to do what she is doing now. Akshara says she does not need any post. Naitik says its not bad to have any post, you can use in people’s favor. Akshara says fine, I will stand if you all say. They all clap for her.

Rukmani comes and says she came to give good news. Bhabhimaa says yes, Akshara arranged exhibition. Rukmani says good, I could suggest something better. She says she came to say she is standing in mahila mandal elections. They all get shocked. Rukmani says her friends forced her. She asks them why are they seeing her like this, are they not believing. Mishti says everyone asked Akshara to stand. Rukmani says why not, your family has name, and Akshara is everyone’s fav, she has shown her abilities, she has gone to restaurant too, she has her kids and elders at home, how will she manage alone. She says she will give all her time to society service.

She taunts them that Vishwamber’s seat will come to Akshara. Devyaani says Akshara is best candidate for this, you should also support her. Naitik and Vishwamber ask Akshara to arrange the exhibition. Naksh talks to Sehgal and is happy. Yash calls him and thanks him for convincing Sanju. Naksh says keep her happy, I have to study now. He says his focus is going on Krishna. Yash says we have to think a lot from our parents.

Devyaani says I did not think everyone will work so soon. Bhabhimaa says yes, they worked well. Bau ji asks about Naitik. They find Akshara upset. Akshara says she does not know about Naitik. They ask her to fill the form. Devyaani asks her not to think much, she can help many women like Kamla. Akshara says no, I can’t fill it. Bau ji asks why, we all want this. She says she is not ready for this post, she has to see kids, Naitik and family. Bau ji says its temporary work. Akshara says I can help women without help. Devyaani says I know you are saying this because of Rukmani. She says she said right, this is my decision, let Rukmani do this work. Bhabhimaa says I m not sure Rukmani will work. They all explain her. She says Rukmani feels bad by a small thing, we know her.

Devyaani says what can we do if Akshara decided this. Akshara thanks them for understanding and apologizes for not keeping their hope. She says she will work for the women. They smile. Yash thanks Sanju for forgiving him. A guy teases Sanju on the road. Sanju scolds the guy. Yash asks her not to make any issue. She asks what, you should take stand against him, you should have beaten him. He says its not big thing, we can ignore it, we should not fight, forget it. She says I can’t expect anything, my friends are better than you, you are hopeless, I m not a fool, I should have not come with you. She leaves.

Rukmani signs the form and stands in the elections. She says she is the best, she will do a lot for the society. Akshara comes there and meets Nandini. Rukmani says maybe Akshara came to fill form, I explained her a lot, its no use, its greed for chair. Akshara says you are right, I should thank you, I took decision because of you, I m not filling form. Nandini asks why. Rukmani says its right decision. Akshara says I will help the women without this post, I came to give this list. Rukmani says I will give your name for award, for this good work.

Nandini asks Akshara did she do this for Rukmani. Akshara says no, I don’t like this post, maybe Rukmani does better. Naira plans for campaign. Gayu and Mishti also decide things and they all jump happily. Naksh says it won’t be fun, as mum is not fighting elections. He says she won’t agree like this, we have to do something.

The ladies tell Akshara that Rukmani does not have much knowledge as you. They say they will take Akshara’s name. Rukmani looks on annoyed.

Update Credit to: Amena

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