Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik saying we will go now and come soon when we get Kachoris smell. Everyone smile. Mishti and everyone see his bike. Kartik asks Naira to come. Mishti asks did you not get car. Kartik says I thought its night, it will be fun on bike. Devyaani asks how will you go with much packets. Kartik says I did not think, Naira will hold all the packets. Bhabhimaa asks her to keep puja items well, keep it at home, its shagun. Naira hugs Naitik. Naitik asks them to take care of each other. Mishti says give this to Lav and Kush. Baisa says now let them go. Devyaani says yes, go from one home to another. Kartik and Naira leave.

Manish goes to Dadi and sees her crying. She hugs him. She says the more I try to unite family, the more I fail, the family is shattering,

I thought happiness will return but happiness got ruined, Kartik left home, my breath went. Manish gets sad. He says Kartik did not go on own, Naira took him. Naira sees Kartik sad. Maine socha nahi tha…..plays………She thinks of his words and holds him. Naitik says they both looked worried, so Kartik came early to take Naira. Bhabhimaa and Devyaani say we did not think so, maybe they were tired.

Naitik says no, it was annoyance. Gayu says this is not impossible, they always argue, their love is above all. He says I wish so. Devyaani says its such, we are sure of it. Baisa says if its between inlaws, what will Naira do, we can’t trust them, for what they get annoyed. Kartik stops the bike. Naira thinks how did Kartik’s mood change and sees Goenka house.

Surekha says you requested Naira to unite relations, but she broke all relations. Kirti says no, she can’t to this. Surekha asks who was wrong in this matter. Kirti says I m sure Naira is not at fault. Suwarna cries. Naksh passes by in his car. Kartik sees him and starts the bike. He asks Naira to sit, the car that passed now had Naksh, so I had to come here, I can understand brother’s feelings and worry, if I told your family about house, they would have got worried, I will tell them on right time, tell me your decision, which you did not tell me there. She cries and leaves with him. Rishton ka…..plays…………Naira holds him.

Manish says you thought Naira was sensible, she fooled all of us. Suwarna cries. She says whatever Naira did, I felt much bad, but don’t know why, my heart is not agreeing that she can cheat us, matter is something else, how can we blame her, Kartik never liked me, he hated you all these years, it can be his own wish that he left home, maybe Naira told this to him to stop him, maybe he got angry, you know Kartik well. He says anything can happen if person wants to get fooled, I m shocked seeing you, the girl who is half in age and experience, she fooled you, I thought my wife is sensible but no, that girl is smart and did your insult, she made Kartik away from us, she has hurt Dadi, we are at same point where we were, when Kartik left home, this happened because of Naira.

Naira and Kartik come to their home. He gives some money to guard. Naira gives him keys. They enter the house. He finds the electricity gone. He keeps the bags. He gets the kalash and does Naira’’s grah pravesh. Naksh checks Naitik’s BP. Naksh says they reached home. Naitik asks why are you worried. Naksh says Manish said Kartik should see his own business. Bau ji says he is right, Kartik should manage his duty well. Naksh says if someone wants to do something on own, what’s wrong. Naitik says it depends on how one’s decision can give happiness to others. Naira apologizes to Kartik for not sharing things before. She says I know you will not believe me, I tried to convince you, they want to see you and stay with you, they love you, maybe you did not wish to understand. She reminds her words said in past. She says maybe you would try to tell someone some matter and maybe you failed to talk. He recalls trying to tell Naira about Akshara.

She says we always wait for right time and that right time never comes, I also did that, I had belief that you will stay back. He asks how could you think I will stay there, I told you why I hate them, how could you think, I cried in front of you and showed my wounds. She says I have also seen something when you have tried to hide, you love your family. He says yes, I love them, I missed them, I can’t stay with them, I don’t want to hurt my Dadi, I hide many things from her, I shared things with you, what did you do, you promised Suwarna whom I hated the most. She says your happiness matters the most to me. He says so you did this, leave it, I have no courage to argue, please come inside now, so that we can start our new life. She hits kalash and gets in. She sees the house. She asks did you do all this. He says yes, I was mistaken that you are also dreaming of this house like me.

Kartik wakes up and looks for Naira. He gets her phone in kitchen.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Have they already shown Zaleema song on Kaira?

    1. Lisa, they showed the zalimaa episode a long time ago……the date was 8th march 2017
      Some pople said they replaced the zalimaa with gerua while using the same dance sequence but in the place that I live (America) the song that showed was zalimaa
      If you watch on hotstar it will probably show up as gerua

  2. Hi everyone. Thank you for accepting me in your family. I know few of you all like Rahul bhaiya, Sophie di, Tahira di, Hasan bhai, Zainab Zaira, Raf di, Ananya, Lakhan bhai(i guess he left the page). I am a long time silent reader, so I know some of you.
    Name: Zaira (one more Zaira,can call me Marshmellow)
    Nickname: Marshmellow (actually my friends call me this due to some reasons, can tell if required)
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    Favorite personalities (female): Divyanka Tripathi, Shivangi Joshi, Surbhi Chandana, Neha Laxmi Iyer, Subha Rajput, Shrenu Parikh, Erica Jennifer Fernandes, Niti Taylor.

    Favorite Edibles: Chocolate (first Love); Khatta food like Pickles, Lemon based or flavoured food; Desserts: Bakery items like Cakes, Cookies, Pastries, Jalebi, Kaju barfi, Gulaab jaam; Indian dishes mein: South Indian, North Indian and Maharashtrian; Chinese (not much, but ok, chalega); Italian (Ok- Ok).

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    1. Forgot to tell many things like in my Favorite food: i love fruits alot. Favorite fruits are: Orange (of course, its sour fruit), Apples, Grapes Kiwi, Banana and Mango. Street food are something that cannot be missed.

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      Thank you all for reading my AJEEB SA introduction (hehehehe!)

    2. Twana

      OoooO Welcome Marshmellow…Thank u for ur very long but interesting intro?
      Ur birthday z coming soon na?

      1. Yess! Twana di! It’s day after tomorrow! OMFG! I am super excited!
        I guess your birthday was in the previous week. Sorry, I didn’t wished you and Raf di. I am really sorry. Belated BIRTHDAY wishes to you both! May god bless you both

    3. Soumya85

      Welcome marshmellow your introduction is nice.

      1. Thank you so much Sophie di!

    4. Soumya85

      I’m Soumya marshmellow not Sophie di

      1. Lol! I am really very sorry SOUMYA DI! Actually Sophie was there in mind so I must have mistake you to be Sophie di. I am really sorry. Thank you so much Soumya di. I am glad that you like my introduction.

  3. Amalina

    I don’t think kaira are mature enough to live in their own house. Naira was always under akshara and naitik’s guidance and kartik seems immature.

  4. Its three days of faimly drama …..want some sweet moments…

    Guys I’m lovely ….and the ff writers plz update soon

  5. Hi guys..thank you marshmellow for your intro…you do sound like a very foodie person. I wonder when the writers will show some more of kaira and less of this drama.

  6. Thanks amena di fr ur updates. Everyone is blaming naira for kartik’s leaving house but they are not understanding that they themselves are responsible for kartik’s leaving of house.

    Raf dii actually bhai is not tensed for his NEET exam nd u please don’t get upset. I conveyed ur .messages to him.

  7. hiiii every one
    nice episode
    accourding to a new spoiler…after shifting to new house somedays after kartik will go somewere due to work thereofore naira will be alone in flat and some goons will come and naira will be confused what to do but luv khush will come to know about this as they ll be doing vedio chatting so goenkas will come and save naira from goons and after seeing all this kartik will knew importance of family

  8. Hi marshmellow very nice intro….
    Hii everyone how r u all…..

    To much drama now…..
    I hope kaira jaldi sab kuch thik kar de…….
    Yrkkh ek mahino se trp me no.1 hai its awesome…..

  9. Vrushy dii miss your ff….
    Plz plz dii update soon….

  10. Nice episode
    Waiting for ff of vrushy di
    Hi guys i am long back silent reader my name is nisha i am from Gujarat

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