Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naitik losing the game to make Akshara win. Everyone clap. Dada ji hits Sangram and wins. Naitik;s chance comes. He goes to arrange the stones. Akshara outs him. he asks why is she hitting angrily, he is hurt. Yah does not hit ball seeing Sanju arranging stones. Everyone ask him to sit. Mannu hits the ball. Naksh and Tara play and have an eyelock. Ananya asks them to romance later and arrange stones first. Akshara hits Naitik will ball. He apologizes. She says we have played and shown a lot, we will go and prepare for sangeet. Naitik thanks everyone for help. Naksh says Akshara’s anger got less, some hardwork more. Dada ji asks Naksh and Tara to be with love with Naitik and Akshara. They smile and continue game.

Dada ji has backpain and Sangram massages

his back. He asks why did he play in this age. He says even Akshara played a lot, I have to say something troubling me, if Naitik and Akshara’s fight did not end, it will be bad. Dada ji says I know their love will win, their Jodi is an example in today’s times, see Naksh and Tara, what they did, I hope they will get mature being with elders, its not their mistake, they both grew up in love. Sangram says they will change after marriage. Dada ji says I m worried. Sangram teases him. Dada ji says joke is not always right, I m missing someone. Sangram says Dadi and laughs. Dada ji hugs him.

Baisa and everyone ask Naksh why did he spray deo. He says when hero applied deo, all girls get mad, will Tara also faint like this. Kaki says no, she will be happy. He goes to get ready for Sangeet. Kaki says I just said, Tara may really faint. They laugh. Naitik apologizes to Akshara. She gets ready and is annoyed. Naitik comes as some Kakisa and asks her to open door.

Naira and Sukanya are in village. Sukanya goes to that wrestler. Naira sees Sangram and Vikram coming and worries. Sangram talks to wrestler and asks why is he here. The man says I came to help you. Sangram says I will call you if I need help. Sukanya and Naira hide. Sangram and Vikram leave. Sukanya asks Naira to have some fun.

Akshara opens the door and says I don’t know you. Naitik comes in disguise of old woman. Naitik says I got jewelry for you and praises himself. He says I have seen much love in his eyes for you. She asks did he tell you all this. He says no. She sees his shoes. She says yes, I got such husband by luck, I should forgive him, he is liar and cheater. She puts powder on him and runs to beat him. He says I was joking. They fall on the bed and laugh. He apologizes to her. She says I m also sorry. He says I m glad seeing you all. She says when everyone was teasing me about Naksh’s marriage, I used to get angry and upset, you supported me always, you were not here, I missed you a lot. He says really sorry, even I missed you. She asks him to do all rasams together. He says yes, promise. She says promise. They say miss you and hug.

Everyone dress in Haryanvi style attires for sangeet. Sanju likes Indian attires and takes selfie with Naksh. Baisa compliments Tara and asks about Akshara. Naksh says Papa always keeps his promise, look they have come. Naitik and Akshara come. Everyone smile. Naksh tells Tara that he has always seen his parents love growing with time and wishes their love is also like them. Tara says I will try my best. Rajshri says its good their fight ended. Naitik says I promised I will convince Akshara. They all have a talk and smile. Ananya sees Varsha sad. Akshara asks Tara for her Dada ji and brothers. Tara says I was thinking same. They see Dada ji coming. Dada ji, Sangram, Vikram and Aditya come in suits. Sangram says we came in English clothes to match you. Akshara says similarity in thoughts are equal. Vishwamber says we got dressed in your style. Dada ji says we look different. Akshara says you look colorful like rainbow. Baisa compliments him. Dada ji sings and dances on bluff master song. Everyone smile and clap for them.

Naitik and Akshara dance on O re Chori…… song.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. today episode was so nice there romantic scene of our naitik nd akshara they also so cute. a very warm wlcm naitik aka karan mehra.

  2. They have money on trees..always parties.. Frequent functions..they need not work…Be practical

    1. Rightly said.

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