Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naksh saying Papa signed on his form and lies that he is going to England. Akshara says what, he did not discuss with me, I will talk to him at home and asks for his assignment. He says later and leaves. She comes to café and asks Naitik why did he permit Naksh. He says let him go, you know him, he would have done something if we said no, I m upset as its Dadda ji’s death anniversary, so she has said yes to Naksh. She scolds him and he laughs. She gets Nandini’s call and cries seeing her after a long time.

Nandini cries and apologizes to her, for blaming her for the mistake she did not do. She says she faced similar situation today and she understood everything. Naitik thanks her for forgiving them. Mohit hugs Nandini and they cry. Akshara says she

hopes the family will also understand her, like Nandini did, Bhabhimaa will also talk to her. She asks will this happen, tell me Naitik. She says I did not do anything, it was not my mistake. He hugs her and says maybe one day Bhabhimaa will understand also. She says maybe she will call us home and talk to us, I told you this is temporary, even Bhabhimaa’s anger, we will go back.

Nandini says she got sense after so many years, she was wrong and punished them for the mistake they did not do. She says how will she pay for all these years. Mohit says realization is the best repentance. He hugs Nandini. Akshara says Bhabhimaa did not give me chance to say what happened that day, now my hope has got high. She says this time she will say the complete truth to Bhabhimaa, I want her to know what happened that day so that her pain also gets less.

She says she still remembers the day and it was such unfortunate day. Naitik asks Akshara to go with Dadda ji and he will follow the ambulance. Akshara cries for Dadda ji ji. The doctor asks her to decide soon. She tells Daddaji that he has to be strong, they are with him. Naksh comes and says mumma. They come out of the FB and wipe tears. He asks why is she crying. She says nothing. Naitik says we had a fight, and she is upset. She says yes, your dad upsets me. Naksh says he is not a kid, don’t try to fool me, this looks so stupid. He leaves. Naitik says pray Akshara that Naksh’s questioning day does not come before Bhabhimaa’s forgiveness day.

Jasmeet talks to a client and Varsha says she is my client, and they argue over clients. Ananya comes and Varsha talks to her. Sanju asks what magic Naksh did on his dad that he signed the form, I know your mum did this, they are sweet and we should know how to use them. She says this gift for your mum, she is so sweet. She asks is he happy thinking about India. She says she hates the hindi teacher. Naksh thinks of Naitik beating him and says I will go India anyhow.

Mohit and Nandini talk to Akshara and Naitik. They become glad talking about Akshara going to teach. Akshara says Naitik supported her always. Nandini says I m proud that he is my husband, but I m ashamed that I could not understand you. Nandini says she has to explain Bhabhimaa and she will try her best. Akshara thanks her. She says the day she came here, she always waited for that moment. Mohit jokes did Nandini call or Akshara, and they laugh.

Naitik and Akshara are on the way and talk about Naksh. He defends Sanju and she says he knows her son well. He gets a call from Naksh’s college and the staff calls to confirm that Naksh is going for exchange program to India. Naitik gets in traffic and could not hear India. He says thanks, I permitted him. She says staff is doing duty. She says lets go to temple and thank Lord and also make our next wish. He says yes, I wish Bhabhimaa forgives us.

Sanju sees Akshara and says now she will bunk our class. Naksh worries and asks what is she going to do.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Omg Akhara positively looked so ugly and over acted to her maximum during her phone chat with Nandini. Do something otherwise no one will watch this over the board drama of a Goddess Aksara who is ALWAYS right and loves her in laws and even their step children more than her own parents and her family. The proof is she went to SA 10yrs back but did not return even once at least to visit her aging parents and granny. They have not done any harm to her so why can’t she come, meet them and go back? She loves that horrible looking couple Nam an and karisma more than even her own family.

  2. Exactly asha……unfortunately in this show they show that girls forget their Maika….n they r nothing for them and in-laws r everything to them…which I really don’t reality we girls love n realize the value after marriage

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